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  1. Jim

    Anyone have a letter K?

    I have all letters available. Jim
  2. Jim

    wanted to purchase

    Barney does have them.
  3. There is one on Ebay right now for $ 129 with free shipping. The seller says is works and guarantees it for 30 days. There are also several places that rebuild them for just over $ 200 and they come with a guarantee.
  4. 1990 Reatta convertible in very good condition. Southern rust free car with new convertible top. I purchased this car from a friend in South Carolina and was my summer car last year. Over the winter I put on a new top and the car runs and drives very good with no problems. It has Cadillac 16 inch wheels with good tires but the original wheels are also available. Delivery help possible.
  5. If if is the black one under the rear bumper cover, I have a good one for $ 25 plus shipping. Jim
  6. Jim

    Dipstick needed

    I have a good dipstick but shipping is sort of expensive. Go to any local junk yard and get one from any GM car in that era that uses the 3800 engine. LOTS of them. Jim
  7. Ed Farnell has wheels similar to yours. I have these. Cut down Reatta centers on the convertible and Cadillac STS stock centers on the '89
  8. Jim

    1989 White/Burgandy at local You Pick

    Pressure Switch Turns out we will not be in your area tomorrow.
  9. Jim

    Natioonal meet in Colo. host hotel rooms

    Because of a conflict I also will not be able to attend the BCA meet and just one hour ago i also cancelled my reservations at the host hotel so if someone wants rooms, they do have the ones I had reserved available. Jim
  10. Jim

    1989 White/Burgandy at local You Pick

    I can't imagine you didn't also get the ABS pump/motor, accumulator and PSW. There is a chance we might be in the GB area this Thursday evening. Jim
  11. The front cradle mounts are very easy to change. I just junked out a southern rust free car that had nice mounts. I took them out before sending the car to the crusher. I simply put my floor jack under the middle of the front, removed the #15 bolts and then lowered the cradle and removed the mounts. I then put a bolt with a big washer in place so the cradle would stay in place to get it on my trailer. Did the same on the rear mounts. The whole process for all 6 mounts took less that a half hour. I now have 5 good used mounts available for anyone needing some. Jim
  12. Jim

    Taillight Letters

    Daves89 is a good place to get the letters and i also have them for $ 10 each or less for a set. Jim
  13. Jim

    Reatta convertible visor clips

    Time goes by really fast. I see the last time I posted about these clips was over a year ago so I thought I would bring it to the top as spring is coming and folks are getting their convertibles out. I do still have the clips available in all colors.
  14. I was just surfing Ebay and found someone wanting to sell a used '90 headlight switch for $ 390. Seems a little high so I thought I would bring this topic up again. Jim