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  1. Steve Moskowitz


    Oh forget the Olds, I will take any of the "beaters" you have in the museum! See what an easy going guy I am?
  2. Steve Moskowitz

    Passing the torch

    Congratulations Jeff, if he is anything like his old man he will do just fine!
  3. Steve Moskowitz

    Jack Juratovic RIP

    World renown artist Jack Juratovic passed away last night after a brief illness. Jack was an amazing artist, a better person and defined the term "car guy". Raced in the Great Race this summer and was working on several new pieces. Jack was a fraternity brother of mine and lived in Big Rapids, Michigan where I went to school. Gosh I wish I had known him then! I would have been at his house every weekend! He had some crazy personal items from Peter Helck as well as a great collection of art. I will miss him terribly.
  4. Steve Moskowitz


    Red field SOUTH !!!! It is the area BEHIND the stadium where the speed parts are mostly located. it is NOT all the way to Hershey park drive. If you know where the Stewart's Root Beer vendor is that is the area it starts. Ed, I am about ready for a stretcher right now so getting this info is the best I can do for awhile. Caught a nasty cold on top of the exhaustion!
  5. FROM THE HERSHEY REGION: We’ve been told Red Field South will only be impacted for 2019. Construction equipment will be staged in that field for the HE & R expansion. As of now, this is the plan: The row closest to the Stadium will be allowed to stay in place. We met with the vendors Friday afternoon, and asked them to prioritize which field they would like to be placed in during 2019. We will be placing as many vendors as possible that currently have 2 back to back in the Tram Way which will not have the big campers next year. Other vendors will need to be placed at various locations on the fields for 2019. If they want, in 2020 they can remain at the new location or asked to be relocated to the Red Field South.
  6. Steve Moskowitz

    Hershey News!!!

    Red Field SOUTH. After I get confirmation of the info I will post more
  7. Steve Moskowitz


    You shouldn't be tapping as it is posted and was posted a minute after I made my post. Quit tapping and go to the Meets and Tours section or the news.
  8. Steve Moskowitz


    Gosh Jeff, we don't want to cause you any anxiety so guess what the list is now done and will be posted momentarily!! This use to take forever but Pat Buckley is on top of things!
  9. Steve Moskowitz

    Hershey weather

    After monsoons a few years ago SOME people still do not trust that the field will be suitable for a car show. Thankfully those that braved the early morning rain had a terrific day with monstrous crowds. Ted you need a new weather channel as 45 degrees? I was there at 6:15 AM and it was in the high 50's. Got warm enough later for me to take my coat off. Rain, heat, wind and all it was a super GREAT Hershey week.
  10. Steve Moskowitz

    Journey to Hershey 2018

    Thanks for sharing, Greg!
  11. Steve Moskowitz

    Hershey weather

    Those that are willing to brave a chance of rain at times or even all day long may end up getting bargains and I have vendors with tents tell me that a rain day has been hugely profitable. You never know. We will have weather this week whatever it may be and in the end it will be a GREAT week. Stop by the literature sale today (Tuesday) at the library, visit the Bookmobile and 29 Whippet (for sale) at the library tent and see all the new merchandise at AACA locations in front of Giant Center (new) and on Chocolate Field North (blue trailer and tent)
  12. Steve Moskowitz

    Vendor list ?

    No, they do not. Only a program will have all the listings.
  13. Steve Moskowitz

    Hershey News!!!

    The key to this new development is that there will be a lot to do all year around. You will no have to go into the park to enjoy much of this. The Hyper coaster is going to be a big deal. It is great news for the community and even for us.
  14. Steve Moskowitz

    New restaurant update for Hershey

    and now Jersey Mike's is also open in the same complex!
  15. Handleman, I agree with you fully but I know one of the issues is the difficult and unpleasant task of facing a truck and trailer trying to run you down while getting out! Not sure how you legally can stop someone although it has been suggested that people who leave early lose their spaces. Not an easy problem for the region to deal with and I am glad it is theirs to wrestle with!! Jeff, there is a location on the field that someone's ashes have been discreetly placed along with a "substance" to make it permanent. I think it is great and it harms no one including HE & R as it is obvious to no one but the few of us that know the location.