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  1. GAS Head Lamp Question BRASS ERA

    Bob, here is a catalog page showing motorcycle headlamps. Not sure about the inscription on yours, it's not real clear from the photo. Terry
  2. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    It's been my experience that you often need to use some kind of special adapter if using a floor jack for something other than lifting from a jacking point that's obvious on the vehicle. Even for our MGBs we have to use a special adapter that fits into the saddle and better supports the car from the front cross member. Adapters are readily available from Harbor Freight, Amazon, etc. You should be able to find something that safely fits the frame. Be safe. It it doesn't look like it's going to work, it probably won't. Terry
  3. Car Badges

    http://www.radiatoremblems.com/2013/06/gustave-fox-co.html http://www.americanautoemblems.com/ These are links to a couple of good references. The second one is more current and is still being added to by good friends Mike and Murray Shears in England. I'd bet they have one of the finest collections existing. There are a lot of auto enthusiasts who collect emblems, myself included, although my "accumulation" is small. I don't see any USA emblems in the pics you would have difficulty finding a lot of info on by using simple internet searches. If you are having difficulty identifying some of them though, let us know which ones you don't recognize and I'm sure you'll get good response on this forum. Nice collection! Terry
  4. Bakersfield Swap Meet 2018

    https://www.instagram.com/directenclosedautohauler/# This is a like to some pics and vids posted on the Model T club form by one of our members who is at the 2018 Bakersfield Swap Meet. Looks like a good event for early stuff. Gotta get there someday. Love all that brassy stuff! Additional reports and pics welcomed. Terry
  5. Auburn swap meet/show

    Last time I was there I found some choice automobilia and picked up a few model T items i needed. Planning to go again this year. Lots to see and do in the area too. I've found a couple of antique shops nearby that I'm keeping; secret but for a teaser, I found two Doulton motorist series plates in one shop and the prices were sweet!
  6. 20th Annual Metro Petro Collectors Show 4/15/18

    More pics welcome - have been trying to get a response for a couple of years now - how many vendors and what is the mix of stuff that commonly turns up there? Would like to try and get there someday so any reports or pics would be helpful in making my decision. Thanks Terry
  7. Every year this gets posted and I try to get some reports on it but nothing - no responses. Wondering if anyone from the organization is monitoring? Checked the website and last year there were some very old pics from prior events but this time the website is very sparse. Might like to go if there was a bit more info available. Anyone been there? What did you find? Pics welcome. Terry
  8. Clarification is it Bust or Burst of Mercury

    Quite a tale. According to Bill Williams book, this style of mascot was used 28-9 and was zinc diecast and should be nickel plated, not chrome. The one pictured in the link shows signs of having been worked over with some of the detail "softened" by buffing before it was chromed. It was not used on a truck. As far as I know the trucks did not use a mascot, certainly not like this one. I believe that some later pick-ups in the 30s used some kind of stylized hood ornament but nothing like this. Sure hate to "BURST" someone's bubble here but their story is pure fabrication. Maybe some Reo expert will chime in and give us more specific info. It certainly isn't worth a thousand bucks! Terry
  9. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Got home last night, too late and too tired to check the posts or add anything, but I echo congratulations to HNR for a great auto fair. The AACA meet in Sat suffered because of the rain, but still there were some fabulous vehicles out there that braved the elements. There was a 1912 Cadillac, and a fantastic HPOF 1915 Model T Centerdoor Sedan that were really a pleasure to see. Many others who braved the elements are commended for bring stuff out, including several great 1st time fresh restorations. Really, it was just a drizzle - I've seen much worse! The swap meet was a real treasure hunt and I covered a lot of it. Granted the new parts vendors were out in force, but what do you expect? They've been there since day one and it's a great chance to pick up what you need without paying shipping. HNR runs a fantastic "shuttle" service too, so hauling stuff isn't the chore it is at many larger meets. I found some neat stuff and overall would consider the seap meet better this year than some previously. I collect early automobilia and saw plenty to choose from. A friend who walked with me managed the buy of the year, finding a couple of really super Model t clincher rims for 10 bucks a piece. I passed on a very nice pair of brass sidelamps because of some age cracking, buit they would have been twice the price at most other meets. Lots of interesting cars for sale in the swap meet area too. I didn't walk much around the track but did note some nice tow vehicles that were for sale. With the threat of Saturday rain, many of the vendors began packing up late Friday but who can blame them. It's a typical HNR auto fair - one of the friendliest events in the country. It's well run, the HRN folks are always smiling and helpful, and it'll always be one of my favorite events. There is plenty for everyone and that's what makes it great. Terry
  10. Retired #oldcarprincess

