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    Crescent sun shadows at 60% eclipse
  2. Must have been related to one I saw. Driver straddled a closed driveshaft but was sitting directly over a light duty Ford banjo rear end. It had huge slicks and a big block with blower. I would guess that ol" boy is singing high notes now. Most are safe and dependable with just the rat look.
  3. 5w 30??

    Oh goody, zinc again. Has there ever been an oil related failure in stock Buick engine due to lack of zinc?
  4. Oil drain plug

    ...and the spark plugs are 14 mm ...and wheel rim size everywhere is in inches...
  5. 5w 30??

    Why the concern over oil pressure rise? As long as there are no rod or main bearing knocks on startup during the 'pressure lag', use the higher viscosity oil. 20w-50 or 30 would be more appropriate for a nail since those primitive engines expand and contract much more during use than modern engines. And if the pistons have been changed to the available junk, you probably have some piston slap noises when cold and made worse by the lower viscosity oil or if shut down when extremely hot with any oil. On the other hand, any oil if changed regularly will outlast you.
  6. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Nice response. If this is your everyday and only transportation, limit the 'experiments' to small and doable things. My profile picture shows a cylinder head being scraped...it was installed and running to get me to class the next morning. Another time I removed the distributor late in the evening (don't remember why) but some *&^ dumbass cranked the engine while it was out. Then it started raining. Finally found the compression stroke of #1 cylinder, but then had to line up the oil pump. Cold and wet I went to bed at 3am to get up for an exam at 6am that I should have been studying for!
  7. There are no rooms available Wednesday June 20 at Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows even though there are scheduled events. Any other known optional hotels?
  8. Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    I think I saw that car somewhere before.
  9. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    same thing
  10. Best Sealer for thermostat gasket & antifreeze

    Use lots of red or blue RTV so everyone can see where it squished out...that will seal it, but not it looks like a chevy. If I have time I use a thin coat of black RTV and let it dry before installing; if in a hurry, then I brush on the brown stuff or use an anaerobic sealer
  11. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    ...and a 56 manual steering pitman arm
  12. Stop the hand wringing and just do it. Sheesh!
  13. Thinking about making a fuel cell...

    ...never stop thinking, plotting, scheming about new/different ways...
  14. 66 Electra motor mounts

    Those things only break after 43 power braking burnouts!
  15. Thinking about making a fuel cell...

    Vapor lock occurs on the suction side of a fuel pump. Put the electric external near the gas tank. Submerge it and it may be a bomb.