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  1. ok Thanks for the reply, it is just what I thought.
  2. Was great, a lot to see and do in the area. Was a great show. Met some new friends, saw some old ones. The people were very friendly in the area. Saw a lot of great cars. Were trophies given to the preservation class along with the medallions? We heard that a Chrysler had some parts removed and taken. Any truth to this ?
  3. My spare ignition switch is broken and I'm looking for a replacement. Car is a 1930 Chrysler 70 Royal coupe with dash mounted coil. Switch & key are needed for the coil. timandjuliawolfe1@roadrunner.com
  4. The 1930 Chrysler model 77 had Chrome headlight buckets, the model 70 had painted buckets.
  5. Check out Antique Auto Supply online catalog.
  6. I was glad to help and expect a call when you are ready to pick up the next trailer load. Was happy to give Steve and Karl rides in our Chrysler. I was amazed at the amount of books and magazines that Amos Press donated!! Steve, hope you had a safe trip back with the new trailer. Tim Wolfe
  7. Try Jay at astheime@ptd.net
  8. In your 7th picture from the top, you have a spinner style Mercury hubcap, do you have four of those ? Please send PM with answer.
  9. My 1930 Chryslers have a cork gasket between the lens and reflector. Can get them from Restoration Supply Company in Escondido, CA. 800-306-7008
  10. When did Chrysler products start having radiator fan shrouds ?
  11. Look up Tuff Bond clutch & brake facing glue. Found on a web search, I haven't tested it. Midwest brake bonding company is a company who does facing bonding. I did shear testing of the products for a company I retired from and it was impressive. The brake material sheared before the glue let go! Also tested Kevlar facing material. great stuff, improved stopping & starting times on large industrial clutches and brakes.
  12. Listed in a local paper: 1920 Cadillac Wooden Wheels: Perfect shape. $400 937-726-3198 Just passing this along, just read it in a local paper. He also has a gas tank listed so he may have other parts........
  13. I purchased a brass slotted plug for my 1930 model 70 from Restoration Supply 1-800-306-7008 in California. Get one of their catalogs, it is loaded with special parts at reasonable prices. I've bought a lot of special screws and misc. parts from them. Fast shipping too.
  14. 65 lbs per spec. Problem seems to be solved. Drove car on a road trip and on Race Atlanta track without any problems.