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  1. Never took that stretch of road through Amboy. I am usually in a hurry to start a trip and make some miles from SoCal. Looks like a detour will be in order some day. Thanks, great reporting!
  2. Yeah, way to go, Brian!!
  3. I believe they are the same as the 54, and i have some if so. You mean just the cast iron hub only, or do you need a drum as well?
  4. Good luck with the LA traffic, and if you need help, I am in Orange... PM me.
  5. I believe the springs from a Chevy (55-57) will work on the big Buicks. Otherwise, you need to buy a crummy one with usable pieces you need...
  6. Us a monkey wrench... If it is like my '54, try this: Put the threaded bushing in first and torque it down. Then thread in the pin into that, with the rubber seal already installed on that side. Slide the other seal up the other arm. When the pin is in place, pull the second rubber dust shield into position, and install the last bushing.
  7. Congratulations, looks like an amazing survivor!
  8. I think your problem was the funky notch at the bottom of the shoes. The adjuster will not fit for proper articulation. Put the shoes together with just the bottom spring and the adjuster, lay them on bench and try to stimulate their working by hand, and I think you will see your broblem.
  9. Hey, lady, get your shoe off my bumper!
  10. Look carefully at your shop manual pictures and take note of the detailing of the shoe, this will tell you what shoes are correct. When I put Roadmaster 2.5 inch-wide brakes on my Super (1954), I ran into the same problem with aftermarket shoes. A slightly different detailing on the bottom made the adjuster hang up a bit and not function right. The discrepancy at the top should probably be adjusted out at the locator pin, which slides up and down. See your FSM for details. Roadmaster 2.5 shoes are harder to come by, they sold a lot less Roadmasters in the day. All other models had the 2.25. My advice, grab two pair of Roadmaster shoes off your closest parts cars, and send them for relining to a shop in your area. Keep one set as spares.
  11. I believe the paper ones will blow out. Use metal only. You can find them on Ebay, or try Russ Martin, he has a website for nailheads.
  12. An nos one is on Ebay...
  13. Nice!! You lucked out there!!
  14. If it has a zerk fitting, it needs grease - that's my philosophy. Try removing the fitting to be sure it is not plugged up, and fish round behind the fitting to remove as much old grease as you can from the bushing itself. You might also try some heat on the bushing, which would soften up any old grease that is plugging things up.
  15. I recall seeing in the master parts numbers book from 1954 that there was a 5 blade for AC cars, and 6 blade for extreme weather duty. My 6 blade came off a 54 Special parts car in Arizona with factory ac.