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  1. ElectraManRob one of our own selling, he hosted a local BCA meeting at his amazing garage.
  2. I like listening to the stories. I've listened to a gut tell me about a 63 or 4 Riviera with a "factory stroker" 2-4bbl engine. He out ran cops and flew over roads around Dayton. He enjoyed it and I listened...then he traded a tilt column with wood wheel/horn bar to me for a 2x4 manifold A friend Mark grew up in Flint with an uncle working at Buick. He claimed uncle had some sort of Skunk works wild engine 62 Buick... Enjoy the stories, they are born of a special time when some of the bs seemed possible.
  3. cool, don't want Adam getting any more free stuff.
  4. Is Wildcat the same?
  5. Bernie- I have a Mustang I feel the same way- got to rev the thing to get to the power- Like Tom - I've seen a couple done. The first one was up in Vermont. Joe Bettis had a big junk yard and an appreciation for 3-pedal cars. He had converted his 65 Riviera black/black cloth interior to a 3-speed/overdrive + 3.91:1 rear. Too cool. The other was Dave Lewis of 37/38 restoration fame. He was building himself a 64 Riviera with a stick. I'm still working on my 65 Wildcat conversion that has many of the same shortcomings. Ted
  6. Greetings and Welcome to Super Wildcat world! I'm glad to see this one show up on BCA site. When doing the research on 65 Wildcats from Sloan Museum documents I found there were Super WIldcat Production: 117 4-doors 327 Coupes 107 convertibles This is interpreted from the daily production sheets available from Sloan Museum. Here is part of my fleet- the Sea Foam convertible is a original Super Wildcat- sold in Cincinnati, still here!
  7. Sorry, I did not know PUI would do a customized version for you. So the car was born a Deluxe, and now it is a Custom interior.
  8. PUI is a manufacturer of interior parts- seat covers, door panels etc. They used my 65 Custom Wildcat seats - buckets, bench, convertible - to reproduce authentic parts. This is what they look like:
  9. for sale

    Sold! Thank you for looking. Ted Nagel
  10. http://www.buickcenters.com/buick--wildcat.html Mitch = The Best. I have them on my 67.
  11. for sale

    To the best! Thank you all for looking. Ted
  12. Not offered. PUI has reproduced covers.
  13. for sale

    It is white.
  14. for sale

    This Weekend Sale! $2700 Cheers, Ted
  15. for sale

    Special Sale Today! $2700