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  1. antique auto batteries

    Been dealing with AAB for many years. Have had decent luck with their mid-50’s style GM batteries with most lasting 6 plus years. Needed a battery last year prior to a AACA national meet as mine went dead. AAB was coming in town for the Carlisle Ford show. Finally got them via phone after numerous attempts and the berated me for wanting to pick a GM battery up at a Ford show. They wouldn’t bring one. After speaking to a few companies that sell their batteries they are all having issues with AAB. Some had batteries on backorder for over 8 months. From my discussion with AAB with both the owner and his wife (she works the phones) they were hopeless behind in filling orders. They both were extremely rude and miserable to the point I took the yellow caps off my dead battery, got a new black battery, peeled off the labels, got some PVC and made my own repo battery which is hard to tell the difference.
  2. R.I.P Cars and Parts

    C&P was a great magazine which Bob Stevens was mostly responsible for. At the end it was easy to see it going downhill from the direction they were taking. For those who knew Bob; it would be easy to fill a book with his outlook on things. Entertaining for sure.
  3. A President to be Proud of

    I also thought Tom did an excellent job of explaining the situation, especially being put on the spot and reviewing 2 plus years of what occurred from memory in chronological order without notes. Sadly there are still a fair amount who don't yet understand what has occurred between the organizations. National has been completely transparent with everything.
  4. I bought a new Car Mate trailer a few years ago and it has the 7 pin connector. I also have a large standard size battery in the trailer for a winch, lighting, etc. This battery is charged when the truck is running. No special wiring or difficult modifications were needed they tell me to get this to charge from the truck alternator.
  5. Merry Christmas from Canada

    Merry X-mas and keep the cold air up north. FYI, all my Canadianfriends but one Christmas cards came from Florida this year:)
  6. Original Sanford and Son Truck For Sale

    That may of used a few trucks on the series like mostproduction sets. This museum has a lot of “real” vehicles including CraigBreedloves Spirit of America, original bat mobile, several presidents personalcars, etc. They even have the casket handles from Abram Lincolns casket whichwere taken off prior to burial. They could have made a replica made but doubtful. All the real trucks should have a studioletter of authenticity.
  7. Original Sanford and Son Truck For Sale

    I visited this incredible museum a few years ago which has so many historical items from Matt Dillon’s hat to a huge selection of unusual vehicles including Johnny Cash’s one piece at a time Caddy, JFK’s ambulance (recently sold), etc, etc. They also claim to have the Sanford truck (scroll down) which was there when I visited.
  8. Dumb Car Laws

    The Citicar has no heat but a windshield defroster on / off switch in the dash however as per the owner’s manual there is no blower connected to it. The manual states only the switch was mandated for vehicle production.
  9. Watkins Glen here we come!!!

    I thought the same thing taking the Amphicar for a hot lap around the 1 mile oval at New Hampshire Speedway. Not to smart.
  10. PA Inspection Sticker

    I did a “inspection sticker” search on this form as this has been previously discussed and below is a post I made in 2011 regarding the PA sticker locations. “I spoke to Robert Hoyt (link above)and he is extremely knowledgeable on inspections stickers. He says that 1959 was the year PA went from the passenger to the driver’s side for the sticker locations. He will be at Fall Carlisle, space F-97.”
  11. PA Inspection Sticker

    This guy is the king of stickers and his instruction sheet tells you where the sticker is located. I know for 1955 they were on the passenger side lower corner in PA, also possibly in 56. I believe they moved to the driver side lower corner in 57. Give him a call maybe he will help?
  12. Antique Cars and the Public.....Public Property????

    There are many morons that walk amongst us. I was called an idiot on Saturday by a family that appeared to have just crawled out of the mountains. Trailered 2 vehicles to the Swigart meet. Late afternoon I went to get the trailer ready for loading only to discover a vehicle parked 3’ from the rear door, even though there was a large parking area alongside. Had the vehicle make, color and license announced to no avail. After an hour they wandered back to leave and I asked them why they would park in a car trailer loading door. They jumped in their vehicle, drove 25’ and hollered out the window “you idiot you could have pulled straight out”. Yes I guess I could go straight and run the trailer over the double stacked railroad ties onto the highway however I would prefer to load my vehicles first that YOU prevented me from doing since YOU were blocking the trailerdoor. After they left a couple in a small pick up drove in and parked on the trailer parking area exit road. They said to me “is this a good place to park”. I said it is perfect if you want to block all 6 of these car trailers in. They responded “so you think I should move”?
  13. Parisienne Amphicar

    Peter, There are many interesting conversations that take place in the hospitality room ask Wayne . Though this picture has been around for a long time that certainly is an interesting take on the amphi’s use regardless of who dreamed it up.
  14. Antique Reproduction Battery

    For years I messed around with pouring acid in batteries and checking the level every few months hoping not to blow up when charging. I am up to 19 batteries am glad for the sealed units. From their website: AGM Battery Technology was originally developed in 1985 for military aircraft where power, weight, safety, and reliability were vital considerations. This "next generation" technology delivers increased safety, performance, and service life over all other existing sealed battery types. AGM batteries deliver and absorb higher rates of amperage than other sealed batteries during discharging and charging. Ted, sounds like you have my kind of luck. At least you got 4 years out of it. I have had decent battery life since using battery tenders. I did get 11 years out of one.
  15. Antique Reproduction Battery

    I spoke to Antique Auto Battery today and according to them they do not use a Optima battery as the dimensions are larger than most car batteries of the day, plus the terminal posts are not in the same location. Optima uses a gel filled technology and their manufacture uses a AGN technology and they make batteries for military vehicles. There are manufactures who make a fake case and top for a Optima battery but it would be easy for judges to spot as it is larger and the posts are in a different location. I have bought a few of these AGN technology batteries from Antique Auto Battery and one is going on 7 years old and still has plenty of life leftand looks exactly period correct.