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  1. stude24

    1957 Dodge Pickup Windshield

    Thank you KURTRUK very helpful (I recognize your name from the SDC Forum).
  2. stude24

    1957 Dodge Pickup Windshield

    This is for my brothers truck and he's just up the lake from you in Williston, VT. He thinks 57 to 60 will fit, probably best if he could come down and take a look if possible? Send me a PM with your contact information and he will get in touch with you. Thanks for your help. Dan
  3. Looking for new or good used windshield for a 1957 Dodge pickup. SEnd me a PM if you have or know of one. Thanks!
  4. stude24

    1957 Dodge Pickup Windshield

    Looking for new or good used windshield for a 1957 Dodge pickup. Send a PM if you have or know of one. Thanks!
  5. Currently on eBay; PM me with any questions.
  6. Here's another one, a little more complete, different part of the country, again not mine:
  7. Not mine:
  8. I just posted a for sale ad for a collection of small pre-war Studebaker parts on the Studebaker Swap Page found at this link: The parts list is attached. If they are anything your interested in let me know. Pre-War Parts.docx
  9. NOS Buick (GM) Manual Telescoping Antenna (Mast) Part Number: 1384124. Fits: 1968-69; Special, Skylark, Sport Wagon & Gran Sport 1969-70; Lesabre, Wildcat, Electra & Estate Wagon New Old Stock (NOS) in original GM wrapper (the paper wrapper is a little rough and has been taped back together in several spots). Price is $125 plus $15 shipping in continental USA. Send a Personal Message (PM) if interested. Dan Peterson Montpelier, VT
  10. This isn't a very good photo of the original dash in the 1924 Light Six I once owned, but its the best I could find.
  11. stude24

    29 erskine engine rebuild

    As you may have found out already, in order to remove the crankshaft you will need to remove the rear main filler block. This is a die-cast piece and will likely come out in pieces and you'll need to have a new one made. Hopefully someone out there can provide the dimensions or a replacement part.
  12. stude24

    reach rod end for 36 Dictator Coupe

    I also have 2 NOS Studebaker tie-rod with ends, for conventional front axle, part number 180997, fits models; A, 1A, 3A, 5A, J5. Also one NOS Studebaker tie-rod with ends, part number 190715, for model; 6A, 3C. This has one end with the spring-loaded tie rod end. Also one NOS Studebaker reach-rod, no part number, but appears to be Type E in the parts book illustration (see above) which would fit model 1A. Can send photos for any of the above. Send a PM if interested.
  13. stude24

    reach rod end for 36 Dictator Coupe

    In looking at the 1940 Studebaker Parts Catalog it appears your "original" spring loaded end is part number 199210 which is listed for a Model 5A (1937 Dictator), shown in the parts book as "Type G". According to the parts book these were sold as a complete unit (note the non-threaded end of the shaft). The other part shown appears to be 188061 for a Model 3A (1936 Dictator), which was a different design and is noted as "Type F" in the parts book (note threaded end), these units were of the type that could be disassembled and the various components purchased separately. Attached is a scan of the parts book page. Related to this I bought a bunch of older Studebaker parts a few years ago and it include the NOS spring loaded tie rod (or reach rod?) end shown in the photo below. It had no part number, so I'm not sure what it fits, however it looks very similar to your original end, however the shaft appears to be a little longer. If it's something you might be interested in send me a PM.
  14. I have a Dodge-Fargo Trucks Parts List from 1938 covers Dodge models MC thru MH and Fargo models FE1 thru FE6 and a Truck Shop Manual from 1937 covers series M & FE. Covers have some soiling and tears at the binding cover, contents are good (see photo's below). Both are published by Chrysler Corporation of Canada. $50 each, send a PM if interested.
  15. stude24

    28 studebaker dictator finally came home

    Yikes, you're braver than me.