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  1. Finishing my Buick Shop

    Hi Joel, I am bad as I remember your car but not the face. Maybe you can come down this fall for a tour of the Hill Country. It will be based out of Kerrville Tx. It would be great to see another 1960 Buick.
  2. These days in June can be anywhere from warm (75) to hot (85) to damn hot (95). Its normally not as humid as Texas is though.
  3. Finishing my Buick Shop

    Whats it cost you for a drink ? 14 holes ?? Soda and Beer with room left over for water.
  4. With SMS it all depends if they have it in stock (quick) or have to have it made (sloooowwww).
  5. Bought a Barn Find 1977 Cadillac Seville!

    what kind of AC work or don't you know yet ? You can replace the clutch on that AC compressor fairly easy without having to break the system. I have used this web page to do it before.
  6. 1955 Buick Century Part ID

    I thought the Flux Capacitors were on the passenger side in 1955.
  7. We used to have Steam Shovels in the gravel pit near our farm. Neat things to watch as a kid. I still call excavators Steam Shovels.
  8. HELP!

    And to think we used to play games wih resolution like the above.
  9. It was 71 down here today and a friend came over from Austin in my old Riviera. we both have long weekends this weekend. After we looked at his car for a while and had lunch, we went for a long ride in my Electra. At one point on a back country road we stopped to measure the car. They have these measuring sticks all over the roads around here.
  10. Pulling out a straight 8?

    I found it easier if you pull the head off first., Then you can bolt the chains to the top of the engine.
  11. 1947 transmission service manual

    Yes, but I have no shop manual for them. I always had to double clutch between the gears. I think the syncros were gone and never found any. Yours looks like mine looked.
  12. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    I do when you need them nothing else will do.
  13. Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    You will have fun with that, they are little rocket ships. But the faster you go off the line the less milage you will get.
  14. My Reatta will not be in the record books

    Was up in the panhandle of Texas and got caught going way over the limit one night. Spent the rest of the night in jail before being able to call and get bail.
  15. Holiday Greetings