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    Brass cars, muscle cars, British sports cars, antique flat-tank motorcycles, automobilia-collect spark plugs, brass lamps, and automotive memorabilia of all kinds as long as it's pre WWI. Signs, literature, ceramics, advertising material, pins, buttons, fobs, and just about anything else. Love to travel, tour, and share the hobby. Susan has grease under fingernails too - it's her MG in the pic. She really enjoys her 1948 MGTC too!

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  1. Terry Bond

    Tax and your cars

    Not a conspiracy theory follower by any stretch of the imagination but I saw a recent article in our local newspaper stating the state is now beginning to look into taxation by-the-mile. That's not a new concept but the idea is gaining some traction. Problem as stated is well known. More fuel efficient vehicles, more electric and hybrid vehicles, etc, have reduced the revenue states have derived from gas tax. As an alternative, they are looking into ways to tax by mile-driven. For newer cars, the technology to do that is already built into the vehicle - has been for years. All that needs to happen is the states need to find a way to get the data (another potential money-maker for manufacturers). These kinds of thoughts need to be closely monitored to ensure that our antique cars are considered. If not, we could be inadvertently sucked up into some kind of crazy laws that impact the use of our vehicles. No ideas yet how they intend to monitor or collect data but I'm sure that the twisted minds of the bean counters are fully engaged. Terry
  2. Terry Bond

    Auburn meet

    A great event. Weather didn't dampen spirits! There were lots of goodies in the auction memorabilia room, and I scored big on a couple of items in the flea market too. Just across the street is one of the best antique malls I've been into in a long time - bought a box full of automobile goodies and am bringing home some nice items for the collection(s). Some fabulous cars came out even in the drizzle. There were a lot of beautiful first time cars shown there including the most amazing Buick roadster and pretty green 31 Caddy I've ever seen. Even brass stuff was on the show field. One guy with a 13 Buick had his side lamps lit. That's how he kept his hands warm on Sat! Terry
  3. Terry Bond

    Tidewater Region's 17th Annual Square Car Tour

    We sure had fun and the weather was fantastic! We're already looking forward to the next opportunity to get the earlier cars out on the roads. Thanks to Matt and Vicki for laying out a great route. Out meal stop this year was a great seafood restaurant. Nobody left hungry. Terry
  4. Terry Bond

    World's Ugliest Corvette?

    I guess the intent was to make them as ugly as possible. Maybe we should consider a new display category. Terry
  5. Terry Bond

    20th Annual Metro Petro Collectors Show 4/15/18

    Ok, I'm about ready to give up on this one. Have tried a couple of years in a row to get more info about this event and either the poster is not monitoring the site or has nothing else to say. I''ve asked if anyone has been there to get a few reports and maybe some recent photos, but nothing. I guess that tells me something . I don't need to be begged to attend but was just curious to see if it might be worth the trip. I'm sure they are working hard to have a nice event, but their PR is lacking. Did anyone attend and what do you have to report about it? Photos??? Terry
  6. Terry Bond

    Spring Carlisle

    Am pleased to hear people are finding parts there again. I've not been back in years as it was seriously in decline - all T-shirt and Taiwan tool vendors along with beanie babies and yard-sale junk. I heard they even dispensed with the $500 per space transfer fee to help get more vendors in . Did I see an ad somewhere where they were opening up an entire section for crafts and ladies beauty products? My lady thinks grease under her fingernails are a beauty product (especially if it's MG grease)! Maybe I'll give it a try again someday. Terry
  7. Terry Bond

    GAS Head Lamp Question BRASS ERA

    Bob, here is a catalog page showing motorcycle headlamps. Not sure about the inscription on yours, it's not real clear from the photo. Terry
  8. Terry Bond

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    It's been my experience that you often need to use some kind of special adapter if using a floor jack for something other than lifting from a jacking point that's obvious on the vehicle. Even for our MGBs we have to use a special adapter that fits into the saddle and better supports the car from the front cross member. Adapters are readily available from Harbor Freight, Amazon, etc. You should be able to find something that safely fits the frame. Be safe. It it doesn't look like it's going to work, it probably won't. Terry
  9. Terry Bond

