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  1. Barney Eaton

    Buick Reatta OEM Center Cap Emblems NOS - Set of 4

    I like to use silicone sealant.........clear. it is flexible when cured so the bumps that a wheel feels will not break it loose, like it might if you used something that get hard like epoxy.
  2. Good decision to do one project at a time. Sometimes you do several things and then if it doesn't run don't know what might be wrong. I have been working on a 1965 Corvair for several years......did not intend for it to take that long but "more important things" caused the delay. I am wrapping up the brakes and discovered when I converted it to a dual master cylinder, I failed to plug an unused port. It was in a difficult place to see....but I had a big leak. With the port plugged, I hope to have the brakes flushed and checked out and maybe drive it around the block soon
  3. Barney Eaton

    Reatta Manuals

    I find the section 8 of the Reatta manuals easier to use than the old method of putting everything on one diagram. As Ronnie explained......start by finding the section on the item that is giving you trouble. Example Door locks It will show you all the wiring from the fuse box to the locks........the diagram shows wire color, connectors, spices, etc On pages after the diagram, there will be a list of all the components, where they are located and a reference to a drawing like Ronnie shows in the second picture. go further in section 8 and there will be information on all the major connectors......showing the connector layout, and the use of each wire. Some items even have a trouble shooting section following the diagram.
  4. Just a thought.........when there is a post like this............should it be deleted? Or is it nice to be reminded that others screw up also and there is a lessen to be learned.
  5. Barney Eaton

    '63 Riv - Electrical

    I agree with all the above...........disconnect the battery and check all the battery cables for condition. Charge the battery with the cable disconnected.....good chance it will not take a charge or the cables were not making a good connection.
  6. Barney Eaton

    ‘90s convertible

    I am a big fan of custom bodied cars........mostly from the '20's and '30's when there were lots of companies doing custom work. Sometime it is difficult to find the correct class for newer cars. I like that the BCA created a class for custom cars that were done by a company......not just a one off modified. I also think it gives the custom bodied car a better chance of getting the recognition it deserves if it is not in a stock class. It is nice if the custom bodied cars could be shown next to a stock bodied car, but you cannot satisfy everyone. I have seen Kevin's car and I would not hesitate to put one in my garage.
  7. Barney Eaton

    close out at Rock Auto

    Rock Auto just sent this file of close out parts for Reattas...........If you need any of these, double check that they actually fit a Reatta......I mainly would question the master cylinders.
  8. Barney Eaton

    71 Headlamp Upgrade

    If it helps, there are several wiring diagrams on Pintrest. Seeing what others have done sometimes make the job easier Generic example attached
  9. The cruise unit is pretty reliable, so the first thing to check is the vacuum lines. Without a steady vacuum, the unit will not work, and it is cheap to check them. There is a large hose that runs from the engine to the brake master cylinder.........where it attaches at the engine is the vacuum will see a small line going back to the firewall that "T"s and one line goes to the passenger side, the other comes around and goes to the cruise unit. Check all those lines also check the fitting at the engine, sometime it cracks, you can use carb cleaner or starter fluid to check for leaks, with the engine running, spray the fitting and lines, if the engine speed changes you have found the problem. to the brake pedal, there is the stop light switch and the vacuum dump valve......a defective dump valve can also be a problem.
  10. Barney Eaton

    headlight aiming

    They want to sell you the entire unit because it is easy to get off and they can sell it for more than just the parts you need. I made this sketch.....easier than taking the cover off my car so I could take a photo. The head of the adjustment screw has a groove that fits into the notch on the stainless cover on the front of the headlight bulb. By turning the screw clockwise it pulls that side of the bulb in......turning it counterclockwise moves it out (the screw has a phillips head) The spring keeps the bulb from wiggling around as you drive the car. The plastic mount may vary on different cars but there are a few common mounts That is the adjustment mechanism.........without seeing your headlight, you could have some other part broken or missing, these cars are 27+ years old. Can you post a photo?
  11. Barney Eaton

    Racing a Reatta in 24 Hours of Lemons

    In the above picture of the Lemon Cars, not sure what to think, I own two of them, a Reatta and a Corvair. Lets not take this Lemon thing too far.
  12. Barney Eaton

    headlight aiming

    Another fine example of the superior service found at dealerships.........every car built sine the '50's use the same headlight adjustment scheme. (I know new cars with composite headlights have a different system) It is so universal the service manual does not cover it. There are 3 parts that make up the system. (1) adjustment screw (2) the plastic part the adjustment screw is mounted in (3) spring There are 2 sets of parts for each screw adjust UP/DOWN the other screw adjust SIDE to SIDE I believe all the parts are available at auto parts stores in the blister packs. If the plastic part has cracked and broken with age......the screw will not adjust the headlight
  13. Barney Eaton

    Key fob Buick symbol

    Pretty sure that would turn on the light so you could find your car in a dark parking lot
  14. Barney Eaton

    passenger side headlight issues...

    As someone "electrically inclined" the burning smell is usually caused by a electrical problem somewhere. Since you smelled it in the car, you may have a defective headlight switch, You failed to tell us what year Reatta you have so I cannot tell you how to remove the dash bezel......but remove it then pull the headlight switch and I suspect the wires behind the switch are melting (more often seen on 1990-1991 than early cars) If we knew the year of your car, the suggestions could be more specific.
  15. Barney Eaton

    Buick Lesabre shares wheels with Reatta?

    The Reatta bolt pattern is 115mm (circle) the 1988-1990 used 15" wheel. (except for the 65 Select Sixty convertibles built in 1990) The 1991 Reatta had 16 in wheels. See sketch below with all dimensions