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  1. I guess I screwed up year ago when each of my daughters were given a them in high school and used them thru college. Looking back, maybe that is why neither had a steady boyfriend....guess I need to apoligise to them for that error in judgement.
  2. Here is a Utube video giving good instructions.......assuming you speak fluent Southern.
  3. I have done that with the approval of the customer, however you must compensate of the length.... Lets say you put a 16" moving mast in the Riviera tube, when it goes down it would slide inside and the appearance would be noticeable and water can collect in the hole. I put a spacer at the bottom so the shorter tube stops at a point that will make it look like the original when down. Because the Riviera has a non-moving tube sticking 6" above the black insulator is subject to damage...up or down, so the '63-'65 Riv power antenna take more abuse than later models. Another problem is those black insulators, Clarks Corvair parts had them listed but their supplier passed away and they have not found a new source. I have someone looking into making them but we don't know if there is enough interest in a reproduction.
  4. As many of you know, I have been involved with Reattas since my first purchase in 1991. Around 1996 a qroup of Reatta owners at the St Louis National meet were discussing the cars and there were many questions without answers. I started a Reatta database at that time to attempt to answer the questions. Over time that database has grown to about 8,000 Reattas and while we know a lot more about the cars than we did in 1996, more information has become available. I ran for the BCA Board in 2003 and one of my goals was to promote the Reatta as a future Buick collectable. Many "old iron" Buick collectors were turning up their nose at this "new" car that would never amount to anything. In some ways they were right, the prices for Reattas are pretty much a bargin today.....but who know how long that will last. There are still a lot of low mileage, like new Reattas out there because according to one source, over have of the new Reattas were registered to females. this tells me many may have been purchased for a wife and put in her name. Hardly a month goes by that I don't get a call from a widow with a Reatta and she is wanting to sell. many of these cars have low mileage for a 26 year old car. So now is a good time to buy if you are interested in a nice Reatta. If you base rarity only on the number built, then the Reatta qualifies, with 21,751 built in 4 model years, that is low production, many modern cars are produced in those numbers each month. Historically expensive cars have been collectable and the Reatta was the most expensive car Buick built each year of production. Maybe I still don't have your attention, so where can you get a 50K mileage car, loaded with options, the bullet proof 3800 V6 engine for around $5-7K? Just forget it is a Reatta for a minute and again ask yourself what can I buy for $5-7K that has 50K miles? One thing I do every month when the Bugle comes.....look at the new members that own a Reatta. Many months 10% of the new members own a Reatta, and in many cases it is the only Buick they list. The other thing I believe we have accomplished is educating the "old iron" Buick owners as many of them have purchased Reattas for their stable. Just remember in 2, 5, or 10 years from now that we told you to get a Reatta while they are still bargains. I get a report from R.L. Polk on Reattas registered in the US, last December, that number was down to 7,659 total registered Reattas, do the math and you will see that equals 35% of the original total. So like all cars, some are wrecked, junked, or just worn out and this will continue. Get yours while they are still around at discount prices. I also agree with Pete ......Reatta is not the only collectable Buick made after they stopped building the GN. I put together an article for the Bugle on the "Stealth" Buicks....mainly addressing performance and the Reatta was not included in that list. Some examples in addition to the late Roadmasters mentioned by Pete.....all the supercharged 3800 Buicks, Regal, PA Ultra, and last Riviera. Some of the real sleepers...'04-'07 Rainier with 5.3 V8...this was the only Trail Blazer based vehicle in the short wheelbase available with that engine. '08-'09 Lacrosse Super ... kissing cousin with the Impala SS but with a better interior, the problem.. only 2277 were made in '08, and 139 in '09, a rare Buick. How about the Lucerne made with the Northstar V8...4.6 double overhead cam engine, made from '06 thru '11....each year the number with the V8 dropped so finding a late Lucerne with a V8 can get tricky....2008 only 850 made, '09 only 719, '10 only 417 and only 325 in 2011...the Lucerne was basically a Cadillac DTS with Buick sheet metal and what a road car. So keep your eyes open for late model collectable Buicks....they are out there.
