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    Brass cars, muscle cars, British sports cars, antique flat-tank motorcycles, automobilia-collect spark plugs, brass lamps, and automotive memorabilia of all kinds as long as it's pre WWI. Signs, literature, ceramics, advertising material, pins, buttons, fobs, and just about anything else. Love to travel, tour, and share the hobby. Susan has grease under fingernails too - it's her MG in the pic. She really enjoys her 1948 MGTC too!
  1. AACA National Winter Meet - 2018

    Susan and I have already notified our son to expect visitors. He lives near Mobile and is looking forward to being there with us. Glad to see the local Region tackle this, they are a great club and I know it'll be a fun weekend.Had the chance to meet some of the members at Philly and they are very enthusiastic. Terry

    Another Annual Meeting is now in the history books. What a great time we had! Just got home and unpacked, very tired but that's what happens when you have fun. Great seminars, lots of old friends and new ones attending. Late nights in the hospitality suites, lots of things to learn, see and do as always. Congrats as always to Mike Jones and the entire team for making it great. HQ Staff, Directors, Hotel staff, everyone making it a great experience. Lots of happy people at the awards banquet. It was an honor to once again help with the trophies. Sure we got caught in traffic because of the parade but the crowd was very entertaining! I'm sure there will be some pics posted and others chiming in with highlights but wanted to post something quickly to let everyone know they missed a great event. Makes you proud to belong! Terry
  3. I'll call Headquarters tomorrow

    Bob, you don't realize how a tech upgrade could enhance your Hershey experience. This year I was confined pretty much to my swap spot because of my broken leg. I enjoyed visiting and vending of course but felt I was missing the shopping piece of the greatest show on earth. That is until my wife texted me a photo of a neat piece of automobilia that she spotted. My advice of course - buy it! She kept sending pics and asking about stuff and I ended up with some super goodies I otherwise would not have found. The cell-phone pics and text messages were great and extended my reach tremendously. Even in the cases where we didn't buy something I've still got the photos for my Hershey swap meet photo album. Realize i got off track here, but ditching my flip phone in favor of a modern unit was a pretty good move. I also keep a gallery of photos on the phone including some parts photos, and some pics of my brass lamps. Easier to remember whether it's the left or right one I need to make a pair. It's replaced the old two way radios we used to see. Terry
  4. Decarbonizer

    I still have a few cans of this stuff! Bought a case a while back to display in my old auto parts store recreation. Neat looking but I never tried it and have no idea what it contains. Terry
  5. Join us on March 10th at the Virginia Beach Aviation Museum for another great swap meet! Antique and collectable auto stuff only! This is always a fun event with lots of vendors and good stuff to be found. Indoor and outdoor spaces available. Details and registration info are on our club website. http://www.traaca.com/swap_meet.htm From past events just to start you thinking about spring in Va Beach...
  6. Philadelphia Auto Show

    Robert, contact Mike Jones. AACA and mike have long been involved with this event. Mike would have his finger on the pulse for that event. Call HQ and I'm sure they can put you in touch with him or give you some additional info. Terry
  7. AACA Central Spring Meet Auburn, IN

    Gonna be another great time in Auburn! Looking forward to it. Terry
  8. TRAACA Lunch Fun Run

    Thanks for posting this Matt. It was a fun day out with the old cars. Looking forward to the next event. Terry
  9. Charlotte car show in April

    One of our favorite events! You won't find better hospitality anywhere. Looking forward to it. Terry
  10. Is there Interest in an AACA group in the PNW?

    Bill, have your been in touch with AACA HQ? they can provide a list of nearby AACA members as a starting point. All it takes sometimes is a "spark plug" like yourself to make contact and see if something can be accomplished. I'm sure the folks at our HQ can also put you directly in touch with those responsible for Regions and Chapter development and support and/or membership to assist. We certainly need some activity there-it's such a fabulous part of the country and I know there are old car enthusiasts out there. Where are you located exactly? Terry
  11. Videos Galore..Some Cool Old Stuff!

    Fabulous! Hats off to our Library staff for their hard work digitizing the old films. They are a very dedicated and creative crew and are helping preserve automotive history as well as the history of our hobby! I remember once having to go thorough the hoops to borrow and show an old 8MM movie of one of the Hershey events at a club meeting. Now, these are available for everyone with the click of a mouse! Many years ago I listened to, and even perhaps gave a speech somewhere about the future of our hobby and what a key role technology will play and how it's essential to our survival. Thanks again for sharing. Terry
  12. Is a Speedster eligible for Reliability tour?

    I have seen speedsters on the Reliability Tour before. They were of the era the tour recognizes and properly registered as vehicles of the appropriate year. Ford sold a bare chassis to anyone who wanted to build their own truck, race car ( or speedster) and there were many companies back in those days who made bodies to use on the Model T Chassis. Terry
  13. Neat turn signals. There are hundreds of different varieties of these things and they sure have become popular collectibles in the past few years. Lets talk motometers for a minute. We've all got a few, and my collection is rather eclectic. I've got a few NOS in the original boxes on display in a showcase in my recreated auto parts store but once that cabinet filled up I essentially stopped collecting, except for the occasional chance discovery. I recently snagged a nice Junior Boyce (no car name) in an antique store in NC for $20. I see them all the time on ebay with prices ranging from $50-$500. There are several listed on ebay right now with buy-it-now prices at $350 and above. There is nothing special about them and even those with car names on the faceplates are common (Buick, Chevrolet, etc). I'd imagine some of these sellers are just fishing and have no true idea of what they are worth. I've always enjoyed the offerings at Hershey and still see them for what I consider reasonable money. I did buy a nice one last year mounted on a good flip-top dog-bone cap for $125 and thought that was fair and warranted by the very nice condition. I believe the high prices being asked on ebay are not representative of their true worth, but look what it's possibly doing for the casual flea market vendor or antique shop owner who doesn't have a clue and uses ebay to guide in setting asking prices! What are your thoughts on the price of motometers? I know it's always been a "poor man's mascot" but are we facing a surge of "values"? Should we be "investing" in them or buying them now before the prices get so far out of reach we need to turn to collecting other things?
  14. Here I go again...Another New TV show

    http://www.mtfca.com/discus/messages/822076/824459.html?1515265136 This was also on the Model T Ford Club forum recently, Looks like they are really trying hard to pull some interesting stories together. It'll be interesting to see what survives the editing process on these, but it sounds like an interesting concept for a show. "Hello! I am a casting producer in Los Angeles working on a new TV Series for The Discovery Channel. We are especially interested in finding someone with a Model T Ford who’s family has owned it since coming off the assembly line. ...Or finding someone who has as interesting a story to share about the history of their Model T! Discovery channel is seeking car owners with antique, barn-finds, restored American muscle, rusted-out treasures, rare cars, etc for a new series on Discovery. In short, it's a bit like "Antiques Road Show" on PBS but just with cars. Interested parties (if selected) would have an all-expense paid trip, plus safe insured shipping of their vehicle to Los Angeles to appear on the show, and be appraised by individuals that I believe even your members will find to be excellent choices for the appraisals. STORY IS WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN CONDITION!!!! If you have something that's rusted out, needs work, etc but has been in your family for 4 generations...they'd love that. Anything from very old cars with one owner, never restored, re-discovered family vehicles, cars that have taken decades to restore, you name it! Interested parties should apply here; https://untitleddiscoverycarseries.castingcrane.com/ If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or write. Best, Michael Warwick Casting 310 993 5524
  15. Curious: what time is it?

    Who cares? When I'm on the forum time stands still. Other than that, how many days until Hershey? Terry