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  1. This place had 4 Reatta

  2. 1990 AC system

    With 134, I look for 42# low side.
  3. DIY Leather Steering Wheel Cover

    I have. The lacing takes time , but when finished, looked good.
  4. Running very rich

    The O2 sendors don't come into play until the ECU goes closed loop. This guy's got rich mixture from cold startup.
  5. Rear brake line

    When you buy brake line, make sure you get bubble flair with GREEN fittings and not the pink. Look the same, but aren't.
  6. New headlight problem

    Sweat solder aluminum?
  7. Ignition? Breakdown

    Bad O2 sensor should set a code.
  8. Interior Blower/Fan - NO OFF

    I've got good used for $37 postpaid.
  9. Replaced harmonic balancer, now new problem

    When I install a CPS, I use a shim made from thick paper (like a matchbook cover), folded over one vane of the HB, inserting it in the slots of the CPS. It's a snug fit, but gauratees the correct clearance before tightening the sensor down.
  10. Replaced harmonic balancer, now new problem

    Are you SURE the CPS is aligned properly?
  11. Blower Control Module Issue?

    Bear in mind, the blower may not come on IF the cabin temp is warmer than when what's set for HEAT, or cooler than set for A/C.
  12. Blower Control Module Issue?

    I too have good (tested) control modules. $30 plus ship. I'm in Maryland.
  13. 1990 convertible AC pressures

    What are these pressures you quote? Static? They don't look like suction or pressure numbers...
  14. Ignition module

    I fail to see what the 'drag' affect of the starter motor has on the ICM. When I say ICM, I'm talking the whole assy; coils and base electronics. Is the ICM grounded by the metallic base? If so, I could see how that might affect the ICM's operation, as that base/ brkt can get kinda cruddy.
  15. Ignition module

    Is the swap from Magnavox ICM to the Delco, plug and play?