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    Buick fan all my life. Born in 1947 - first parents' car I remember was a '48 (it was used) that was replaced by a new '52 my dad picked up in Flint when we were visiting family in Ohio. Miss what made Buicks truly unique - engine and transmission different than everyone else. Oh well - things change...

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  1. Gene Brink

    Fun and useful website

    Found this yesterday and wanted to share as there is some good stuff here - Enjoy!
  2. Gene Brink

    Purchase a 1947 Buick 56-C!!

    Congratulations, Scott. Must confess I am jealous...😉
  3. Gene Brink

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

    Nice shirt 😊
  4. Gene Brink

    Mysterious Noise On 1950 Buick Super Sedan

    John, Noise sounds like your parking pawl is trying to engage with the parking gear it locks into (designed so it can NOT do so when the car is being driven over 5 mph - guess how I know this???) so may be something out of whack in the output tail shaft housing where it is located. If the sound lasts long enough (4 or 5 seconds should be enough time) try carefully shifting from drive into neutral to see it stops. If so that is where I'd check if all else fails (I say this because you would have to pull the transmission to check on this). Good luck!
  5. Gene Brink

    Rust removers: Acetone vs. WD 40 rust release vs. vinegar

    Have it with vinegar section in my Walmart. Labeled as cleaning vinegar and was only in gallon size.
  6. Gene Brink

    1936 running rough after overhaul

    Bill, Several good suggestions from earlier posts. You did not mention if you had a new distributor cap so here is something I encountered 35 years or so ago. I had a 64 Chevy pickup with a 283 that acted exactly the same way. Turned out that there was some carbon tracking on the inside of the distributor cap causing misfire when the engine was run over 2,000 rpm. New cap and ran perfectly. Hope you solve your problem
  7. Gene Brink

    Denver 2018

    I don't have a solution to the problem, Pete, as regardless of where the cars were parked you would still be up & down the same number of times. Seems to me the walk between cars spread out might actually give a bit of relief by providing some recovery time...😉
  8. Gene Brink


    Welcome aboard!
  9. Gene Brink

    1931 60 exhaust leak

    Tom Telesco on V8Buick says the only gasket to use is Remflex - Info about reads well, makes sense and might be worth a try.
  10. Gene Brink

    1953 Pinehurst Green

    Craig, Duco#202-57365. Ditzler#41336. RM (RInshed Mason) #PS-0341-D. No idea how close any of these will match your original color. Had a problem getting a PPG number for my daughter's 65 Rambler but managed to find a paint shop that actually kept all of their old chip books so managed to get a good match using an old school formula that evidently never made it into the computer so you might try another paint shop. Good luck!
  11. Gene Brink

    Hood Mechanism Help - 1955 Buick Century

    Word of caution, Paul. If the hinges are binding (agree with suggestions that you oil the hinges) and you force the hood down by pushing down on the front end, on either side of center, you can cause the hood to buckle on one/both of the edges about 10" or so from the front edge. Not at all an uncommon problem when I was in my teens (a l-o-n-g time ago).
  12. Gene Brink

    New Classic Buick Owner

    Welcome, Paul. Love to see additional pictures. Guessing you actually have a Turbo-Hydramatic 400 transmission (assuming so as you indicated it has three speeds and a Dynaflow would be low and drive only) which generally would require that the torque tube set up originally in the car be scrapped and an open driveshaft and extensive mounting of the rear axle be modified. (Just saw that Ed beat me to this...). In any event the car will be a lot of fun for you - enjoy!
  13. Gene Brink

    My First Buick

    Nice! What year? When was the picture taken?
  14. Gene Brink

    New to me 61 Invicta 2dr hrdtp

    Nice! Enjoy!
  15. Gene Brink

    newbie with 72 Electra

    Beautiful and hardly broken in...😊