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  1. WCFB Air Horn Choke Differences?

    As far as I understand, the WCFB grew shorter each year to allow for a lower and lowerhood. You will want to be sure of air cleaner fittment and hood clearance.
  2. Brought home a 1994 Buick Lesabre.

    I have an owner's manual for it, if you are missing one. A few bucks for postage is all I need. I drove one for a few years, and loved it. 30mpg on the highway, and decent low-end torque. The only reason I got rid of it was to upgrade to a V8 Impala.
  3. 1950 Super - What is that Bar on top of Grille ?

    That looks a correct accessory. I believe they were called bumper guards, with something similar on the rear bumper as well. Just in case someone wanted more chrome on their 1950
  4. All the springs I have pulled off 1954s, I have never seen any sign of paint, so I would guess bare metal... Sand blast them clean, and give them a semi-gloss clear coat.
  5. '50 Special with a single auxiliary light?

    With a grill like that, I'm guessing a large tooth pick? With the license plate on one side, I bet the hole was for a fog light on the other to balance things out. You have our permission to relegate the front plate and bracket to the trunk. It never looked right on the 1950. Great car!
  6. 322 camshaft plug question

    I think the thrust washer and plate at the front of the cam does all the work of holding it in place front to back. Parts are a little held up, Pete, while I deal with my daily driver in the shop with a weakening trans...
  7. 1955 Buick Special 2 door touring car (BOTH DOORS)

    You are better off referring to your car as a Special 2-door sedan. I have very clean doors off a 54, which are identical, but in SoCal. Where are you? That makes a lot of difference, as these are big and heavy.
  8. Nailhead stick

    Oooh, the famous "Six Bolt Cover!" Nice find.
  9. Elvis seems to appreciate that the interior matches his own color.
  10. Nice, Lamar, congratulations!
  11. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Thanks, Beemon, that description on removal of the washer button is darn helpful.
  12. WTB: 1956 Buick 322 flex plate

    I have one out of a '54 322 that my parts book says will be the same. Send me a PM if interested...
  13. Little things mean a lot

    I agree, plus too many moving parts. Use a simple sheet metal screw with a star washer that bigs in and gives you a good ground.
  14. Thank a BCA Member

    Lamar and Rita for sure, Willie, Russ Martin, and some local guys from SoCal: the Anderson clan, Marty Supple, Larry Minery, Steve Rostam, Fred Rawling, and the late Bruce Andren... That's just the start. When I was a kid, Dad would say that you meet the best people in the car hobby. And ever since then, I have found it to be so.
  15. The Passing of Bob Coker

    He was a guy you could sit and talk with for hours. Great teller of stories and experiences of life, and a friendly helper to fellow car owners. Rest in peace!