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  1. Paint the town red (actually Polo Green)

    I'm with Bikemikey; leave (or paint) them flat black.
  2. Five Brake Hoses on a Reatta?

    Back east, the issue you should be concerned about is not brake hoses, but the steel lines. I'm sure if your car was in Kingman most of its life (or there about), this wouldn't be an issue. I've never seen a ruptured brake hose; clogged or collapsed maybe, not ruptured. I've got a '97 Seville with a worn spot on the LR brake hose (rubbing on the tire) that I'll get around to one of these days. Been that way for two years.
  3. New Buyer Questions

    Not aware of issues with computers, but you might want to add the Teves brake system to your list. Price variance usually deals with condition, as with any car. OBD1 in these cars.
  4. "Clashing" Sound when Accelerating

    Catalytic converter maybe. Not that it needs attention....
  5. harmonic balancer

    Actually I lied. The car is a '93 Riviera. Hey, it's the same as a Reatta. Not. The HB is pressed on. The three threaded puller holes are hidden behind slots. I got it off. Interesting, the CPS isn't adjustable as in earlier 3800's. It's one solid assy; You just just bolt it on and reinstall the HB.
  6. harmonic balancer

    '90 Reatta Is the HB a press-fit or slip-fit? Trying to replace a CPS and can't get the balancer off. I thought this year was a slip-fit. Havn't tried to pry...yet. I see no holes in the balancer to install a puller.
  7. Speak(er) Up

    Something in the back of my mind tells me there's a way (pressing two buttons) that gives you MUTE. Anybody know?
  8. New Reatta first peek

    I like the black accent moldings instead of body color; too monochromatic...but it's not my car...
  9. Cargirl update & question

    I prefer the black moldings ,vs.body color moldings. Too monochromatic.. But this kind of stuff is personal.
  10. Chip for audio enhansment & 140 MPH ?

    Enhance the stereo? I think not. I'm an electronic tech, and I see no way to 'enhance' the radio. What does enhance mean? Where is this chip? In the ECM? BCM? Only way I see of 'enhancing the radio is with the tone/ equalizer controls.
  11. How Much did select 60 with 250 miles bring at MECUM?

    Bushwack, Isn't your fish logic backwards?
  12. I don't see where a 1.5v. battery has any relevance in this discussion.
  13. Can a Normal Guy Remove and Install a Reatta Windshield?

    KDIRK summed it up pretty well. I had two Reatta windshields removed from parts cars using the pneumatic knife; not by me, but by someone who knew what they were doing.
  14. Do you remember when...

    I have NEVER replaced a thermostat as a routine maintenance.
  15. Do you remember when...

    Back in the day, antifreeze used alcohol as the 'antifreeze'. It would often 'boil off' or vaporize over time...then came 'permanent antifreeze using glycol as the 'antifreeze'.