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  1. Don't leave town...might be 2 or 3 days!
  2. The mounted width is usually 1/4" less than advertised. Most of the tires including the Coker Classics are available from Summit Racing: no charge shipping and usually no sales tax.
  3. Go with the working 6 small hole unit. 55 has a 6 small hole accumulator. The circulation diagram (through the accumulator) appears to be the same 55 and 56.
  4. Get a 491 timing chain that is sold in a long box (if it folds into one hand it will be slack) This: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dynagear-Engine-Timing-Chain-for-Buick-Ford-C491-/282234264131?hash=item41b6791a43:g:HIcAAOSwn7JYETsD&vxp=mtr Or this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1970s-Ford-Ford-Truck-Econoline-Engine-Timing-Chain-C-491-/322430812800?hash=item4b125fc280:g:jIIAAOSwe7BWzjKo&vxp=mtr Ok to reuse the gears if you cannot catch a finger nail on the chain marks. It would not hurt to replace the lifters since they may be mixed: 896 lifters Rockauto or ebay
  5. The agency does not have to be nice to stay in business.
  6. Short answer: replace everything. It will probably outlast you. I rebuilt a pump and it worked...for a while. Then it leaked ATF all over some very expensive trunk material...
  7. When I run into one like that, after everything is finished I ask them who they work for. The usual answer is 'for the state'...my last jab is to remind them that they work for me. They still don't smile...
  8. I'd use it for fish bait...
  9. You are one sick, dude. Probably literally.
  10. Harbor Freight...buy 2 of each.
  11. Anything less than a 2 gallon bucketful means it wasn't greased enough or it sat in a museum for 40 years.
  12. Clean and rebuild the valley cover first. That piddly little pcv valve will not resolve that extreme pressurization of the crankcase. The only time I saw that pressurization was on some with a hole in the piston or all pistons with broken rings. If revving the engine with one breather off causes a blast of vapor, you have bigger problems.
  13. Remove any ridge at the top; hone only to remove the glaze; use hone grit appropriate for the type of replacement rings; put pistons back into the cylinders they came out of. The ring grooves in the pistons will need to be cleaned; use premium name brand moly rings (will conform to and tolerate any cylinder irregularities).
  14. and flush the brake fluid every 2years.
  15. That's the way I would go...