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  1. Contact

    Trying to contact Brian Coffee from Dayton, Ohio. His email address has been changed or something, messages were returned. Doe's anyone have his email address?
  2. Cardboard Box musty smell Removal

    Do a search on ozone generator, it lists what odors it will remove and any harmful effects. I have never had any problems, but you wouldn't want to spend time in a room or car with the machine running. They do work.
  3. Has anyone Rebuilt a 1930's Car Wood Framed Door

    There is a man about 3 miles from me who restores Chrysler wood bodied cars and does award winning work. His name is Steve Glazier 3720 Loramie Washington Road, Houston, Ohio 45333 937-492-7355. Just saw him and a Chrysler wagon he restored at the Dayton Concours show in Dayton, Ohio. The car won!
  4. Brighter headlights on our old machines

    Had my reflectors restored by ALBRiCO company IN Camarillo, CA Al Schioppi PO Box 3179 805-482-9792 They polished the brass reflectors and coated them with liquid aluminum and then sealed it with glass. ( this is what I was told )very happy with results, about as bright as a sealed beam 6 volt. I still have their card in my files, but I don't know if they are still in business or not.
  5. "One Shot" Chassis Lubricator info needed

    Bijur lube systems were ( and maybe still are ) on machine equipment. I was a foreman at a company that built metal forming presses and we used them.
  6. Cardboard Box musty smell Removal

    An Ozone machine will remove that odor, we've used it in cars that had dead mice in them and to remove smoke odor from a home. Small ones sell on amazon or ebay. Some rental services rent them too.
  7. wheel information

    Will wheels from A 1927 Chrysler fit 1928 model 52 Chrysler ? A friend just bought the '28 and has a chance to buy some good wheels. Thanks in advance! Have a great Thanksgiving!
  8. 1947 Chrysler Fuel Pump

    Bought a pump from Then and Now and after a couple of years the mounting bracket cracked. Called to order a new one and they remembered me buying one and replaced it at no charge! Said it shouldn't have broken! Have recommended them to other collectors who very happy with motor mounts the vulcanized. They are great and I'll return to them.
  9. water pump shaft

    Made a couple shafts out of 0-1 tool steel, then sent them out to be hardened. Should work this time!!
  10. 1929 Chrysler Roadster project phoenix AZ craigslist

    Jay Astheimer probably has most of the parts for this car.
  11. WTB 1930 ignition switch

    Yes, I know. But, I have 3 coils for spares and I'd like to get a keyed switch for a spare too.
  12. WTB 1930 ignition switch

    3 wires ( plus the coil wire ) Can't get pictures to load for some reason
  13. water pump shaft

    What hardness should the water pump shaft be for a 1930 Chrysler 218.6 cu. in. ? I paid a lot of money for a pump rebuild only to have the front bushing seize the shaft. Builder wouldn't honor the warranty, said there wasn't any lube in the water. The front bushing doesn't get close to the coolant! Broke the pump in half after driving 9 miles. I'll rebuild my own from now on.
  14. Looking for an ignition switch for a 1930 Chrysler. Switch is mounted on the bottom of the coil that mounts to the dash.
  15. I bought a fuel pump for my '30 Chrysler from them and a few years later I called to order a new one, mounting bracket cracked. I was told it shouldn't have and they sent a replacement!!! I was shocked. Still ordered a new one for my second car.. Great people.