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    Yes, Brian DePouli, the Christmas display photo was indeed at the old Mueller Harkins Buick building on Broadway in Tacoma!
  2. Centurion

    1938 Buick Series 90 with French coachwork

    Excellent photos, Don!
  3. I noticed this 1938 Limited offered on Hemmings, and quickly realized that it's one that I had not previously seen. The car has evidently received a BCA Senior award during the past. I'm curious whether anyone here is familiar with the car and knows which French coach builder constructed this car's body. Does anyone know more about this one? I would love to know this Buick's story.
  4. Centurion

    1938 Buick Series 90 with French coachwork

    The Franay-bodied town car is, according to my notes, built on the Roadmaster chassis. Part of what makes this Binder-bodied town car so impressive is its use of the longer Series 90 Limited chassis.
  5. Centurion

    1938 Buick Series 90 with French coachwork

    Thank you, Pete. This is indeed the same car. And I connected on another forum with an individual who inspected the car with hopes of buying. He has confirmed that the car has a Binder body.
  6. Centurion

    1938 Buick Series 90 with French coachwork

    Thank you, nzcarnerd, this is very helpful! I'm curious whether others here might have seen this car when it received its BCA Senior award? Clearly, a very special car, and one that would be fascinating to learn more about.
  7. Centurion

    1971 LeSabre production numbers question

    Let me clarify further. The Sloan does not have information about individual cars built for 1971, unlike 1972 and other years. But the kind of option and color production numbers requested in the original post IS available. I have this exact information for the 1971 Centurions, obtained from the Sloan. It is simply a matter of requesting the same information for the 1971 LeSabres. Ask for the Daily Production Reports for the 1971 LeSabres.
  8. Centurion

    1971 LeSabre production numbers question

    This information is indeed available for the 1971 LeSabres from the Sloan Museum, Buick Gallery and Research Center. If you request the daily production reports, you can obtain the figures for the cars produced in specific colors and equipped with individual options. It is not, however, possible to determine how many were produced in, say, Twilight Turquoise AND having the 455 engine option AND having power seats. It is simply possible to know how many LeSabre Custom sedans were finished in Twilight Turquoise, how many were equipped with the 455 engine option, and how many had the power seat option.
  9. Centurion

    1959 Electra 225 convertible

    olstyle, the Electra 225 convertibles shared their body panels with the regular Electra 2-door hardtop, but there are many parts that will interchange among all series. Hoods and front fenders will interchange among all '59 Buicks. Doors will interchange among all 2-door hardtops and convertibles. Trunk lids will interchange among all '59 Buicks. (But I would confirm the length, just in case the Electra 225 4-door hardtops have longer trunk lids to match their longer rear decks. The extra length of your Electra 225 convertible is in that portion of the rear quarter panel between the door and the rear wheel opening, so the rear quarter window frame and glass is unique to the Electra 225 convertible, but is, as I understand it, the same as that used on Cadillac and Olds Ninety Eight. I hope that this helps.
  10. Jason, I'm not an expert on these, but this was a popular aftermarket accessory for the 1949 Buicks. In many cases, these were dealer-installed, boosting the dealers' profits on new car sales. The most popular manufacturer of these was a Detroit company called "Van Auken", but I believe that there were additional companies offering a similar product. This link includes information regarding the original patent obtained by Charles Van Auken in 1940: https://patents.google.com/patent/US2281215A/en
  11. This one got my imagination running today, and, if I had limitless funds, I'd be all over it. But what struck me about this almost-never-seen model is that it appears to have a standard Invicta-level interior, which I had not believed to be available in any '61 LeSabre, including the Estate Wagon. I'm wondering what Buick and Ionia Body Mfg. might have been willing to build as a special order for a '61 Estate Wagon customer. Any thoughts on this one? https://nmi.craigslist.org/bar/d/1961-buick-lesabre-wagon/6542068070.html
  12. Centurion

    1961 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon (Not Mine)

    Yes, so, while this is, in my estimation, a very desirable car, the rust makes it a bigger project than I could want or afford to take on.
  13. Centurion

    1961 Buick LeSabre Estate Wagon (Not Mine)

    While all of the full-size wagons were Invictas in 1962 and 1963, the sole full-size 1961 wagon was in the LeSabre series. And, in fact, the LeSabre nameplate appears on the tail gate of the wagon currently offered for sale. But the discussion of wagon interiors from the 1961 Buick prestige brochure has answered my question. While an all-vinyl interior was standard in the Estate Wagon, a custom interior option was available in the two-seat wagon. The "Braeburn Cloth" and vinyl interior is the same as that used in the Invicta series cars.
  14. Centurion

    Buicks to disappear?

