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  1. 70 GS overflow tank

    yes it is
  2. I ordered a set of 4 Monroe's from Rock. The other ride issue component is tires. Radials ride much different than the original Bias Ply, all other things being equal.
  3. Factory Nailhead 2x4 Set Up $1900

    I went back and reread the ad, I now wonder if the repaired intake is impacting the sale. I have a number I'd throw at him and a few spare parts to upgrade a couple deficiencies, just not sure it's worth it. If this was available when I was putting my set up together I would have been all over it in a minute. I wish he had better picts of the air cleaner. The intake is the wrong color for 64 too. Ed, you're right about having the timing backwards. I ended up getting a second distributor for mine with the correct curving. The AC thing is funny when you think about how many "luxury" cars of the day didn't have it.
  4. Factory Nailhead 2x4 Set Up $1900

    Ed, I think you are correct for 65 on A8 but no GS option in 64. Maybe Mooney will comment later. 63 401 distributor will work since it is factory set for 5 degree vs 12 on single 4. Going deep in the woods here but isn't the cruise vacuum line different also? Probably time of year is reason for not selling also aluminum Buick script covers not included. Repopped kick down brackets are around as are the AC bracket if not concerned about factory original.
  5. Factory Nailhead 2x4 Set Up $1900

    It is a 64 intake, the bosses for the kick down bracket are different 64-65/66. No numbers for carbs but assume 64 also. Correct on needing kick down bracket and valve cover bracket if AC equipped. Other different parts from single 4 bbl include the trans vacuum line and pcv hose, brake vacuum line may be different too.
  6. NOS Black 64 seat belts

    sorry already sold
  7. Floor mat identification

  8. Floor mat identification

    Trying to identify a couple of Buick floor mats. Black guessing mid sixties big car. Only identifying numbers are Passenger side 9-63 date code 4239- PPI -P and drivers side no date code, 4374L-PPI-D7 guessing date code. Black in color. Any idea what they are for, the drivers side is not correct for my Riviera. thanks Larry
  9. Dual quad air cleaner

    Yes I believe they are.
  10. 63-65 Drivers side custom interior power vent switch holder. I do not have the switches or the passenger side. Some light pitting. $75 shipped in lower 48 Larry
  11. Dual quad air cleaner

    Nice air cleaner. One small dent n air horn. No acorn nut but will include new element and reproduction "Super Wildcat" decal for the lid. $650 + shipping. Larry