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  1. Be still my heart.. I was ready to bid till I saw the seats...LOL
  2. Your exterior is Geneva Green and the interior is a Grey striped cloth. You should have a number plate mounted to the drivers door jam. Back then most of the DMVs used the motor number as the VIN. Being a Special you have a 248 Cu / In motor.
  3. 1950 was very much a 1 year only car in more ways then one. Look at the car, like you said, teethy grill, ports in the hood, some of them had to use a special tool to open the hood, first year of the 263 with hydraulic lifters, last year of the 248 in the special are just a few of the items I can think of. Which 1950 do you have ?
  4. Maybe you ought to run the wires through a puddle so they get lit up when they chew on the wire. You were wondering what was for dinner...
  5. In other words find her a 5 - 10 year old Honda with low mileage and wait till she really learns how to drive before getting her a nice car. Plus the last thing you want is her out somewhere with a broken car.
  6. Just make sure you don't drink the water.
  7. My ball chain on my cruise control broke right at the point where I can't just put a connector on it. I am now replacing it. My question is at rest how much slack in the chain should there be ?
  8. Terrill Machine in De Leon Tx will machine the rods to accept insert bearings. You might give them a call. Terrill Machine1000 CR 454, De Leon, TX 76444PH 254-893-2610FAX
  9. Thats great David...
  10. Did you check your brake lines too ? I ask as I found a bubble in mine.
  11. The engine and trans have been rebuilt and the carpet has been replaced. Has vintage air that cools good down here. Car runs like a scalded dog after being rebuilt. Needs paint and new seat covers but you could drive the car anywhere.
  12. I can help you with that if your serious. I am moving and I don't have enough storage for 3 cars and I don't want to build a barn.
  13. Your talking about the 2 5/8 " starter bolts ? I have always had no issue with open end wrenches from below. Btw in my 1960 Electra, it looks like you have to loosen the header to get the starter off.
  14. LED lighting can do what you want. You are going to need general purpose floods for the large open areas. I like Daylight (3000 Kelvin) as opposed to the soft white (2700 K) bulbs. I also find that directional spots pointed to the work benches make working on them easy on my 65 year old eyes. If you use Mercury vapor tor Tungstun lights, you will pay more in electrel costs plus walk out of your garage with a sunburn. If you have cabinets, under counter lighting works well. You still will need drop lights for under the hood work, I find a rechargeable LED one from HF is a good choice and can go anywhere. I hate having to deal with a cord. Your lucky you get to put it in from the beginning, retrofitting is a bitch. Being in central Oklahoma, are you thinking of A/C ?
  15. Clocks are easy to fix. There are a set of points in it that get corroded. Blow the dust out, oil lightly and clean the points. Chances are it will work again.