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  1. How they make Babbit Bearings

    Have you ever wondered how they make them ?
  2. R 12 It depends on where you shop. Was at an A/C getting R22 for my home AC and they had a 30 LB container of R12 for $ 1400. Ebey goes about $800. I still have the remains of 1 30 lb container and a full container that I bought for $ 400 few years ago. It also lasts long when you fix the leaks. I have a friend who uses computer duster in his R12 system. Cools well and at 3 bucks a can it is cheap. His car takes 5 cans. It one of those Buick's with the A/C in the trunk, can you imagine how much R 12 it would take ? My 1960 takes 5 lbs if empty.
  3. I have learned enough from reading this thread to tackle my A/C on my Electra. It has the same issues. Starting withe Check valve and will work my way to the actuators. Compressor and the cool side works well, its just under acceleration or sitting at a light, it warms up. Sounds like same basic setup too.

    More pictures of the hound ! And NOT the one you posted in the snake oil thread.
  5. Replacing Vacuum Check Valve 1960 Electra

    Chris, I have found the actuators but I am trying the cheaper part first. Found a doorman part that has promise. My check valve had been replaced already one as it is a Ford replacement part :-)
  6. On my 1960 Electra I am thinking the vacuum check valve is bad because every time I accelerate or put my foot into it to go up a hill, my A/C warms up or doesn't blow as hard or blows through the wrong vents. I have been through the compressor / hot gas valve etc and it cools well. I am thinking my actuators are losing vacuum and won't stay closed during low vacuum conditions or they are bad. I thought I would try a vacuum check valve fist before spending lots of money to replace the actuators. My problem is find the correct one and knowing how to test to see if it is bad. Suggestions are welcome. I know I probably won't get a GM so replacement numbers are welcome. Doorman or something similar. Mine has vacuum coming in and two outputs, one to the vacuum can and one to the actuators. Bernie or Chris, have you ever replaced yours ? Thanks
  7. 2018 Buick national forms ?

    It is being worked on now... It normally will take some time from the last national Meet to close out the books and change the forms. Make your hotel reservations now and then you can register later. There is minimal information out there now, including a entry form you can print and mail.
  8. Curling tool

    I ws in the bathroom and I noticed my wife's hairbrush had a 3/8 square hole in the end if it. I told her I could make it easier to curl her hair but she didn't like my idea. I can't imagine why.
  9. What's new in the Buick Bugle?

    I always asked folks if they would like to sit in my 47. It was a nice 20 footer and the smiles I brought to both young and old that made it worthwhile. I also got stories about Dad / Uncle/ Grandfather having one and they rode in it when they were young.
  10. Does anyone here own a celebrity vehicle?

    When the Beverly Hillbillies come on, I hardly pay attention to the old truck.
  11. I have had a later model (88) Electra with the 307 engine and it was a dog. Couldn't get out of its own way. Maybe 81 is better.
  12. Avanti Rescue

    If you paint your strap black, you might not even notice it. I have had the worst luck with there 3EE Batteries. I probably have bought 2 and replaced 6 or 7 under warranty. They last a few months and then die. They are not the Interstate but the brand you get at Tractor Supply. Finally got a good on that lasted me for a while.
  13. car show fun

    Thats funny...
  14. Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    That is what I do and it makes it so much easier. But if I had a travel trailer or a boat I was towing all the time it would be cost prohibited.
  15. 364 Nailhead carb for compression check?

    I see you have two choices in carbs Both carter only difference is whether it is manual or Automatic Carter 2536 for Dynaflow (automatic) or Carter 2529 for Standard transmission. I see a 2529 on Ebay at the moment. The Larger cars could use an AFB 2507 that might be easier to find if you get an intake.