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  1. I recall seeing in the master parts numbers book from 1954 that there was a 5 blade for AC cars, and 6 blade for extreme weather duty. My 6 blade came off a 54 Special parts car in Arizona with factory ac.
  2. Why so many Chevrolets at a car show? Compare the number of Buicks sold to that of Chevrolet, and you begin to see. But Buick was number 3 at 4 in terms of sales in '54 and 55, approaching a half million cars in '54, and even better in '55. Go on the HAMB website and look up a thread called "Vintage Shots from Days Gone By." Lots of pictures of street scenes, and you see a lot of Buicks, reflecting their popularity in the day. What happened? Chevrolets got trendy, were saved more frequently, parts makers started reproducing things, to the point that now you can build a 55-57 from scratch, using new parts. That makes it easier and cheaper, and therefore more trendy. Buicks? Quirky, limited parts, but a lot more car re. mechanics and style, and trendy ain't everything.
  3. I'm just passing on a good article... Our hero, Mr. Harley Earl!
  4. From today's WSJ comes a nice piece...
  5. 92 in SoCal, winter is done and over.
  6. Nothing but maybe little things - some hardware and such. Big body Buicks share glass and some trim with similar Cadillacs, smaller Buicks with Oldsmobiles.
  7. Look up Russ Martin at Centerville Auto Repair, he is an expert on these engines. You will find his web page.
  8. Lamar, I have a double belp cast pulley of mt 54 Special if you want it.
  9. What's going on in this one? Looks like one '54 parked next to another. A good case-study of the differences between the big-series and the smaller in the shape of the trunk area and position of the reverse lights. The reviews of the day found the bigger cars to be a bit bloated looking, but on the hard-top as seen here, I love the look.
  10. And here are the reproductions for sale.
  11. This is what gave me the idea...
  12. I found this idea at a swap meet, and hade a few extras for you all... A simple plate to bolt over the rear freeze plugs in the Nailhead head. You can't replace the plugs without removing the head, so this is a useful fix. Cut your own gaskets and bolt on with sealer, and off you go. If you have an older engine and have already replaced one freeze plug, the others are on their way out! Put them on for peace of mind, or keep them in the trunk for a rainy day. Professionally cut and will fit all Nailheads. 25.00 shipped.
  13. Russ will take good care of you...
  14. Great ingenuity to keep those things running in such limited circumstances, and cool to see so many on the road. But I would never buy a Cuban car. Let's add up the drawbacks - Decades in a tropical climate, kept in service for just as long, third driveline transplant. Then add on the shipping. I want a little old lady car in the South West that was kept in a garage, driven easy and only on occasion, with an umolested drivetrain, If you can find it...
  15. I have been in the "time to thin the herd" mode as well, and probably will have to do it again the next time I move to a new parish - a few years from now God willing. A nice driver that you can have fun with, park for a few months of work, and then drive again is worth the looking and waiting. Be sure to keep a good parts car for it, though! Meanwhile, focus on making time with the family "quality time."