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  1. anyone know production numbers?

    In '69 the reference material I have shows 6,356 coupes and 1,776 convertibles. Good luck on getting a break down by transmission and engine option The production numbers are in the BCA Roster
  2. Car Club Question

    There may be some membership (or high dues) number that would justify paying someone to do these tasks. I belong to a local "generic" car club with 100 members......we have a member that does a superior job of handling the web no charge, there is no newsletter, just emails that update members on activities. There are some "clubs" that are run by an individual and there are no officers......the individual that started (owns) the club collects the dues and may pay someone to do the web site and print the newsletter/magazine. That person may not get a salary but probably writes off all his expenses (travel, computer, phone, and everything associated with their annual meet) these people are either retired or have a full time job to put food on the table. The Reatta Div of the BCA has about 300 members and the dues are only $10 a year (plus BCA membership is required) I believe they pay Peter to do the web site. The newsletter is quarterly and is done by a member and expenses covered by the club.
  3. Brake not functioning properly after rebuild

    Plus the accumulator is not part of the lines going to the is in the booster circuit so even if air got in that line it would not put air in the brake lines.
  4. Brake not functioning properly after rebuild

    Mike.........can you give me the link to the ROJ (is that the Riviera owners site?) This doesn't sound right. On the ROJ site, the accumulator test states that 1/2" or less is bad. (If the fluid level change is 1/2 inch or less, your accumulator is on its last legs.) Basically the less difference in displacement the worse it is. So now I'm confused. Can someone else help to clarify this? The above is wrong and needs to be corrected....if it is on the Riviera site I will contact Ray but I need to know where it should read 1/2 inch or more.
  5. First generation Car Cover

    The antenna "sleeve" is still offered by Covercraft.......however they will not install it without you first marking where you want it placed.....this involves them shipping you the cover, you mark it, ship it back, they install the sleeve, ship it back to you and if you miss the location...though. They will also include the sleeve with the cover order and you can install. The sleeve looks cool but is a pain. Pete in #31 mentioned he marked the front........I have a different option. Most people fold the sides up on top of the car then fold or roll the cover up to take it off. When you fold the sides up......there is a tie down grommet on the bottom of the sides.......with a big black marker make an arrow on the underside of the cover at the grommet pointing toward the front. now when you put in on the car and unfold, if it is backwards you just rotate 180 and finish the install. One other option for people that store their cars during the winter and live somewhere the neighborhood will allow. Make a PCV pipe frame and cover that with one of those 1-2 year tarps. This gives your vehicle protection but the material does not touch the car. For about $100 you can make a frame that will last many years and you will just replace the tarps as they wear out. Do not make the top flat.....using 45 degree fittings you can have a roof/top that sheds rain and snow.
  6. The authority on collector cars

    Seems like anyone with a camera can now have a TV show or make a Utube video. I am sure these guys are experts in their field but picking cars to be collectable is like picking stocks for investments. Everyone seems to have an opinion and only time will tell what the correct answers what you like.
  7. First generation Car Cover

    Antenna location on older cars can vary........put the cover on the car....get it centered front to back...side to side and with material up against the antenna mark as close as you can. If the cover material is synthetic, a hot nail will melt a hole and the threads will melt, on cotton cut a small hole. For iron on knee patches for pants, apply one to the inside of the cover, ironing in in place is fine with cotton but you must be very careful with the heat on synthetic covers, you might want to glue it in place.
  8. First generation Car Cover They have custom patterns for all Riviera.......Pattern C24E is for the '63-65 models, Pattern C24L is for '66-70, C91 fits '71-76, CA2 fits '77-78, CA94 fits '79-85 C9610 and later have dual mirror pockets and fits '86-88, C11315 fits the '89-93, and C14680 fits the 1995-2000. Covercraft is the largest cover manufacturer in the world and each of the patterns above can be had in about 14 different materials plus some materials have several colors available. I have been a distributor for 30+ years but prefer not to get involved with shipping outside the US, I am pretty sure you can buy directly from the web site. If anyone in the US is interested, contact me and I will price a cover.
  9. 1990 climate control

    Attached is a photo of the control unit opened. To get to the dash components, there is a screw in each end air vent......the 1990 also has 2 screws in the overhang above the instrument cluster....'91 does not have those screws. using some sort of tool with a 90 degree bend...slip it behind the bezel and pull out. I slide the tool along the crack until I hit one of the spring clips then pull. Once you get the bezel off, you will see the screws that hold the radio and a/c controller in place, you will need to pull both the radio and a/c controller out until you can get to the screws that hold them together. I am also attaching a picture that shows the connector and a screwdriver in the crack separates the connector. Note the black plastic strip with the grey must get the cleaning paper under the grey buttons.
  10. 1988 Work Shop / Restoration Manual (s) WTB

    1988 and '89 shop manuals are on Ebay regularly and they are cheaper than 1990 shop manuals. The main difference I can think of for 1989 was that remote entry was added. So a 88 or 89 shop manual would work for your 88
  11. 1988 - How to get to Power Window Switch

    Without consulting the service manual.......1988 & '89's have removable sides on the console. You need to look in the carpet and you will find the screws. If you take one side off, I suspect you can change the window switch.
  12. 1990 Running temperature question

    Allow me to go a little deeper into the fan operation.....the fan(s) are controlled by the engine temperature input to the engine control module (ECM) The first stage of fan operation is the fan on the engine side of the radiator, as temp rises or if you turn on the A/C the fan in front of the radiator kicks on. At this stage the front and rear fan is running at half speed as the circuit has them wired in series. Then when you are in traffic etc that causes the temp to rise further, the ECM switches some relays and each fan get 12V and they run at full speed. Your temp gage is showing a little higher than most people see in traffic so maybe you need to verify they are kicking into the final stage. Since your screen name is "rustbelt" I'm thinking you do not live in the south and need to do anything out of the ordinary except verify that the fans are operating properly. First check that both fans are working. Then you could run 12v to either fan to get a feeling of what full speed looks and sounds like. Below is the schematic for your fans.
  13. This place had 4 Reatta

    Posted on the Buick General forum, looking at their inventory they had 4 Reattas
  14. I recently heard it was getting almost impossible to import an old car because of laws about toxic materials such as asbestos in old cars. What is the story from down under?
  15. 1990 AC system

    I did not know the answer so I looked it up.... the ratio is...if you need 2 lb of R12 then you need 1.8 of 134. The spec on the Reatta is 2.375 lb of math says you need 2.14 lb of 134