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  1. Piston Identification Help ?

    Gary, I have sent them email, thanks for the link. Graham - thanks, if I can't find out from the manufacturer, I'll give it a try. George
  2. I have been doing inventory on some of my parts. Last week was pistons, mostly Commander Big Six. Of course the easy ones were the Studebaker brand. However I do have some after market also. The way I identified those was by measurement - fairly easy. 3.250 and up are 1934 to 1937. 3.3125 and up are 1948-1960, Iron ones are 1942. However, I have a set of 4 Aluminum ones, that mic out to 3.140. Which does not match. I thought the might be Champ, but they are 3 inch, and a .140 over does not seem logical. From what I can find, Rockne STD pistons start out at 3.125. If it was .015 over, that could be a match. Or come up with another idea? I have spent hours checking on the net, and could not find anything. The pistons are marked Silv-0-lite S-115. Just in case anyone has a old Silv-0-Lite catalog. Thanks
  3. Larry Tholen

    Email address sent by private email.
  4. Brake relining

    Jerry, I sent you an email, about the brake lining that I have for your car. It is the old asbestos kind.
  5. Tire Pressure

    Thanks for all the answers!
  6. Tire Pressure

    I have a 2006 Yukon. Factory info says tire pressures should be 32lbs. New tires say MAX 80. What should tire pressure be for normal driving? How about when towing a car trailer? Thanks
  7. 1934 commander

    This is one fabulous car! George Rohrbach
  8. 1st Place American Classic Open Car 1932 STUDEBAKER President Model 91 Convertible Sedan!
  9. I have a couple of Erskine wood wheels. I was told they were 1927 when I bought them years ago. But since my 1929 car has 6 wire wheels, I have no idea what the 1929 wood ones look like. IF you post or send a pic, with dimensions, I will check to see if my wood ones will work for you. George Rohrbach
  10. There is a settlement for a refund for items purchase between 4/8/2011 and 12/15/2016. You might be able to receive 20% to 30% of the "amount saved" on those receipts! George Rohrbach
  11. York Parts?

    If you are going to York, and would like me to bring any specific Prewar parts. Please ask now, so that I have time to see if I have them. Thanks, George Rohrbach
  12. Hershey Swap Meet - Any PreWar Studebaker Requests?

    Sorry guys but I am not able to help any of you. Except Ken. I may have a '35 Dictator wheel and hub cap for you. I will know in the morning, and if so I will give you a call. I think I made arrangements today for someone who can take it from my booth in Hershey down to Chester's for you. We can discuss it tomorrow, if I can find it! George Rohrbach
  13. As usual, I will have a couple of spaces in the Antique Studebaker Row. Spaces CCN 18 and 19. I am right next to the Shrock Brothers. If you have any Prewar Studebaker parts or literature requests for me to bring, please let me know now. I am also selling my 1964 Commander with 21,874 miles. Car Corral space D 259. I will be packing my trailer next Tuesday, so please give me time to try to find what you need! George Rohrbach
  14. 1923/24 ride down under

    If you are serious about wanting a right hand drive, I have a 1929 Erskine that has it. It was brought to the States from Scotland. I plan on taking it to Hershey this year to sell. If you are interested, let me know. George Rohrbach
  15. Hershey Fall Registration-car corral and flea market

    Thanks for the advice!