    Car Badges

    http://www.radiatoremblems.com/2013/06/gustave-fox-co.html http://www.americanautoemblems.com/ These are links to a couple of good references. The second one is more current and is still being added to by good friends Mike and Murray Shears in England. I'd bet they have one of the finest collections existing. There are a lot of auto enthusiasts who collect emblems, myself included, although my "accumulation" is small. I don't see any USA emblems in the pics you would have difficulty finding a lot of info on by using simple internet searches. If you are having difficulty identifying some of them though, let us know which ones you don't recognize and I'm sure you'll get good response on this forum. Nice collection! Terry
  10. Terry Bond

    Bakersfield Swap Meet 2018

    https://www.instagram.com/directenclosedautohauler/# This is a like to some pics and vids posted on the Model T club form by one of our members who is at the 2018 Bakersfield Swap Meet. Looks like a good event for early stuff. Gotta get there someday. Love all that brassy stuff! Additional reports and pics welcomed. Terry
  11. Terry Bond

    Auburn swap meet/show

    Last time I was there I found some choice automobilia and picked up a few model T items i needed. Planning to go again this year. Lots to see and do in the area too. I've found a couple of antique shops nearby that I'm keeping; secret but for a teaser, I found two Doulton motorist series plates in one shop and the prices were sweet!
  12. Terry Bond

    20th Annual Metro Petro Collectors Show 4/15/18

    More pics welcome - have been trying to get a response for a couple of years now - how many vendors and what is the mix of stuff that commonly turns up there? Would like to try and get there someday so any reports or pics would be helpful in making my decision. Thanks Terry
  13. Every year this gets posted and I try to get some reports on it but nothing - no responses. Wondering if anyone from the organization is monitoring? Checked the website and last year there were some very old pics from prior events but this time the website is very sparse. Might like to go if there was a bit more info available. Anyone been there? What did you find? Pics welcome. Terry
  14. Terry Bond

    Clarification is it Bust or Burst of Mercury

    Quite a tale. According to Bill Williams book, this style of mascot was used 28-9 and was zinc diecast and should be nickel plated, not chrome. The one pictured in the link shows signs of having been worked over with some of the detail "softened" by buffing before it was chromed. It was not used on a truck. As far as I know the trucks did not use a mascot, certainly not like this one. I believe that some later pick-ups in the 30s used some kind of stylized hood ornament but nothing like this. Sure hate to "BURST" someone's bubble here but their story is pure fabrication. Maybe some Reo expert will chime in and give us more specific info. It certainly isn't worth a thousand bucks! Terry
  15. Terry Bond

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Got home last night, too late and too tired to check the posts or add anything, but I echo congratulations to HNR for a great auto fair. The AACA meet in Sat suffered because of the rain, but still there were some fabulous vehicles out there that braved the elements. There was a 1912 Cadillac, and a fantastic HPOF 1915 Model T Centerdoor Sedan that were really a pleasure to see. Many others who braved the elements are commended for bring stuff out, including several great 1st time fresh restorations. Really, it was just a drizzle - I've seen much worse! The swap meet was a real treasure hunt and I covered a lot of it. Granted the new parts vendors were out in force, but what do you expect? They've been there since day one and it's a great chance to pick up what you need without paying shipping. HNR runs a fantastic "shuttle" service too, so hauling stuff isn't the chore it is at many larger meets. I found some neat stuff and overall would consider the seap meet better this year than some previously. I collect early automobilia and saw plenty to choose from. A friend who walked with me managed the buy of the year, finding a couple of really super Model t clincher rims for 10 bucks a piece. I passed on a very nice pair of brass sidelamps because of some age cracking, buit they would have been twice the price at most other meets. Lots of interesting cars for sale in the swap meet area too. I didn't walk much around the track but did note some nice tow vehicles that were for sale. With the threat of Saturday rain, many of the vendors began packing up late Friday but who can blame them. It's a typical HNR auto fair - one of the friendliest events in the country. It's well run, the HRN folks are always smiling and helpful, and it'll always be one of my favorite events. There is plenty for everyone and that's what makes it great. Terry