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  1. Where are you located, and is the compressor for sale, please?
  2. Good deal, I am glad for you! Leave the flapper open and run with it.
  3. Private message sent...
  4. I have a similar drop light from my dad. Two lousy issues with it - the thing gives off a lot of heat, and the bulb goes bad at the slightest bump. Nice 50 by the way. I worked on a got to drive a 50 model 52 for a friend, and really came to love the car.
  5. Find a funky old place on the poor wide of town, with a mechanic who is older. He'll know what to do.
  6. Drums, I got you drums. PM me...
  7. Sorry, none to spare.
  8. Love the comparison of '49 to '59. Could they get any more signage onto that store front? Supposedly the dealer is still operating...
  9. Very nice work, and what a car!
  10. Getting close to the summer, anybody else interested?
  11. RIght side does not have the heat-valve. It does have the funky generator mount, however, unique to '53. If you want to go with a more common 54-55 set-up of manifold and motor mount/generator mount, I have your parts.
  12. I have some plates made up to cover over the plugs at the back of the heads. Impossible to replace when the engine is mounted. These bolt right over the plugs with a gasket you can easily make. 20 bucks shipped. Pm if interested...
  13. I could do Wichita, but the only motor I know of for sure as a runner, and it is a keeper for my Super. Sorry to be no use on that one, but keep me in mind for other stuff. Doug
  14. Sorry, Lamar, side glass all went to a car in Texas. I regret this summer will be more north-bound. Next summer hopefully a more gentile Southern route, good Lord willin', and the crick don't rise.
  15. "Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not a gas station attendant!"