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    Brass cars, muscle cars, British sports cars, antique flat-tank motorcycles, automobilia-collect spark plugs, brass lamps, and automotive memorabilia of all kinds as long as it's pre WWI. Signs, literature, ceramics, advertising material, pins, buttons, fobs, and just about anything else. Love to travel, tour, and share the hobby. Susan has grease under fingernails too - it's her MG in the pic. She really enjoys her 1948 MGTC too!
  1. When I suggested that we needed a swap meet forum, my original intent was to not only announce upcoming events, but to get some post-event reporting on here. Was hopeful we could get a bit of a story about the event. Looking for some info on size, focus (pre-war, postwar, yard-sale stuff, etc). I also expected we'd see more pics from the events - cars for sale or displayed, parts and stuff laying on the tables for sale (price tags showing?) It sure would be nice to see what I missed by not going, and what you lucky swappers found early in the morning. Heck, even pics of the donut vendor would be nice. So far though, I've seen better swap meet coverage on the Model T club forum - photos, goodies discovered, etc. etc. It's fun to see that stuff, but here all I'm seeing generally are announcements for swap meets in far distant places with no idea if it's something I should try to include or not. Of course my tastes may be different than some - I generally walk briskly past the T-shirt vendors, booths filled with Chinese made tools, those stupid beanie-babies and other instant collectibles, Coca-cola stuff made yesterday, fake signs, etc.etc. I've posted (without response) on a few threads asking for some feedback on the events, but get zip response. Comeon folks, I can understand wanting to keep your secret source secret, but I think we could do a lot better with our reporting. With today's smart phone technology all you need to do is snap a few photos for us and share your thoughts. If you;re worried you're wife will find out how much you spent, hide the price tags or make up a good story. Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. I'm addding a photo of a Bugatti radiator cap so you can see the differences. Note the threads-external. Also the pattern on the knurling is straight rather than diagonal. i checked my reference books on mascots and have not seen anything similar. The quality of the casting is not great. Still wondering if the red collar is something added or if it's part of the casting that has been painted. Looks like it is an add-on. I'm certain it's only an inexpensive accessory item, and am not convinced it was intended to be a mascot for a car when it was made. I am leaning towards some kind of figurine, paperweight, etc that has been added to a cap of some kind. It could be a gas tank cap, Terry
  3. First of all, if the picture is of a plug insulator you are trying to replace, that style of Champion is post 1916, and was used for many years following that. Need to know the size of the plug that is used on the car. My guess is the steel body of the plug that screws into the cylinder will be 1/2" pipe thread as noted previously. If that's the case then Champion X would be the one to look for. They are easily found on ebay or available as reproduction items from Model T parts suppliers. Your favorite auto parts store can probably order them as well. They will be of this style but should run fine and look reasonably authentic. I don't know that the originally supplied plug was so dig into your literature and see if you have any indication, or perhaps a factory illustration that you can share. Terry
  4. Nice cars always draw a crowd! Terry
  5. Your car was only judged once. The AACA National Awards team (the guys in the yellow shirts) also look at cars for the National Awards that are given at the Philadelphia Annual Meeting every year. Starting last year, a small group of National Awards team members also looked at cars to be considered for next year's Zenith Award. So, you'll see folks looking over cars more than once, but the judging team that introduces themselves, quietly goes about their business and puts that "judged" sticker on your windshield card are the only judges for awards at that meet. Hope that clarifies what everyone is up to. Terry
  6. I've had so many people tell me about these plugs for sale, but I'm a collector, not a plug dealer. Give us an idea of what brands and what ages for the cars. That might help narrow it down a bit. Terry
  7. Just posted to your other question in the memorabilia section. I'm pretty sure your car uses a 1/2" pipe thread plug, in which case the good old Champion X would be the best choice. I have a friend locally with an 08 Oakland and am sure that's what he uses. Terry
  8. You are looking for just the porcelain core it sounds like. Are you using a Champion plug (#6)? I have a good friend locally with an early Oakland and the cars use a 1/2" pipe thread plug. I believe that's also what a Brush uses. Champion X might be the best plug unless your car uses a different thread type. Photo would be helpful showing what you are using. As a collector, I'm no expert on what kind of plug fits which vehicle, and don't have a lot of spark plug "inventory." Sometimes I do have to buy a load to get a few I want, but surplus usually goes to Hershey. My reference material is limited and I don't have any information about cross-referencing to a newer plug. Let me know more. Terry
  9. Agreed, nobody seems to be monitoring the forum after their initial posting. Same as last year. there are a bunch of us who would probably rent a van and make the trek but if they aren't interested in giving us enough info to entice us, forget it!
  10. Still adding to my collection, although it's getting tough to find something that i don't already have, but this year so far I've added 16 from various sources. Good old fashioned swap meets are still the best source, and I've had a couple of packages arrive in the mail from friends in distant places who are always looking for them and are willing to share their good fortune. Smart phones are sure helpful. Not long ago I had a friend in an antique mall out west who saw one in a display case, sent me a picture and within a minute, I told him to buy it for me. Technology sure extends our reach. I got a picture of this plug a while back, spotted on a non-automotive forum someplace under "what is it" but I've never been able to find out who has it or if it might be for sale. Would love to add to my collection. Anybody got one that I can talk you out of????? Terry
  11. Welcome to the forum and to AACA, loads of fun await you! Be sure to let us know where you are going to be at Hershey so we can stop and say hi. Terry
  12. This past weekend I learned that Charles Schalebaum passed away. As most of you know, Charlie was a world-renowned dealer of automobilia. His booth at Hershey was a wonderful museum of some of the greatest treasures imaginable. He was largely responsible for ferreting out some of the great artwork that ended up in the Ray Holland collection. I'll never forget the first I learned of this great collector - I was in London, about 1973 I think and walked into a basement antique shop in the famed Portabello Road market (back when it was really filled with great antiques). There on a shelf behind the proprietor was a fantastic wooden smoking set in the shape of an early automobile. My heart started pounding but when I asked how much it was, the dealer told me it was being saved for "another yank." He handed me one of Charlie's business cards and asked if I knew him. It was then I learned that he made frequent trips to the UK (and elsewhere) and antique dealers would save their best pieces for him. Those must have been quite some buying trips! Anyway, I got to know Charlie over the years, bought and sold a few things, and always enjoyed spending time at Hershey learning about his great stuff on display there. I eventually acquired the smokers set. He began as a collector, but made the decision a long time ago to be a dealer "because you can't be both." He had a keen eye, a witty smile and was always ready to talk about treasure. Although he enjoyed collecting many other neat items, automobilia was his passion. His passing certainly leaves a void in the world of collecting. Terry
  13. We've been staying at a Sleep inn up on Rt 22. It's very easy access to the meet. Straight up 39 until you intersect with 22, turn left and it's a little bit down on the right. Some nice restaurants nearby, fair price (considering the Hershey week costs), a decent early breakfast, and best of all neat, clean and the owners do a great job. They know the Hershey event is special and we're treated that way. Not sure if anything is available, but there are quite a few motels up that direction now. Have been there several years now and have recommended it to others who also like it. We make our reservations for the next year when we check out. Terry
  14. Cute little guy. Cap and doggie don't really go together, dog has been added. Note two different colors on the brass. It's not a really high quality casting. is the red collar added or is it part of the brass casting painted? I'll need to dig into some reference books to be sure but at the very least it's probably a generic accessory item. Terry
  15. Would love to see some photos and a wrap up report from this great event. I've been several times, but not in recent years. Might try and get it on my calendar for next year. Terry