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  1. studeq


    That axle (167443) will also fit the 1929-30 GL Dictator Six and the 1931 model 61 Dictator as well as the 1930-31 models 53 and '54 Sixes.
  2. studeq

    Raymond Loewy AACA Region

    FYI Loewy's association with Studebaker started with the 1938 model year and continued thru the 1956 models.
  3. Have talked to Ken in the distant past re his car but not on this topic. Will get in touch with him. Thanks.
  4. I have a 1936 President coupe that is about 90% completed (the way I bought it 5 years ago). It was part of an estate and the owner had passed away suddenly without leaving any information on the location of certain parts that are missing. I have been able to locate a rare EE-1 Stromberg carb, a gas tank and some smaller parts. What I am missing is the clutch and brake pedals with shaft and ancillary parts. I have a ’37 President parts car but those particular items are not the same as on the ’36. Does anyone know of a ’36 President parts car or perhaps these specific parts? Maybe someone built a street rod and has parts left over? I would also be interested in knowing if anyone knows of Eds Auto Restorations in Pine Bush, New York? Apparently the previous owner had the car at that location having some restoration work done at one time and I thought the missing parts may have been left with him when it was moved? I have not been able to locate that shop. This would have been 10-12 years ago so maybe he is no longer in business or even still living? Any assistance appreciated.
  5. For the record that fire truck is not in Hawaii, it is in California. The person seeking the parts is a volunteer who lives in Hawaii. I provided him with lots of data on the truck some months ago.
  6. Some of my items now running on ebay (6-23-18):
  7. Disabled vet trying to sell deceased dad's 1926 Special Six EQ parts vehicle good parts
  8. studeq

    36-37 Dictator or President Coupé wanted

    Would sell you this one. '36 President. Make me an offer!
  9. studeq

    dictator serial number plates

    I am not 100% certain that Studebaker was stamping the numbers in the frame as far back as 1928. I do know as far back as '31. In any event it was on the underside of the frame just about where you would put your foot to enter the car (drivers side). Yes, it was lightly stamped so very difficult to bring out. I assume your car is a model GE (check small tag on firewall)? If so I can provide a serial number range depending on whether your car is a first, second or third design model (below).
  10. studeq

    dictator serial number plates

    The serial plate posted by NZCARNERD would be the correct one for your 1928 Dictator. You can purchase a new one from Lavine's restorations (old Pulfer-Williams). See site at They show only one Studebaker sample but they do have that serial plate you need. Just use the "contact us" function and send them the image and they will quote you a price. As for the serial stamped into the frame, if your frame has been blasted and painted you will probably not be able to recover it.
  11. Studebaker did not actively market accessories until mid 1930 (1931 model year). Beginning at that time they began to issue multi page illustrated accessory catalogs meant specifically for dealers and salesmen. These were different from the catalogs given to the new car owners. They included pictures of all the accessories, the part numbers and prices along with complete descriptions. The number of pages varied by year and might be from 12 pages up to 32. Sometimes two or three different issues would be published in a single model year as new items were added or Studebaker was pushing seasonal items. I have a complete run of all these publications and have scanned most and can provide reprinted copies. Of course prices vary depending on the number of pages. If anyone has an interest I can supply prices and no. of pages for each year. You can email direct at or thru this site. A few samples above.
  12. I note the Studebaker National Museum has four cars now running on ebay. These cars were donated with the understanding that they would be sold to help support museum activities. Looks like some pretty nice and interesting vehicles. Click here to see the four auctions with more details.
  13. studeq

    1932 and 1933 Commander

    The model 62 would be a 1932 Dictator. The '33 Commander used a similar engine but with a 1/2" longer stroke. You might want to check the two engine numbers to be sure.