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  1. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    Hmmm. Faux century Yep, and I would have been pissed if I drove 3 hours to get it...not as much as someone who bought it and had it shipped.
  2. Another parts car

    No wonder with all these "enablers" here.
  3. Another parts car

    Collecting again? It wasn't that long ago you got rid of a bunch of "stuff"? It is a disease. I don't know the cure...
  4. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    not on the 66R
  5. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    Definitely a Special dash: trim around the ash trays and radio was part of the engine turned pieces on the Century; separate pieces on the Special; very hard to change dash. But not that hard to change portholes or fenders and name especially if wrecked and a parts car donated. Door panels on the 46R with upgrade trim were the same a 66R. I know of one 66C (century convertible) bought on ebay that turned out to be a clone.
  6. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    Good catch. More than likely a Special....not a bad car, but now we are at $1500.
  7. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    150 miles and 3 hours form my location. 20 years ago I would have jumped on this. But creaky knees and traffic congestion put it out of consideration. If it was a dynaflow car I would show up with $5K cash...
  8. Front Fender Moulding Clips

    If you find the size, this will tell you how many of that size that you need.
  9. Don't let it get to be too nice to drive!
  10. 1955 nailhead with ford trans adapter

    Did you get the Ford tranny adapter too?
  11. Door or trunk weatherstrip will work. Just cut down and glue on. Does not even have to be new.
  12. WCFB Air Horn Choke Differences?

    Deeper differences too: the throttle plates and associated are larger in 55 then 54 for more cfm.
  13. 55 Century Hood Bumpers

    On mine the conical one on the right were used on the front over some fender washers used as shims. The disc shaped on the left was used at the cowl. On some of mine that was still too high and required trimming for a cosmetic fit of the hood at the cowl. No matter what is used at the cowl the rear lip of the hood catches and tears at the bumper (carry some new ones to switch out when the hood is open for judging). One some of mine there is a depressed area at the hole for the sheet metal screw for the bumper ('massaged' for fit?) The original bumpers have a metal washer integrated....replacements do not.
  14. First Snow!

    South Texas beat you by 2 days on the first snow.😀 You can have it...we don'need or want it.
  15. 400*F will not affect temper. Many replacement springs are produced with powder coating.