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  1. My experience with "bicycle" type wireless lights is that they only work intimately and unreliably with my 1929 Studebaker President sedan with 135" wheelbase. The cars body restricts the signal and distance from the drivers seat to the rear bumper is to far for bicycle wireless lights. Has anyone tried, or have experience with, the LED wireless tail and directional lights offered by The are asking $488 (front & rear) or $239 (rear only) which appears to be worth it if they are reliable. My only concern with wireless is how reliably they work with a long wheelbase sedan.
  2. Mark Huston

    In honor of Father’s Day

    The senior assisted living facility where my father lives had a Fathers Day car show today. I took my 1929 Studebaker President. Some of the residents are over 100 years old. They really enjoyed seeing my 1929. I got to talk to many of the residents and relive with them the memories of cars older than mine that they had when they were just old used cars.
  3. Mark Huston

    In honor of Father’s Day

    In 1966 my dad bought a new Chevrolet 3/4 ton truck, long bed custom camper special with 327 cid, auto, and 4 barrel carb. He kept it until recently when he gave it to my younger brother who just started to restore it to like new condition with the intention of giving it to his son when he is old enough to drive. My nephew is three years old which means my brother has 13 years to get the truck restored. Attached is a picture of my brothers, and I, with the Chevy truck when new. My oldest brother is on the left, younger brother in the middle, and I am on the right. The second picture was taken about a month ago when my dad was released from a long stay in a nursing home. Dad is in the middle, with my younger brother on the right and his son, the next owner of the truck, is on the left. I guess you could say three generations and one truck. My young nephew calls the truck "my truck" and one time managed to start the truck all by himself - at the age of three. My brother did not know his son had started the truck until he heard the engine rev.
  4. Mark Huston

    1929 Buick Model 29-26 Business Coupe Parts

    Nice looking 1929. What is the make and model of your 1929? Folks need to know that in order to point you in the right direction.
  5. Mark Huston

    Yard Art in Montana

    Here in my little home town of Galt, California there is an old home with a large shop building in front surrounded by a freeway and commercial buildings. The guy likes old trucks and tractors. He has a couple that have been turned into large planters on either side of his property up near the road.
  6. Mark Huston

    Yard Art in Montana

    My brother is in Great Falls, Montana and sent me a couple of pictures from his visit. I especially like the one with the Easter Bunnies in the front seat.
  7. Mark Huston

    Great Classic Sedans

    Being a fan of the Full Classic era Studebaker President my favorite is the very low production 1932 Studebaker President St. Regis Brougham.
  8. Mark Huston

    which one do you most regret missing?

    In 2013. I was down for several months because of surgery and decided to use the time to search for some missing parts for my 1929 FE President Brougham. I sent a parts wanted letter to everyone listed in the Antique Studebaker Club who was listed with a 1929-30 President. That letter resulted in the owner of the 1930 President Victoria contacting me stating he had no parts but he would sell the car. He was an elderly gentleman who had restored the car many years earlier and was now selling off his collector cars. Unfortunately, the timing was not right for me and I could not swing the $40K firm price he wanted for it. The car was worth what he wanted for it. The car was located near West Peterson and he inspected it and took it for a test drive. West gave a very positive review of the cars condition and test drive. I sure someone is enjoying it now. As as a result of my parts wanted letter I located and bought a parts car and have nearly all of the missing parts I was looking for.
  9. Mark Huston

    which one do you most regret missing?

    1930 Studebaker FE President State Victoria. When I had the chance to buy it I could not pull the cash together at the time.
  10. Mark Huston

    Holiday Motor Excursion in Ca.

    I think I spotted Jay Leno in the video.
  11. Mark Huston

    Wireless Tail Lights??

    I have tried the wireless bicycle turn signals on my 1929 Studebaker. My Studebaker is a sedan with 135 inch wheelbase. I believe because of the long wheelbase, and enclosed body style, the wireless bicycle turns signals are undependable and do not always activate or cancel. Perhaps on a shorter wheelbase open model car they might work more dependably.
  12. Mark Huston

    This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Thank you Pomerroy, the Studebaker is a keeper. I plan on driving it until they take away my driver license. It is a pleasure to drive and never disappoints me. I always keep one thought in mind when dealing with old cars, old houses, and antiques, we are just the current caretaker and unless we mistreat, abuse, or destroy them, someone else will be their caretaker someday. Keiser, I am sorry to disappoint you. I was tight for time and had to end the fun with the Studebaker and head south to get back to work. In about another five years I will be retired and have more time to wander around in the Studebaker. I have a buddy that is moving from California to the Seattle area. When he is settled, and I am retired, I plan on driving up to Seattle, Washington in the Studebaker. I will take you up on your offer and stop by.
  13. Mark Huston

    This Just Ruined My Day.....

    That is a crying shame. I am constantly amazed at people who claim to be “car guys” and yet they don’t know or understand the mechanics of cars older than the 60s. Recently, I was asked, yet again, when I was going to put a SBC 350/auto in my 1929 Studebaker President. I asked why? I was then lectured on how any car older than the mid-60s is unusable unless the original drivetrain is upgraded to a SBC 350/auto. I informed the gentleman that I drive my 29 Studebaker everywhere it needs to go. I don’t own a truck and car trailer. I told him that the last tour I completed was a six day 1,000 mile tour that included driving my Studebaker over several mountain passes. He stated it was not possible and that he did not believe me and walked away. Here is a picture of my 1929 Studebaker at the summit of one of those passes with the elevation sign visible. I guess I must have faked the picture, according to some people, since it is not possible in a stock 1929 automobile. Also, another picture taken in the middle of nowhere with a snow covered Mount Shasta in background.
  14. Mark Huston

    Foaming radiator

    Keniman, I would recommend you follow the advice given by Grimy. I know George and he is very knowledgeable and after reading his comment I am going to stop using water soluble oil. Apparently, I was given bad advice when I started using water soluble oil.
  15. Mark Huston

    Foaming radiator

    I don't have a source for my observation. However, my first car was a 1929 Commander which I acquired in 1974. Being young I drained the cooling system and filled it with 50/50 antifreeze. The first time I drove it after adding the antifreeze I experienced the same problem the OP did. Also, I had damage to the paint from the antifreeze foam. Trimacar make an an interesting comment that the problem could be a combination of the water pump packing allowing air in making the antifreeze foam. My 1929 Commander had a very leaky water pump packing nut.