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  1. Will buy outright or have lots of pre war parts for trade. Also need Delco coil 537-B. Attaching photo of car. Purchased from an estate of a guy who went in for knee surgery and died of a blood clot. Believe some of the missing parts had been taken in for restoration but after the owners death no one knew they were missing or if so where to find them. Neat car, needs to be finished.
  2. 1922 Special Six Photos

    Thanks for the information. Great early history and even better photos. I would be interested in seeing that 1932 President engine dyno test report. Could you post it or make a copy and snail mail it. Just send a invoice with it or can pay upfront. Appreciate the history. Richard Quinn (editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review)
  3. 1922 Special Six Photos

    Great photos. Where did you get the information on the car?
  4. I have some of those, as a matter of fact believe I have a full set. Contact me at rtq11 at aol dot com
  5. 1917 Ignition Key

    I have maybe 50 Studebaker Yale Jr. keys and nearly identical keys with the Miller name.
  6. 37 Coupe Express on eBay

    OK you convinced me.
  7. Thank you rbk (Robert Kapteyn)

    Just leaving this hour for Robert and Marie's 60th wedding anniversary.
  8. 37 Coupe Express on eBay

    Thanks for the unsolicited testimonial Tom! Actually the first time I have ever seen my poster being displayed. Though I have a '37 I have never showed it. Waiting to get some wide whitewalls!
  9. You can email me direct at rtq11 at aol dot com
  10. In response to a couple of inquiries the 8 page Parts and Accessory News is $14 plus $2 postage.
  11. 1932 Rockne 4-door. Photo obviously taken in order to feature accessories which on this car include the side mounts and covers, pilot ray light, spotlight, hinge mirror, salon horns, vent wings and radiator mascot. All '32 Rockne's were assembled in Detroit, '33's in South Bend. Engines 189 c.i L-head Sixes. By the way for anyone with an interest there was an 8 page dealers/salesmans accessory catalog that includes a list and photos of all accessories, part numbers and prices for the Rockne. Have reprints to sell. Also have similar publications for all Studebakers 1931-46. Some as many as 28 pages. Details and prices upon request.
  12. 37 Coupe Express on eBay

    I have written extensively on the Coupe Express and have 3 myself. Some may be interested in this large center fold from The Studebaker News dealer newspaper. It measures 32 X 22 but can be reduced for show field display if desired.
  13. 37 Coupe Express on eBay

    As for the numbers matching scenario he may be referring to the fact that the engine number fits into the sequence assigned for the '37 Coupe Express and that the body and chassis numbers are also consistent. Body numbers seldom coincided exactly with serial numbers. In other words a truck that shows a serial number of J5 -020 indicating the 20th down the line might have body number 35 due to the random method of selecting the bodies from the body storage building.
  14. 37 Coupe Express on eBay

    There are no production orders available for commercial vehicles (trucks) prior to Dec. 1940 (M Series). Passenger car p.o.'s go back to the 1936 President though none available for any of the South Bend built Dictators.
  15. 29 erskine pics finally

    By the way it looks like the radiator shell is Model A Ford. Definitely not original Studebaker Erskine.