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  1. AACA National Award

    I have been fortunate enough to win a few national awards with cars I owned or was involved with over the years before I landed this job. The 1908 Olds Model X was my personal car and my favorite restoration. Rare car, only two known. The Limited was a dream restoration as I never thought I would get to be around one let alone help my buddy Tim get this job finished. I then had possession of the car for several years taking it to AACA shows and concours.
  2. AACA National Award

    Mr. Bartlett, Wayne is right. If you TOURED in this car this year, condition is only ONE of the criteria for the tour awards.
  3. 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convert

    Very desirable! If you want to contact me at National HQ. I will give you values from several current guides although guides do not buy cars and some are suspect. The good thing is that these cars are "relatively" plentiful and determining the values should not be a problem. Ask for Steve
  4. When an owner recycles his car we make note of that and also when a car changes hands between AACA members we make not of that as well. Of course this has only been done in recent years but we try to capture all the history we can with cars in our system.
  5. Thanks Bill, we will certainly consider it. Blue, I am sorry to say we have run up against the proverbial stone wall on this one. We cannot match the name up with any Hershey awards from 1964 so far. We have tried our magazines, computer data and the winner's book and it is not coming through.
  6. Blueabott, thanks for the challenge. Mr. Mahon's data is not in the computer system. However, in looking at the book there was only one 1925 T that won an award and it was owned by Lule Hemming and shown in Topeka in 1964. I am going to have to do some serious digging to try and get an answer. An old time might now if Ford gave out awards but we did not have our national Ford award to years later. We will search more this afternoon but something does not add up. Mr. Bob Mahon does show up in the 1964 Roster. Earl, there has not been an S2 in awhile, it goes S, P and if there were multiple Preservations it would go P2 of course then to GN etc Interesting idea about the print on demand but it goes to a bigger issue that that, what amounts to weeks of work to get the data entered correctly for the printer. The other issue is we did this wonderful project of digitizing all our magazines and offered it for $99 and sales have been shockingly low for such a great product. Anyway, we will surely look into your thoughts.
  7. "She"?

    You guys are some of the bravest people I know.... I would not touch this subject for the world!
  8. Duesenberg Concept

    Terry, that is about the funniest comment I have ever heard you make!! Brilliant as well.... We are going to have to have an intervention with Mr. Peterson as I think he has gone off the deep end.
  9. Walt, our staff prides itself on answering every email, letter and phone call. Doing research with at least some details is very easy for us. There were 3 1930 Packard's that won an award in 1982 so we would need more information. I suggest following up with a call to this office and ask for Rick or myself. Where your email went I have no idea but feel pretty strong that it did not get into the right hands. 1964 Hershey had several Model T winners. We need to know a year and any other info to properly research this but for the most part maybe be able to do this in just a few minutes. Earl, we produce only a few books now as the yearly publication of the winner list went unsold.
  10. What are your thoughts on this car?

    Matt, now that you pointed it out, those fenders are WAY too big!
  11. An Antique Vanity Plate?

    Our new Bookmobile will be getting AACA for its antique car vanity plate. Thanks Jeff Lesher for your help in this!
  12. 1928 Buick Opera Coupe

    The AACA Library & Research Center has a large collection of Buick materials and we house the Buick Heritage Alliance literature collection. Probably have a lot here to help you. 717-534-2082 nominal charge for research and copying.
  13. David, as usual a very informative post. Do you know where we can find some old worn leather or a process to make new leather look old for a 30's single seat race car?
  14. A trip back to 1903--sort of

    Mr. Berg, I have NO idea who that guy was!! The run on the beach was actually supported by Ormond Beach. We dedicated a statue of the Winton and Olds that weekend I believe as well. Ormond Beach politicians are very good about backing the history of their beach and I believe still run an event called the Festival of Speed. We brought the Pirate back again for one of those.
  15. Good Chrome Shops

    Todd Librandi does great work and I endorse them but also need to give a shout out to Advanced Plating. They just did a rush job for us (4 weeks) with two pitted pieces of pot metal that went on our bookmobile. It came back PERFECT and the price was relatively reasonable compared to other work that has been done.