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  1. Dave Mitchell

    1940 180 Steering box and front end

    Al, call me. Dave Mitchell
  2. Dave Mitchell

    1937 Packard 120 Questions

    No 124 leather is red. If you look at Packard sales literature, red was optional with all paint colors. Packard was in the business of selling cars, not making rules. Jr leather was different than Sr leather also.
  3. Dave Mitchell

    1931 Franklin

    Contact Tom Rasmussen at Odyssey Restorations in Minneapolis - ODYSSEY RESTORATIONS, INC. 8080 CENTRAL AVE NE, SPRING LAKE PARK, MN 55432 --- 763-786-1518 Tom is one of the top Frankin restorers.
  4. Dave Mitchell

    Packard Locking Trunk Handles??????

    Do you want to sell the T handle? packard12s@hotmail.com
  5. Dave Mitchell

    oil pump removal

    I can count the bolts for you and send you a photo. packard12s@hotmail.com
  6. I have the engine pan and the handles.
  7. I think it probably had a seal that was glued on. I think they used 3 different methods - the continuous channel, the clips and glued on. What parts are you still missing?
  8. Dave Mitchell

    For sale NOS parts from 1941 to 1956

    I might be interested - my email is packard12s@hotmail.com and I am in Illinois.
  9. Dave Mitchell

    1931 Standard Eight Vanities

    Are you looking for ones that are walnut and have a place for a lighter and ashtray? I may be able to help you. packard12s@hotmail.com
  10. Is there a channel that holds the seal on your car? Some of the cars have channels that run the length of the door edges. Other cars have the holes for the clips.
  11. Dave Mitchell

    Timing –still!

    The Os should line up when closest to each other.
  12. Dave Mitchell

    1937 Packard Twelve Pin Stripe Color

    I agree Walt, most people get the stripes too thick.
  13. Dave Mitchell

    1937 Packard Twelve Pin Stripe Color

    The flake white looks like a bright white to me - I have a Packard color selection book.
  14. Dave Mitchell

    1937 Packard Twelve Pin Stripe Color

    West, why do you think the fender striping was optional?