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  1. Jim Bollman

    The decline of Sears

    Craftsman has arrived at Lowe's in NE TN. Big 2 page ad in the paper and lots of signage in the store. Didn't really look, I was in for other things.
  2. Jim Bollman

    Crosley Rear Bumper

    Try asking here https://groups.io/g/Crosley-Gang You will have to register/join but it is free. National Crosley meet is in NW Ohio in early July with a Crosley only flea market. http://crosleyautoclub.com/
  3. Jim Bollman

    The decline of Sears

    My last Sears experience was good. A ratchet that was part of the first good tools I bought nearly 50 years ago was acting up. I had heard the stories about them not having the kits to rebuild them anymore and replacing with Chinese replacements so I didn't bother going in. I looked online and rebuild kits were available on eBay at outrageous prices. So at the Charlotte flea market a couple of years ago I picked up a slightly newer Craftsman ratchet the same size as mine for $10, it was probably only 30 years old. Since I didn't have anything to lose, I tore apart the old ratchet to see what was wrong and it just needed cleaning. Problem was the spring clip that held it all together went flying never to be found. After looking all over for a replacement spring clip I took it all to Sears in a baggy. They said no problem they had clip and took off to the back room. About an hour later (not all good I guess) they came back and handed it to me all working fine. Their excuse for the time was they re-cleaned it because their special cleaner did a better job than my paint thinner and they want to do a good job. So now I have a spare 3/8" ratchet and my old friend back as good as new.
  4. Jim Bollman

    Motorized Trailer Dolly

    I did this with my truck and it is very handy when you are mediocre at back trailers. I also have a hitch on the front of my 8N Ford that I use more just because it has more maneuverability and visibility, but not always home when I need to back into a tight spot.
  5. Jim Bollman

    Motorized Trailer Dolly

    A few years ago (10 or more) I saw a homemade trailer mover at Carlisle that used a 110v motor, I don't remember the details and if I took a picture I can't find it. They had it setup with a mount for a Honda generator to power the whole thing. Was a pretty clever setup and gave them a mobile Honda generator they could drive around.
  6. Jim Bollman

    1949 Crosley Restoration

    You can join the message board for free https://groups.io/g/Crosley-Gang Brick and mortar Club is $20/year http://crosleyautoclub.com/Application.pdf We will play the FOR drive/ride by ear when we get together. Lots of empty spaces in the back of the fairgrounds.
  7. Jim Bollman

    1949 Crosley Restoration

    The bearing will probably keep the U-Joint from sliding on far enough. It will give you a lot of spare parts if you need them. The trans in the car being stuck in gear could be a simple fix if they didn't break anything when it happened. Usually a simple rebuild of the top will fix the problem. Glad you're planning on coming to the Nationals. People start showing up on the Sunday before and by Tuesday there are a lot of members and cars running around. We plan to pull in Tuesday morning and will camp for the week. Look me up and I'll let you drive my FarmOroad around the fairgrounds. You should put your want list on the Crosley-Gang message board, some members may have the parts you need and bring them if they know they are needed. You will also get to meet our latest Youth Project restorer, he is about your age and will be showing his finished Hotshot project.
  8. Jim Bollman

    1949 Crosley Restoration

    Brandon, I think we corresponded with each other last year to promote your show on the Crosley-Gang message board. Looks like a solid Hotshot. Long drive from your place but if you can swing it you should come to the Crosley Nationals July 12-14 in Wauseon Ohio. We should have around 100 or so Crosleys running around and lots of owners to talk Crosley with. Friday and Saturday is a Crosley only flea market if you need a few things for your restoration. The big 3 Crosley parts vendors will be there.
  9. Jim Bollman

    To pay or not to pay?...

    I don't go to many pay to show events. I do go to several that are for good causes that manage to make a fair amount of money with free or very cheap registration. They make the money selling food, silent auctions, sponsors, 50:50 drawings, etc. They also tend to be my favorite shows because they don't have blaring canned music but live music, just amateurs but usually pretty good. As far as free for older cars and charge for newer, which is harder, getting a pre 1940s car to a show or a 60s to 80s or newer car. I was involved with a club that let pre 1932 cars in free to try and get more early cars for people to see. They also had the lowest fee for a show around so the free cars were not saving a lot, but that class grew from a couple of cars to a whole row and sometimes a second row. I heard people say that were going to bring their newer car but liked to get in free.
  10. Jim Bollman

    This is why you should have spare parts

    Yep also a fan of AAA Premier. That and a cell phone is my first line of defense. I do keep a tool box and an assortment of nuts bolts, screws wire, duct tape and bailing wire for obvious quick fixes. I once fixed a broken accelerator cable on a FC170 Willys with a bungie cord (helps to have the engine next to you in the cab), to get me home.
  11. Jim Bollman

    Help ID possible Crosley valve cover?

