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  1. Long before I could even drive, a family on our street bought a "new" car from the local Pontiac dealer. It was the most beautiful black 59 Bonneville I'd ever seen, equipped with every imaginable option. I'll never forget that leather interior and all that chrome! They would never have been able to afford a car like that but the story was a whole fleet of them had been ordered by some foreign country and during shipment, some had broken loose in the hold of a ship and got bounced around a bit. They were refused on the receiving end and shipped back. From there they were brokered out to different dealerships at discounted prices and sold as-is. There wasn't a darned thing wrong with that car except a scrape at the end of the rear bumper. I wonder what every became of that car? Terry
  2. Terry Bond

    Hershey 2018, right hand drive theme?

    Heck, I just thought it was a British Ford! Nothing wrong with RHD from here. Terry
  3. Anyone who started collecting emblems 20 years ago was pretty smart! Prices have gone nutz for the rare ones. I was always content to just pick up a couple every year at Hershey and have just a small "accumulation." I've got a lot of watch fobs though, and those are actually the emblems in smaller size. Same with the hubcaps - I guess you can say I collect collections, but those emblems are neat and I sure wish I'd have made a stronger effort to acquire them when they were cheaper. Terry
  4. Terry Bond

    ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE July / August 2018

    Steve-your editorial comments were spot on!!!! Great job, finest magazine existing for us old car lovers. Terry
  5. Terry Bond

    New Trend on eBay?

    It's been interesting to watch what evil-bay has been doing. I also have noted that items "disappear" rather quickly. Even as an active bidder I can no longer see where I was in the pecking order for item's I've lost. I'm sure many of us miss the opportunity to research items that have sold to see prices or get some clue as to who is buying (even that's more difficult these days). Perhaps they got tired of their info being used for that purpose and will eventually want us to pay a subscription to access that kind of info. Another way to make money I guess, but hey, it's capitalism. Lately I've noted a new game - put a minimum bid on an item and then add "make an offer." What they want you to do is offer more than the minimum bid suggested. I think once someone actually bids on the item though, that "make an offer" option disappears. it backfired recently for one seller. He listed a neat item of automobilia for $75 and had a "make an offer" option on it. I made two offers - all the way up to $105 and neither were accepted. So, I just put it on my automatic sniping program and ended up buying it for $80. Bet he felt an "aw-crap" moment over that one. probably made a good profit anyway. It all just ads some excitement to the wonderful world of collecting, but I do wish it was easier to research items no longer listed. Like others have mentioned, what they suggest has no relationship at all to my interests. Terry
  6. Terry Bond

    Vintage AACA plate topper

    Wonder if these were done by a region and not through official channels? It'll be interesting to see the story on or logo's history. Terry
  7. Terry Bond

    Pierce Arrow Lamps

    David is right on with his info (as always). I've been a lamp collector for along time and have a nice pair I purchased at an automobilia auction a few years ago for about the same price. I've seen them for sale for a lot more - year, after year, after year on the same table at Hershey, so the need just isn't there except perhaps for collectors. The more difficult one to find is the tail lamp with the bail handle. Only one per car and they sometimes bounced off and got damaged when they were actually in use. Terry
  8. Terry Bond

    Thanks to AACA and all Forum members....

    David, congratulations on your milestone! I thought it was great when I hit 2000 but you're way ahead of most of us. Always a great contributor. Look forward to seeing you at Gettysburg - leaving in the morning. Terry
  9. The Valient has my vote for best. My parents bought one brand new and it was not only great looking, it performed fantastically. That slant six engine was indestructible and the push-button torqueflite was great and unbreakable. It had a lot of go and handled nicely. Think they won a styling award shortly after introduction. Wish I had another one - black with red interior. Terry
  10. Terry Bond

    Passing of Jeff Locke (TRAACA)

    Service will be at 2 pm. Everyone is encouraged to drive their old cars.
  11. Terry Bond

    Passing of Jeff Locke (TRAACA)

    A memorial service is being planned locally for August 12th (Sunday) at Hickory United Methodist Church here in Chesapeake Va. Will provide details once more specifics are available. I anticipate there will be parking for antique cars - Jeff would have demanded that. No doubt there will be a lot of "Jeff stories" told as he touched many lives in this hobby. Terry
  12. Terry Bond

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    What year is the Maxwell? I know several who have messed with the early ones and the aluminum castings are always a problem. They seemed to be very porous. Those early cars were especially prone to throwing oil all over the place through open valves. Some have said it's how they lubricated everything, others say if it's leaking, you know they have oil. Even our newer MGs have a reputation for "marking their territory." Finally helped the oil leaks on my Model T by using -0-rings on the transmission cover where pedal shafts come thru, and there are some known tricks for helping seal oil pan bolts. Guess we need some Maxwell experts to chime in here but could it be you're chasing a problem that is just something inherent in the beast? Terry
  13. As is the case with any new member of a club, get them involved quickly. Younger folks are often quite interested in technology so get them active in an organization, helping with the club website or on-line newsletter for example. That would be a great place to begin. Model A is a great entry level car to begin with and your influence has certainly worn off on her - a great thing.
  14. Terry Bond

    Passing of Jeff Locke (TRAACA)

    Jeff was a true friend and neighbor for many years. We shared much in this great hobby. He was a Past President of Tidewater Region, has been a National Meet and tour Chairman, and was a proud member of the Buzzards Breath Touring Region as well. He served proudly as our region "tour master" for many years and led us down the road on many of our most memorable adventures. He will be remembered for his love of true classic cars and many of us always enjoyed his seminars at Philadelphia. He had friends all across the country, and knew many auto enthusiasts through the business he started appraising automobiles. I'll especially miss our "roadshow" evenings. We lived only a couple of miles apart and on Monday evenings, we would get together with fellow member Andy Ott and eat a nice dinner, then enjoy the evening trying to out-guess the experts on "Antiques Roadshow." The stories we made up those evenings were priceless and I wish I had recorded them! Jeff had over 200 judging credits when he joined the Judges Honor Society, and always took his job seriously. Among his proudest accomplishments however were the seeds of enthusiasm for the old car hobby that he planted in some of our younger members at the church we attended together. We'll miss you old friend. Rest in peace. Terry
  15. Terry Bond

    I wonder if he has any problems with bump steering?

