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  1. Bakersfield Swap Meet - Pre War

    There's a great video of last year's 2017 Bakersfield Swap Meet. Made by Trish and David of DnT TV, this walk around video certainly gives one the flavor of the annual Bakersfield HCCA/Model T Ford Club joint sponsored meet. Go HERE and then click on the 'VIDEO' to view the 15 minute YouTube video. Hope to see you April 13-14, 2018, I know you'll enjoy it! Steve Hammatt
  2. Driving from north of Seattle to SoCal and returning the last week of Jan 2018. Extra room for vehicles, parts, etc. in our enclosed 24' extra high car trailer. Let me know if I can help. Super thanks. Steve Hammatt 360-661-6060
  3. Car hauling needed Van Nuys Ca to Seattle WA

    Driving from north of Seattle to SoCal and returning the last week of Jan 2018. Extra room for vehicles, parts, etc. in our enclosed 24' extra high car trailer. Let me know if I can help. Super thanks. Steve Hammatt 360-661-6060
  4. Carburetor tip

    I wrote my reply (above) without some needed detail. I'm talking about the float needle and seat. Not the adjustable (on some models) main jet. Here's what I did to make sure, once and for all that my problems would go away. Due to the low head pressure offered in my Overland, the incoming fuel pressure at the inlet needle and seat was quite low. In fact, there wasn't enough pressure to push open the HORIZONTAL needle. The key word, in my mind, is horizontal. If it was a more typical vertical needle and seat arrangement, the needle would open by the simple gravitational pull of mother nature (grin). Due to the low pressure, combined with the small cross-sectional area of the seat opening diameter, there was inadequate force to push the needle open. Here are my fixes, all made at the same time: 1. Open the seat diameter to drill size 31 (.120" dia.) vs. the original drill size 39 (.0995" dia.). 2. I also replaced the original needle with a viton tipped needle pulled out of a friend's carb junk box. 3. In addition (here we go with the belt and suspenders approach) the newer viton tipped needle had a groove machined around the o.d. at the other end of the needle, up near the end where the float tap pushes the needle closed. I found, in that same junk box, a small ss wire designed to engage into the groove and at the same time, hook over and behind the float level tab; this arrangement would literally "pull" the needle open when the float dropped. So now, I was assured of two ways to open the needle, the metal spring wire and the increased pressure offered by the larger diameter (+/- 40% increase) in cross-sectional area. Remember, the increased flow opening also allows for added flow into the carb. If you have any questions, drop me a note or call 360-661-6060.
  5. Carburetor tip

    I was having difficulty in feeding my 1914 Overland 79T, running a later added-on Carter BB-1 Carb. Fortunately before we were about to obtain an original carb for testing, we stumbled across some Carter literature and discovered that Carter BB-1s could come with two different main inlet jet sizes (one for pressurized and the other (larger) size jet for gravity feed. I may be off slightly, but the numbers were something like drill size 31 (.120" dia.) vs. drill size 39 (.0995" dia.) for the main jet. We chucked up the main jet in a lathe and carefully enlarged the main jet to the larger size, since we were running a gravity feed system and then never looked back. IIRC, there was something like a 40% increase in cross-sectional area for the fuel flow. Suddenly no more problems running up hills or having to maintain a 3/4 full fuel tank. I could now make full use of all 13+ gallons in the under front seat fuel tank.
  6. Car hauling needed Van Nuys Ca to Seattle WA

    Hi If you're still looking for assistance, after Hershey, I'll be driving up I-5 from SoCalif to Seattle area. 24' enclosed trailer. Let me know if I can help. 360-661-6060. Thanks.
  7. George Let me know if I can help. I'm returning from Hershey this year via SoCalif. I'm in the RED Field, RWG 30-31, near lamp post #21. Steve
  8. Marty, Drive careful and enjoy your trip. Stop by and say hello......don't forget Cookies and Soda at 10am on Thursday at Hershey. I'm at the same spot, the Red Field, RWG 30-31, near Lamp Post #21, four aisles south of the HCCA HQ tent. Steve
  9. Cross-country haulage to 2017 Hershey from Pac NW and return.

    Quick update: First, I'm going to be at Stutzman's Wheel Shop in Ohio on the eastbound trip. If you're from the Northwest and need wheels sent to Stutzman, let me know. Also, I'm basically full with vehicles for most of the trip. But I'm returning from Hershey via Denver to SoCalif and I have vehicle space in the enclosed 24' trailer between Los Angeles and Seattle. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Please remember to keep my phone number available at Hershey if you find a need to haul something home! Hope you have a great Hershey experience!
  10. Larry, thanks for the boost, however it appears I'm full with two cars going each way to Hershey and return. The only car space I'll have available will be from SoCal to PacNW on the return trip home. Still have room for less than vehicle sized items. Steve Hammatt Mount Vernon WA USA 360-661-6060 (cell & text)
  11. Heading again to Hershey this fall with 24' extra tall enclosed trailer and diesel rig. Still have space for cars. Always have room for odd items inside and in truck bed. Will be travelling through Denver both east- and west-bound and will have room for parts along the way. Leaving around Sept 26th and returning by October 13th. Trailer will be in the RED Field RWG 30-31 (4 aisles south of the HCCA HQ Tent), plan for your return haulage requirements now. Thanks to all my friends who have allowed me to haul for you. You can reach me at 360-661-6060 or email at
  12. Hauling cars to and from Denver near the end of June. Basically following the I-90/I-82/I-84/I-80/I-25 routing into the Denver area for drop off and pick up. Then returning back the same route (or may make a small adjustment and return via I-70/I-15 to Ogden UT). Basically full of cars each way, but do have some room for larger parts, etc. RAM diesel rig with 24' extra tall rig for Haulage. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. Thanks. Steve Hammatt 360-661-6060
  13. (UPDATED): Now headed direct from Mount Vernon WA (I-5, north of Seattle) to Bakersfield. Have room for one automobile and smaller items. Reserve space now. Thanks. (ORIGINAL POST): Heading southeast from PacNW to Denver, Los Angeles and then north to the Bakersfield Swap Meet (April 7-8) with enclosed car trailer and diesel rig. Trailer is extra tall (90") to handle larger/taller loads. Space available heading south for vehicle and parts and also while returning as far north as Fresno. Picking up vehicle in Fresno, but will have room for parts (chassis, frames, engines, etc.) on the return to PacNW. Let me know if I can be of some assistance. My cell is 360-661-6060 and my Bakersfield Swap Meet space is Aisle D #21.
  14. Heading down to San Diego and return to Pac NW in little over a week from now. Open for a single car heading south, but no room for full cars on the return trip. 90" tall, 24' enclosed trailer with Cummins diesel rig doing all the work. Truck bed is available for open haulage. Let me know if I can be of assistance. Super thanks. Steve 360-661-6060 cell/text