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  1. 1954 2dr hardtop, not mine

    You just hate to see stuff get tossed... Thanks for the background.
  2. 1954 2dr hardtop, not mine

    Imperial, what is the story on Kanters?
  3. 56 Buick - Why do springs sag driver's side

    New springs would be a good investment. Does the car have power steering? That would throw some weight to the left front, along with the driver's weight.
  4. 1955 Buick Century Part ID

    It's a gin mill.
  5. That's just uncivilized, fit for neither man nor beast. Nor Buick!
  6. Does anyone know a guy by the name of GLENN DANKS

    The man who once owned your dad's car, Glenn Danks.
  7. Does anyone know a guy by the name of GLENN DANKS

    Oh, and there may be some old Buick Club rosters floating around from that time. Look up all the '55s in Jersey and float the names past this guy, or call them directly.
  8. Does anyone know a guy by the name of GLENN DANKS

    I did some research on a car once by finding photos of it at a local Buick Chapter show that were still on line at the chapter website. I asked a few of the chapter officers, and they remembered the car and the owner and gave me a number. That prior owner informed me that a 54 Century advertised by the current owner as a 30,000 mile creampuff, had actually seen a 130,000 mile stretch of hard road. I got the whole history of the car back to the original owner. There was a succession of four or five owners, including a stint at a big auction house that asserted the 30,000 miles, and that was later assumed as gospel. Mr. Earl had warned me already about the car, but I wanted to look a little farther for myself. It was a fun investigation, even though I passed on the car, just as Mr. Earl already told me I should!! So check out the websites of the local chapters in NJ for any show pictures. You never know...
  9. 1955 Buick 4-way power seat track disassembly

    Looking at the picture in my '54 parts book - I believe it is the same or similar style of construction in '55 - you might think of slicing and spicing somewhere in the middle of the tubes rather than messing with the ends. These are pretty beefy, so I am curious why you are thinking of this. To shorten a bigger seat for a smaller car? Put with a piece of round bar stock inside of the spliced tubes and some welding and pins to hold it all together under a high torque. There is a first for everything!
  10. 1954 NOS Special/Century front fender pair

    Rust happens! Behind and above the headlight, and at the very lower back at the fender brace.
  11. That looks like an early 55 motor with the center breather/filler cap. Chrome valve overs were after-market. I never thought of lifting an engine with fan belts... Yikes!

    Hope he don't spill any paint on that Buick!
  13. Wandering about Arizona. Found this.

    Been by that car a few times. By the time you hit Quartzsite from either direction, anything looks interesting. The guy likes his collection...
  14. Coffee cup holder for pre-war Buicks

    Bring the wife or girlfriend along for a convenient holder, preferably in period costume. Or on ebay or at most car swaps you can find an upholstered armrest to set on the seat next to you. One receptacle for your coffee, another for your cigar.