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  1. harry yarnell

    90 Reatta Part Name?

    Spring? Or the clockspring for the airbag?
  2. harry yarnell

    HVAC Plastic Vacuum Line

    I think your problem is the check valve, not the line.
  3. harry yarnell

    1990 Coupe - Trying to raise the dead

    One Rube method of unsticking a fuel pump, is the bang on the bottom of the gas tank, with, say a rubber hammer. Easier than dropping the tank.
  4. harry yarnell

    MPG woes

    How about applying 12 volts to the green connector between the master cylinder and the left strut tower. It's a direct line to the fuel pump.
  5. harry yarnell

    a c charging 1990 reatta

    If you added the Freon too fast, you may have hydro-locked the compressor. When the liquid Freon turns into a gas, all will be well...hopefully.
  6. harry yarnell

    coil pack/ignition control module

    The factory and the early aftermarket CPS's were mounted on a bracket that the sensor could slide on so that when mounted (the whole assy), on the engine , the shutter blades on the balancer pulley would align up perfectly in the slots of the CPS. Once aligned , a screw clamped the sensor and bracket together. The last one I installed was one solid piece; no fiddling with shims to get the gap right. Apparently somebody got the bright idea that no adjustment was necessary.
  7. harry yarnell

    a c charging 1990 reatta

    What are your pressure's? Did you reset the compressor?
  8. harry yarnell

    coil pack/ignition control module

    Last time I replaced a CPS, the replacement was FIXED, not adjustable as before. Best thing since sliced bread!
  9. harry yarnell

    coil pack/ignition control module

    OMG! The ONLY way to get to the CPS is thru the wheel well.
  10. harry yarnell

    A/C question

    Reed valves on the Fridgedair GM compressors are pretty trouble-free, BUT the Teflon piston rings are NOT. . They crack and break free of the pistons and spread debris throughout the A/C system. Pistons now are just running in their bores, making little pressure.
  11. harry yarnell

    A/C question

    Restricting the high side should send the pressure thru the roof...
  12. harry yarnell

    A/C question

    70# is WAY too high and 125 is WAY too low. Sounds like a bad compressor.
  13. harry yarnell

    CPS removal

  14. harry yarnell

    CPS removal

    Oh yes, I forget that stands for two different things. Central Power Supply. I know WHERE it is, but access is what I want to know. Do I have to remove the seat to get the consol bolster off? Passengers side or drivers?
  15. harry yarnell

    CPS removal

    Working on a friends Reatta, I thought I might have to access the CPS. Now I've harvested these rascals in the past, but I've forgotten the best (easiest) way to get these out. I'd like some personal experiences.