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  1. I had a rattle in my 1930 Chrysler, only at certain speeds. My friend , a retired mechanic, and I couldn't find it. On day I noticed the water pump pulley had a slight wobble . The bore in the pulley was egged out a little. Had it bored and bushed and the noise went away.
  2. Tim Wolfe

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    My mother was in her 80's with dementia when the local bank gave her a large 30 year loan on her home. She sent the money overseas by Western Union at $9,999.99 checks. Under 10 grand so it wasn't reported. Bank said they knew something was wrong but Heppa rules prevented them from sounding an alarm to us. She lost everything. They were never caught and our government sends millions of dollars in aid to the country they were from. Channel 2 news did a special about her problem ( and she was mad at us & embarrassed ) Keep a close eye on elderly friends and family, scammers are everywhere!
  3. Tim Wolfe

    1925 Chrysler 58 exhaust silencer

    Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts web page said they he having some made. Might want to check with him.
  4. Tim Wolfe

    E A Laboratories Mileaway Horn Model S

    I have a Mileaway horn, they are loud! Louder then mu Klaxon..
  5. Tim Wolfe

    1930 Radiator cap

    A man in the UK wants to use a modern cap , and remove the wing cap, while his car is parked unattended. Can anyone help with a brand & model #?
  6. Tim Wolfe

    LED Bulbs

    Has anyone changed over to LED for safety reasons? Need brighter lights when driving home at night. If so, are you happy with them?
  7. Tim Wolfe

    LED Bulbs

    Has anyone changed their 6 volt positive ground bulbs to LED? If so, what size bulbs and are you happy with them? Need for safety driving after dark!
  8. Tim Wolfe

    Wiring Loom Manufacture

    Rhode Island wiring did my harness for our 1930 Chrysler, excellent reproduction, large easy to read schematic drawings, all connectors were on the wires. Everything on the car works first time! They will add turning signals and trippe lights if requested. They have cloth covered wire that is fireproof that looks original.
  9. Tim Wolfe

    2019 Grand National

    Fireside Resort is right across I-69 from the show. Full hook ups were $34 a night/day. Not a fancy place but I park there every time I go to Auburn. Very handy for the show. Camper parking at the show doesn't offer full hook ups and costs a lot more.
  10. Tim Wolfe

    1930 Model 70

    Another 2 door model 70 Brougham showed up, it is in England!
  11. Tim Wolfe

    Exhaust vent for shop needed.

    Google garage exhaust port several come up. I installed one in my garage wall.
  12. Tim Wolfe

    Need help with 1929/30 Chrysler 70

    PM me with your questions. We own two 1930 Model 70's. I'd be glad to help of I can. 1930 Royal Coupe with Senior Award 1930 Brougham all original.
  13. Tim Wolfe

    Auburn AGNM-2019 May 30-June 1

    Steve, our reservations are made at the Fireside Resort campground right across I-69 from the show site, full hookups, pull thru sites, clean showers. Plenty of places to eat in Auburn, I suggest the Chinese Restaurant right off 69 behind Cracker Barrel. Large place, food and service have always been great and very reasonably priced--all you can eat for one price. There is a Military Museum by the campground and a new Ford Museum plus a nice antique store. Not to mention the ACD museum close by. You can spend days in this area. There is also a old gas station that is restored complete with tools and vehicles outside of Auburn but I can't remember the address--ask a local. Looking forward to a great show.
  14. Tim Wolfe


    Thanks Steve, I know how busy you are and thought I would just ask on line. Didn't expect any negative answers since I was sure other may have wondered the same thing. Local group toured Steve Glasiers Restoration shop, man is a true artist.
  15. 1/8" male thread & fitting for 5/16" tube