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  1. AND . . . to make matters worse, there's also "back spacing" in the mix, too! The 15x7 '70s Camaro factory Z/28 15x7 steel wheels are supposed to have a 4.25" backspacing. I suspect the other similar GM wheels are about the same for a 7" wide rim. Some wheels are more like 4" backspacing on a 7" wide rim, which puts the tire closer to the outside edge of the car. With "the look" can come some inconveniences, as noted. Usually best to have something that goes off and on easily, or have the local tow service's number in your cell phone directory. There are some 17" tires that have very similar "revs/mile" specs as the OEM 15" tires of the later '60s and such. This keeps the speedometer more in correct calibration. This might be a plus for the 17" wheels in the future, by observation. Depending upon the tire's tread design, the wider treads can be more prone to hydroplaning in heavy rain, than a narrower tread width. Best to do "dough nuts" on dry parking lot pavement than on a wet freeway! Many side issues with the "something bigger" orientation. Sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor. NTX5467
  2. NTX5467

    Factory sunroof on '72 Electra

    (Where's that Build Sheet?!)
  3. NTX5467


    Had not thought about color changes, but aren't there some videos of Harley driving it and it wasn't black? Back when it was his daily-driver? Or am I thinking of the '51 LeSabre? A Google search of videos yielded a 2017 video where some of GM's young designers are talking about the Y-Job. There's a newspaper account of the car, when it was finished, and it's very black in its appearance. A neat 2 minutes. One of the cars on the picture wall is the artist's rendering of the Avista concept car. NTX5467
  4. NTX5467


    Remember, the greater detail in more modern graphics (including "movement"!) takes more memory to store AND faster processors to make happen. When I got my WebTV terminal in the later 1990s, the 33.3 modem was mid-line in speed and the 97hz processor was toward the bottom side of things. When more moving graphics became more normal, it was more than it could handle. The "download" red light would flash for hours before one of those "expanded" images would even start to appear. And things are much more complex now! Even a picture with a lot of "black" in it would take longer to download! Things that are now a "distant memory" of sorts. NTX5467
  5. NTX5467


    When you click on this video and then click on one of the other titles on the bottom, you'll find a YouTube video on the "sales training" for the '92 Buicks, which leads to a lot more dealership sales training/information videos up into the 2000s. LOTS of interesting information! Thanks for posting! NTX54567
  6. NTX5467

    Buick Generators

    What ultimate output amps are you seeking with the Powergen item? Just curious. NTX5467
  7. NTX5467

    Front Brake Concerns / This Car is Baffling!

    I might be wrong, but I seem to recall that ST400/;THM400SP was a mid-year change? The '64 ST400/THM400SP shirt quadrant was still "D-L" rather than the '65 "PRND21" quadrant. I'll have to make sure about that, though. Seems like the '65 Wildcat 401 was the first 401 with a THM400SP? I'll have to check my HP Books book on the THM400s to verify. Notice I said "401" and not "425". NTX5467
  8. NTX5467

    1961 Steering gear replacement/upgrade.

    Somewhere, in possibly a Camaro-oriented website, it had a chart of what applications (Camaro, basically) applications got which gear sets. The OTHER orientation in "gear ratio", I believe, is pitman arm length and the matching idler arm length.. In some applications, the difference between "normal" and "fast ratio" is that length with the same gear. Chrysler E-body cars, I believe. The "normal" turns lock-to-lock for most non-Ford power steering cars of the '60s+ tends to be 3.0 - 3.5, with others being closer to 4.0. Seems like there were some GM cars with 2.0 in the '70s? Be sure to upgrade the outer sway bar link bushings to urethane to better enjoy the faster steering and decrease body lean a bit. NTX5467
  9. NTX5467

    Front Brake Concerns / This Car is Baffling!

    Agree with Ben. Sometimes, tires can LOOK just fine (by the normal "tread depth" determination), but can be having internal issues which can make then have some handling issues. As an example, a car I recently purchased, upon closer inspection after the fact, had some rather deep tread on them. It drove acceptably well for the type of tires they were. When I noticed the date code on them, it was 10 years to the week of their production! A new set of tires made it handle much better, even to the extent of not feeling like it needed new shocks/struts (at only 90K miles). So, I was very pleased with that significant improvement. For the record, the old tires (date coded 03 08) were Michelin Sears Weatherwise. The replacements were Michelin Defender T + H. One of the deciding factors in the purchase, other than what the car was and the mileage, were the "Michelin" tires with good tread on them. Be that as it may. NTX5467
  10. NTX5467

    Front Brake Concerns / This Car is Baffling!

    IF what they got was '56 stuff, rather than '55 stuff, some might not fit or even be the same. '55 shocks might not be tube-style shocks, for example. They can be rebuilt or just might need some new oil in them. Search out Old-Tank's Buick Restorer thread and see if he doesn't have something in there. NTX5467
  11. NTX5467

    Best differentail lube for 1950's Buicks

    Hopefully, those "30 mile runs" have some corners in them for centrifugal force to send the lube to the ends of the axle tubes? NTX5467
  12. NTX5467

    6 volt bulbs - Best Bang for Your Buck

    Along with what Ben mentioned about wiring terminal connections, you can ALSO brighten up the lamp housing internal reflector surface with some bright silver paint. I believe that Eastwood has a product for that? With time, the lenses also seem to darken, which doesn't help matter much, either! Typically, there is the harness coming from the bulkhead connector (which nobody seems to know about being a big wiring connection point), the front lamp harness, a rear lamp harness to main front-to-rear harness, etc. NOT to forget that the cleanliness of the battery terminal connections are a part of that situation, too. NTX5467
  13. We just notice the topic and proceed. Time of the valid question is not really noticed. Our "servant's heart" is showing? NTX5467
  14. RE: Mr. Heil's comments . . . What "sanctions" might be imposed on the operative(s) who have "done wrong"? Do we invalidate their BCA membership? Prevent them from ever being a BCA member again? Do we put their name on a billboard by the Interstate? What 's in the By-Laws about such things? What significant "good" would such things serve? Some might feel like the BCA did them a favor by getting rid of them? Now, I do believe that rules should be followed, which is what any By-Laws include. "By-Laws" are the document of self-government of any organization, IF the membership so chooses to have them at all. As such, the same group who created them can also modify, augment, diminish, conditionally suspend, OR choose to not follow them as they might desire (with motions, votes, and other approvals). Just some thoughts. Onward and upward! Willis Bell 20811
  15. I, as a paid-up BCA member, hereby request this thread be "closed". That any further comments NOT happen until the membership can see ALL that was presented at the General Membership Meeting. This "side trip" has not really accomplished anything other than for many to express concerns and possibly build conspiracy theories, by observation. Every so often, it seems that "something" gets a few BCA members "concerned" about something. Not always alleged club politics, but something about the way things are going. In some respects, some things might need to be reviewed to see if they are "class leading". In other respects, they seem to be going better than in some other similar groups. Time for a respectful pause. Willis Bell 20811