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    Brass cars, muscle cars, British sports cars, antique flat-tank motorcycles, automobilia-collect spark plugs, brass lamps, and automotive memorabilia of all kinds as long as it's pre WWI. Signs, literature, ceramics, advertising material, pins, buttons, fobs, and just about anything else. Love to travel, tour, and share the hobby. Susan has grease under fingernails too - it's her MG in the pic. She really enjoys her 1948 MGTC too!
  1. Ethnol ruining rubber fuel lines

    Earl, I think your passport is still good for a few years. Comonback! Terry
  2. Duesenberg Concept

    Sorry but to me it looks like what happened when an Edsell and a Riveria went into the barn and turned out the lights.
  3. Contact AACA Headquarters and they can try to research it for you. Is here an AACA prize winner oval badge on it? You will probably need the name of the owner at that time too. My 1914 T won a National First in 1965. Terry
  4. Thanks for your response. The Hershey Region, who actually organizes the fall meet, including the swap meet, reviews everything about the event, and starts planning for next year immediately, and I'm sure they would be interested in your thoughts. Rather than try and organize the event on this forum you should compose a nice letter outlining your thoughts and ideas and address it directly to the Hershey Region AACA. I know you have a concern for the future of the event, and you raise some interesting points so thanks for having the courage to speak up. Just be sensitive to the fact that each vendor is an individual. You would need to be a member of the Hershey Region in order to be on their board of directors. It's a very large group of dedicated volunteers who run this event, and if you were a part of that group there would be very little of your time available for either vending or shopping. There is designated volunteer parking near the Giant Center, and other locations throughout the various fields. What you mention about casual or first time visitors is unfortunately true. Last year I was packing up late on Saturday and had a couple stop by indicating they had heard that there was a car show and flea market that day. They showed up at about 3:30PM. I explained the whole thing to them, handed them an AACA application and let them know the best thing they could do is join the club. They did, and this year they came by on Friday afternoon to tell me how much they appreciated the help. Yes, unfortunately, if Sears is having a big sale, there will still be customers to who show up a day late, or after all the goodies are gone. Don't know why you are hung up on over-priced milk shakes, but then again on a hot day at the ball park, that $5 beer tastes mighty good. Hope the post Hershey season is good for you and that you'll be back again next year to find some goodies. Terry
  5. Sure is a lively chat here. 48 Woodie, sorry your glass is half empty. For many of us it's a hobby, not a business as has been pointed out. Still, I did great and have no complaints. I also found some great stuff this year. My booth was open while I served as an AACA director for 15 years, but on a limited basis. I had a smaller than usual display this year because of my broken leg, so if a few things on a table at my spot disappointed you I humbly apologize for the limitations dictated by my medical situation. I'll try to do better next time. Be warned however, you'll not find me there when I'm out shopping, and you'll also not find me there during certain hours on Friday when I try to attend the Spark Plug Collectors of America meeting way over by the old stadium, or on Friday afternoon when we try to be at the Buzzards Breath Touring Region meeting. This year I also attended a Continuing Judges Education session. Of course Saturday I also had judging obligations to fulfill on the showfield. You'll also find me closing up early on Thursday so we can take our turn at the AACA membership booth late in the afternoon. If you wander on by during those times you are more than welcome to take a picture of my space, but personally, when I take pictures at Hershey it's of neat old cars and great stuff piled on tables. I hope you enjoy next year's event, I can promise great weather, and I highly recommend you try the crab cakes. Terry
  6. 1915 Saxon Model 14 FOR SALE

    Enjoyed the video Tony, hopefully you are selling it so you can pick up something else. Great to see you chasing early cars. Terry
  7. Fordomatic Dealership Display "VALUE"

    Dittos to all replies - and yes indeed-if you like it buy it. I can already sense you'll be disappointed if you get back there and it's already sold. Bet you could get your money back easily at Hershey next year if you need to. Looks to be in great condition. Terry
  8. Bet you haven't seen one of these:

    Had one that we bought brand new in Scotland in 1980 - it was the Clubman Estate. Neat little car that fit nicely on the roads over there. Funny story - after only a few thousand miles I went back to the dealer complaining about "premature tire wear." (oops - thats TYRE wear!). The guy who ran the service department where we bought it was also a friend in the local antique auto club there and he quietly said to me - "think about it - those little tyres go round twice as much as the bigger ones do, so of course they will wear out sooner than you are used to with your big American ones." Made sense. Nice car that served us well. We managed to perfect loading it for camping trips. Terry
  9. How many are still around today?!

