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  1. I'm reasonably close to this guy if anyone is interested. FYI, there is a lot of flooding in this area right now, not sure if he's impacted or not.
  2. My 64 624 Trim code is identical in black carpet and console color. Curious why the valve covers are repainted but not much else under the hood has been restored.
  3. Why would they destroy it?

    I seem to recall in the 70's, Monte Carlo's had swivel seats of some sort.
  4. I may try that. Seeing what people hang on to for "just in case" reasoning might help offset the cost of the air cleaner and or the rechroming.
  5. I just bought a dual quad air cleaner set up and it shipped with an old used AC 59C element. Just asking the gang here, is there any value in it? I'd just pitch it if it was any aftermarket brand element based on its condition but the AC's are getting harder to find.
  6. Part of me wants to see more of this and I think it might be kinda cool depending on what the rest of it looks like. Never saw a Roadmaster Wagon Convertible before.
  7. My 64 copy. Since I think I was his first 64 I sent copies of other original 64 window stickers.
  8. I have one of his for my 64.I had to provide him wit a "blank" for him to copy into his graphic program. He then produced my individualized 64. Have to ask him if he has a Buick 65 template.
  9. I need to replace the dual master retrofitted on my 64. It is a deep hole vs the shallow hole. The original had the bale cap which I thought meant Moraine booster with the screw cap meaning a Bendix booster. Looking for the replacement master, I found descriptions of Bendix being the deep hole and Moraine being the shallow. Also suggestions that the Moraine Booster was finished in Gold Cad and the Bendix booster finished in black paint. What has anybody else found on this?
  10. I know there has been some debate on this. After looking at several NOS era hood hinges I am of the belief that they were finished with Zinc Phosphate. Also some clean used originals show the same finish. What has anybody used to refinish theirs or have you just gone with under hood black? Eastwood has a Zinc Phosphate aerosol product that may or may not accurately reproduce the original finish depending on who you talk to.
  11. 70 GS overflow tank

    70 GS overflow tank and bracket, $10 + shipping.
  12. 69 Parts Manual 76 Body

    69 Buick parts manual, $125 shipped to lower 48. 76 Fisher body manual, $10 + shipping
  13. 64 Electra parts

    Chrome Tail panel, $75 NORS Chrome/Stainless gas filler opening trim, may fit other full size $15 Grill Emblem holder, $10
  14. What is the current thinking on best way to replace/repair/restore an original brake booster? I know Booster Dewey is available but I hate to send one out an have the car down for a while or have him send one and have to get it in right away to send the core back. Does anyone know if there are there any aftermarket or repops available that generally copy the original? I have already done the dual master conversion so would a 67 style booster be a better choice if it is a direct bolt in? thanks Larry
  15. first gen dual quad parts