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  1. Chris Paulsen

    1913 Buick model 25

    I believe the wheelbase should be 105", so it could just be a slight miscalculation, or the springs could have been changed. The number 15792-2 is actually the cylinder jug casting number. There may be a number on a cast boss on one of the aluminum crankcase ears. It is not a Model 27. A Model 27 has a larger engine.
  2. Chris Paulsen

    1913 Buick model 25

    There should be a small aluminum tag on the left front frame horn, under the headlight. It will give you the model number. That engine has some 1914 features such as the exhaust manifold and the push rod/rocker towers. In 1913 the exhaust manifold turned down in the back of the engine. And in 1913 the push rods floated in the rocker stands.
  3. Chris Paulsen

    1913 Buick model 25

    Looks like a nice car. I agree with the others-more info would be helpful. The hubcaps are 1914 or newer-the hubs look like they may be, too. The front fenders are 1914 or 1915. The sidelights appear to be 1914. If it is a Buick (not a McLaughlin), it looks like a 1914 B-25 body. If it was made for export that would explain the RHD. US Buicks were LHD in 1914, RHD in 1913. Does it have an electric starter and generator? I am more familiar with 1913 Buicks than 1914's, but there are several things about this car that would encourage me to do more homework if I want a 1913, not a 1914. It may not matter. Either way, great cars, and a lot of fun!
  4. Chris Paulsen


    1906 Wayne.
  5. Chris Paulsen

    Another mystery brass car

  6. McPherson College is once again offering one-week courses this summer. Even if you have attended in the past, please take a look; we've added new classes. Here are the classes and dates: June 4-8, 2018 session: Drivetrain Restoration Electrical Parts Restoration Engine Rebuilding Machining- Mill & Lathe Paint Sheetmetal Restoration Small Parts Reproduction Upholstery & Trim June 11-15, 2018 session: 3-D Modeling and Design Automatic Transmissions Automotive Woodworking Brightwork & Finishing Touches Engine Tune-up & Diagnostics Paint Sheetmetal Restoration Upholstery & Trim June 18-22, 2018 session: Brakes Systems Engine Rebuilding Fine Woodworking Paint – Advanced Sheetmetal Restoration – Advanced Upholstery & Trim – Advanced For more information, including a description of each class, see:
  7. Chris Paulsen

    I.D. this brass-era Buick?

    It is definitely the smaller 4-cylinder. Model 10, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36. The seemingly longer wheelbase would indicate 1911-12.
  8. Chris Paulsen

    1908 Hoosier Motor Club meet

    Great photo. In the 4th photo, looks like a Premier next to the Overland. 5th photo-yes, a White. 6th photo (back of touring car) another Premier.
  9. I'm not sure what it is but I'd clear out my garage for it! What is it?
  10. I'm not sure if I've posted these before- I looked for them but couldn't find them so I hope not. Does anyone's recognize this car?
  11. The car in front is actually a Selden, not a Speedwell. The car in back looks like a Velie. Neat California porcelain pre-state license on the Selden!
  12. Chris Paulsen

    Jno Brown Model 650 Saferay Headlight, circa 1915-20... From what?

    Carl-I'll add it to my 'to-do' list. Greg-I got it in Colorado. I'll look into the '15 Buick possibility. Thanks-
  13. Chris Paulsen

    Jno Brown Model 650 Saferay Headlight, circa 1915-20... From what?

    Thank you both for the information. I'm a little familiar with the Jno Brown's on Model T's-I've got a set on my 1910 Touring. But this light still has me puzzled. Anyone else?
  14. Was this light used on anything specific or is it just a really nice, generic one? It fits a 9" fork. The inside of the glass has the lines in it while the reflector has the glass cone. Stamped Jno Brown and related info on the back. Maybe military, WWI?