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  1. Buick wagons will invade Iowa July 19-21

    Here's the registration form, I just happen to have Heartland Regional 2018.pdf
  2. The Buick Club of America is coming again in 2018 to the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals! MCACN is considered the Pebble Beach of Muscle Cars and it happens November 17 and 18 at the Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL a suburban Chicago. This year, MCACN will have a large display of Buick GSXs, including some rarely seen. If you are a BCA member, stop by our booth to say hello. If you are not a member, look us up to learn why you should be! No matter how you like to enjoy your Buick, we have a place for you in the BCA. http://www.mcacn.com/ http://www.buickclub.org
  3. Please introduce yourself...

    Welcome!! need to make pictures smaller in size Max file size 125MB
  4. Buicks to disappear?

    I don't think this is new, out and about today, saw many Chevrolet's with no name, maybe a truck but all the cars and SUVs did not say Chevrolet on them and this is where they were born, so read some more articles, the new generation can't read, they like "logos" LOL!!!!
  5. Or maybe we could meet you there! sounds like an interesting place! That's about half way, I think!
  6. Tentative plans to Carlisle from Upstate NY, if delivered to Owego or Norwich, NY sometime before the Carlisle, PA Swap Meet (April 18-22, 2018) and someone can pick up there or Baltimore as other delivery going to there and get it to GA? Just a thought.
  7. Hi Rivman, sent you an email with some info that may help you decipher your Riv info from Sloan. I'm surprised they couldn't figure it out, but I think there was a personnel change and may be a learning curve.
  8. 21 Foot Electra 225?

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy and learn a thing or two, it's definitely an interesting group!
  9. 21 Foot Electra 225?

    No it's just seems funny nobody responded to it til now!
  10. 21 Foot Electra 225?

    Didn't anyone notice this thread was started 2 yrs ago??? on the same note apparently Sesame Street didn't teach 1 foot = 12 inches! LOL!
  11. What's your Dream Buick?

    1970 White GSX 4-speed with AC
  12. Y-job and Jay Leno

    See below!! Thanks!
  13. 1941 Buick - not mine

  14. Correct Part # 4226944(wildcat) or 4226943