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  1. Bust! 3 cars...4 trophies. Maybe 15 people. Probably the last. Chapter may not survive.
  2. Don't put up the trap until it stays empty. Dispatch those nasty tree rats! They like house wiring too. Don't give someone else your problem like some people did to me: released some raccoons on my property that tore up one of my dogs that cornered it.
  3. There are at least 2 brands. Some are press fit...others unscrew. Either way take it apart to hold the shaft.
  4. The heat riser has nothing to do with choke heat. ..just fuel vaporization. The tube from the exhaust manifold supplies hot air to the choke housing (vacuum pulls it in). I brazed a tube to the plate on the bottom of the intake manifold for a heat source..easier than dealing with the exhaust manifold.
  5. R&L ... Right and left
  6. Maybe not. The regulators are R&L as are the motors. The only new holes I remember are for the switch and wires in the jamb. If you install the motor and test it be careful about taking apart from the regulator with the spring wound...it will cut or amputate! Assembly is installed with the motor.
  7. Back to pedals again. I noticed one of your pictures in post #26 showed a pedal with a stud on the bottom with a rubber bumper. I don't know which Buick used that arrangement, but on 55's there never was a stud. Replacement pedals from vendors are supplied with the stud, which I break off before use. The stud would limit pedal movement.
  8. Even with low compression on 2 cylinders it should run. And if it runs check again after a few thousand miles including prolonged highway driving.
  9. Or some heat. There may be plastic or rubber in there that will melt and give it up.
  10. If you want to stop the spinning try some lock tight or super glue...let it run down the shaft into the knob.
  11. You will buff through the what is left of the chrome plating before you restore a shine.
  12. I stay busy enough with the steering, braking and roly poly of these old cars with then worrying about shifting. Just call me shiftless.
  13. Nope, unless you have some to match up. Intact parts car and use a zip tie to keep everything in the right order.
  14. Fun factor for sure until you get stuck in traffic, then it is a PIA. Best to get a second 'toy' with the standard tranny. Unless you mate the standard to the matching 3.9 gears you will be doing even more shifting. On the other hand 3.9 gears will wake up the dynaflow...the 56 dynaflow is a great transmission with switch pitch even in low.