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  1. I was glad to help and expect a call when you are ready to pick up the next trailer load. Was happy to give Steve and Karl rides in our Chrysler. I was amazed at the amount of books and magazines that Amos Press donated!! Steve, hope you had a safe trip back with the new trailer. Tim Wolfe
  2. Try Jay at astheime@ptd.net
  3. In your 7th picture from the top, you have a spinner style Mercury hubcap, do you have four of those ? Please send PM with answer.
  4. My 1930 Chryslers have a cork gasket between the lens and reflector. Can get them from Restoration Supply Company in Escondido, CA. 800-306-7008
  5. When did Chrysler products start having radiator fan shrouds ?
  6. Look up Tuff Bond clutch & brake facing glue. Found on a web search, I haven't tested it. Midwest brake bonding company is a company who does facing bonding. I did shear testing of the products for a company I retired from and it was impressive. The brake material sheared before the glue let go! Also tested Kevlar facing material. great stuff, improved stopping & starting times on large industrial clutches and brakes.
  7. Listed in a local paper: 1920 Cadillac Wooden Wheels: Perfect shape. $400 937-726-3198 Just passing this along, just read it in a local paper. He also has a gas tank listed so he may have other parts........
  8. I purchased a brass slotted plug for my 1930 model 70 from Restoration Supply 1-800-306-7008 in California. Get one of their catalogs, it is loaded with special parts at reasonable prices. I've bought a lot of special screws and misc. parts from them. Fast shipping too.
  9. 65 lbs per spec. Problem seems to be solved. Drove car on a road trip and on Race Atlanta track without any problems.
  10. Torqued the head bolts and installed a thermostat. Dash gauge reads 190 F. Inserted a probe style thermometer in water and it read the same. Drove car about 8 miles and when I pulled in the garage there wasn't a stream of water coming out of it like before. This seemed to really help. I'm going to go over the bolts again tomorrow. Thanks for all the input. The bolts I was used to torqueing in industry were a lot harder then these and they didn't stretch as much. We torqued and assembly and then went over each one again.
  11. Torqued the head bolts, they needed it. Added a thermostat and now have to test it on a short drive. I couldn't believe how much the head studs had stretched. I had torqued them a few months after the engine rebuild. Thanks for the advise!
  12. Started car and have great flow from engine to radiator. Small amount of bubbles in radiator that go away as soon as car is shut off. Engine was warm from being run earlier. The overflow tube was bent down below the neck of the fill, I used a finger and raised it up to the neck area. Harry, do you run a thermostat ?
  13. Temp. gauge reads 180 Degrees while driving. Have used water wetter in the radiator. Do not have a thermostat in it. Water pump has a new impeller and shaft, new bushings. Motor was rebuilt by a very good mechanic. Sounds like air bubbles coming from the engine up into the radiator. Will go out and start the car and check for air bubbles and get back to you. Going to go to Atlanta Concours in a few days and a short diving tour.
  14. My 1930 Chrysler leaks a lot of water out of the overflow after the car is driven and then parked. It makes gurgling sounds and then leaks. I thought I was over filling the radiator, but it does it when the water is a couple inches below the top. My other 1930 Chrysler with the same engine doesn't do this. It is embarrassing to have it do this all the time. Anyone know how to cure it? Thanks in advance!