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  1. 63-65 Drivers side custom interior power vent switch holder. I do not have the switches or the passenger side. Some light pitting. $75 shipped in lower 48 Larry
  2. Dual quad air cleaner

    Nice air cleaner. One small dent n air horn. No acorn nut but will include new element and reproduction "Super Wildcat" decal for the lid. $650 + shipping. Larry
  3. I forgot about the vanity mirror on passenger visor. I'd use the eye as a replacement on the dash for my tach. No intention of making it operable. Have to cover the hole with something.
  4. I said I would add my additions and changes later do here goes. I have no idea what hubcaps were on it originally. When I purchased it the first time around 82 it had later model chrome Riviera wheels. Also had a bolt on hitch. Only add on option I remember from then was the purse hook. I sold it in 83 for tuition money and the owner for the next ten years added cornering lights, power antenna, switch and correct switch plate. I repurchased it in 93 from the guy I sold it to and have added or have the following. Most were purchased in the early 00's. Sold rally wheels and installed correct optional spoke hubcaps. Removed and sold the hitch. Under the hood. Added dual quad set up, alum rocker covers, 4 note horns, converted to dual master cylinder. I have a quick ratio steering box that needs to be rebuilt. Added the opticlean bottle. Upgraded alternator to 105 amps. Interior. Added am/fm radio and reverb. Tach mounted on Dash, if I found an autotronic eye I would add that and move the tach. Wood wheel and rear armrest. I have, but not installed yet, rear defrost, same reason as Ed, and NOS floor mats, the square ones with ribs, not the rubber ones. I have added the 3 switch panel with an unused acc switch installed. I also have a set of NOS child safety locks, not likely to be installed and a set of the standard factory hubcaps. Other misc adds, trunk mat, posi rear end, I have door edge guards that need to be restored. It's had some aftermarket ones on it since before 82. Probably more if I looked thru the boxes.
  5. Discussion on another thread got me wondering. I'm guilty of this and I think many others are too. 3 hours ago, KongaMan said: That's also a good question with these armrests. It's a cool option (I think it makes the back seat look nicer), but they seem to often appeal to those who are retroactively acquiring every factory doodad that was ever offered. As a practical matter, how often will you have people in the back seat? As a financial matter, the armrest alone now costs as much as I paid for my whole car. So what have you added to your car? I'll add my list later today, there's a bunch.
  6. It would cost me half a tank to get to where ethanol free is sold.
  7. Rivnut, any concern about switching to synthetic in the Rv and having seals get a little loose. I'm getting ready to change the oil in all my cars and bought 4 5qt Mobil 1's at Wally World. Didn't get Mobil 1 for Riv, have used Dino oil in that, 10W-30. My rear main seal is already a bit weepy and would hate to let her loose. I use Puralator gold series filters in daily drivers, still have a few old AC's for the Riv.
  8. Would need to see one that was factory installed and know the model year. As we know, many small, not always so obvious, differences between first gen model years and even some intra year running changes. I probably did the conversion 15 years ago maybe??? Best info available at the time probably told me black was correct.
  9. IIRC,, they had been painted white and the parts in my car that they replaced were black. It's been a long time though.
  10. I did the same with my 64 with a new cover from Clark's. Not difficult at all and Rivnut is correct about the part under the speaker.
  11. Car Club Question

    Paid employee's yes, I have them. Paid board members gets more difficult. Can't be paid for being on the board. Board members in my org can only be paid to officiate, and are paid the same as other paid officials. Paying a member is different than a board member. Disclaimer, IANAL, consult your attorney about your specific situation.
  12. Car Club Question

    501 C rules govern this. I am the President of a local youth sports 501 C3 and no one on the board gets paid for their service as a board member.
  13. Aren't the 63 tab locations different than the 64???????
  14. Buick Tachometer

    62 was a 7k Tach, then they went to a 6k. Don't want to over rev the nailhead. Factory location for 64 Riv.