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  1. My Grandfather’s 29

    Your grandfathers car would have been a late production (3rd Design) 1928 Dictator model GE sedan. I am attaching a page from the Antique Studebaker Review in which I tried to explain the differences in GE series cars. The photo in image one shows a 2nd design car with the longer windshield visor and older style radiator shell. In the second image I have included a 3rd design car and you can note the shorter visor and newer radiator shell. Note in image number two the car has spare tires mounted in the front fenders (side mounts) and wire wheels. These cars were referred to as Regal or State models. The economy version of the same car would have had wood wheels and a rear mounted spare like the one in the first image. There is no way to determine from the serial number whether your grand dad's car was the standard or state model though it was most certainly a 3rd Design. I have just completed a 5600 word article for the magazine Collectible Automobile that covers the Dictator line from 1927-37. It is due to appear in their August issue which will be out in June. The last photo is a restored 2nd Design GE belonging to Don Armacost of Grandview, Missouri. Have a lot more data if required.
  2. My stuff. Glad to respond to any questions.
  3. Here a NOS version.
  4. Not a big deal but the 1932 was a convertible coupe and it was never referred to as a Four Season. Totally different car than the '31. Nothing will interchange and be correct from an authenticity stand point.
  5. 1921 Special Six Coupe

    The Special Six of 1919-20-21 was designated the model EH. There were minor running changes in those three years The style cowl lights you mention were used on the earlier 1920 series.
  6. 1921 Special Six Coupe

    I responded to this question with a picture and specifications over in the SDC forum a few days ago and you didn't respond to that so guess I will save my time here.
  7. Must be something in here you need?
  8. Yes, it was sold. I do have another if interested. Price $12 plus $1.00 postage. Contact me if interested have lots of Rockne literature. Below large showroom poster.
  9. Maybe something you can't live without!?
  10. 29 erskine engine rebuild

    Testing the Erskine model 52 at the Studebaker Proving Ground.
  11. 29 erskine engine rebuild

    As most probably know the Erskine for 1927-29 used a non-Studebaker engine. The 1928-29 models 51 and 52 utilized the model 9-F Continental which was a 160 c.i. Six (2 3/4 X 4 1/2') with 43 h.p. Top speed with the standard 4.78 gear was 62 m.p.h.
  12. 1931 President front bumper

    Just curious as to what body style? See poster below.
  13. Have a few of these '29 President posters left over from a project. They measure 13 X 16." Have on both h.w. glossy stock and standard h.w. bond paper. Contact me if interested
  14. Wig Wag tail light

    You may already know this but the first year the wig-wag was offered was 1936. It was in the Studebaker accessory catalogs from 1936 thru '38. I have 5-6 of them plus patent info plus installation instructions etc. etc.
  15. I have reprinted 3 only parts books for the 1916-17-18 Studebaker Four and Six models ED and SF. Had to dis-assemble my original. Note it is 104 pages with 32 pages of illustrations. Great book which includes both body and chassis parts. Nice to be able to see what items interchanged during this 3 year run. $75 postpaid in the U.S.