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  1. ak

    Seized Piston 1906 Franklin

    Chuck, be sure to try to remedy this impediment to topside repair when you get it apart. Perhaps making smaller nuts from stock so that a socket might fit. The 12 torpedo is this way also and nothing I could do to facilitate individual cylinder removal. No. 6 will stop at the firewall so I need to disconnect engine from trans and move all forward too. Feel your pain. JR
  2. trade you for a 1911 M carb
  3. ak

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    I have a lot of patterns for castings for model 30. JR
  4. ak

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    Threshold piece is not correct for model 30. I have what I believe to be correct plates. They were embossed by a press not a casting. I was trying to have them laser etched to get the embossed look. JR
  5. ak

    1926 running board tool box

    No such thing from the factory. John
  6. ak

    early Franklin parts

    Restoring a 1911 speed car. Looking for mechanical and chassis parts to include cylinders, rocker arms, manifolds, carburetor. Thanks. John akrendo@gmail.com
  7. I need to speak to you about that system. Great news on your progress. The photos look great. When will you start on the chassis restoration? John
  8. I recognize the frame in the photographs. Is that part of the future project or one already under way? JR
  9. I haven't cut the original wrappers off of them. They are either Lester or Universal.. I do not know how old they are but they are new and like new. The white rubber is still very white with the blue stuff still on them . The wrapper is white plastic wrapped completely around each tire. As long as I have had them they have been in a large, dry, airy barn with no direct sun or electric motors. John
  10. Have (6) 36 x 4 (28") WW tires; brand new, never opened nos still in wrappers. 1,500.00
  11. Have (6) 36 x 4 (28") WW tires; brand new, never opened nos still in wrappers. 1,500.00
  12. Anyone know a source for the top irons that fasten to the inside of the wooden bodies to which the top bows are attached? Thank you. John
  13. ak

    wooden bodies

    Anyone know a source for making wooden bucket seats as seen on Model T speedsters, but not for a Model T. John
  14. Looking for No. 4 wire wheel hubs, hub caps and wheels. Thanks.