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  1. Use the forum search feature (BCA General ... "texas road warriors") to find some of our previous (mis)adventures. It all started 13 years ago: (http://forums.aaca.org/topic/71039-on-the-way-to-batavia/?hl=batavia). This should serve as fair warning to anybody in our way north of Texas and an invitation to other drivers from Texas to join the fun. There are no caravans, schedules or other requirements; just a bunch of independent contractors that sometimes end up at the same place. Also, participants should save up for gas and oil (we're driving Buicks after all) and stock up on sliced Barbeque Brisket and Fajitas...if gas prices go up any more consider baloney sandwiches. We will leave 6-17 and drive 400-450 miles a day in our 1955 model 63. Willie
  2. old-tank

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    About 420 miles to Lubbock. Tomorrow Pueblo by way of Ratan Pass. No issues with car: 15.3 mpg so far
  3. old-tank

    1956 Roadnmaster Radio Light Staying On

    The map light is controled by rotating the light switch.
  4. old-tank

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    We will leave hot south central Texas tomorrow morning: destination Lubbock, TX about 420 miles. Next day another 440 miles to Pueblo, Co then decide on going to Dillon, CO depending on fires in the area.
  5. old-tank

    Blower motor

    One of the blower motors for the factory A/C on one of my 55's was noisy. There was lots of shaft end play and then I found this when turned over: 3 holes drilled into the housing with a sheet metal screw in one hole. My guess is that in the past the bearing/bushing was turning in the housing a screw was used to lock in place...the other holes (?) maybe a way to oil it. I had a spare motor from a parts car and this one will become a parts donor someday.
  6. old-tank

    Hood Mechanism Help - 1955 Buick Century

    And never slam it. It will hit the fenders and gouge paint Just a firm shove after the pin engages the latch. After you learn how it works, never let anyone touch it.
  7. old-tank

    1955 Buick general questions

    Google: 13/16 thin wall socket... But it is easy enough to grind down: apply to turning grinding wheel with the socket attached to an impact wrench. If the cavities in the head are dirty, any socket will stick.
  8. old-tank

    Blower motor

    Car is locked away for now. Really nothing to show: same black motor (size and shape) as stock; different wiring hidden; close inspection shows it is not split in the middle (no judge would notice!); pictures on the net for Four Seasons 35490. Most stock motors can be disassembled , cleaned and lubed...mine were "messed with" and the $62 was well worth the aggravation avoidance.
  9. old-tank

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    Thanks, John and thanks for you service to OUR club! My reaction to the minutes: !!!! There is a lot that I want to say, but the moderators would censor. I'll try the general membership and board meetings, but am not hopeful: “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― George Carlin
  10. old-tank

    Late Nailhead Distributor Rebuild Lube?

    Not that it is that special, but I use Sil-Glyde mostly since it come in a handy tube and does not separate.
  11. old-tank

    New Classic Buick Owner

    Wheels?...red would work for me. They also appear to not be original wheels for a 55 and the front tire and/or wheel is smaller...car may be lowered also. Even without documentation you can hopefully 'reverse engineer it'.
  12. old-tank

    Blower motor

    Installed two Four Seasons 35490 motors: perfect! Summit Racing took all of 1.5 days shipping and the shipping was 1/3 of RockAuto. I wish I could buy all of my parts from Summit.
  13. old-tank

    Disk Brake Conversion

    Looking at my KH wire wheel on my spare and a regular rim... if a regular rim will not work with calipers then the wires will not work either.
  14. old-tank

    53 Special Steering wheel removal

    Just the tie rods need to be adjusted while the steering wheel is held centered, after verifying that the steering box is centered. There is inherent looseness in the steering box after you pass center and will make the car a chore to drive.
  15. And they all say they are compatible with any other DOT 3-4 fluid. Synthetic in this case may just be a marketing buzz-word. DOT 5 is synthetic, but silicone based and will not mix with other fluids.
  16. old-tank

    53 Special Steering wheel removal

    Just put the nut back on part way, span the nut and press against that. Remove the pitman arm and turn lock to lock to verify center. If the steering wheel is still off center THEN remove and center; otherwise take it back to the alignment shop and have them adjust the tie rods to center everything!
  17. old-tank


    I'd rather be driving the Buick!
  18. only on this site....can it be fixed.
  19. old-tank

    Which engine oil grade to use with 56

    But you already said it... Talking nailheads: I have never seen or heard of an oil related failure due to lack of zinc! I checked the cam and lifters on my 55 322 at 80,000 miles; it now has 100,000 miles on the engine and will head out for a 3,000 mile trip in a few days (20w50 Castrol gtx). Not only were the cam and lifters pristine, but the cylinders still showed hone marks.
  20. old-tank

    804 gateway timeout

    In other words, 504 errors usually indicate that a different computer, one that the website you're getting the 504 message on doesn't control but relies on, isn't communicating with it quickly enough. Good, so it is not on my end since it is happening on all devices, OS and browsers. Is it going to be fixed?
  21. ..or maybe throw you computer and camera away. ...the warranty will expire before you are ready,,,
  22. old-tank

    Texas Road Warriors --- Mile High Blitz

    Probably 84...will pick a route at last minute to avoid the hottest weather and any heavy duty weather.
  23. old-tank

    Blower motor

    For sure. In this case these motors have been messed with by others and you can't fix stupid or stupid actions. Looking at Four Seasons 35490 which has the same measurements as the original and can be set up to run CW or CCW.
  24. old-tank

    Blower motor

    Second motor had a hole drilled at the front (would have been ineffective for oiling...maybe the sheet metal screw fell out) and a copper wire between the halves of the case (seemed to function only to increase end play?). It was also full of dried up white grease. Took it apart, cleaned and oiled. Does not come up to expected speed and gets hotter than the other motor. Both motors quiet on bench, noisy when installed. Too hot to work after 10am...tomorrow is in play.
  25. old-tank

    Blower motor

    Not easily, since they are grounded through the case, with single hot wire connection.