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  1. Battery charger/maintainers?

    I haven't tried them, since my newest old car is a 51, but there is an adapter to plug in your cigarette lighter that has a small battery to keep your computer going. Also good for swaping a battery on a computered car. You could probably make one.
  2. Battery charger/maintainers?

    I bought one of the really good tenders when they first came out. Ruined an older battery the first Winter but I figured it was just an old battery and didn't check the charger. Ruined the new battery the next Winter. Tossed the tender and bought a good smart charger. I now put my cars away when the snow flies and put the smart charger on each car for a day or so late in February and again if I don't get them on the road in March or April.
  3. Jonesborough, TN, when it was Jonesboro

    I guess I will concede to 49 Ford unless someone else jumps in with a better idea. I showed the picture to a car friend at church this morning and he almost instantly said 49 Ford and he is a GM guy.
  4. Jonesborough, TN, when it was Jonesboro

    I agree the roof doesn't look right but I think there might be some distortion in the photo at the edge. I figured it was a long shot as poor as that part of the photo is. The police car has to get them with in a few years of dating the photo.
  5. Jonesborough, TN, when it was Jonesboro

    55 Chevy was my guess but it was so fuzzy when my wife said Nash I could see a Nash. I don't see 49 Ford.
  6. The police car appears to be a 1954 Ford Mainline. Not sure of the year of the Jeep brush truck. The real question can anyone identify the fuzzy blob on the left beside the building. Some locals are trying to determine what year the photo was taken.
  7. Convert slides to digital?

    I have several different scanners I use depending on how many and where I need to copy photos/slides. The one that works the best where quantity is important is an older but good quality Nikon digital camera that has a lense that will take screw on filters and has a macro capability. Was fairly inexpensive since it was several generations out of date. I bought a slide copier attachment that was made to attach to a 35mm camera and adapted it the front of the camera with an adapter ring. The camera auto corrects for color balance of light source, exposure and auto focuses. The slide is directly attached to the camera no jitter problems. I just drop a slide in and point it at a fairly bright light source. Best setup is by a window and just point the camera outside on fairly bright day. Later I download to the computer and run through them cropping and any image correction. I usually do the post processing in front of the TV on a laptop. I keep the the original, unmodified scan and modified. Never know where the technology will be in the future.
  8. So whats under the hood?

    A few more.
  9. Enclosed Trailer Paint

    I put inexpensive vinyl floor cover you can buy by the foot. I bought it at a wholesale building supply, picking a large checker board pattern which helps when you are trying to line up what you hauling. After 7 years of use it is getting a little worn but figure in a couple more years I will spend a few dollars and replace it. Easy to put down and clean up spills. I just stapled the edges down. I painted the drop down door with some porch paint I had laying around and sprinkled sandblasting sand on it while it was wet to give a non slip surface.
  10. I had one, but only had the 6cyl, back when it was just a used car that was handy to have fixing up our first house. Hauled a lot of construction supplies and car parts in it. Even with only the 6, I towed my 12 foot flatbed trailer with a Crosley loaded. Had a 66, which was my favorite of the Rancheros, for a few years about 10 years ago.
  11. WW2 Gas Ration Window ID

    I downloaded them, they are 2200x1700 jpg files. I clicked on it once and it opened in a local window, clicked again and it opened in a new window and then control clicked (right click for pc people) and selected save image.
  12. Email Security

    These days you can't hide from spammer/scammers. My eMail and phone number is all over the web and I get my share. My 90 year old Mother has never touched a computer and has very little presents on the internet and she gets more scam calls and paper spam than I do. An old trick that use to work was to put information you didn't want harvested up as an image so it was harder to machine read.
  13. this subject has been beaten to death

    Another vote for Passport. They have moved my last two cars.
  14. What Do You Use in Your Parts Cleaner?

    You must have read the same tip as I did. I made one years ago and used it from time to time when I needed a big cleaning tank. When we moved it didn't make the cut on the last load I hauled since I hadn't used it for a few years. I made a wood top for mine with cleats to keep it in place when not in use and a wood frame with casters do I could slid it under the workbench. I'm pretty much a kerosene person myself.
  15. How To Soften Rubber?????

    I was told years ago to use glycerin to soften hard rubber and heal age cracks. I used it on tractor tires to heal age cracks and it worked well. I use it on the door seals on my Ford F1 every year to keep them soft. You do have to be careful if you soak the item in glycerin because it will turn rubber to mush if left to long.