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  1. 46 Woodie you are correct. Marque judging should be more difficult...should be and usually is. It is not always though. I have personally seen cars that have won awards at single marque clubs that would not take a third place Junior at an AACA meet. I judged once along with two real experienced judges in a single marque meet and saw the worst car I have ever seen on a show field being turned down by us and end up getting a first place award that night as the chief judge concluded he was the only car in that class and deserved it. He did not! I no longer am active in that club. In the end most judging (NCRS and some other judging are the exception) is subject to who the judges are on a given day. AACA has the tough job of judging thousands of makes at pretty large meets with a 1,000 different judges in the system. I am one of those and if you think I know everything in the world about a 1902 Knox. a 1908 Berkshire, etc. you are mistaken! We do try the best we can to get it right. In the end, most of us who have been in the hobby awhile have learned that awards are fun to seek especially if you are trying to validate your work but in the end the friendships, enjoyment of the cars and all that "stuff" are the true reward. Showing a car at Hershey is special...just the drive onto the field with thousands looking on is worth the "price of admission." The huge crowds that admire the cars will surely complement this car when they see it. There is a very active Kaiser club and if you seek out folks like Rick Lay (I am willing to bet he will stop by to see your car) they will be happy to get to know you.
  2. First congratulations on the car!! It looks great... My questions would be: - Should I take my chances and enter the 50/51 class (26c I believe) or should this be entered in the "driver" class? No wrong answer, the point deduction for radials has been lowered but you are competing against cars that possibly are freshly restored. DPC is a great class and your car would be welcomed there. Getting second or third junior is a nice reward. Just depends what is important to you. - Am I correct in that a Junior can only be obtained in the 50s class and not the driver category? Yes. DPC award is a plaque with your name and car engraved on it. - Someone told me that if the car is trailered I take an instant point deduction...that doesn't sound right considering how many cars I've seen towed to Hershey. I know it has to pull onto the field under its own power which isn't an issue. Ah NO!! - If there are aspects of the car that may come into question am I able to bring data that would back it up? would the judge question me about it or would I just take a deduction under an assumption for it without being able to back it up? Our judges are taught that if they are unsure of an item to ask the owner for factory documentation - Beyond the need to detail it within an inch of its life, any pointers or suggestions that anyone can offer that has entered a meet before? The judging manual is online on this website. Read it and it will help. One thing an AACA President taught me in the 80's was that every member no matter how rich or poor has the opportunity to detail his car for the show field. Not doing so, in his opinion, was an affront to the judging system. A lot of points are lost by owners not using a sharp eye to fix minor rust, paint chips and cleaning especially in the engine compartment. Just spending the time to detail will be rewarding. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT FORGET YOUR FIRE EXTINGUISHER AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FUN SHOWING YOUR PRIDE AND JOY. Trophies are nice but your enjoyment of your car and sharing it with others will be much more rewarding! Look forward to seeing it this fall...
  3. Steve Moskowitz

    2019 Grand National

    Yes, there is RV parking for free but if you are looking for hook-ups you have to get them through RM Auctions.
  4. Steve Moskowitz

    2019 Grand National

    First, there is a new date for 2019 which is May 30-June 1! The meet will still be held in Auburn, Indiana. The event will still be held At the RM Auctions facility in Auburn, Indiana. There is no host hotel and most likely you will have to find rooms in Ft. Wayne. Hotels in Ft. Wayne are bountiful along I-69 which is on the same road as RM so an easy drive to the facility. All trailer parking and activities at Auburn Auction Park area. We will have a list of hotels soon but recommend you making plans ASAP. We do have a small block at the Comfort Inn $119 + tax (260) 480-7030 and the Hampton Inn $129 + tax (260)483-3999, as well on DuPont Rd. Another hotel on the same road is La Quinta (260) 490-7950 and their rate is $99. All three hotels have been used before and come recommended. Near restaurants too!
  5. Steve Moskowitz

    someone who knows what it's for parts

    I have never seen these latches on a 31 Olds. They are way to robust an ornate and my bet they are for a much more higher end car.. My 29 Olds is a pretty similar car and I have pics of a 30 and 32 and they are all essentially the same common hood latch. I am trying to figure out what else they could have been used for and it is escaping me. My bet, is that they are not Olds but I will look at the parts book tomorrow and see.
  6. Steve Moskowitz

