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  1. Define replica

    When I go to a cruise in or car show and see a fiberglass car with a crate engine and you can tell it is a built car, then it has antique tags on it! I do not think this should be acceptable.
  2. 24 Chrysler transmission question

    Don't forget the oil grooves and the pin hole to keep the bushing from turning. Used a lot of these in the mechanical press industry. Rydel Heil Bronze in Ohio makes them.
  3. Insurance... can you get a normal policy?

    Grundy told me to drive my 1930 when & where I wanted. Have two '30 cars with then, no others. Had a broken door handle that a man tried to force open (car was locked) they not only paid for a replacement handle, but insisted I take money for labor to replace it. (I did it myself)
  4. Where to find exterior trim clips?

    Try Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc. info@restorationspecialties.com 814-467-9842 phone 814-467-5323 fax They show pages of these clips in their catalog. Good luck!
  5. Chrysler Model 72 1928 need Motor

    astheime@ptd.net might be able to help you out.
  6. Ohio Concours D'Elegance

    I've competed at this event, it's great. Take time to look at the view from up above Cincinnati too.
  7. 1930 Model 70

    Nice car, ours was all black too when we brought it home.
  8. 1930 Model 70

    I've seen several coupes, but never another two door brougham.
  9. Stromberg DX-3

    I have an electric pump on the car for back up, I've cranked the engine for a long time, I can see gas in the glass bowl, when I throttle the carb by hand- no gas sprays in it. That's why I thought it was the pump. I'll check the fuel pump pressure next time I work on it too. I just had surgery so it might be a while before I can do anything. Hope to see you at the Grand if you go. Tim
  10. Stromberg DX-3

    Hi Harry, might need to put new seals on the accelerator pump. No gas in carb after car sits a few days. Have to use starting fluid to get it started, after that it starts good. I know the DX-3 is a walking beam carburetor that bleeds the vacuum thru the bottom tube on the intake manifold. But, should have enough gas to start the car. Will you be at the Grand National or Auburn, Ind. shows this year?
  11. Stromberg DX-3

    Need a source for parts for a Stromberg DX-3 carburetor. Can anyone help?
  12. Stromberg DXC-3 Carburettor

    Did you contact carb king? He's commented on this site.
  13. 1929 Fisher Body wood patterns

    There is a shop just outside of Houston, Ohio that rebuilds the wood in old cars. He does Chrysler woodies and others, full time shop. Send me a pm and I'll look up his contact information for you. Cars he has done have won at concours car shows.
  14. Convert slides to digital?

    You could load them on a computer and then make prints, download them on a disc and have someone print them. More options as time goes on.