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  1. 21 Foot Electra 225?

    Not to argue any particular point but I was amazed when seeing a 1938 Cadillac V-16 5-passenger next to my 1966 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. I assumed the V-16 would be longer...wrong. Stats - '38 141" wheelbase but 222" length... '66 rolls on a 133" wheelbase..w/...227.5 length. Welcome to the forum Stangslayerws6! Ted
  2. Nailhead bolt info

    The others are not engine bolts - they look like grill fasteners- those weird threads look like the type that would thread into plastic grill.
  3. Nailhead bolt info

    The one on the right looks like the intake manifold bolt for the front passenger side - extension holds the hot water vacuum valve. (if I'm right)
  4. Name Change

    Probably old news that I just did not get, but when I signed up I was "Wildcat65"- now my name has been changed for me to Ted Nagel. This was done without my knowledge. It says I made 0 of 1 name change. wth. Why was my name changed?
  5. Interesting pair of 73's on CL

    ElectramanRob was his name IIRC. We (Cincinnati Chapter BCA) had a meeting at Rob's garage a couple years ago. He has a fantastic collection of these and some Cadillacs. Cheers, Ted
  6. Big girls need love too... 66 Electra 225 Coupe

    Nice Job! Looks handsome. Not sure about spring squeak- it may end up to be the upper control arm. Cheers, Ted
  7. What's your Dream Buick?

    My dream has been and will continue to be a 4-speed 1965 Wildcat 2- door coupe.
  8. Chrome Headliner Molding 63-65

    64, 65 , 66 Wildcat Custom had these too. Talk about a pain in the restoration!
  9. What are you looking for - what is wrong with your positraction?
  10. 1964 Buick Lesabre station wagon

    Topper, how is the 64 Wagon project? Did you get the parts car? I'm looking at my roof rack and wondering if I can replace the rusted tubes with stainless steel polished tubes. Then I thought maybe you had an extra rack from your parts car? Anyway, share some progress! Ted
  11. 1964 Buick Lesabre station wagon

    Just buy the 64 Wildcat duals. These wagons are on a 46000 chassis, not the LeSabre's. I put the single exhaust on mine, just cause I'm a crazy person. Waldron's
  12. Remember Driving the Big Buicks in Snow?

    Learned a lesson about 1982. I was driving "grandma's" 68 LeSabre 400 4-door from Cincinnati up to Columbus on I-71... The road seemed clear enough, but looked wet. I decided to "test" my traction by goosing the throttle. Next thing I know the back end of the car is spinning around, once, then I'm in the median in the snow stopped. Dang...thought I was stuck! after a minute or 2 of contemplation I backed up the median slope till no grip, then down the slope with much momentum...got back on the highway and on my way again. "I will never do that again!"
  13. Sportwagon from hell

    Great Wagon Bill!
  14. Seen On The Internet

    How much luxury should I reasonably expect? Really gets to the heart of the car buying decision!
  15. 1966 wildcat

    http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f376/Wildcat65/65%20Super%20Wildcat%204_Speed%2005_30_15_zpslhuq2i0u.jpg[/IMG] Here is my dual quad 4-speed coupe in maroon. 65 was the last year they offered the 4-speed in the Wildcat and 66 was the only year for the Wildcat GS! Kind of a conundrum for your memory. Production sheets from Buick do not show any 4-speed units in '66.