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  1. It you don't know what company Brad is talking about, you are insured by the wrong one! I've never had a claim but know people that have and since 1990 have not changed. They insured my '86 Corvette when it was only a few years old and then my '86 Grand National. And the GSX for appraised value without seeing the appraisal until my policy renewed and then it was right on!
  2. Mom and Dad's 2nd car they bought it in 1957 for $88 and sold it for $75 in 1971! I only drove it up and down in the yard!
  3. 1985 Riviera Passenger Door Glass anybody got one??? I know that's a big hunk of glass. Ann Bell has a friend that needs in Sarasota. Thanks!!
  4. Al, Mike, buick5563 put something about trunk boards not to long ago! but I can't seem to find it!
  5. The 1981 350's were probably for service parts, as I helped a friend get one for a 1969 Sportwagon that was for the owner before "The Old Guy" bought it. I think they have all been disposed of by now, if there were any left.
  6. The BUICK 350 was built through 1981 but only a few were made in 1981, only 2,035, would have to look up which cars they went in, Also the car for sale in this post is nowhere near Watertown, that's almost 2.5 hours away from OWEGO, Bernie, clean your glasses! LOL I think you thought you saw OSWEGO, Big difference!
  7. John, this one may have a Buick 350 one of the last ones, we are waiting for a picture of the VIN so can check it out!
  8. Depends on the output of the electric fuel pump, if it only puts out a few psi then probably not needed.
  9. I haven't seen it so don't know, my sister found it and took the picture with her Kindle.
  10. For sale 1980 Buick Park Avenue 75 K miles. new tires no rust not mine in Owego,NY contact info: Dick Ackerman 919-475-4515 dale1007@frontier.com he is in NC and is executor. car is from Arkansas was an Aunt's car. $3750
  11. want to buy

    Dan, can you post a picture of the hubcap you are looking for, as I think I may have some but not sure what to look for!
  12. Is there a schedule for meetings yet? And who is the contact to volunteer to help with parking, registration, etc?
  13. So Sad!! Link herre!
  14. Hey Don, you also might want to look at Rivperformance.com