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  1. Jim Bollman


    We will be at our usual spots Chocolate CI-8-10 with some misc Crosley parts and left overs from past projects. Friends sharing the spaces are bring some early Ford parts and a 1899 Locomobile repelica steam car. Watch for the red Crosley signs Stop by and chat. I'm usually around till around 9-10am, back for lunch and then back around 3 or 4pm for the day and night. Wife runs the booth the rest of the time.
  2. Jim Bollman

    How do you know if your into cars?

    Pretty common way to move your collector car if you collect the right size. Even a full size Crosley fits if you leave the tailgate down. Just be sure to take the front hubcaps off to clear the truck interfeinner fenders.
  3. Here is a factory photo of the FOR plowing. I have seen them running a sickle bar mower and I know a fellow that use to plow his garden with his every year.
  4. Looks pretty nice Dale. Maybe you should make a spare for sale at Wauseon next year.
  5. Jim Bollman

    1950 Crosley Station Wagon Body with current title

    Just in case Junkyard4 isn't actively watching, I heard on a different list that it had sold.
  6. Jim Bollman

    New to the Hershey Fall Meet?

    In my 46 years at Hershey I only saw snow flurries once and not for very long, no accumulation. Only one year that I never got opened up because of weather and that was the year of the great Chocolate field lake. Back in the mud years I sold a bunch of 55gal garbage bags as rain coats for 50 cents a piece.
  7. Jim Bollman


    Owners that love their cars. I belonged to an informal group before we moved that met every Tuesday around 6pm from Spring till the week before Hershey. No rules on age or type of cars, all years all makes, stock, street rods, dune buggies you name it. Oldest I remember was a1911 not counting a 1899 replica Locomobile steamer, newest probably a late model vet. We would stand around telling lies till 6:30 then go out for a drive that last from 30-60 minutes depending on the length of daylight and who was leading, then stop for ice cream and more chat time. No criticisms of cars other than an occasional comment in jest. They have been going continuously for over 15 years, why, for the love of cars.
  8. Jim Bollman

    NEW Foods at the Fall Meet?

    I have missed the guy that made homemade ice cream with the hit & miss engine in the lower Chocolate field. He stayed open late and was always a nice walk after supper for desert.
  9. Jim Bollman

    Scammers again

    I teased a scammer for a few days about a class B camper on Craigslist a few months ago. The price looked a bit too good but I asked for more pictures and a chance to look at it. Ad was in Baltimore area and I have relatives that live outside Btown so I figured if it still looked good with more pictures, I'd have them go look at it. Came back with it was part of her husband's estate and it was stored in Columbus Ohio. I have relatives there too so I pushed back again, I knew it was a scam by then. Said it was already at the shipper ready to ship to the new owner and I should do a buy methode through eBay I had never heard of and she would have it shipped to me and I would have 10 days to evaluate and to accept or not and if I didn't want it I would be refunded. Since I had never heard of the eBay payment system I looked it up and the first thing on the page was a description of the scam the person was trying to pull and a warning not to fall for any exchanges that didn't start on eBay. My final eMail was to say no thanks I didn't buy from scammers and got no response back. By then the ad had been pulled from Craigslist, probably reported by a different potential victim.
  10. Jim Bollman

    Floyd VA - Swap in the Mountians

    Planed to go and then forgot what weekend it was, oh well, maybe next year.
  11. Jim Bollman

    Wrapping Patina

    I thought about having rust colored paint airbrushed on a pickup to give it that well used look but decided I would get tired of it after awhile and would take a real artist to make it look real.
  12. Time for my yearly reminder of the Crosley National Meet. Crosley Auto Club will be having their National show 7/12-14 in Wauseon Ohio at the Fulton County Fairgrounds. Right next to the Ohio Turnpike at Exit 34 on Rt108. This year the feature class is CC models 1946-1948. These were the gloria years for Crosley where the majority of production happened so there should be a large turn out. We have classes for everything Crosley. From stock classes and racers to big engine monsters and modified bodied Crosleys, maybe even a clown car or two. Should be around 100 Crosleys running around and a Crosley only flea market. Here is the tentative schedule. http://crosleyautoclub.com/#Meet Everyone is welcome, free spectators admission.
  13. Jim Bollman

    Got an old photo of you as a kid next to a car?

    Friend from next door and me (the smaller one) sitting on the running board of my Dad's 1st service truck, he had a TV sales and service business in the 50s and early 60s. I'm guessing this was around 1951.
  14. Jim Bollman

    The decline of Sears

    Craftsman has arrived at Lowe's in NE TN. Big 2 page ad in the paper and lots of signage in the store. Didn't really look, I was in for other things.
  15. Jim Bollman

    Crosley Rear Bumper

    Try asking here https://groups.io/g/Crosley-Gang You will have to register/join but it is free. National Crosley meet is in NW Ohio in early July with a Crosley only flea market. http://crosleyautoclub.com/