    I agree completely, Pete. One of the auto industry analysts that I read weekly is Peter DeLorenzo, whose columns are posted at autoextremist.com. DeLorenzo's father was one of Harlow Curtice's closest advisors, and he has a background in the advertising industry. He is consistently critical of GM's failure to invest in the company's marketing function. GM's refusal to hire a Chief Marketing Officer is viewed as a glaring omission by company management. Product aside, I often think that the folks who have been entrusted with the Buick brand have absolutely no grasp of Buick's place in the market. We know Buick to have a proud heritage, and I could only shake my head at the insulting "That's not a Buick" commercials of the recent past. Is that how the marketing people think they can burnish Buick's brand image? Buick deserves far better than it receives from GM's leadership.
  15. Centurion

    Buicks to disappear?

    Mis-leading headline. The article says only that the badges that say "BUICK" will be dropped for 2019. Like many other cars, Buick will rely to a greater extent on its logo for identification, beginning with the 2019 models. If you look at Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc., you will see that this is common practice in the industry. The article does not imply that Buick as an automotive brand will disappear.
  16. Centurion

    It Wins!! Amaxing Buick wins at Amelia Island!

    Is this a 1930 or 1931 model? I'm going with 1931, since the small ornament on the top of the radiator shell appears to be the style that incorporated the "8" (for 8-cylinder) in it. Beautiful car!
  17. Among the lesser known Buick show cars of the 1950's was a car known as the "Buick Lido", featuring a custom-built body by Pinin Farina. I've read virtually nothing about this car over the years, but understand that the roof raises automatically when the door is opened to facilitate entry and exit to the passenger compartment. Apparently built in 1957, the overall concept seems predictive of the first Riviera, but styling is completely unique. The roof and rear quarter treatment brings "Facel Vega" to mind, which is perhaps my favorite European car of the '50's and '60's. Does anyone know more about this Buick that was apparently done with GM's blessing and (probably) money? I wonder if it still exists and, if so, where it is located now.
  18. Centurion

    1960 Electra 225 "flat-top", TX. car since new

    This Pearl Fawn 1960 Electra 225 is a beautiful car, and the pricing seems right to me. I only wish I could bring it home. With regard to the Lido Lavender 1959 Electra 225, it did sell, but not for the full asking price. That car had been restored for maximum "bling" effect. There's no doubt that it was a great car, but the car was originally built as an Arctic White car. Personally, I regard the car's original color and color codes to be part of a car's history, so that car's color change was a negative factor for me. Regardless, I'm quite certain that the transaction price set a new record for the sale of a closed body 1959 Buick.
  19. Centurion

    Where is it?

    This photo shows a display of 1958 GM cars that received special attention from the "Damsels of Design". Here is the complete story. The photo in the original post shows the Feminine Auto Show in GM's Styling Dome: http://www.core77.com/posts/49498/The-Story-Behind-GMs-Celebrated-Damsels-of-Design
  20. Centurion

    FOR SALE: 1957 Roadie Model 76A Coupe with Video

    Depending upon price, the '57 Roadmaster that is for sale might be a reasonable project. But that "just for kicks" video is just plain fantastic!
  21. Centurion

    Low Mileage Vehicle Value

    That's because you help me find them, Chris!
  22. Centurion

    Talk about a time capsule

    While it does appear to be an impressive car, I'd be careful about the seller's hype. He claims, among other things, that it is believed that the car was originally owned by Bob Hope. And we do know that Bob Hope had a white '59 Electra 225 convertible. But the seller offers not one shred of evidence that this was actually Hope's car.
  23. Centurion

    Low Mileage Vehicle Value

    I am very curious to learn where the Ebay auction for this 2001 Buick Park Avenue with only 16,000-miles ends today. I think the bidding so far reflects that there are folks who believe that these older, very low mileage Buicks are excellent options for reasonably-priced daily drivers: https://www.ebay.com/itm/162819700859?ul_noapp=true
  24. Centurion

    Buick..."by Wilkie"

    Frank Wilkie, here you go -- from about 1955:
  25. Centurion

    Low Mileage Vehicle Value

    I'm all for driving older Buicks. In 2013, I bought a '96 Riviera with 51,000-miles ($4,000) and an '05 LeSabre with 28,000-miles ($8,000). Both have been excellent, and we drive them every day. I'm now at 130,000 miles on the Riviera, and it is a remarkably pleasant, trouble-free car to drive. I picked up a '99 Regal for one of the kids last year for $1,700. It's a great car, especially for the price!