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  1. I was just surfing Ebay and found someone wanting to sell a used '90 headlight switch for $ 390. Seems a little high so I thought I would bring this topic up again. Jim
  2. Transmission linkage came loose

    It is very common for the plastic end on the shift cable to come off the ball socket on the lever. There are four small tabs associated with the plastic end and these are supposed to hold the cable end so the ball does not let loose but that plastic gets brittle and breaks and doesn't lock the ball in place. Wire or a tywrap can work but it cannot be too tight as when the lever turns the angle of the cable head changes quite a lot. there are replacement ends available on ebay but they are about $ 30 A much easier fix is to remove the lever as it is held on with one nut and then remove the ball stud and put a bolt in place with either a self locking nut or double nut the bolt. You could also drill out both the lever and cable end to 1/4 inch.
  3. '90 and '91 Armrests for sale

    The gray one with the cup holder is gone but the rest are still available.
  4. Always money. The most I ever found in a Reatta was over $ 8 except for one time I removed the back seat of a '58 Cadillac in a small junk yard because I wanted the carpets for a '60 Pontiac I was fixing up. What I found was many many rolls of coins and a lot of them silver coins. It was a long time ago and I think it was near $ 75. I brought it up to the owner of the junk yard and gave it to him and he was so thankful he gave me my carpets for free. In one Reatta I found an 8 pack of Viagra with one pill missing. My neighbor said he had a friend that could use it. I never asked who his friend was.
  5. 1990-1991 airbags -

    It is fun exploding them. Having owned so many Reattas and Rivieras on a couple of occasions I have attached two loooong wires to the air bag and then touched the wires to a battery. After seeing one explode I don't think I would want one to go off in my face in the car in an accident. Besides the force of the bag in your face the pungent smell from the powder is not nice. Disclaimer This is not an endorsement for anyone to try it and like they say on mythbusters do not try this at home.
  6. How about two cans of Prestone Deicer with a picture of an iced up Reatta. $ 20 each or both for $ 35.
  7. I am having a sale on armrests for '90 - '91s. The armrests for these two years are interchangeable and you can use a '90 in a '91 and vice versa. The difference is the '91 armrests have a built in cup holder. The pictures are file pictures. 90 burgundy $ 29 '90 tan $ 34 '90 blue $ 29 '90 gray $ 29 '91blue with cup holder $ 39 '91gray with cup holder $ 39 '91 tan with cup holder $ 49 Prices are plus shipping but I always only charge the actual cost of shipping and on "handling" fees.
  8. Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction 2018

    I looked at the car yesterday and it is a very nice car. '90 with 91 wheels. The top was down so I couldn't see the condition of it and I didn't open the hood but am guessing since the rest of the car was that nice it was probably detailed there also. Tomorrow I will be going to the Silver Auction. Last year they had a real ratty Reatta there. I will post if another one shows up this year.
  9. Interior Lighting

    Probably a bad diode. When you press the lights button on the headlight switch, you say the doors do not open, but, do the headlight bulbs come on? From your description I am guessing they are. When you press the on button on the headlight switch module, Battery is applied to terminal A of the headlight module and to the headlight bulbs.This voltage is to the door module is applied through the ( one way ) diode. When the doors are opened via the console switch voltage is applied to terminal A but not to the headlight bulb. This is stopped my a good diode.The purpose of the diode is simply to not allow the bulbs to light with the console switch. Someone I think mentioned diodes do not short out but when they go bad they create and open circuit. This is correct.
  10. Barret-Jackson

    I thought about being a little more detailed but decided to not be too long. The other thoughts I had, was even though I went on Saturday when the highest price are bid and the crowds are the biggest, I found the entry fee not too bad and the lines getting in were very fast. You park away from the auction and busing is very good and quick. Inside was easy to navigate and lots to see inside the buildings and outside the cars were all in open air buildings and you could walk right up to them.
  11. Barret-Jackson

    I rarely watch it on TV as it seems it is a bunch of rich guys with big egos trying to outdo each other BUT last year I was in AZ for two weeks and went to the auction. Not to buy but just see all the cars. It was terrific. I wasn't able to go until Saturday and it was well worth going. Most of the cars that had passed through the auction were still there and on the windshield was what the car sold for. I thought there was some good deals. Besides the car there are lots of displays to see. I will be in AZ again this January for two weeks and am looking forward to going to B-J and also some of the several other auctions going on that week.
  12. I have one NOS center cap still in the original box for $ 75. I think it would look very nice on a Reatta. It is for a '51-54 Henry J but might fit. ( ever try and take a picture of a shiny object without getting unwanted reflections? I do have my Vikings shirt on though. ) Kingsley has retired from the parts business and I have his stock of convertible visor clips they are perfect reproductions and I have them in all colors.
  13. I would strongly suggest this topic stick to center caps. A few years ago the whole Reatta forum was almost removed permanently because of personal attacks. Hopefully this will be the last post in this thread that is not center cap related.
  14. unusual Reatta

    Last summer I purchased a blue '89 Reatta as a parts car but it was so nice it in now my daily driver. What makes this car unusual is it has 384,000 miles on it but it looks like it has maybe 84,000 miles. The 16 way seats are very nice The door panels are very nice The steering wheel is very nice. Original floor mats in good condtion covers on door strap pulls Original headlight switch never apart and works good ABS works AC works Shift light works Front license plate holder like new CRT works 2 original remotes that work and look nice Rubber around windshield looks like new but the glass is sort of sandblasted so I know it is the original windshield I did replace the cam sensor magnet with the JB weld method and that works good now. The mileage is correct as the vin on the dash matches the vin displayed on the CRT
  15. 1990 Convertible Buick Reatta Help please

    I have the sun visor clips available for the convertibles and have then in all colors.