    Congratulations and best wishes with your return to your career. We all feel like we know you and your dad very well, so please consider this your second home and maybe even your second career. I can't help but think that were going to see you on one of AACA's tours someday. You'd be very welcome anytime. Terry
  11. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    Annie, I didn't want to miss the chance to thank y9ou for the work you also contributed to the judging at Mobile. I had the pleasure of sitting with you and Mike Peterson during the breakfast and you really made a great contribution. I'm sorry we'll miss you in Charlotte this time. Terry
  12. 2018 Winter National meet Is Great!!

    Dittos - great meet in a great location. Add in the tremendous hospitality of the host Region, perfect weather and great food and it's a great weekend indeed! Thanks for all the hard work that went into making it a success. We came to Mobile a few days early to help our Son Ken move into a new house so we were ready for a rest by the time the meet got underway. We'd been there before while he was still stationed in the Coast Guard, even came back for his retirement ceremony but didn't have the spare time to learn more about Mobile and it's history. This time we took the Friday Trolley Tour and have a lot of marks on the map for places to see close up when we return. We'll be back again and plan to explore and learn more about Mobile. Hope to see more of the Deep South Region members in the process - they are a wonderful group! Mark, thanks for the pics, was going to post mine tonight but it looks like you zeroed in on the same neat cars as I did so no need to duplicate. Note those smiling faces from members of the Tidewater Region. We had a good turnout. Terry
  13. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    Great response from our club. I'm still disgusted that they have turned their backs on the very people who created that museum to begin with. Our region (Tidewater) was a major contributor and we all feel duped and taken advantage of. They literally gave us the finger when they eliminated the Regions and Chapters Room where clubs had their histories exhibited and were honored for their contributions. We were simply told to come get our stuff! Now they dare to try and tell us what we can and cannot do, displaying cars and automobilia, as we've always done at our headquarters. Now the new building will at last enable us to get that poor Overland off the front porch and into proper storage and display. I can't wait to see more automobilia exhibited at the new facility, as has been done previously at our current building. Terry
  14. BRASS Lamp reference

    I've got a couple of old car buddies trying to talk me into writing a book on brass lamps. I'm an amateur collector (accumulator actually) and have a small collection of them. I was able to pull together some information and presented a couple of seminars at the AACA Annual meeting, but the info I shared was very generic. I've always wondered if such a reference exists, and I'm learning it does not. It might be a fun retirement project,. I like to learn as much as I can about things I collect but it's been very difficult to find information on brass lamps aside from what is some of the early accessory or lamp catalogs I've collected over the years. Some questions for the general audience before I type the first word or take the first photograph - Is there anything out there on lamps or early automotive lighting? Are there any major collectors/collections of brass lamps that might be resources for help or information? Is there any information on the companies that produced them? I realize that any such reference would need to be international in scope as it would a serious omission to forget about those wonderful French, German and British lamps made in the early 1900s. I would not want this to be a pure "picture book" but would want to include some accurate information on manufacturers and perhaps even what cars used which lamps if possible. A tremendous undertaking for sure and at this point every time I think about it it gets more complicated. I can envision spending hours pouring through early publications and trade journals for info, and extensive travel to visit museums and collectors. Sounds like fun but would be a big commitment and a years-long project that would probably need updating (volume II) as soon as it was published. It would be a labor of love for sure as the market for it would be very limited. Thoughts appreciated, especially from anyone who has ever undertaken a similar project. Terry
  15. Join us on March 10th at the Virginia Beach Aviation Museum for another great swap meet! Antique and collectable auto stuff only! This is always a fun event with lots of vendors and good stuff to be found. Indoor and outdoor spaces available. Details and registration info are on our club website. http://www.traaca.com/swap_meet.htm From past events just to start you thinking about spring in Va Beach...
  16. Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Looking forward too being there again. Terry
  17. baby lincoln grease/lubrication

