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  1. Fr. Buick

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Yes. Do the engine mounts first, so you know the whole assembly is properly located...
  2. Fr. Buick

    Storing Dynaflow Parts

    A Buick in parts is a lot more hassle than one all together. Leave the transmissions whole until you need to take something apart...
  3. Fr. Buick

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

  4. Fr. Buick

    Show us your Buick Posters

    A few odds and ends. The 53 poster is a repo from the 80s, the 54s original. The Caddy neon I am storing - gladly - for a friend...
  5. Fr. Buick

    Bought!!! Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    It took me three units to get one working... Have fun, they are a great bench project!
  6. Well then, that's the second style I have seen!
  7. Oh, that's right, I stand corrected. I made the later drums work - much more available - by shaving a bit of metal off the outer lip of the brake plates and shimming the plates where they bolt to the spindle, so as to sit deeper into the drum and get complete shoe contact. On the longer bolts, CARS sells chromed ones now, for 9.50 each. The original longer bolts from Buick will have an F cast into the head.
  8. Earlier hubs can be adapted to the later finned drums (the lug holes get drilled out a little larger), and I have a set of guide pins that will work for this set-up if interested...
  9. Fr. Buick

    Questions for Those Early 50s Buicks with AC

    Buick went to a firewall-mounted evaporator in 1956. By 1956, all GM was that way, except Cadillac. 1953 and 1954 Buicks had cool-air vents running through the headliner, but it was reported to be rather restrictive. It was improved in 1955, when air came from the trunk area, through the same clear plastic tubes, and out directly to the passenger compartment. I can attest that this method is very effective to move air. I use this on my 1954 with AC. How well did the whole system work? In my experience with a 1954 unit, because the condenser is well ahead of the radiator and built to receive air from the road and not from the radiator fan, it operates best at speed, and very poorly in slow traffic or idle. This was improved in 1955 and later. I am not an expert at AC, but I was able to get my system to cool the car down in hot weather about 15 degrees from outside temps. So 100 degrees outside could be cooled on the highway to about 85. What holds the system back, I suspect, is the above mentioned condenser, and the fact that these cars are not very air-tight at all. Doors and windows just don't seal like a new car does. GM and Frigidaire were then toward the bottom of a learning curve, and there were a lot of inefficiencies to improve upon down the road...