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  1. 55 roadmaster correct door handles ?

    (they will fit the small series, but are not even correct --- probably shivvy)
  2. The 2018 - 2500 Challenge

    I record mileage before and after national meet trips. Already 3500 miles since returning from Brookfield....expect 3000 round trip to Denver...3 months to make 1000 (doable). That's on the Blue/White 55...the others probably total another 3000. (the old iron goes more yearly miles than the daily drivers!)
  3. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Unless you have upgraded your headlights, then 55 mph is the max speed before you over drive your lights. Most of the heat is generated in the upper engine block and cylinder heads, so consider cleaning the jackets last. Those radiators were marginal even when clean. Also be aware that the those temp gauges are pegged hot at only 200*F..install a direct reading gauge with numbers. A 13# cap as used on the AC cars will raise the boilover point to around 245*F. On mine when the cylinder head temp is over 220, it starts pinging, so increase the octane of the gas if needed.
  4. 1,800 to 2,000 miles if you do a lot of idling and short trips less than 10 miles. Road trips oil and filter at 3,000 to 5,000 miles. That car probably uses 7 quarts and with that massive filter it could probably go more.
  5. My 57 Buick special project

    Just use two of the shim as gaskets. No need to 'set' anything when using the outer torque ball retainer with rubber. Coat the rubber with silicone grease (Silglyde---NAPA and drive happy.
  6. Starter cover

    5/16-18...actually the same as those that hold the fender on your 55.
  7. Right Tire Pressure

    Start with 35 psi and experiment with what suits you. I have the second set of radials on one of my 55's from Diamondback. Built on the Toyo Extensa A/S, the ride and handling is what I like at 35 psi. Previous set was built on the Firestone FR380 and that tire needed 44 psi to give it the same structure. It depends on the tire and personal preference.
  8. 56 Super

    That is the proper way to dress a Buick.
  9. 1955 Buick Century

    That is a big enough difference to rip it when operated. (Don't ask how I know...)
  10. 1955 Buick Century

    I have seen that design only on 4-way power seats...something new everyday. Be advised if using manual skirts or even 2-way power seat skirts with 4-way power you will tear the back...they are different. I can show you when you get around to refurbishing yours. Also the usual breaks at the top where it hooks over the sear frame is caused by collapsed seat springs and padding allowing the occupant to sit on the skirt and breaking it.
  11. Automobile Alley - Oklahoma City

    Back to class warfare and you are on the BOD of the BCA. Disgusting!
  12. 31st BUICKS AND BLUEBONNETS TOUR April 13th – 15th, 2018 Homewood Suites 3000 I-45 North Conroe TX 77303 936-703-6000 Buick Club rates are: studio $104; bedroom $114. Hotel is east of I-45 at exit 89, FM 3083 RESERVE BY MARCH 31ST Flier, registration, schedule
  13. weather stripping

    Try this: METRO
  14. 1955 Firewall cover finish

    That is what I used, but would consider Lizard Skin Coating (done by someone else since it is not just a rattle can).