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  1. Fr. Buick

    53 Differential Fill Plug

    There should be a vent already on the top of the axle housing... IIRC, left side, half way towards the wheel. I would not install one on the cover, as there is a lot of oil being slung against it by the ring gear while driving. I imagine that hole on the fill plug is a vent for draining.
  2. Fr. Buick

    Dynaflow Fluid In Differential

    At the front end of the torque tube, look for a thin metal sleeve that the neoprene seal spins on, If that is rough, you will have to remove the outer tube - not hard - and mess with that. Either tap it down farther or pull it up a bit to get a smooth surface for the seal to spin on - or remove it entirely to turn it around and reinstall.
  3. Fr. Buick

    Dynaflow Fluid In Differential

    Not a complicated job to fix this, just a lot of labor. As an alternative, try drilling a small weep-hole at the bottom rear of the torque tube. Tap and fill it with a small allan-head screw. You can remove and check on a regular basis. I did this on my 54 just to keep an eye on things. You do not want to risk the ring and pinion!
  4. Fr. Buick

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Document, or at least itemize all the stuff you have put into the car, including your own labor. That at least gives them a starting point. If you play nice and respectful, you become the expert on what the thing is worth...
  5. Fr. Buick

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Oh, friend, that just hurts to see it!! Let us know how we can help... I may have a bumper and brackets for that... Likely Lamar will have what you need too, and a lot closer.
  6. Fr. Buick

    ID this steering wheel?

    Looks like a 54.
  7. Looks like my 54, but it might be a good starting point for your 57.
  8. Fr. Buick

    1955 Buick Ant Sw

    If I remember correctly, they are different between bigger and smaller Buicks, no? And the 55 will also work on the 54.
  9. Fr. Buick

    1956 Roadmaster coupe R76 rear window

    Wouldn't there be interchange between all 56R and 76R from 1954 to 1956?
  10. Fr. Buick

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    My 54 runs much happier with a 180 thermostat. Smoother and quieter. 80K miles on an original engine, never overheated, even with the factory AC on.
  11. Thank you Mr. Moderator for undertaking a tough job!!
  12. Fr. Buick


    From the Woodward Cruise. Poor guy must be terribly hot!!
  13. Fr. Buick

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Yes. Do the engine mounts first, so you know the whole assembly is properly located...
  14. Fr. Buick

    Storing Dynaflow Parts

    A Buick in parts is a lot more hassle than one all together. Leave the transmissions whole until you need to take something apart...