    When I first spotted the title I thought you'd be talking about Model T Fords! There was a dress-up kit available in the 20s that could be installed on a Model T to make it a "baby Lincoln." There was a set of disc wheels with special hubcaps, drum shaped headlamps, and a neat dogbone radiator cap with a shield on front that said "Baby Lincoln."
  18. Hollier 8

    In my collection of automobilia I have an original Hollier advertising poster. I found it years ago in a small PA town. It was in an antique shop that had at one time been an old garage. After looking through all the stuff in the shop I asked to use the bathroom and was directed back into the working area of what had been the garage. When I closed the bathroom door there it was, hanging on the back of the door, covered by an old plelxiglass panel. Naturally I asked if it was for sale and was told it was hanging there when the present owner purchased the building, and as far as he knew it had been in that spot since it was new. My guess is that someone representing the Hollier organization had signed them up to be a dealer and take orders for the cars. I still have the poster nicely framed and proudly displayed. Sorry for the glare reflected. Terry
  19. Posing photos

    How do I rotate photos in a post? I am adding photos that are saved images on my computer, and they are correct on the PC however when I add them to the post, they are "sideways" and I can't figure out how to correct that. Is there something I should be doing when saving them? Once attached is there a way to rotate them so they are correct when posted? Thanks, Terry
  20. This is on the tech support forum as well, so dupe can be deleted once I figure it out - how do you rotate photos in a post? I'm attaching photos saved on my PC but they end up sideways on the forum post. They are correctly oriented on the PC but turn out sideways once I add them. I've tried re-saving the photos n the PC in a rotated form but it doesn't seem to make any difference (or sense). Anyone know whatz up? Thanks in advance-Terry
  21. BRASS Lamp reference

    Here is a sampling of a few of the ads I've gathered - I especially like the Atwood Castle ad that lists cars using the lamps. Amazing stuff from some of my early catalogs. Terry
  22. BRASS Lamp reference

    My "target audience" so far has been my buddies who drink scotch with me every so often, and a few who have responded with words of encouragement here and on the Model T Forum. Guess my interest is also an off-=shoot of my own quest for info about lamps in my own collection. I suppose there is good reason why a comprehensive history/reference work has never been published before, and limited interest would be the biggest reason I believe. I'm wondering about how companies like McFarland can produce such limited-audience books on cars? I spoke briefly with their rep at the AACA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this year and they are very much into producing books in small quantities with limited audiences. I look also at the selection of books available for gas pumps, globes, signs, etc. Those are perhaps going to appeal to a bigger audience but still can't imagine it would be a profitable venture. Making money isn't really the object but i don't want it to break the bank either. Lots of things to think about, and it may never happen but it's a heck of an interesting topic and no doubt I'll be digging further into it, if for no other reason than my own curiosity. Curious too about the above post- are you contemplating a book on brass lamps too? Maybe I'll just wait for yours and buy a copy! Terry
  23. Thanks for sharing, just curious about your comment "just received..." did you have them in storage or something? Are you familiar with the website http://www.americanautoemblems.com/ it was recently started by a good friend from England who has perhaps the finest collection I'm aware of. He's done a lot of research and is sharing it via the web. Recommend you sign up for regular updates and additions to the collection. Terry
  24. BRASS Lamp reference

    This catalog is 1914. I've got quite a variety of them going back to 1903. The Charles Williams catalogs had some of the nicest covers on them. Back in the 1900s, you could buy all the pieces you needed to build your own car. I believe the AACA Library and Research Center also has a good assortment of these accessory catalogs. It's true that many cars came without lamps and dealers would often install whatever a buyer wanted. I've heard stories of people buying new and better lamps to replace their old ones as soon as they brought the car home. For some I'm sure it was a case of bigger and fancier is best! Good ads would be an essential part of any reference work. I'll be having dinner this evening with a few of the people trying to talk me into doing this. I'm going to enjoy the free Scotch! Terry