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  1. Fuel line issues on the Black

    I think he repaired a fuel line with a compression fitting. A 3/8 compression fitting is too big for the brake pipe.
  2. Parts reduction.

    Need a right hand door mirror assy.
  3. 4 Reattas Parting Out - Charlotte NC

    I need a right hand door mirror. The whole assy.
  4. What a Horible Shame

    That's me. Had 4 and sold 3. Still have a '91 that I should sell...just lost interest.
  5. What a Horible Shame

    I feel your pain. I had a beautiful '93 Riviera that was perfect, inside and outside; except for the underside. The whole underbelly was rotten. Brake pipes were replaced, air ride sensors dangled from their wires, as the mounts had rotted away, the suspension looked like it came off the Titanic.. Scrapping it was done to put it out of its misery. I've got a '07 Escalade that too has major rust issues in the engine bay and underneath. Trans cooler pipes rotten, exhaust manifolds rotten to the point of leaking, power steering pump rotten. Perfect body. Back in the day, rusted bodies were a big issue. Somehow they (GM) got that fixed with better steel coatings, but they didn't follow thru on the underbelly.
  6. Coolant Leak. From Radiator Hose?

    Be aware, the Auto-Pro coolant dye ISN'T for cooling systems using Dex-cool, the GM coolant of choice in later GM vehicles. Something about it won't fluorese.
  7. Mineral build-up....

    Not sure 000 steel wool is the PREFERED steel wool. I've been told (and use) 0000... and used with a lubricate such as Varsol.
  8. Brake line

    Cadillacs of the late '90s into the 2000 have access panels in the trunk to R&R the pump.
  9. Brake line

    Ya know, the nylon fuel lines are a great idea; they don't rust. However the lawn rats love to gnaw on them creating holes. Ya can't win.
  10. Brake line

    What's so difficult about making bubble flares? Besides, you make the flare in one operation instead of two. I don't believe you can use a double flare in lieu of a bubble.
  11. This place had 4 Reatta

  12. 1990 AC system

    With 134, I look for 42# low side.
  13. DIY Leather Steering Wheel Cover

    I have. The lacing takes time , but when finished, looked good.
  14. Running very rich

    The O2 sendors don't come into play until the ECU goes closed loop. This guy's got rich mixture from cold startup.
  15. Rear brake line

    When you buy brake line, make sure you get bubble flair with GREEN fittings and not the pink. Look the same, but aren't.