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  1. 1929 Chrysler Roadster project phoenix AZ craigslist

    Jay Astheimer probably has most of the parts for this car.
  2. WTB 1930 ignition switch

    Yes, I know. But, I have 3 coils for spares and I'd like to get a keyed switch for a spare too.
  3. WTB 1930 ignition switch

    3 wires ( plus the coil wire ) Can't get pictures to load for some reason
  4. water pump shaft

    What hardness should the water pump shaft be for a 1930 Chrysler 218.6 cu. in. ? I paid a lot of money for a pump rebuild only to have the front bushing seize the shaft. Builder wouldn't honor the warranty, said there wasn't any lube in the water. The front bushing doesn't get close to the coolant! Broke the pump in half after driving 9 miles. I'll rebuild my own from now on.
  5. Looking for an ignition switch for a 1930 Chrysler. Switch is mounted on the bottom of the coil that mounts to the dash.
  6. I bought a fuel pump for my '30 Chrysler from them and a few years later I called to order a new one, mounting bracket cracked. I was told it shouldn't have and they sent a replacement!!! I was shocked. Still ordered a new one for my second car.. Great people.
  7. GIGANTIC AACA Library Literature Sale-HERSHEY!

    Still waiting to hear when you want to pick up the rest of the items at Amos Press......
  8. Did you find the seals yet? Restoration Supply Company www.restorationstuff.com 800-306-7008
  9. Sheet Metal Forming Needed

    Steve, Mark at D&D Classic Restoration in Covington, Ohio does excellent work and teaches metal forming. When you pick up the rest of the books in Sidney, I would be happy to take you to his shop and introduce you.
  10. 1927 Finer 70 Roadster

    astheime@ptd.net might have them.
  11. Wtd, 1933 Chrysler parts

    Try Jay Astheimer in PA. astheime@ptd.net I think I have his email right!
  12. 27-30 front windshield movement

    I've had my 1930 Model 70 window out a couple of times. Steele Rubber sells window seals for this style window. If you remove the wood retainers on each end of the window, then remove the top trim where the crank is, you can remove the window. If you remove the rubber, be very careful as it can fall apart when brittle. You can buy a silicon grease for the rubber. Your gears might be locked up in the crank area. Make sure you insert the lift pins ( for want of a better name) into the top retainers of the window when you install the top trim. Take your time, it isn't a hard repair. Make sure you check the top seal while you have it apart, it keeps the wind & rain out while driving your car. Hope this helps you out.
  13. Kansas City Grand National

    Thanks, that is what I was looking for!
  14. Judges sheet

    Sorry, I meant to post it on AACA page!
  15. Kansas City Grand National

    I know I have to send a self addressed stamped envelope when requesting a copy of the judging sheet. But, who do I send it to? Been a long time since I've done this..