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  1. TH400 issue

    Check the line that goes down to the modulator to see if it is plugged up as well .
  2. Dealer stock . I was a new cop at the time and making 485.00 a month . Went to every dealer in San Diego to find the least expensive . Still had custom interior and cruise . Didn' t really care for Seafoam but ...................
  3. When I bought my first Riv new in 65 I had to fill out the card and mail it in to the factory to get my nameplate . It was sent to my house and I put it on . About 5 years ago I sent in another card that I had for another Riv but never got a response ! LOL I thought I would at least get a letter saying OUT OF STOCK !
  4. 63-65 Riv loads of Original parts

    Do you have 65 vinyl top trim pieces ?
  5. Found this in my pile of notes from long ago !
  6. This ORIGINAL SOUTHERN CALIF. CAR was purchased from McClellan Buick in San Diego in 1965 . It remained in San Diego area its whole life . It has 82K original miles and is in GREAT condition . The color is Burgandy Mist with off white bucket seat interior . The engine is the rare 355 Wildcat with 4 Bl. Carb . The transmission is automatic with column shift This Beauty still has the original Black / Yellow plates and original working factory radio . Rust is not an option on this rare find . Has Power Steering . Eng. not detailed but ORIGINAL ! Overall in # 2 condition and meant to be driven and enjoyed . Priced at $ 17,300 . If you have further questions email me at

    K REED , glad you didnt make it , otherwise this would have been yours ! LOL
  8. Had about 55 cars on the showfield ! Weather was perfect , a little warm in the afternoon . I was fortunate to get first place in the GS class ! The banquet was the BEST ! Dick Sweeney
  9. The VT must have been added before the sticker was made . All was done before I bought the car .
  10. Here she is with the Vinyl Top .
  11. BCA nationals

    Looks like I will be judging my old 65 Riv GS in Wisconsin ?
  12. I did confirm - VIN is the same as mine .
  13. I think this is a car that I once owned . The switch on the door panels are power locks from a Cadillac . I bought the car from my friend Chuck Good who did the restoration . I sold it to a guy in Illinois and then it was sold to someone in Florida . I lost track of it after that . I would like to find out who ownes the car as he has one of my Calif. Plates and I have paperwork he might want ? I was a very nice car when I owned it but went down hill after .
  14. CAN YOU HELP Mr Cowan ? Hi Dick, Nice talking with you today! As I mentioned, we are looking for a 71 Buick Riviera that we can rent for this movie. We're doing a couple of pick up shots of Mr. Pacino this Tuesday in Los Angeles. It's very simple, two close ups of Mr. Pacino sitting in the car. It's not driving. We are going to shoot in a studio with a "Green Screen" background. Do you know of a car like this we could rent for the day? Thanks so very much! Really appreciate your help! Sincerely, Rich Cowan Line Producer "Hangman" 509-981-4719 cell