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  1. Me and one of my Buicks!
  2. Let's just see you someday next week LOL! Which car/s are you bringing?
  3. Have you checked Bell's Buick Parts
  4. Oh yeah, Factory Appearing Stock Tire Race (webpage here!) at US131 Motorsport Park, Martin, MI
  5. But where are you????
  6. That is a good point, I have to see what I have before I dispose of them, will be awhile, working on the first floor first, then the garage, and then the dungeon, hopefully I live long enough to do it all! LOL!
  7. I found a couple of other issues, Looking for someone is listed as living in NV but not in the NV listings? DUH?
  8. Here, I've been told when the airbags have deployed it is typically a 'total loss' cause there is so much involved in replacing and making them again safety compliant, My 7000 mile GMC 2500 HD I crashed in 2014 was fixed because the air bags did not deploy, $16K worth of damage and it was fixed? Go figure on a $50K+ truck?
  9. I didn't get to go either, power was off for over 12 hours Saturday into Sunday morning, The Y-job was there also!!!
  10. LeSabre Concept car comes to life, driving around
  11. I also have about 6 or 8 or more boxes of these, and have found no use for them ever, in the last 15 or more years, and there's a paper recycle bin next door, so when I get to the 5sing the basement will probably be the first to go!
  12. Ouch, glad you are ok!!!
  13. Nope Mark, we are meeting on Thursday evening after the General Membership meeting at the oldest car there, Tailgate at Larry's truck.Unless in climate weather then inside somewhere! Your room!! LOL!