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    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Adjust the idle mixture screws for the smoothest idle and highest vacuum reading. If no joy adjust leaner to get a 20 rpm drop on each screw (that may give a rougher idle than your tolerance); if it helps then back out richer until acceptable idle and driveability. That carb does not like modern fuel --- ethanol for not. The transition from the jets below the throttle plates (idle mixture) to the jets above the throttle plates is where the stumble occurs. Upstream factors probably contribute too: mine would be almost acceptable with a newly cleaned carb, but if it ever dried out from non use some white powder residue would form and stumbling returned.
  2. old-tank

    55 Buick Automatic Choke

    Yes, that is the top attachment. From there it wraps around the back of the engine to inside of the RH exhaust manifold. Really hard to fix and attach the 1/4 inch tube without removing the manifold. You will also need a cap with 'spring' for the choke housing.
  3. old-tank

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    ...or the terminal with the yellow wire on the ballast resistor (bypasses resistor), then start it right away. If improvement then switch to the pink wire terminal on the ballast resistor. This is how you 'hot wire' a car...will not turn off until disconnected. This will bypass any wiring or ground problems. We had one that died on left hand turns: the battery wire on the solenoid was shorting on the starter splash shield (55 Special). Block off all vacuum taps at the manifold. Verify the gasket: carb to manifold; manifold to head --- disassembly required...never had much luck with sprays. Intake manifold torque is 30 ft/lbs and is usually not achieved with a 3/8 drive ratchet. I use a thin layer of high temp RTV on those gaskets.
  4. old-tank

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    Vacuum leak; in addition to the usual places check the throttle shaft. If you want to rule out electrical, (as a test) jump 12v+ to the coil and 12v- to the distributor housing.
  5. old-tank

    Source for these small sheetmetal nuts?

    I have been know to be impatient : punch a hole in some suitable material (usually use an old license plate) , start the sheet metal screw and install.
  6. old-tank

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Larry, you keep bringing up that point and from my perspective it is absolutely false! i have had a car on the show field since the 1980's, first as a displayed grubby driver where owners of the best cars mentored my restoration effort on the show field and later with letters and long phone calls; second as a 400 point contender where we all gladly shared restoration pitfalls; and now to display again where the most original cars with "work clothes" get lots of attention with original condition. Maybe class "H" is the exception, but I don't thinks so since everybody can choose their 'fun' and if it is judging then everybody starts off with 400 points and other cars have no effect on your score. You must be hanging out around the wrong classes...
  7. old-tank

    Meet "Toby" my 50 Model 51 project

    Who needs a mig welder? (I could blow a hole in the sheet metal with torch or mig )
  8. old-tank

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Keep an eye on it... 'stress test' by holding pressure on the pedal for a minute or more to see if it drops; if it does then you will have a fresh enough leak to see easily.
  9. (is this guy ever going to work on a Buick or drive one)
  10. old-tank

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Good fast work. (to be young and strong again...)
  11. old-tank

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    Did all installs myself. Metric is no big deal if you make note of the lengths you need for various fittings and then have the counter person put it on a cart and fit the metric ones to the compressor...if shipped to you do the same. Best deal with Advance Auto is to put it in your online cart and leave it. If they have your email they will come back with 20% off; then 25% off and maybe even 30% off.
  12. old-tank

    A/C - 78 Estate Wagon

    You might get lucky with that rebuilt compressor from NAPA, but good rebuildable cores are scarce: I bought a rebuilt compressor from Advance Auto last year for my 76 Olds and after changing out 3 defective ones Advance Auto was out of the rebuilt units and supplied THIS at no additional cost (I would have been ahead if I had bought it in the first place...lots of exercise and refrigerant/oil expense ).
  13. Although not a high speed or high traffic area, the smooth stone topping will eventually scatter and require raking. Crushed stone or steel mill slag work work better.
  14. old-tank

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Lapping the valves with compound at your house would have been adequate for awhile. New guides are needed for the machine shop to accurately grind the seats. The rebuilt rocker assemblies on mine were examined at 80K miles and appeared as new, but unlike the originals they put out a huge shower of oil making valve guides seals necessary. With that combination and modern lubricants expect many hundreds of thousands of miles before any wear.
  15. old-tank

    Classic car market and tarriffs

    You are going to get a lot of "I think" "I don't think" here. Most of the parts that would affect us are made in China and they are already highly marked up: $4 mirror is now $5 for a Buick parts supplier who is already charging $60.
  16. old-tank

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Strip membership due to continued conduct unbecoming. At the general membership meeting in Denver the board member was "voted off the Island" by the members in attendance. Let's see if the current BOD who represents ALL of the members actually follows through.
  17. old-tank

    Power brake cylinder oil, Super -54

    For the vacuum pump, air tool lubricant LIKE THIS would be a good choice.
  18. old-tank

    1955 Buick Power Brake set

    It is in the service manual...don't make me look it up for you.
  19. old-tank

    1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Fusick best price. But all are from the same source apparently and the studs that go down into your frame will most likely be too close together. Just grind the inside of the studs...don't drill your frame.
  20. old-tank

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Add to that: valve stem clearance in guide: 0.0025 inlet 0.0030 exhaust (Chevy specs are tighter and if done like that you will have sticky valves.) If shims are needed for the outer valve springs, be sure the correct ones are used, not generic ones that cover the recess for the inner valve spring. And for sure to check their work before installing!! I still have to return heads to remedy some or all of the 'basics' above. If replacement valve guides are needed, discuss the options: sleeving vs replacing. On one of the last heads I had done there was a crack around a guide after 5K miles...that head had been in service for a long time with no issues until rebuilt with new guides. I have my guides machined for valve stem seals because the rebuilt rocker assemblies shower much more oil than stock.
  21. old-tank


    Warren Distribution MG06DX22 Dexron III/Mercon ....Sold through WalMart, but not in stock. 10 quart fill for a 55 Dynaflow and seems to be a little higher viscosity than the WalMart brand in the stores.
  22. old-tank

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    X2 Valve stem height: 1.525 to 1.550 measured (in inches) from valve cover rail to valve stem tip. OR just match the other installed valve stems with a straight edge. OR just install a head from your previous engine.
  23. Hard to see the drips.
  24. old-tank

    Rear End Fill Plug 53-56 Buick

    Don't know about the Corvette item, but tri five chevy did not work on a 55. Found one matched locally in a blister pack...requires a hex wrench.
  25. old-tank

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    I only use the 0.015 steel and they look and function like original. That said, with your luck they will arc and catch fire during installationšŸ˜€.