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  1. Steve Moskowitz

    cylinder head

    I felt a twinge of embarrassment as I have never heard of stitching. I just read about it and saw some video. What a great process. We have welded some blocks, etc. in the past on early cars (with some great results and some not so great!) but this process seems to be a more fail safe system them welding. Thanks for the education Mr. Minnie!
  2. Steve Moskowitz

    Need book info

    Gary I have been in Vermont racing my Olds but will look at my car ASAP and see if I can answer your question. Sorry for the delay.
  3. Steve Moskowitz

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Make sure you come to the concert on Friday night! Free and it is going to be terrific!
  4. Steve Moskowitz

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    "I did notice one thing in the 3 years I have been showing, I received 2 Preservation awards before I got my First Grand National this year".... so my natural question would be why would this be any different then attending two extra Grand National shows and getting a preservation award since you still needed to upgrade your vehicle. You are allowed to go to more than one. It will cost you an additional $10 for each show but what if you HAD made it the first time. Again, in this situation no one is injured, no one is losing anything and SOME will gain. Just because we have always done it one way does not make it the right way. The board heard from members and a director made the motion to fix the problem. The reason for the rule in the first place was to try and keep members active another year. It was a sensible reason but maybe not what was in the best interest of the member, Hopefully, we can still keep members showing by having new and great locations to visit and to continue to get a Senior and a repeat senior. The club (the board) has got to make our events better so people will want to attend. That is what the board has been discussing. Your last paragraph says it all and that is the most important thing you have said. Congratulations on your awards and please stay active and speak your opinions! Oh and since I am chairman, come to the Grand National at Auburn! It will be special I guarantee you.
  5. Steve Moskowitz

    BUGATTI Gathering at Lime Rock

    Bob, there will be over 80 Bugatti's in Saratoga this fall!!!
  6. Steve Moskowitz

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Having what would amount to one extra meet a year that allowed a Grand National is a suggestion not shared with the board in the past. As they say, write your congressman! Write our President or any other officer with a suggestion. However, let me say this, we have had Grand Nationals in California, Minnesota, Independence, Tucson, Lebanon (TN), Moline, Shelbyville, New Bern, Topeka, Melbourne, Kalamazoo, Buffalo in just the last 15 years or so. So we have moved around. Next year the GN will be in Auburn. In the end, since we need boots on the ground we will need regions and chapters to sign up and be willing to orchestrate the event.
  7. Steve Moskowitz

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    Doug, it is still a ladder of success. You still have to go and compete for the award. The standard does not change. We talk about it being a year but in many cases it really is only 7-9 months for some who get their senior at Hershey. I have put a few cars through the system in the past and quite frankly in the same year or in the next year I would not expect it would make my job any harder to get the car ready to compete. If I have restored a car properly from the start I know how to keep it ready for points judging whether it is one or two or three years or more! After all, you also have the senior grand national to go after if you desire. Sorry, but I personally do not see that time diminishes or rewards in this case. To my way of thinking we all strive to get as close to 400 points as we can and that does not change. So the question the board fought over is the number of people who asked why make us wait a year? It is arbitrary. This has nothing to do with the size of anyone's wallet based upon what I have heard, in fact, most of our well known member's who exhibit lots of cars have never even opined to us as far as I know. Several of them are not even exhibiting cars anymore and have sold their collections for charitable reasons. It comes down to the number of people who have spoken to the board and said it seems ridiculous that you make us wait. As I have said before, no one is harmed by this change. In this case everyone gets their cake and they can eat it. If you feel you want to wait due to the location of the meet, family issues or whatever you can wait BUT if you really want to get it over in one year and can find the time to do it then what harm befalls another member? That's my view, I had no vote and at first was skeptical but now I have had the benefit of hearing from people that they really appreciate the change. How many will take advantage of it? Don't know and quite frankly don't care if it means that the club has made a fair and sensible decision on behalf of the majority of our members. The one thing we have now is stats! So, we will be easily able to tell if this skews the awards in any one direction ( I do not see that as being possible but we will see from attendance and winners at future Grand Nationals) So Jon is right about that portion of his post. On the other issue: The danger we all have is taking a specific moment in time, with specific people and stating that is the view of all members or the club. Just because I have heard people talk about cars in the judged classes , HPOF and DPC cars and say something derogatory I know they do not speak for all. I have never felt the need to criticize someone because they have their car professionally restored, trailer their cars to meets, or thirst for trophies. As the other John has said this is a big and vast hobby and it has room for every type of hobbyist. That's the beauty! We all still love cars and whether they are being driven on tours or to the meet or arrive in a trailer they are still great cars owned by a lot of great people.
  8. Steve Moskowitz

    Possibly the greatest car sale story of all time

    I am really waiting to see the responses to this one!!! Me, I am not brave enough to touch it!
  9. Steve Moskowitz

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Now THAT is funny!
  10. Steve Moskowitz

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Tommy, I have to keep working on my material. My next life might have to be one of those out of work comedians! Ray is such a good guy and no different in person as he is on TV. I enjoyed the shows.
  11. Steve Moskowitz


    FEW Pre WWII cars? Seriously???? We had almost 400 pre WWII cars registered last year. Hardly a few!!! I know this as I just went to the trouble of counting them and ran out of fingers and toes quickly. Mercer, DuPont, Railton, Duesenberg and all sorts of great early cars. We all like what we like but hopefully can appreciate others love for more modern cars.
  12. Steve Moskowitz

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Wow, what a shock! Former NASCAR driver and restorer of some of the best high performance cars in the country watched this show. You had to enjoy some of the vintage scenes unless you were too busy polishing the Model A!
  13. Steve Moskowitz


    Wrong Bob....Bob from Canada! What, you think you are the only Bob in this world? I KNOW you would not miss!!!
  14. Steve Moskowitz

    Ray Evernham's new TV Show

    Yes, his new show is all about NASCAR but leans heavily to history. In the past he has done shows on moonshiners, the locating of Mario Andretti's famous race car and just finding great cars. He produces a very low key, no reality, straightforward show and Ray is one of the great guys in the car world. He has AACA type antique cars as well as his great collection of race cars. Won't appeal to everyone but I will be watching! Bob, you have a computer! Just Google the show and they will tell you who the local provider is. Will be different dependent on the area you are in and the package you have for TV. Many of these shows are on YouTube after airing but not sure if Ray's is.
  15. Steve Moskowitz

    1960 Cadillac Eldo Biarritz Conv

    29 is correct...get it registered!!!