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  1. All under dash units are 'knee knockers', but the currently available units are better than the ones when these cars were contemporary. They do cool well, but the center passenger is singing "keep me cockatoo cool..." after awhile. A 55-56 factory air compressor bracket can easily be adapted to the Sanden style compressor; or use an adapter for the old York/Tecumseh mounts.
  2. Parts from Summit Racing: CRT-P60504 Fuel Pump, Electric, In-Line, 4 psi, 5/16 in. Hose Barb, Inlet, Outlet, 12 V, Each (Mfr. #: P60504) Ready to Ship Ground $52.97 1 $52.97 RNB-55107 5/16 In. Brass Tee Connector (Mfr. #: 55107) Shipping From Manufacturer Ground $4.97 2 $9.94 RNB-800-195 Fuel Check Valve 5/16 (Mfr. #: 800-195) Ready to Ship Ground $24.97 1 $24.97
  3. Make or have made some vinyl adhesive decals. That is the only way I solved the paint sticking issue on the center grill bar emblem of my 55.
  4. ...and never needed an air conditioned car
  5. Use appropriate barb fitting and assemble with band clamps that can be clocked so as not to look too ugly.
  6. Working as designed. Top off the fluid and tolerate small leaks if present.
  7. You need both pumps as noted. If you use the Carter pump with a mechanical, you will need to loop around with a check valve since it will not allow fuel to be pulled through (that is my set up). The Airtex is a 'pull through' pump but otherwise junk. That noisy pump is probably the most durable, but too aggravating for me.
  8. I just call and have had nothing but a very pleasant and helpful response. Are we talking about the same office?
  9. I use Castrol 20W-50 in all of mine year round and would not hesitate to use it in yours or any new or used engine. Use some MMO or just outboard oil (4oz) in a tank of gas since those 1:6 lifters are moving the valves past the working area they are used to. The choke housing should have vacuum at the fitting for the heat tube. If not check the gasket between the base and bowl section; the gasket can be installed wrong and that is a symptom...follow the path.
  10. You should try it...
  11. 40 psi is plenty on a cold engine. My oil gauge also stopped working after an engine installation...turn out I pinched the line between the block and bell housing .
  12. Just carry a working spare.
  13. ...and it's ugly!
  14. A less messy way to remove the bushing: use a tap and use it to cut threads in the bushing; when it bottoms out the bushing comes out!
  15. You gotta have a passion for a car like that and knowledge of same --- seems you got it covered!