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  1. I do have tested good used pump/motors and pressure switches, however I will be out of the country starting Thursday through Oct 29. Jim
  2. Jim

    Jim Finn's email address?

    I am not sure who y-jobfan is, but have responded to all emails that I have recently received. Jim
  3. Jim

    tonneau lock clip

    I do have very good reproduction clips.
  4. Just last week I replaced the magnet in my wife's Reatta. I have done the JB weld method several times and worked good every time. ( read Padgetts link above this post ) Auto Zone sells new ones for about $ 12 and that is where I got my most recent one. Their part number is wells SU151
  5. In another post someone was looking for a '90 headlight switch so I thought I would bring this topic to the top so folks do not pay too much. I see on Ebay there are 3 of them ranging from $ 250-$ 595. I have them for $ 85 exchange. I also have the '91 Reatta and '90-93 Riviera switches available. On Ebay currently there is a Riviera switch for $ 41, That is a good price but it does not come with the knobs on the sliders and it is not for a '90 Reatta but fits a '91 Reatta or a '90-93 Riviera
  6. I see Phil has not responded to the inquiry about the headlight switch and am not trying to beat him out of a sale but I have reconditioned headlight switches for the 90 Reattas and the '91 Reattas and the '90-93 Rivieras. I sell them for $ 85 exchange.
  7. Jim

    Rattling noise from crankshaft area

    I have both a good used harmonic balancer and crank sensor at reasonable prices.
  8. Jim

    Tonneau Cover

    I do have the clips that hold the tonneau oover up. Jim
  9. Jim

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    Nothing going on, just two great guys giving each other a bad time.
  10. The '88-89 window switches do go bad. Dirty contacts inside the switch cause heat inside the switch and melt the pointed rockers. You can probably get your window back up by pressing real hard on the up switch.
  11. Jim

    Anyone have a letter K?

    I have all letters available. Jim
  12. Jim

    wanted to purchase

    Barney does have them.
  13. There is one on Ebay right now for $ 129 with free shipping. The seller says is works and guarantees it for 30 days. There are also several places that rebuild them for just over $ 200 and they come with a guarantee.
  14. 1990 Reatta convertible in very good condition. Southern rust free car with new convertible top. I purchased this car from a friend in South Carolina and was my summer car last year. Over the winter I put on a new top and the car runs and drives very good with no problems. It has Cadillac 16 inch wheels with good tires but the original wheels are also available. Delivery help possible.