    Always enjoyed watching that clip. Amazing how everyone was "dressed up" for the event- lots of sport coats, ties, white shirts, etc. Those arw were going into the old stadium for the show and at that time the swap meet was also inside around the track. I'm sure a lot of those cars are still around and I'm sure if some old timers study it carefully they can identify some of the people. First year I attended was 1970 and the brass cars were still inside the stadium on display. I've got an old 8mm film around here someplace that I need to dig out and preserve digitally somehow. It's not long as I remember the camera batteries crapped out as I was up in the stands trying to get a good aerial view of the whole thing. I wonder how many of those people are still attending? Terry
  10. An Antique Vanity Plate?

    Ok in Virginia too. We've got appropriate plates on our MGs and the GTO. Terry
  11. Every year there are posts here from those who would like to see it somehow reorganized. There have been some good thoughts, and I'm sure everyone has good intentions, but in reality it's difficult to either categorize areas or do much with vacant spaces or parked vehicles. Remember this year a lot of vendors and buyers had been impacted by some pretty serious disasters and were unable to make it to vend or buy. In my own case, I had a broken leg. It didn't keep me from being there but greatly restricted my ability to sell and get around. For vending I had a simple ez-up and a couple of small tables and a few brass lamps, so I guess I fall into that "little bit" category - but there was a valid reason. I was also in a rented mobility scooter that I had to have properly registered by showing drivers license and wallet handicapped permit card. The barriers into the car corral were staffed by security and only properly registered scooters/carts were permitted. I saw several people on non registered carts stopped by security in the market, and one guy on a bicycle given the option to leave or push the bike. I know of several vendors with plenty of stuff who also have an extra space for their motor home or camper. Remember also that some vendors like to occasionally go shopping. Personally I like to close up at least one day, usually Thursday so I can look too. I know when I was on the Board of Directors there were often other obligations, meetings, etc that took time away from both vending and looking. So - it's really an individual thing and if you happen to walk past my space on Thursday it would be vacant. Hershey is an experience - the worlds greatest show on earth for the old car hobby, and I love the treasure hunt. Hershey Region does a fabulous job with it all and they are all volunteers doing the best possible. Ever year they have a wash-up meeting and begin planning immediately for the next year. I'm sure there are a lot of good ideas that get tossed round. To steal a line from the late Ted Fiala, one of our founders, "Long Live AACA"...and-the Hershey fall meet. May they never run out of gas. Terry
  12. What did you buy at Hershey?

    Despite my broken leg, still managed to get out a bit and find some goodies. Susan also did some power-shopping and snagged a lot of neat MG collectibles. I got into a newly opened collection of pins, buttons, etc and bought a lot of great early stuff. Found advertising letter openers, some NOS Model T accessories for my old parts store recreation, spark plugs for the collection, and am still trying to figure out how to afford a really nice piece that may be a post Hershey acquisition. One thing I'd like to learn more about is this neat pin that came to me from a good friend. The best parts of Hershey included the chance to see old friends. There were so many who just dropped in to say hi and their encouragement was tremendous as my leg heals toward next year's event. Terry
  13. What is this car?

    Yes believe Overland. The odd oval shaped radiator filler is unique. Looks like the writing is superimposed on the photograph rather than painted on the car itself. Terry
  14. GCC 5-6 in front of Giant Center. We're almost across from the crab cake vendor so stop over and say Hi while you are enjoying your annual crab cake sandwich. I'm going to be there a lot more than usual nursing my broken leg, so don't worry if I don't immediately jump up to say hello. Everything takes me longer these days! Oh, almost forgot - bring me some old odd spark plugs for my collection. Safe travels to all, see you there (beautiful weather has been arranged!). Terry
  15. When were automobile bumpers first required by law?

    West, trying to get back on track here - I know the MGTC when first imported into the USA had bumpers. The bumpers were for the export editions only due to legal requirements in the USA. The 1973 turning point in safety legislation at the federal level here in the USA brought us seat-belts, height requirements on bumpers, and man other things. I again look at how the British cars being imported had to comply with those requirements, especially MG with introduction of those big rubber bumpers and increased overall ride height. I think the only way to narrow this down is to research it state-by-state to see when it was really first required for cars to have bumpers.. I think it had to be sometime in the twenties. Photos of cars without any bumpers at all are common up until that time. They were a popular addition though as I have some early accessory catalogs dating back into the 1900s that show aftermarket bumpers being available. Terry