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    If Philips advice fails contact Chrysler should have either a field rep or a service call center that can point you in the right direction. This might get you farther along in solving your problem. Wish I could help but way too modern for me.
  7. Steve Moskowitz

    Ford Truck...TV Show

    Hi Antique Automobile Club of America, My name is Gabrielle Gatdula, and I’m a Producer with ITV America, which is the largest independent non-scripted television producer in the US. We produce series such as Alone, Forged in Fire, Hell's Kitchen and First 48 for networks including History, Fox, Netflix, and more. We are currently casting a new television project that will feature one of the country's top restoration experts providing vehicle transformations for hardworking Ford truck owners. We're looking for people who have a deep personal connection to their vintage vehicle (preferably from 1940s-1970s), and are looking to bring it back to its former glory. If you, or someone you know, uses their beloved Ford truck regularly, despite its well-earned battle scars, we want to speak with you! To learn more, please give me a call at (212) 564-2607, ext 2352, or send me an email at, with your name, contact number, location, and a brief description of the truck, including year, make, and model.
  8. Steve Moskowitz

    Auburn AGNM-2019 May 30-June 1

    No Earl, sadly they have a conflict.
  9. Steve Moskowitz


    Yep, Bob there is always room for improvement and we keep trying. As I explained to Tim and tired to explain in this thread you cannot enter a meet with a car as a couple. The software just does not allow it and it is a long story why it does not but it is for good reasons. Our custom software is amazingly complicated as it has to do a lot. When we can we try to accommodate a member individually and have done so in the past. To give you an idea of how much work this is for our staff. Getting home from the AGNM we had to unload the entire trailer that was filled from head to toe. Merchandise had to be unloaded, counted, put back in inventory and checked for damage as well and brought up two flights of stairs. Well over a hundred trophies had to be brought in, inspected, repackaged, and prepared for mailing to members who did not come to the banquet. Over 450 award plates had to be individually engraved with owner's name and car info, then oxidized, packaged and put in the mail. This is not automated, just one guy sitting at a machine. We pride ourselves in getting this done in only days but it will not happen this year as we have the Elegance this weekend and most of the staff are involved. In the meantime everyone has the regular day to day job and have to answer phones, mail and do other items to serve our members.
  10. Steve Moskowitz

    Auburn AGNM-2019 May 30-June 1

    Hot News!! Date firm....May 30-June1
  11. Steve Moskowitz

    Auburn AGNM-2019 May 30-June 1

    Sorry still waiting!
  12. Steve Moskowitz

    2018 Grand National Results

    Soon, but we have another event his weekend The Elegance and we are all up to our eyeballs in work.
  13. Steve Moskowitz


    Bob, by now you should know that we do not get a dime of trailer parking, a dime of the chicken dinner and only $30 of the registration fee which hardly pays for a trophy. I will pay your gas, tolls and food bill for you to spend one day in this office to see what the massive job is getting hundreds of trophy's sent and engraved and keeping track of who wants what on each trophy. We have in fact accommodated people who asked for two names on a plate when there has been a request. All we can do is go on what our database says and we do not show co-owners. What may seem simple to you is not at all. Take your shots at our small hard working team but it is done out of a lack of knowledge.
  14. Steve Moskowitz


    Let me give a general answer. First Tim, you can always call me or email me to get answers like this. You know how to reach me. We do NOT normally engrave two names on a trophy. First there is a matter of the room on the engraving plates. Second is a change of engraving set-ups which is extensive when you are engraving hundreds of items at once. Third is the fact that despite the joint membership, one member is always primary. We do have members that have cars in the wife's name and cars in the husbands name. On National Awards we are able to do both names and always do. You have to understand the massive scope of trophy engravings to understand this issue. Probably seems simple but it is not for us especially if we want to get the plates out in a timely manner.