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  1. A bit off topic here but a great waste of 10 minutes of your life. 3 modern cars gave their lives for this footage.
  2. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    I love my iMac and my MacBook Air from work. I also love Carbonite. $ 59 / year to have my Mac backed up. Yes, I have an external drive but so did a friend. When Harvey visited Houston and flooded their house with 6 feet of water, it cost her 1500 to get her information back.

    Triumphs there a name you don't hear every day. I had a 57 BSA A10 that I loved and rode all over. Wish I could still ride.
  4. 65 carter rebuild

    I can speak for the CarbKing Kits. I just rebuilt the AFB on my 1960 Electra and the kits come with everything you need. Depending on how bad your carb is a couple of nights in the garage with the shop manual can save you a couple hundred bucks.
  5. 64 Front shocks?

    I did the bushings along with replacing the rear springs on Rob's car about 10 years ago as it was sagging badly.
  6. Engine Stats

    One reads RPM / Dwell from the coil, there is a vacuum T to measure your vacuum, a board you slide in your radiator to measure Temp and a electrical connection to the oil pressure sender. All these connect to a little black box you mount of the firewall that talks (using bluetooth I Imagine) to your phone. I wonder what happens when the phone ring as m,y phone use bluetooth to talk to my car ?
  7. Engine Stats

    I like your idea. I have a HUD that I use as a speedometer. I find the windshield reflects it well enough except when driving into the direct sun. Dont know about an Iphone though .
  8. Engine Stats

    Has anyone used this instead of putting gauges in ? Its a phone app for monitoring your engine. Looks interesting.
  9. 1953 Super Estate Wagon

    When he did my car, it was all removable. you do wood 1st to get it rough and then take it off to finish it (varnish or poly) while you are doing the rest of the car. Dont want to do wood work on new paint or paint on new woodwork. The hinges on that year car are painted, not chrome.
  10. 1953 Super Estate Wagon

    Know the woodworker who is selling this and he does excellent wood work. Still looking at 50 K at least to finish it.
  11. Too Much Time On My Hands

    Good job ! I will order one tomorrow.
  12. Texas Clear Out After Turkey Day ~ Looking for A Helper

    I live right down the road (kerrville) , could help one day. Also there is the Fredricksburg Car club that may be a good source of knowledge. Let me know how I can help.
  13. 1953 Special Dash Panel

    Station Wagons too...
  14. Other uses

    The 425 does a better job at mixing drinks. It gets the ice chopped up finer.