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    How fun, guys! And congratulations to Brian...
  2. There is a small locating tab on the cap to locate it on the housing, fitting into a small notch. Sometimes the tab is too wide to fit well. Look for an old-stock cap to replace it.
  3. 1956 Buick Special hesitation issue

    Lucky kid! I was fortunate to land a '54 my senior year of high school, and it has been a blast with Buicks ever since. Rebuild the mechanical pump, and wire the electric one to use only when necessary, such as after a long sitting or vapor problems...

    As a visitor on multiple occasions, I can attest to the hospitality, and the to the beauty of the place. Like going to the Vatican and looking at art. It's worth the drive.
  5. '54 & '56 Frt Fenders Can bring to Hershey

    You're going to Hershey, you lucky dog?
  6. My 53 is giving up all her secrets...

    Might be fun to frame it before it completely falls apart, good for garage decore. I found one on EBay for my 54, amazed it would have survived.
  7. My 53 Buick Special

    Welcome and a nice looking car! And thank you for your service. Autozone will have a few thing but not much. Good for brakes, ignition, maybe filters. For the good stuff use Bob's Automobilia and CARS, or ask here...
  8. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    You put her in low, right? If no boil over, you were fine.
  9. Popping noise when turning the wheel

    I have no idea how similar the 54 suspension would be, but I had an occasional pop that turned out to be the big lower outer bushing getting loose in the spindle support. It was working itself loose enough that I had to replace the bushing and the spindle support. Get under the car with a flash light, and get somebody to wiggle the hell out of the tire. Then do it again with the car up and supported on the frame. Look and listen for anything loose. Good luck!
  10. wtb: rearview mirror

    I think they are reproduced, see Bob's Automobilia or CARS.
  11. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    The original left doesn't work all that great, and the right is useless, so you are not missing much of anything...
  12. If they had the money to buy a new Buick, they were likely not indolent or slothful... Or at least somebody in the family had worked hard to pay the bills. And Buicks are just darn heavy! Other options can be argued, but PS sure is nice on cars tipping past the 4000 mark.
  13. 1953 322 nailhead, not mine $250

    Is that an aftermarket trans adapter bolted to the back of the engine? Must have had some history in racing or hot-rodding. And the right exhaust manifold and gen bracket are 54 and later. Carb is a Carter WCFB, but with a front fuel inlet. Maybe from a Cadi?
  14. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Looking good!
  15. 1955 In Dash AC Install

    Nice job!