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  1. Bing and the Andrews Sisters did a nice version of that tune as well. I love the film, Lamar! All done with talent and camera angle. No special effects there. Poor Elvis, he just gets too social for the neighbors' liking! Are you bringing him to Denver?
  2. Can anyone advise me on how to remove my upper trim on the back glass for my 54 model 56R? I have the sides moldings off, and I know the lower molding comes out with the glass. But for the center molding on top, the books are very vague... It is in super nice condition where it sits, so I don't want to bugger it up taking it off. Thanks to all!
  3. Fr. Buick

    FS Nailhead Rear Freeze Plug Fix

  4. Fr. Buick

    1955 Buick Steering Column or parts of

    Looks like it is the same for all cars with Dynaflow, 1955-1956 regardlesss of PS or not. Grounp 4.038, Housing, Transmission Control, part 1172310. PM sent.
  5. Fr. Buick

    1955 Buick Steering Column or parts of

    I have one off a Roadmaster car, but I imagine it will work for you. Let me look in my books to confirm. PM me if interested...
  6. I'm not finding it. Can you give a link?
  7. Buick has a similar set up, and a similar problem... Mine came apart on a 54 Buick, and I machined a sleeve out of brass pipe to sit snugly onto the rubber insulator on the steering shaft. Some glue was used as insurance. Then solder your horn wire and off you go. I have never seen a new one for sale... but the Caddy guys may have a better idea.
  8. Don't run it all the time. Leave the mechanical for normal operation, and have a switch for the electric pump as a back-up.
  9. Fr. Buick

    54 Special 48d parts to Denver and Omaha

    PS, I will be visiting family in Omaha after the show, if that helps get a part close to you... Also adding a right front fender in excellent shape... 150, please.
  10. Fr. Buick

    Looking for a 1954 Buick Century hood

    Glad it got there in good shape!
  11. Fr. Buick

    54 Special 48d parts to Denver and Omaha

    Sorry, no.
  12. Greetings, all: I am about done parting out a ’54 Special model 48, 2dr sedan, and can bring some lager, heavier pieces to Denver in June if anyone wants to meet up at the BCA Nationals. Pieces include the following: --Front bumper, fair driver, no guards, no dents, 150 --Rear bumper, decent driver, no guards, older rechrome and repair, 200 --Power steering assembly, complete minus pulleys, in good working order, 200. --Front suspension pieces, wheels, drums, some stainless, air cleaner, mechanical. If interested in other pieces, please ask. Decent doors, trunk, and rear windshield (tinted) are available in the SoCal area.
  13. Fr. Buick

    Looking for a 1954 Buick Century hood

    I have a very nice hood in Orange County, CA, a day's drive and back. Super nice, taken from a Texas car and been in my rafters for 20 years. PM me if interested...
  14. Fr. Buick

    1924 or earlier Buick 4 cyl engine Seattle WA craigslist

    Looks to me like a 22-24 Buick 4-cyl. Carb is not correct, though.