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  1. Steve Moskowitz

    Brake shoe primary or secondary?

    Well , looks like the two of us were looking at a similar problem for different reasons. There is no question that the stock use on my car before it was a race car had a 2" shorter surface primary shoe. The specs are in the service manual. However, since my race car was home built someone decided that having more material reacting to the drum would result in great stopping power. So far none of the folks I have contacted in the racing world or OEM chain can see a problem resulting from having the additional length on my shoes and expect that I may in fact get a better stopping distance which is a good thing. I have switched to a Kevlar lining and am making sure that the shoes are arched correctly which I feel is key. Now to find out how hot I have to get the shoes to make them effective. First race might be a bit interesting.
  2. Steve Moskowitz

    Thoughts on Brake Linings

    Thanks, I am comfortable with the longer length on the front shoe. On regular production it was about 2" shorter. With arcing the shoes I should have better contact and hopefully better braking into the corners. Either that or never lifting which could be a problem!
  3. Steve Moskowitz

    Thoughts on Brake Linings

    All the brakes I have worked on had a primary shoe that was shorter then the back shoe (secondary). Everyone I have talked to, however, seems to feel it is worth the shot on a race car to get more braking surface. I talked to a noted crew chief for NASCAR and he saw no issue. Ed, I vaguely remembered the brake doctor...I talked with a guy who has one and he does not enjoy using it so I cannot give it a try now. If my new brake shoes do not work I just may have to find someone to try this with my car.
  4. Steve Moskowitz

    Thoughts on Brake Linings

    "In the real world the rear longer was used to modulate the self adjusting during back up" this was from an engineer friend of mine. If this is the case then I probably will stick with both shows being long as this car is a beast to stop.
  5. Steve Moskowitz

    Thoughts on Brake Linings

    So today I removed all the brake shows on my 1941 Olds race car. I was surprised to see that the linings were the same size on the primary and secondary shoes. Of course factory shoes had a shorter length on the primary shoes. I am guessing someone decided to engineer this with more lining on the front shoe figuring better braking. Sounds sensible (although I am leery) but I am not an engineer so I may be missing something in the evaluation. I am having competition linings installed and the company makes whatever I want and will arc them to my drums.
  6. Steve Moskowitz

    Auburn swap meet/show

    John, the flea market is NOT a part of our meet. It is run by RM Auctions. The Spring sale usually has a nice assortment of vendors but nowhere near as big as in the fall. Sorry, I do not know the count and cannot get the count from RM yet and they are not in any kind of order that I could tell the OP if there is a chance the parts he is looking for will be there. We just got word that there will be no auction on Thursday but the vendors are welcome to set up and there will be cars around to see. More later as I get details.
  7. Steve Moskowitz

    Auburn swap meet/show

    Thank you....we need to get this ramped up to our usual good sized crowd. "Beach Boy" concert is going to be great!
  8. Steve Moskowitz

    Auburn swap meet/show

    The flea market is not huge at the Spring auction. However, you never know what will show up there. Great auction and AACA/Nash Club will be having a car show on Saturday.
  9. Steve Moskowitz

    '49 Olds Woodie for sale

    Jeff, it kills me that I cannot take advantage of this offer. A great project but alas no room at the inn for another car and no money to restore it! Going to try and send this to a few who might be able to handle it.
  10. Steve Moskowitz

    need address of VP for class judging

    Jeff, it is on page 6 of each magazine. Jim Elliott PO Box 723 Yorktown, VA 23692
  11. Steve Moskowitz

    1916 olds speedster silver bullet

    Steve need another car like he needs another... well you know. It has an Oldsmobile decal, a CDO data plate but I cannot see another Olds part on the entire car! So no, this one is not for me but thanks for sharing. Now if you find another real Olds race car I just might find a little room somewhere!
  12. Steve Moskowitz

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    Folks, I have not had the time to read the latest posts but have been alerted to an issue that needs to be addressed. AACA is fair, AACA only wants the truth to be spoke and in regards to the Regions and Chapters room I think the wrong message has come out. The then executive director of the museum and a staff member did their best to reach out to regions. What MAY have happened is that the museum used a list that was not up-to-date or maybe the officer from the region thought it junk mail or it was lost in the mail. Any number of things could have happened! This is all interesting to me personally as at meeting a museum board member told the group I instructed regions to take their materials out of the museum! Fortunately she named a region and I called them up and of course they refuted it as it did not happen. What happened to the artifacts later is not known to me but I feel confident that the executive director at the time, Mark Lizewskie handled the issue respectfully while he was there. That I am positive of but have little other knowledge of what happened there after he departed. On a good note just got back from a test fitting of the bookmobile in the trailer and it fits!!! We will be there in Charlotte! I will try and review the forum more later tonight.
  13. Steve Moskowitz

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    RAH, Yes, AACA wanted to see a merger of some sort, any sort. AACA has stated over and over again that the club did not want to run a museum nor did it have the time or human resources. Since we were giving them money to them we certainly were not looking for money from them! There are ways to merge allowing a subsidiary to still maintain control. Be that as it may, the museum board did not wish that to happen. Their right. They are independent and do not answer to you our membership. What is not right, as a public trust, that any entity misleads people. If there is NO relationship then it needs to be made clear and not have people think that the museum is a part of AACA. The national board has stated for the record it does not want litigation. THEY realize it is not in the best interest of our membership or the hobby but the name we have owned since 1935 must not be misappropriated. Hopefully, common sense will prevail and a simple compromise will be made and both sides can feel they got a fair deal.
  14. Steve Moskowitz

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    OK, if I am allowed a few personal thoughts. Please understand that I have not seen anyone at AACA relish this mess. We are sick of having to answer letters to OUR members over issues that they really do not want to be involved in. Members want to ENJOY the hobby and not deal with these messy deals. Sadly we felt forced to defend our reputation. John, the part in the letter you referred to is a legal issue and none of us will be "trying" these matters in public. Those words were written by our counsel and at the appropriate time they will be made known to all unless the gods shine upon us, we settle this whole issue simply and both the museum and the club can go forward doing what they need to do. I promised the board when they hired me that I would be active on our forums and I have done my best to answer you "guys" as much as possible. Out of necessity I may have to say little in the near future but I thank all of you on behalf of our board for your support.
  15. Steve Moskowitz

    Letter from the "aaca" museum This is the club's reply...just sent out by your board of directors.