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  1. Bear in mind, the blower may not come on IF the cabin temp is warmer than when what's set for HEAT, or cooler than set for A/C.
  2. I too have good (tested) control modules. $30 plus ship. I'm in Maryland.
  3. What are these pressures you quote? Static? They don't look like suction or pressure numbers...
  4. I fail to see what the 'drag' affect of the starter motor has on the ICM. When I say ICM, I'm talking the whole assy; coils and base electronics. Is the ICM grounded by the metallic base? If so, I could see how that might affect the ICM's operation, as that base/ brkt can get kinda cruddy.
  5. Is the swap from Magnavox ICM to the Delco, plug and play?
  6. I see no reason why the radio won't work with the cassette deck removed.
  7. Power steering cooler.
  8. Check the PCV plumbing.
  9. Check PCV plumbing.
  10. I think it caused by lawn rats...BTDT.
  11. Just to nit-pick, it's a GREY wire with a GREEN shell.
  12. #8 fuse protects the fuel pump circuit, all six injectors, and the ignition module. The CPS circuit shouldn't blow a fuse.
  13. Awhile ago, Fram oil filters got a bad rap. Why? Are the current filters 'any good'?
  14. Oh I like THAT!
  15. Yes, you can use your original cylinder and key in the replacement column.