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  1. Yup. Some are tough, but you can't hurt anything by giving it a good yank.
  2. harry yarnell

    White Smoke

    White smoke can be either coolant or ATF. Padgett you should know this...
  3. harry yarnell

    fuel gauge sending unit

    Interesting the photo shows no pump.
  4. harry yarnell

    A/C help please

    What 's "a whole new system" mean? There's only one belt. When the amber light comes on, it usually means the system's low on Freon.
  5. harry yarnell

    Reatta Maintenance Issues-Fuel Leak, Trunk Lock

    If they are quick connect (which I think they are), all you need is a pair of long nosed pliers.
  6. harry yarnell

    Reatta Maintenance Issues-Fuel Leak, Trunk Lock

    Can't remember if the '90 (assuming you have a '90) have plastic fuel lines or steel. Lawn rats love these plastic lines (along with wiring harnesses). Rust takes out the steel ones. Either way, splice kits are available for the plastic and a fabiricated splice of steel for the steel line is the repair of choice.
  7. harry yarnell

    a stuck pcv valve

    Stuck in the grommet? A little WD-40 and a twist. Be aware the grommet may be kinda 'crisp'. Don't let pieces fall into the plenum. I'd have a spare grommet handy, just in case.
  8. harry yarnell

    White Smoke

    Does the '91 have a transmission vacuum modulator?
  9. harry yarnell

    knock sensor

    The resistor appears to be INSIDE the knock sensor. Short to ground should be easy to verify...just turn off the ignition.
  10. harry yarnell

    Blank Instrument Cluster Display on 1990 Reatta

    Common problem on the '90's. Bad IPC.
  11. harry yarnell

    Minor issues after engine work

    Injector seals have nothing to do with this.
  12. harry yarnell

    Minor issues after engine work

    Your pump prime and quick bleed off are NOT normal. Internal leak in regulator, leaking injector, or tank pump would be where I'd look.
  13. harry yarnell

    90 Reatta Part Name?

    Spring? Or the clockspring for the airbag?
  14. harry yarnell

    HVAC Plastic Vacuum Line

    I think your problem is the check valve, not the line.