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    Brass cars, muscle cars, British sports cars, antique flat-tank motorcycles, automobilia-collect spark plugs, brass lamps, and automotive memorabilia of all kinds as long as it's pre WWI. Signs, literature, ceramics, advertising material, pins, buttons, fobs, and just about anything else. Love to travel, tour, and share the hobby. Susan has grease under fingernails too - it's her MG in the pic. She really enjoys her 1948 MGTC too!

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  1. Terry Bond

    1904 Renault top question

    Check the AACA Library and Research center to see if there is any info. You'll need to look at a catalog, owners manual or brochure showing what the can originally came with. For a lot of cars of that era tops were often aftermarket additions. Renault being a rather high-end car though may have supplied something from the factory. I have seen leather used on some of the closed cars, especially those used as Taxis. Photos would be appreciated.
  2. Terry Bond

    Remembering our Veterans

    Breath the free air and be thankful for those who sacrificed all. Never forget. Terry USN Retired
  3. Terry Bond

    1906 Version of Hemmings

    Picked up this little gem recently. It's a paper publication by Times Square Automobile Company, a division of the well-known Times Square auto parts and accessory company. There are 46 pages of cars for sale, many that you've probably never heard of before. Too bad we can't travel back in time with a pocket full of money and bring some home. I wonder if any of these cars survived and are restored today? Terry
  4. Terry Bond

    early motorcycles.................

    Well said Bob. I saw the Pierce for sale at Hershey and spent more time there oogling over it that almost anything in the swap meet. There is one in the Buffalo Transportation Museum and later the same day I told Jim Sandoro about this one. Don't know if he got to look it over or not, but even as a restoration with most of it remade it's a remarkable machine. There are many cars out there that began with nothing more than an engine (e.g. Stanley and Locomobile Steamers, one cylinder Caddys, etc.) Terry
  5. Yes, I strongly recommend the AACA signs-they are great and are nicely done. I've been to car shows where you can hardly see the car for all the framed ads, teddy bears, models, etc.etc. I find all that distracting, so recommend just a plaque or sign that tells something about the vehicle, it's history and/or restoration. I like having a binder of photos and other info handy for anyone who might be interested. Terry
  6. Terry Bond

    Early REO Emblem

    I believe that Pulfer and Williams had these reproduced years ago. Collector interest in them was always secondary though as a Reo emblem is fairly common among collectors. While I'm not familiar with the company they probably produced a variety of them over the years. You may wish to contact Mike Sears who maintains the wonderful website "American Auto Emblems." http://www.americanautoemblems.com/ You can contact Mike directly through the website and perhaps he can shed more light on the subject. Responding to Lump's question about whether a collection would be "better" as complete with repros - only originals would make it a great collection. You'll never have a "complete" collection though. as you''ll soon figure out after looking over the beautiful emblems on the above website. Terry
  7. Terry Bond

    Knudsen Sixty-tell me more

    A friend recently acquired this item at a small flea market. It's a brass desk piece apparently, and is a model of a car called a Knudsen Sixty. I've done a little digging on the internet and it seems there was only one of these cars built and driven personally by Bill Knudsen. Here is what I've found - In its debut year, 3,703 Cadillac Sixty Specials were delivered, at a base cost of $2,090 each - it was a success in every measure. The new Sixty Special outsold every other Cadillac model in its first year accounting for 39% of all Cadillacs sold. In 1938, aside from the standard 4-door sedan, two prototype models were built on the Sixty Special body - two very dashing four-door convertibles (one owned by GM executive, Larry Fisher, which was demolished by Harley Earl in a traffic accident and one sent to Europe, which was later recalled and consumed by GM Engineering in structural tests in preparation for the 1940 "Torpedo" bodies), plus one Sixty-Special coupe (driven personally for two years by GM President, Bill Knudsen). Was it really called a "Knudsen Sixty" and how rare is this little piece of memorabilia? Terry
  8. Terry Bond

