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  1. Thanks , that car has been sold and I have a better one now ! Small emblem and every option . Thanks , Dick
  2. Find another transmission shop . It takes about 10 minutes to get the gear out to see if the teeth are stripped - if they are I may have the gear . Very simple job . Its a common problem . I have 18 tooth gear .
  3. This is a new reproduction complete with instructions . $ 89.00 Fgt. Inc. Cont. US
  4. Jenkins has material that is very close to original . I dont know how much they have left so get your order in if needed . I have no connection with Jenkins . I do not know anything about the cardboard .
  5. WTB: 63-65 radio delete plate

  6. WTB: 63-65 radio delete plate

    The one I am talking about is 65 Riv both radio and a/c delete .
  7. WTB: 63-65 radio delete plate

    I know where there is a nice one out of a 65 . What is it worth ?
  8. TH400 issue

    Check the line that goes down to the modulator to see if it is plugged up as well .
  9. Dealer stock . I was a new cop at the time and making 485.00 a month . Went to every dealer in San Diego to find the least expensive . Still had custom interior and cruise . Didn' t really care for Seafoam but ...................
  10. When I bought my first Riv new in 65 I had to fill out the card and mail it in to the factory to get my nameplate . It was sent to my house and I put it on . About 5 years ago I sent in another card that I had for another Riv but never got a response ! LOL I thought I would at least get a letter saying OUT OF STOCK !
  11. 63-65 Riv loads of Original parts

    Do you have 65 vinyl top trim pieces ?
  12. Found this in my pile of notes from long ago !
  13. This ORIGINAL SOUTHERN CALIF. CAR was purchased from McClellan Buick in San Diego in 1965 . It remained in San Diego area its whole life . It has 82K original miles and is in GREAT condition . The color is Burgandy Mist with off white bucket seat interior . The engine is the rare 355 Wildcat with 4 Bl. Carb . The transmission is automatic with column shift This Beauty still has the original Black / Yellow plates and original working factory radio . Rust is not an option on this rare find . Has Power Steering . Eng. not detailed but ORIGINAL ! Overall in # 2 condition and meant to be driven and enjoyed . Priced at $ 17,300 . If you have further questions email me at