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  1. harry yarnell

    1989 Buick CRT HELP!!!!

    Nope, no 88-89 wood panels left, just one 90-92 IPC surround (bezel).
  2. harry yarnell

    1989 Buick CRT HELP!!!!

    Mounted on the cam gear. Access thru the cam sensor hole. The replacement magnet is glued in place.
  3. harry yarnell

    1989 Buick CRT HELP!!!!

    Code 41 is ALMOST always the loss of the cam magnet. I may have of the faux wood trim from the Riviera; let me look.
  4. harry yarnell

    I need ECM help

    Seem to recall that our years of the Reatta had issues with bad CPS's. Could explain your conditions. Won't set a code.
  5. harry yarnell

    Torque strut mount (dogbone)

    Nice welds!
  6. harry yarnell

    window lift motors

    Are they both the same, or side specific?
  7. harry yarnell

    Code 41 Engine Control - Throttle Body Senssor

    I find this hard to believe.! The camshaft pos. sensor and code 41 have nothing to do with the TPS. Code 41 is ALMOST AWAYS a bad (missing) magnet.
  8. harry yarnell

    New to me 91 ac question

    I've had issues years ago with the connector contacts oxidizing. Exercising the connector with some contact cleaner got the HVAC panel back in service. Easy fix.
  9. harry yarnell

    Vaccum Module replaced 1988

    Why the intake gaskets?
  10. Yup. Some are tough, but you can't hurt anything by giving it a good yank.
  11. harry yarnell

    White Smoke

    White smoke can be either coolant or ATF. Padgett you should know this...
  12. harry yarnell

    fuel gauge sending unit

    Interesting the photo shows no pump.
  13. harry yarnell

    A/C help please

    What 's "a whole new system" mean? There's only one belt. When the amber light comes on, it usually means the system's low on Freon.
  14. harry yarnell

    Reatta Maintenance Issues-Fuel Leak, Trunk Lock

    If they are quick connect (which I think they are), all you need is a pair of long nosed pliers.
  15. harry yarnell

    Reatta Maintenance Issues-Fuel Leak, Trunk Lock

    Can't remember if the '90 (assuming you have a '90) have plastic fuel lines or steel. Lawn rats love these plastic lines (along with wiring harnesses). Rust takes out the steel ones. Either way, splice kits are available for the plastic and a fabiricated splice of steel for the steel line is the repair of choice.