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  1. I find it best to deal with people who actually listen and are willing to learn at the same time. Once you find someone like this, be it at the local auto parts store or hardware store, keep going back to them and treat them well as they are worth their weight in gold. I try to hire the same in my business as most of the folks I get are just out of college.
  2. Or you can do what I and others have done which it convert to Vintage Air. They make all the parts to make the Riviera cold enough to hang meat in it. And I live in Texas. Check out Don's thread that I added on to below. I tried to fix my A/C and spent lots more then if I would have just gone with Vintage Air in the first place.
  3. Plus the car show JWL is taking about is on a HOT parking lot with not much shade. I am afraid I am going to have to miss it this year.
  4. Even if they were not, it is always a good idea to have one in the car. While it may never happen to you, cars (especially old cars) will burn, leaving a black chunk of melted steel / rubber / plastic that is no good to anybody. I have been saved one time by the foresight of having a fire extinguisher, otherwise I would have been 300 miles from home with no car.
  5. Hmm I see it is a Windows only platform. This may make me put Windows on my Mac to try this.
  6. A 41D is the Deluxe model which means you have the stainless down the side and a few other goodies. A Model 41 is just a plain painted car.
  7. Its Texas, the folks the PO hires down here aren't the brightest bulbs in the 6 pack.
  8. Dale, I didn't know you were that Dale Smith that I see in Woodworkers Journal from time to time. Congratulations again, didn't you win Best of Show last year ?
  9. Yes, my boss lives there and he is no Texan. OSU Cowboy through and through. I am amazed that you are one too.
  10. Call Roy on the number listed and talk to him. Explain you situation and he should take care of you.
  11. Hell, All of us here know what you need and are willing to spend your money.
  12. Make sure you go to Circus World in Baraboo. It is the home of the Al Ringling home and Museum.
  13. I jumped in my truck at my bosses house, put it in reverse and promptly backed over his new Corvette he had parked behind me. didn't even see it. Luckily it was the end of summer and I had to go back to school.
  14. We will leave either the 2nd or the 3rd and make our way to Milwaukee eventually. Will probably go the I 35 route as we want to see friends in Stillwater. Then through Rockford Illinois to see relatives. Hopefully all will work on the 1960 Electra.
  15. Wonder how much Poison Ivy is around and perhaps covering that truck ? Not to mention snakes, spiders, lizards and other critters.