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  1. Shows SOLD @ the BAT site.
  2. Ha Ha A character for sure.
  3. I had bolts on my 3.42 Wildcat gear back out ... started making noise on the way to Bowling Green GS Nationals. I stopped on the highway to check it out and the car would not roll forward after I stopped. I rolled it backwards once and then could roll forward so I drove on to the show. I left the show in terrible rain and stopped traffic, drove all the way to Cincinnati OK. When I got into town I thought I sure missed that drag racing, so I nailed it and poof, no more power. So Close, but the last 5 miles were on the trailer! pulled the rear apart and the ring bolts had all backed out, there must have been 3 left holding the ring gear and when I nailed it they sheared off. Surprisingly there was no damage to the gears and they are back in the car! I have offered the 3.42:1 posi rear in my parts pile for $650 if you need a whole unit. Ted
  4. Ok, in my parts collection I have 2 air cleaners that look like the old 1965 air cleaner but the carb opening is larger like it is for the Quadrajet. What are these from? Was the Electra available with the Wildcat 465 with Q-jet? I have one in basic black and one I purchased from the famous Pal Buick, Jim Schilf. Thanks Ted
  5. for sale

    Garage is full, this one poppedout and has to sell! Thank you for looking.
  6. I just checked my Sloan Documents for the 3-speed- 169 all body styles. For the one I have there were only 18 standard interior coupes with the 3- speed. I think I can back figure to how many would have been no PB and no PS. It is goofy steering without power, but the brakes are excellent. When this post from 2000 first appeared (old website, etc) my personal goal was to have the production numbers for these oddball Wildcats. Thanks to the Sloan Museum, I now know...that was fun learning and drove my passion. CHeers!
  7. I think Bob Munson was getting the Roadmaster in Texas and was going to sell with a Super Convertible he pulled out of Wisconsin. I can find his email and send.
  8. for sale

    Back to the top for this fine feline.
  9. for sale

    OK Back to the top for a fine feline.
  10. for sale

    Here is a link to my ad over in the Buick For Sale section. Thank you, Link:
  11. I guess these old posts do not automatically load pictures linked to PHotobucket.
  12. NTX - I have researched all this and will report later. (I have data on work computer, somehow the home one has been up/downgraded so it is missing here!) I think it is about 75 3-speeds... Here is mine http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f376/Wildcat65/DSC00074.jpg[/IMG]
  13. Well this is an oldie! 17 years old thread dug up. I know of 1 4-door 4-speed project somewhere in the midwest... Wild Bill had one but it was totaled in a trailer towing accident. The parts from that created his 66 Super Wildcat GS 4-speed.
  14. I used to get GM chassis black from the dealer Now I think I'd find some satin black
  15. Mike, I believe the 65 Wildcat has the same driveshaft. I have several... There is a shop here in Cincy I have used for balancing and refurbishing. I could get one fixed up there for you if you want. I'd have to get a price on the work. Never cheap! Ted