    Clever - those suspension adjustments were obviously done so they could turn both right and left at the same time on a steep bank. I've often wondered why we see so many kids driving cars with the wheels splayed out so far - front and back. It must be hell to corner with them, and I can only imagine the disaster that awaits. Terry
  16. Looks like it's got a story. That always makes it interesting, especially to someone who enjoys Lexington history, or perhaps history of the city. When there is cross-over interest it always increases the potential level of interest. Good luck, but I still feel floating it on ebay with the whole story might be the best way to get true value. Just put your reserve on it and enjoy. Terry
  17. To me, part of the thrill of being at Hershey is showing off your car. Have always enjoyed standing beside show telling the stories. You can do that in any ot the AACA categories including class judging. That said, it's always great to park among similar vehicles. I've got a 1914 Model T that won a 1st Jr so long ago they didn't even put the year on the plaque (1965). It's a nice car but we tour with it. To be competitive in class judging I should really do some more restoration work on it, but I'm not interested in the awards so much as the fun on having it on the field, so I've entered it into the right class but choose not to have it judged. As Steve and others have mentioned though, go ahead and enter it into judging, learn more about how it's judged and work from there to make needed corrections to upgrade it if you want to. Whatever award you get will be nice, and you'll be proud to have your name called at the banquet and get the award presented in front of others. Terry
  18. Terry Bond


    We had a sneak-preview of the site and facilities this past week. Susan and I attended MG-2018 at the same location. We drove our 74 MGBGT up from the Tidewater Va area in company with some others from our local club. The entire campus is absolutely wonderful with plenty of room. The main hotels are really nice and are fairly new. It's a perfect setting for a car show and we're looking forward to coming back for this event. It's right off Rt 15 on Rt 30. You shouldn't have to get into traffic unless you want to go through town. On site there is an excellent restaurant/brew pub and just down the road a bit on 30 to the west you'll find plenty of other eateries from a small diner to fast food. Everything is so convenient! I understand a lot of car clubs have discovered this facility and are hosting meets there. It was a real pleasure to simply walk from the hotel to everything! See you there! Terry
  19. The 70's editions of the print were available to the public. I have an ad that appears in several publications offering them. It's the large sized first edition prints that are really special. The later prints run from $300--$500 depending on condition and whether they are in their original frame. The earlier versions can cost much more and as I mentioned earlier, there have been a few sold, so if someone wants to dig on the internet, I'm sure you'll find some comparables. Not sure it's a $4000 piece but they don't turn up often and there should be plenty of interest among Olds enthusiasts. Steve, if your watching this thread, you're welcome to give us your thoughts on the topic as our resident Olds guy. Terry
  20. Pictures would be welcome. The worst think that can be done to a nice old car is let it set for such a long time. Any buyer would need to assume the worst. Gaskets, seals, bushings, etc may have all suffered from just sitting. We hear stories all the time about taking cars out of barns, adding some gas, oil, a shot of Marvel Mystery Oil and a fresh battery and away they go. I believe those are the lucky ones. No experience myself tho. Terry
  21. If it's one of the original large sized prints it's indeed something special. Please post a photo. Not sure of the price but I do know that a few have been sold at auction in the past several years so it might be possible to search for that info. Sounds like you have good provenance on it. Terry
  22. It's an interesting painting. Has sort of an amateurish look to it. There were a lot of postcards produced showing aerial views of automobile factories and this painting may have been done using just such a view as the model. I am not familiar with the artist. I think it is of potential interest to a Lexington enthusiast. I don't want to be accused of ridiculing you but I do feel like 1000 is high for it. If it had stronger connection to the company or stronger image of the car it would elevate it. Provenance is everything for items like this, and if you had some way to prove it was commissioned for the President of the company and hung in his office, that would be the kind of connection you'd need to command the $ you feel it might be worth. You could always put it on ebay with a solid reserve and see what happens. That would give you a good idea of it's true value. Terry
  23. Terry Bond

    Grand National in Greensburg

    The meet was Fantastic indeed. Howard, we didn't have time for much more than a quick hello but I understand how hard you worked on this, along with John and everyone else involved. Kudos to the entire region - all the smiles sure made us feel welcome. John, you helped our Tidewater Region folks with a dinner reservation at Rizzos - my personal favorite Italian restaurant and we thank you for taking the time for that - we were treated like "royalty" the minute we arrived. This is certainly an indication of the welcoming hospitality there! It's been several years since we were there for a tour and certainly enjoyed the chance once again to visit Greensburg. The cars were simply amazing and I don't know how you managed to organize the weather also. Thanks for a great time. Terry
  24. Terry Bond

    20th Annual Metro Petro Collectors Show 4/15/18

    Wow, that's great - thanks so much for posting the photos. That's exactly why I originally asked our moderators to start this special section of the forum, so we could actually see and learn where the best events were. I'm going to put this on my calendar for next year and will certainly try to make it. I like to "Bond" sign but gotta pass on it. Not related to either me of the early automotive things I'm collecting. Appreciate the feedback. Happy collecting to all, Terry