    Not Crosley
  12. Jim Bollman

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    My last two shops I had recessed power panels, then put a wood door on the opening to blend it into the shop wall to give a cleaner look to the wall.
  13. Jim Bollman

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    Boy I miss one day and I'm way behind. I bought my first Crosley at 13 and still have it, that was 56 years ago. The Crosley forum here is not to active because we have our own message board at https://groups.io/g/Crosley-Gang you have to join (Free) to post but you can look around without joining (I'm the moderator). As already posted our web page is http://crosleyautoclub.com/ and has a lot of info. We have some very good Crosley vendors including 3 large ones that have most anything you want mechanical and a fair amount of other things including reproduction parts of some of the hard to find items. http://crosleyautoclub.com/PartsSuppliers.html If you want to really find out more than you want to know, come to our Nationals in NW Ohio in July. You can get rides in an assortment of models and maybe even drive a few. We are a very friendly group. If you bring a project you may find a bunch of people fixing your project for you. Dave brought a fresh of the barn car a few years ago and was driving it around a day or so later, even though he had planned to just push it on the field. One of our engine guys brought a rebuilt engine for one of the members and installed it for him at the show. One of our vendors runs a Crosley repair shop for much of the week leading up to the show in a building he rents on the grounds. As far as the aluminum brake problem, that was only the 4 wheel disc brakes they had for part of 49 and 50. First 4 wheel disk brakes in a mass produced American car and it was on all models. They didn't count on the salt used in the Winter. They are not the best brakes but once rebuilt they are pretty good and don't corrode unless you drive your collector car in the Winter salt. They replaced them with 9" Bendix brakes part way through 1950 and they are very good brakes. If you want a car to do 500 mile trips, you will probably be disappointed, even though we have members that do. The Super Sports is pretty peppy, but it isn't fast, there are lots of hop-up option for the 44ci engine that can make it faster but not fast. Some put in the later variation of the Crosley engine that was made all the way up to 1972 and was bored and stroked out to 59ci and can put out 55-70hp reliability and makes for a pretty fast little under 1200lb car, when converted back into a car engine it drops right in. Stock you can cruise at 50-55mph with a good engine and faster for short runs. Sounds like with Dave and a few others beside myself we can answer your questions here or jump over to the Crosley-Gang message board for many more experts.
  14. I do remember some light snow in the mid 70s at Hershey. Didn't stick.
  15. Jim Bollman

    Double Clutching

    I almost feel like an amateur no clutch driver next to some of you. I am pretty good at double clutching being a long time Crosley driver, so the next step of not using a clutch isn't big. Have driven most of my cars with out the clutch just to prove I could do it for people. Out of necessity I once drove a friends Crosley 5 or so miles through his hometown and back to his house following him in his other Crosley. When I shut if off in his driveway I told him the clutch/brake pedal shaft had come loose when we first started back and he didn't have brakes or clutch, he was impressed. My best clutchless feat was a few years ago coming back from a car show in another state. I pulled in to a rest area about 80 miles from home with My F250 6 speed 7.3L diesel pulling a car trailer and I had my slide in truck camper on the truck. Luckily since I was pulling a trailer I pulled into a pull through spot and when I pushed in the clutch nothing. I shut it down went in to the bathroom debating what to do next. It was about 10pm on an interstate, I figured it would take many hours for AAA to get the whole rig home if they even would. I had just put new batteries in a few months earlier so decide to see if it would start in creeper gear, it did. Shift up through the gears and headed for home, reploting my route in my head to minimize stops. I think I had to stop/restart 3 times and I ran one stop sign on a back road a half mile from home. Parked it on the side of the road with a flasher light on the back and hiked into the house and went to bed. I knew if I pulled into the drive I would have problems getting everything sorted out with a 500' narrow drive. Next morning I called AAA and went out and unhooked the trailer and pulled it in with the tractor. AAA took the F250 to the Ford garage where they replaced clutch, pressure plate and flywheel.