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  1. Does anyone know of more than one 1930 Packard 740 Custom 8 Model 417 Custom 8, 4 passenger coupe?
  2. edwardsfrank66@gmail.com

    Just got an email from this urchin trying to sell me parts off of a car that is presently advertised for sale in Minnesota. I advertised for Franklin parts needed. "OK Great! We're doing a major parting out on a 1926 Franklin Series 11A with all of the listed parts so far in excellent shape and condition, ready to mount on. I'm asking $550 and happy to arrange delivery via USPS or Greyhound to your door step and would acknowledge a Walmart 2 Walmart payment. What's your complete shipping address? Many thanks again and regards, Frank He claims he can't send photos of parts I need until I pay for them in full with a Walmart to Walmart payment. "We're doing a part out on the 11A shown in the attached photo in my previous e-mail. I will only be able to take off parts and get photos once payment is made available for them."
  3. Looking for Zenith Carb Info

    Its really fantastic to see the original stuff on a car. Amazing that it would still be on there given the tedious problems associated with it. Must be pretty reliable despite its shortcomings to have survived on the machine. John
  4. Looking for Series 11 emergency brake drums. Thanks. John
  5. Would like to purchase a Herz timer. John akrendo@gmail.com
  6. 1930 Packard 740 Custom 8 Model 417 Custom 8, 4 passenger coupe. Essentially an original barn find needing restoration No rust, body sound and having much of the original paint and interior. Runs. 47,500.00 contact John: akrendo@gmail.com
  7. 1939 Packard Conv Sedan

    1939 Packard 120 Convertible Sedan. Essentially original condition with amateur ivory paint job. Nice deep red leather interior. Good running. 50,000. contact John: akrendo@gmail.com
  8. Saggy Franklin Frames

    Tom, nicely done as usual.

    I believe that I may have one of these levers. John
  10. 1925 series 11A

    I have commissioned a pattern maker to make up the patterns for these castings, and I intend to have them cast. John
  11. Saggy Franklin Frames

    I have commissioned a pattern maker to make the patters for the castings. I intend to have them cast. John
  12. Franklin? Tail Pipe

  13. any interest?

    I would be interested as well. Cost? John
  14. 1922 Buick wood spoke wheels

    I have a complete set of excellant 23" wood wheels for a Buick with rims.