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  1. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Thank you Derek. That looks like a winner.
  2. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    A Sunny Sunday today. Took the Electra out to see whether creeks looked at after all the rain. Th picture I posted above is old news, that crossing is clean and navigable. Went looking for Buffalo, all we saw was a Llama, an Ostrich and a weird horned critter. Have to look it up in a book to see what he was unless one of you know. At 50,270 today for a total of 1703 miles. Still a couple of months left in the year though. Here is the critter I saw just wandering the road behind a cattle guard.
  3. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Its a good time we went when we did, most of the appx 100 low water crossings or "Road May Flood" areas are totally flooded now. We had 8 inches of rain in this part of the country since Sunday night. Here is just one of many.
  4. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Here is Ben's stealth hot rod leaning into a corner.... Good to see you again Ben.
  5. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    A road picture captured by a photo team that shoots at 1 corner all the time
  6. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Put another bunch of miles on the Electra this weekend. My wife and I put on the Fall Regional down here in Texas. 150 miles of windy, twisty roads. 24 river crossings and 2 cases of driving through the river. Had lunch at a Biker shop / restaurant and it was funny watching all the bikers drool over the cars, take pictures with the cars while we admired the bikes. Old Tank was there along with Ben Bruce. BTW Ben's stealth hot rod has some serious get up and go. I will figure milage later but here is a picture of some of the cars that came along to play.
  7. Bill Stoneberg

    1960 Buick Invicta engine ID

    The engine production code, which is stamped on the front of the block near where the head attaches, does give engine data. The number is in the form AB123. The engine serial number will also be stamped on the block somewhere nearby. It will be the last 8 characters of the VIN and will tell if the engine is the one which came in the car. 1960 V-8 364* Standard engine 3G V-8 364* L3G low comp. engine "regular gas option" auto. trans. V-8 401* 4G
  8. Bill Stoneberg

    Dynaflow reliability

    I was thinking the same thing as I have seen some of those cars with blowers or turbos.
  9. Bill Stoneberg

    Dynaflow reliability

    It will do that with radials too. Dont ask me how I know.
  10. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Doug, come on down to South Texas for the Regional meet. Round trip you should exceed your 2500 miles 🙂
  11. Bill Stoneberg

    How not to ship vintage car literature

    Shipping I bought a Quick Lift and if it hadn't been made of steel, it would have been trashed. UPS did all the damage it could to the boxes that weighed 114 pounds apiece. I can imagine the treatment it got. The two side lifts got the worse of it but the pump and controls made it fine. The UPS guy was glad to get them out of his truck. Said he was tripping over them all day.
  12. Just so Bernie is not the only 1960 electra We drove 94 miles through backroads of Texas this morning. A pleasant day with no real traffic.
  13. Bill Stoneberg

    Looking for vacuum valve

    Ben.. Have you tried Old Air Products in Dallas ? They have actuators which is what the valves are called at least in the old cars. Good luck as I am fighting the same thing.
  14. Bill Stoneberg

    50,000 miles is the car worn out ?

    Thats a good one Bernie.
  15. Bill Stoneberg

    50,000 miles is the car worn out ?

    We hit 50,000 miles this morning on odometer. Is the car worn out now ? Do I need to start shopping for a new on ? Please tell me it is and I do so I can justify going shopping for a new old car.