  5. I believe the '63-'65 Riviera big chrome moving section is 3" longer than similar parts on other GM cars.......below is a photo showing different length mast. The other moving sections are also longer to work properly with that section. The real concern I have is with the age of the units, you seldom know what is actually original...has someone ten years ago repaired the unit with parts from another GM car...also the '60-'70 GM units were made by Tenna (not Delco) and at least Lincoln also used the Tenna antenna. Seafoam mentioned his '79 Trans AM....that probably has a Delco, new design one year antenna with a non-adjustable clutch....I have a '79 antenna that I cannot get to work properly because of that clutch. By 1980 GM had gone to the Delco Slimline and use that design until power antenna went away. Today if you buy a new "Delco" from your GM dealer, it is a non-Delco in a Delco box but made in China...totally different than the Slimline. Here is a sketch of what I think the '63-'65 Riv looks like collapsed Here are some the bottom is the '63-'65 fixed mast @ 17 1/4...the bottom moving mast is 18" The one above the scale is also a 63-65 fixed mast with a bend in it. The next two are from other '60-'70 GM antenna, note that these fixed mast are 15 3/4 and 14 3/4 inches, the moving mast that fits into these will be about 1/4 inch longer.
  6. Just received this photo and announcement that Brian Depouli 38 Roadmaster won Best of Show at the Charlotte Autofair.
  7. It looks deeper than the average garage and with the high ceiling, you have room for high storage. I guess the washer/dryer stay.
  8. Enough of the "deformed" Buicks, the freak show is closed
  9. The car looks really nice.......I checked the database and it was added 10 years ago this that time it had 87K and was in Michigan, the asking price was $8,750. The car has been well cared for from its appearance and an average of 10K has been added each year.. If nothing else this is a testament to the longevity of the Reatta and the 3800 engine. If you purchased a nice 100K car today, it could have another 80K+ of use remaining. PS this car has no options and the sunroof is aftermarket.
  10. Thanks for the info ........I was unaware that the Concour was moved. We attended it twice and while nice, it was not an outstanding event. I had heard there were two competing groups...the original Keels and Wheels and this group. The new Concour was set-up and intentionally held on the same day as Keels and Wheels. I hope they have better cars at the show in Arlington. We cannot make it because the Regional Buick show is no Brenham this weekend, and I guess we will not see you and your car there. Let us know how you do and give us some photos of the other cars (or a link to the event)
  11. This is a good site, but you did not give use a lot of information, what is the mileage on the car you want to sell and what do you think is a fair price. Unfortunately, even convertibles are not bringing great prices, there are a limited number of us out there and not everyone is looking for a convertible. Last week I posted a 1991 red coupe for a lady in Michigan that had 103K and she was asking $1000 for it....she had been told the transmission was bad but I don't think she has a transmission place look at it. Anyway it was on this site for about 10 days.......she put it in her front yard and sold it within 6 hours. All you need is one buyer..... All Reatta convertibles are rare, they made 2132 convertibles in 1990, there were 58 silver ones with grey interior. You would think that a rare car built in that low number would be worth some $$$,
  12. There are several on Ebay starting at $30
  13. Chuck.....I think it will look great displayed with your '32 Buick.
  14. This was in Hemmings today.
  15. I repair/rebuild power antenna for almost all GM cars and I get Riviera antenna from owners. I need some decent mast for the '63-65 Rivieras.... I can straighten bent mast but if they are kinked or dented so far I cannot save them. The '63-65 antenna is unique among GM antenna and the antenna when up is very high, leading to easy damage. If anyone has mast or complete antenna I would be interested. A Riv owner in MO sent me two antenna to make one but both mast are beyond repair, need something soon or he is going to get a box of antenna parts back.