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  1. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    Spent a couple of hours with a paint can full of parts cleaner and a brush that turned into a plastic pan full of the same stuff. An AFB Carb does not fit into the can that the parts cleaner comes in. Anyway before and after pictures below. Look at the varnish in the float bowl for example.
  2. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    Last time I looked at my manifold it was good. I dont want to remove the AC compressor again to pull it off right now. Then I will to paint it and it just grows exponentially. I did take the carb apart and it was full of gummy varnish and the step up rods were coated. Accelorator pump had pretty much disolved or at least the plunger part had. Soaking in parts cleaner at the moment while waiting on the kit to come.
  3. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    My gasket was shot and the manifold looks like Chris'. Ordered a rebuild kit and we will see if that will help. Anyone have a spare Carter AFB 2982 S laying around ? My base is eaten up and I would like to replace it as opposed to having to do some work on this one. That is what caused the gasket failure I imagine.
  4. 1960 Buick 401 Black Carburator

    My 1960 Buick Electra with a 401 and a 4bbl Carter AFB has been running poorly recently.Took a look at it this past weekend and it looks like exhaust is coming up through the carb. The throat is black like a tailpipe and sootty too. I dont see any signs of soot on the manifold but my throttle return spring has a black coating on the bottom. I know there is exhaust gas going through the manifold, could that be escaping somehow ? I have the steel plate and gasket on the carb.
  5. Avanti R2, 1963, refresh

    I would not want to get chicken out of the back end of that truck.
  6. Is this a worthy car?

    Check out his website Plus every couple weeks he sends out an email blast to potential buyers and sellers. His pictures are the best I have seen.
  7. Is this a worthy car?

    The A-6 compressor will push out 27,000 BTUs at 2,000 rpm and as high as 42,000 BTUs at 4,000 rpm with a discharge rate of 240 p.s.i. That's enough cold air to cool a small house (most home window-mounted air conditioners are only rated from 5,000 to 12,000 BTUs).
  8. When did Buick introduce these options for the indolent?

    I like slothful better then indolent. But I don't think any of these were introduced to make us lazy, Buick was a luxury car and as such, it need a full bevy of features.
  9. Hi-Performance Straight Eights

    Translated... The freely programmable for series engines Contact controlled or contactless electronic ignition rev The proMot Dynamic + module is mainly designed to realize a contactless system which no longer requires the centrifugal force adjustment of the manifold. The distributor is only needed to control the ignition module, the task of the ignition adjustment takes over the ignition module. The ignition module can be freely programmed. With this module, two arbitrarily programmed ignition curves can be switched over during operation. This module is particularly suitable for operating motors without contact and without mechanical ignition adjustment. It is possible to map the ignition curve according to manufacturing specifications (or with own values) if no suitable distributors, contacts or centrifugal force springs are available anymore or if tuning measures are to be implemented.
  10. Avanti Rescue

    Its the tail lights that makes it unique. Looks like cat eyes. Plus the chrome. But, I wouldn't throw either one out of my garage.
  11. Photos from South Central Region Fall Buick Meet

    15 Buicks were there and as Pete said, we were the largest group there. Wish you were there Ben.

    He speaks the truth.
  13. Photos from South Central Region Fall Buick Meet

    We drove our 1960 Electra up there. 630 miles mostly on the 2 lane roads of central Texas. A wonderful weekend and a great time.
  14. Avanti Rescue

    While I like the Buick's, that 59 Impala's back end has a much better look to it.
  15. "Vegas Rat Rods" what a waste.

    ¿Qué, no hablas español?