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  1. 1969 buick GS400 manual transmission

    785 produced, https://www.hagerty.com/apps/valuationtools/1969-Buick-GS_400
  2. anyone know production numbers?

  3. anyone know production numbers?

    Look here: http://www.buickperformanceclub.com/GSprod.htm
  4. anyone know production numbers?

    is it a hardtop or convertible, as I think I have numbers for both.
  5. Car Club Question

    And in the case of newsletter editors, if there is no passion or information provided it is also moot.
  6. Car Club Question

    Just wondering because I can, 501c3 and 501c7 have different purposes and can have paid employees within reason. Volunteers for these tasks are becoming hard to find. Several things I did as a volunteer are now being paid.
  7. Car Club Question

    Thanks, Adam and ,Larry for sharing their thoughts, as this is how we learn from each other, to how to do better. So any more thoughts will be appreciated, maybe we can fix it but if we can't maybe learn from others to make it better for all!.
  8. Car Club Question

    So, I know many of you belong to several car clubs and including the BCA, (I hope) and a BCA Chapter, do any of your other clubs pay someone to do your newsletter, website, membership data or treasurer, how about secretary or editor? I understand a National Organization almost has to pay for these services, but a local club or chapter of a National club, just looking for thoughts and comments, and if I don't get any i guess, well nobody cares even if it's your dues money? You should care, LOL!
  9. Spam Pie

    Wait a minute, forum meeting in WI
  10. What's new in the Buick Bugle?

    The next step is how do we instill the respect for other's property while allowing this to happen. My mom used to get upset at my dad's friends with rivets in their jeans when they would lean on her car/s. Grown men of course! usually!
  11. What's new in the Buick Bugle?

    Why not?
  12. What's new in the Buick Bugle?

    Well, I thought about this the other day, as Lamar(Mr. Earl) gets the honor to write about this Forum in the Buick Bugle, why not start a thread here about what's in the Bugle? I was very intrigued by Alan Oldfield's message in the August 2017 edition and here it is for those of you that may not yet belong to the BCA but might have some thoughts to share. Thanks, Alan Oldfield.pdf
  13. Stunning Deuce and a 1/4

    Way cool, much better, I drove one for many years, even got 16MPG!!! on the highway!
  14. Stunning Deuce and a 1/4

    i'm confused the picture here is of a '64 and the ebay link is a '63. I prefer the '64, as '63 still have dynaslow!
  15. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    Use a real truck, not a wannabe, I've seen too many accidents with wannabe tow vehicles.