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  1. driving lights

    Not sure of the story on these, I assume a home made setup, certainly not a Crosley option.
  2. hot rod rad rod

  3. hot rod rad rod

  4. hot rod rad rod

  5. hot rod rad rod

    Here is one of the photos. Not sure why the strange names but if you down load the files and add .jpg to them you can open them.
  6. coil position

    Crosleys mostly had the coils pointed down, I always assumed it was to be sure any water/condensation to drain. Only problem That I have had and heard of is occasionally the coil wire drops out after a particularly bumpy trailer ride.
  7. Charlotte car show in April

    I have been once, two years ago. Been thinking of going again in 2018. What I learned as a first timer is that the first day is really a setup day with lots of empty spaces. There are two fields, one inside the speedway and one outside. The inside field is very confusing for a first timer because of pit roads and a road race track inside the oval track. Hard to gauge size comparisons with Hershey without knowing the number of spaces but eyeball and feet fatigue I would say maybe a 1/4 of the size of Hershey.
  8. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I got mine yesterday, after the week before they said it would be 4-6 weeks because my type was backordered. Old one is boxed and waiting for pickup tomorrow. Took 5 calls to get through to Fedex, all lines were busy, Christmas I assume. I told the fellow it was a Kidde pickup and they must be making a lot of money off the recall and he just laughed.
  9. Winter Driving Stories

    I have a couple of snow stories. My best friend in High School and I both drove Crosleys, he had a 47 pickup and I had a 49 wagon. I ran tractor treads in the Winter if there was snow, so it limited my top speed. He piled cement blocks in the back of the pickup and used tire chains, if there was snow or ice. With the chains and blocks he could actually push snow with his bumper and keep going. We use to go out to the town park with his pickup and drive cross lots into the snow drifts and see how far we would get. When we couldn't get any further I would get out and stand on the back bumper and shift my weight back and forth to get traction. If we couldn't get across we would get out and the two of us would grab the back or the front and walk it sideways till we could get going again. Oh the follies (stupidity) of youth. An even earlier Winter story was my first time driving on slippery roads. A friend of the family called one evening and asked my Dad if I could come out and help him move a piece of furniture. It had snowed but the roads had been plowed so my Dad sent me out in the family 60 Comet wagon. The friend lived about 4 miles out in the country. NW Ohio was part of the Black Swamp way back and has very deep ditches to drain the land. I turned off the main road onto a secondary and the back ended slid out. I thought that was fun so instead of doing as I had been instructed I kept the fish tailing going until I panicked and hit the brakes. I was instantly in a plowed field stuck, right across the road from a very deep ditch and dead center between two telephone poles. If I had to go off the road it could not have been a better place accept I couldn't get out. A car stopped and of course it was someone that knew me and my family so no getting away with anything. They gave me a ride home. I walk in and my Dad said something like why was I already back. I told him the stupid thing I had done. With no scolding he called a friend that owned the local Sunoco station and asked if he could borrow the tow truck. We drove out he hooked on to the front of the Comet and pulled me through the field and back on the road and he told me to go finish the moving job and to drive slower. I don't recall the incident ever coming up, I don't think my Mother ever found out and I never hit the brakes in a skid again. I have another story but really need to find the picture that goes with it.
  10. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I got an eMail yesterday that the style of mine was backordered because of high demand.

    Merry Christmas from East TN
  12. What were all these License Plate toppers for ? ?

    My Dad had a "Win With Willkie" topper hang in his shop for years when I was growing up. When I looked for it when we were getting ready to clean out the shop it was nowhere to be found. Oh well. I wanted one safety tag for my 50 F1, till I saw what they were going for and figured I wouldn't put it on a plate where it could break off or be walked off with. Ford was giving them away in 1950 if you filled out a short survey (and probably got a sales pitch on a new Ford). So I bough a sort of repo. After a friend saw the repo he said he had sold a real one at a local flea market for a few dollars. Not sure who was more upset when I told him what it was worth. I told the same guy that made the repo he should do an I like Ike version, I couldn't justify paying for a real one of those either. He said he didn't think there would be a market, then it showed up on his site a few months later. So I bought one for the back of my truck.
  13. 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled

    I just called one in this week that I found in my Dad's old shop over Thanksgiving. The gauge showed it was dead which is probably why it was left behind when the shop was cleaned out. It was not on the official list but figured it would only take a phone call to double check. Answered all the questions and the nice lady said it was part of the recall and a new extinguisher would be shipped in 10-14 days. So if you have a plastic handled or push button extinguisher that matches one of the recall brands, give them a call it might be on their list even if it isn't on the published list.
  14. garage ideas/placement

    A friend many years ago ran up against a similar building restriction. He built his over size two car garage and attached it to the house with a 8 foot long 2X6 that he ran his power to his new building on. The town approved it but it was technically a loop hole, it would not have worked if he hadn't ran the power to the new building along the 2X6.
  15. Show me your Foliage!

    Greene County TN near Greeneville. One of our members setup a 31+ mile tour of the back roads. Took a bit over 90 minutes between the curves, hills and road conditions. Was a perfect day for November, hight 70s and sunny.