    Boyce winged Radiator cap what is it

    It is indeed a Monagram brand accessory radiator cap with a Boyce motometer mounted on it. It is Boyce universal model so without a specific car brand name or logo printed on it, it's a "generic" motometer available to fit any radiator cap, and the cap itself was made to fit any of several different cars using that size tread. Impossible to pin it down to specific use. Most of these caps were made of pot metal (diecast) and are quite fragile, so be careful attempting any restoration work on it. Some tough were made of plated brass, and those are much more desirable. Collectors of radiator caps enjoy finding these but the Monagram caps are not uncommon, and the Boyce motometers in the plan universal style are very common, although their prices have gone up in the last few years. For info, there are a large number of the attachments (emblems) that are designed to mount on the front of it that are currently available on Ebay. Good time to start your collection I think. Terry
  9. Ooh-you beat me to the coil tester! I've been looking for a decent one. This is the crank type with the Model T flywheel assembly right? Post a photo! Terry
  10. I've eagerly awaited more photos from the swap meet at Hershey but am starting to wonder if I'm the only one taking photos of STUFF! I always snap lots of pics of treasure in the market - photos of goodies on the tables, piled up awaiting buyers, etc. Sometimes I look at them after I get home and discover things I didn't notice and probably should have bought. On well- maybe next year. Anyway, here are a few pics to enjoy in hopes it reminds you of the fun you had hunting treasure (even in the rain) at the greatest show on earth. Terry
  11. Terry Bond

    New eBay issue - Advice on fraudulent activity

    Maybe I read through everything too quickly but I'm wondering how you know for sure your carb is in Michigan? I've heard that people "steal" ebay photos and listings all the time. About a year ago i had watched as nice piece of automobilia sell for a handsome price - and a few weeks later the same listing re-appeared. I had saved he image on the original listing and when I compared it with the new listing, it was a total match, including background! The "new" listing had a tempting buy-it-now price but recognizing a fraud, I reported it to ebay. I actually got a fast response - although it was a listing supposedly in New York (the original item was sold from Florida to an unknown buyer), I learned from the ebay response the paypal account was someone in China! So-where the item is listed actually has no bearing on this. Someone may have just stolen your listing! Terry
  12. Terry Bond

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    i guess it's a natural reaction to think about the folks left behind in the office to continue fighting the same battles over and over again, especially for those who have leaned on me over the years and sought advice. But - I'm sure I'll be missed mainly for the stories of weekend escapades and trips with the old cars . I'll never forget the "retirement" speech Howard Scotland gave when he retired from the AACA Board of Directors - he stuck his finger into a glass of water, pulled it out and asked us what size of hole was left behind! Hershey was a blast and the best part was NOT going back to work on Monday morning. Next year I'm going to try and stay over for the Hershey Hangover Tour! Terry
  13. Terry Bond

    Virginia Personal Property Tax

    THANKS for the history on it Earl. I well remember the battle but with Tom leading the way, and support from your region and the Old Dominion Association clubs Va became one of the best states to live in and own an antique auto. You are correct that the law prohibits localities from collecting personal property tax on antique cars at a rate greater than the state does - and that is Zero! Terry
  14. Terry Bond

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Here are a few more goodies I managed to bring home this year. I've collected old duster and auto related buttons for a long time and this was the best I've ever found at Hershey. The boxed set is only the second one I know of. They are hand painted under glass and are quite small. The last pic is a die-cut embossed calendar from 1909. Amazing it has survived in such fine condition. This year I also added a nice load of spark plugs to my collection including this set of four top-primer plugs. Despite the Thursday rain, it was one of the best Hershey meets I've ever been to. Jay wanted to stop for a photo but I was too busy treasure hunting! Terry
  15. Terry Bond

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    This year was simply amazing for me. I needed to make up for last year when I was mending my broken leg and didn't get to see much of it, so was determined to cover as much as possible. My best finds were actually on Thursday during the rain. Vendors with covered spaces were eager to sell and I was braving the elements in search of great automobilia. One of my best acquisitions this year was a superb early French bronze figurine of a lady in an early automobile. I'm trying to research some history on it so any help would be appreciated. One like it was sold at an auction in Germany in 2008 and it was listed as "Hulcan Trophy 1904/05 signed Hippolyte Francois Moreau" Moreau was a French sculptor and supposedly the original trophy is in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Not sure how many of these bronze editions exist. Found a bunch of great spark plugs for my collection, more pins and buttons, and another great early inkwell/pen-tray. Already making off days on the calendar until next year. Terry