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  1. Bill Stoneberg

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    We did not make it in our Electra. First AC gave out and the the generator. Couldn’t get the hood open to see what happened. Left the car at the Lubbock Airport and rented a Chevy Cruz. Trying to fit the stuff we had in the Electra into the. Cruz was lots of fun. Anyway we are at the meet. We beat the hail and storms yesterday.
  2. Bill Stoneberg

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    Leaving tomorrow morning for Canyon. 460 or so mile. Car is loaded and I am ready to go.
  3. Bill Stoneberg

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    Matt , Maybe when I get back from the Denver meet. Bill
  4. Bill Stoneberg

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    The member last month were 6877 members. We have lost 314 members since the beginning of our fiscal year (July 1, 2017). Our budget was $ 354,000 income and 348,000 expenses. Luckily we will hit our income but we won't spend as much as was projected. Our cost per member is right around $50 / year / member. We are much better financially now then we were in 2009. But Barney is correct in saying that more members are better.
  5. Bill Stoneberg

    1964 Skylark Oil Pan Removal

    I just did this on my Electra and I dropped the steering gear out of the way instead of raing the engine. Can you do that ?
  6. Bill Stoneberg

    In honor of Father’s Day

    Here is my Dad, I am named after him and he was the best traveling partner you could have. From him, I learned how to enjoy traveling on the road, where to eat, where to stop. It started when were young as we went everywhere by car. It has continued through life. We drove cross country both east West and North South. It didn't matter to him where we went as long as we were going. I am leaving Monday for Denver and wish he was going with us. He was a Navy pilot during WW2 and a private pilot afterwards and taught me how to fly. He was a golfer since boyhood and instilled that love on all his sons. I miss him a lot and think of him often. Thanks Victoria for this thread.
  7. Bill Stoneberg

    Who's Going to Denver

    Barney, I am interested....
  8. Bill Stoneberg

    The decline of Sears

    There is still a small catalog store in the small town where I live. Have not been in there for a while.
  9. Bill Stoneberg

    Saw this following me around today

    Now its time to take your Dad for a ride.....
  10. Looking at the map for the Forney museum, there is a Cannibis dispensary across the street. That would make the banquet fun.
  11. Bill Stoneberg

    '49 Olds Woodie for sale

    Its the "maybe but I am not sure but someone else wants it so I have to have it syndrom". Happens in auctions a lot.
  12. Bill Stoneberg

    The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    Another 80 miles for me today as I was making sure everything is good to go next week to Denver. A/C blowing 30 degree air on my wife side / 40 on mine. No generator issues and we ate lunch in comfort. Comfort, Texas that is.. 932 miles so far and will triple that by the time I get home. Ought to put me well past the 2500 mark. I put more miles on this the my wife puts on her car.
  13. Bill Stoneberg

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    Decision has been made and we are getting the Electra ready. Canyon Monday night going up 87 from Eden Texas to Lubbock. I like that route because it is 4 lane divide highway all the way. From there not sure yet.. Maybe through Oklahoma just for a change.... I know coming home I will be in a hurry so will go over the pass then. I kinda dislike going the same way all the time.
  14. Bill Stoneberg

    Late Nailhead Distributor Rebuild Lube?

    I would probably use the same type of lubricant that they use for points. Wheel bearing grease may be too heavy.
  15. Bill Stoneberg

    The decline of Sears

    Its Happening