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  1. I need to speak to you about that system. Great news on your progress. The photos look great. When will you start on the chassis restoration? John
  2. I recognize the frame in the photographs. Is that part of the future project or one already under way? JR
  3. I haven't cut the original wrappers off of them. They are either Lester or Universal.. I do not know how old they are but they are new and like new. The white rubber is still very white with the blue stuff still on them . The wrapper is white plastic wrapped completely around each tire. As long as I have had them they have been in a large, dry, airy barn with no direct sun or electric motors. John
  4. Have (6) 36 x 4 (28") WW tires; brand new, never opened nos still in wrappers. 1,500.00
  5. Have (6) 36 x 4 (28") WW tires; brand new, never opened nos still in wrappers. 1,500.00
  6. Anyone know a source for the top irons that fasten to the inside of the wooden bodies to which the top bows are attached? Thank you. John
  7. wooden bodies

    Anyone know a source for making wooden bucket seats as seen on Model T speedsters, but not for a Model T. John
  8. Looking for No. 4 wire wheel hubs, hub caps and wheels. Thanks.
  9. wood pattern dash

    1925 - 1927 is correct black. The dash was finely finished to create a mirror like finish. The actual factory instruction on finish is still available.
  10. Franklin Lions

    So that's where they all went!
  11. Seeking ID

    I guess it can be said that when they are right, they run like a sewing machine.
  12. FS: 1939 110 Hood

    Excellent condition with original black paint. No rust, no crashes, real nice. 750.00. Insert other media
  13. Buda WU motor

    Looking for a Buda WU motor or parts. Thanks. John
  14. Does anyone know of more than one 1930 Packard 740 Custom 8 Model 417 Custom 8, 4 passenger coupe?