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    Brass cars, muscle cars, British sports cars, antique flat-tank motorcycles, automobilia-collect spark plugs, brass lamps, and automotive memorabilia of all kinds as long as it's pre WWI. Signs, literature, ceramics, advertising material, pins, buttons, fobs, and just about anything else. Love to travel, tour, and share the hobby. Susan has grease under fingernails too - it's her MG in the pic. She really enjoys her 1948 MGTC too!
  1. Congratulations Tracy!!!

    I guess it's ok if we "loan" Tracy Lesher to the Horseless Carriage Club of America (HCCA) for a while... I've just seen the announcement she has been selected as the new Editor of the Horseless Carriage Gazette! https://www.hcca.org/Tracy-Lesher.html Tracy and Jeff are great brass car folks who involve the entire family in the old car hobby. Congratulations Tracy. Look forward to touring with you again in the coming season. Terry
  2. Can anyone identify / value this part?

    Correct- jeweled dash light cover. They were a popular novelty accessory item in the twenties. A current version is being made and is available in Langs Model T parts catalog at $37.50. Terry
  3. Packard Auto Robe

    What is it that makes a Packard lap robe? I've got several different lap robes in my collection and have only ever seen a couple of them with a car makers name or logo embroidered on them. They were all aftermarket. You could get them personalized any way you wanted.
  4. Help Identifying These Antique Metal Wheels

    Quadrant bicycle. There are quite a few variations on these, both English and USA made. The English version shown here was sold a while back at a Copake antique bicycle auction. It is described as having 35" diameter wheels. No measurement for the hubs provided in the listing but they look quite long. Made for solid rubber tires. I'm sure a little more internet research for antique cycles will turn up a more exact match. Terry
  5. Looking for career advice

    Not much time for a lengthy response- I usually charge for that, and don't want to take anything away from the book I'm writing as I prepare to most likely retire soon from a career in human resources as a recruiter and career development specialist with a large healthcare company. This was my second career after 23 years Navy. There has been a lot of great advice given here that you'll need to sort out. Looking at your original post, a Defense contractor position is exactly where I was headed when I left the Navy. It would have been an easy transition-just change from uniform to suit and pocket the difference. I chose not to because of where the job was located (Washington DC) and the insecurity of a job like that. It's even worse today. If you are interested in a change, focus on your skills rather than specific job experience. Too often we allow what we've done to frame us and box us in. It's more important to focus on your skills and then explore possibilities with blinders off. Who knows, you could parlay your skills into a job in the healthcare industry like I did. Terry
  6. 4,000th post - A "Thank You" to our forum members

    Congratulations Marty. Always enjoy your company as well as your posts. Terry
  7. Are there any Drexel cars left?

    Wow, thats great. Thanks for posting. I always look at the back of fobs and without a makers name, quickly loose interest. Ebay is littered with fakes, but this one is absolutely correct. Gotta be a rare one.' Terry
  8. What car used this wood steering wheel

    I'm a bit late chiming in on this one - yes, it's been correctly identified as an aftermarket "fatman steering wheel." It was popular on cars where a larger person had difficulty sliding in behind the steering wheel. They were available for any car you wanted top put them on. In this case the wheel was indeed mounted on a Model T as evidenced by the steering "cap" mounted to the wheel. There were a lot of different brands of these wheels made over the years. I have a counter-top display stand for one.
  9. Another Home Run For The Magazine ...

    I wasn't born in the South, but I got here as quick as I could! Yes, I always look forward to those paintings on the winter magazine covers and as long as we're still celebrating Thanksgiving (you do have some turkey left over don't you?), let's be thankful indeed that we have such wonderful contributors, and a great Editor and staff who puts it all together. Our magazine is the best in the business and the stuff between the covers continues to be tops. Terry
  10. Are there any Drexel cars left?

    Please post a couple of photos of your watch fob. I have a small collection of them but have never seen a Drexel. Is there a makers name on the back of the fob? Terry
  11. Car Parts Lot!! 25,000+ Parts!!!

    This is a repost of older attempt to sell but it looks like the options presented to the owner previously did not work out. Hope the stuff finds a good home this time around. Comeon Hershey vendors- you've got almost a year to go thru this stuff and inventory it/price it. Could be some great things in that load. Has anyone been thru it who can offer any other comments or advice?
  12. 2018 Eastern Spring Meet??

    To echo Earl's comment, the folks from Chesapeake Region are a fine group of enthusiasts who are ready willing and able to put on a great event. We will be there. Terry
  13. Regards from Spain

    Greetings- in the mid 90s, I was in Rota, not far from you. Saw a few Model A Fords on the street but never had the time to chase them down. I know there is a lot of interest in vintage cars there, particularly American cars. Would love to see some pics and learn more about activity there. Terry
  14. Goconarni, it seems to me you've looked only at a very limited segment of the market. Your new platform serves only the ultimate consumer looking for something specific whereas the parts market is a lot bigger and encompasses wholesale. I think a bit more "marketing" needs to be looked into rather than just a technical solution. Your site would be useless to someone like myself who collects early auto accessories - brass lamps,etc. Remember that a lot of parts are unidentified and there are loads of them out there waiting for a wholesale merchant to buy the lot and then do the ID, sorting, etc. Trying to make your "solution" vehicle specific would really limit its usefulness I feel. Terry
  15. ODMA Fall Tour

    Just so everyone has some background, the ODMA (Old Dominion Meet Association) is comprised of member regions and chapters in the state of Virginia. It was founded many years ago and has quite a history that I'll try to dig out and post later. It's a non-governing, official Non-Geographical Region of AACA and exists to help arrange hosting of an AACA-style event annually. The event rotates among member regions and chapters and we've had some wonderful meets over the years. It's simply a not-to-be missed activity for AACA members in Va! The Tour was a sort of revival event as originally I believe some tours were done during the early years of the association. It had been many years since one was held, and this year the Richmond Region hosted this event. Just like the Old Dominion Meet itself, the tours are open to AACA members state-wide. I wasn't able to attend -still nursing my broken leg and just wasn't up to the walking part of it, however my wife Susan joined the crowd for Saturdays stops and reports an excellent turnout and a fun time. I certainly hope it continues annually. l look forward to being on the next one! Terry