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  1. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Another possibility........AP Exhaust Technology ( XS2265 is a stainless muffler 18" body 2 1`/2 in inlet and outlet, catalog says reversible, which means to me you can use any port as IN. XS2268 same as above but IN port is centered 690514 is not stainless body is 14" long inlet and outlet are both 2 1/2 in IN port is centered They list a header pipe for a Firebird (cat back to muffler) part number X6501 which could probably be modified for the Reatta, it has most of the correct bends but will be too long
  2. Rare 1980 Park Avenue Coupe

    The BCA roster indicates there were 14,058 Electra coupes made (was the Park Ave an option as they do not list a PA as a series) there were 54,422 Electra 4 doors. So the ratio was 3.9 sedans for every coupe.
  3. 1990 Convertible Buick Reatta Help please

    I do repair Reatta antenna as well as almost all the Delco antenna made for GM cars. I started repairing Reatta antenna because some of the owners lived in apartments and/or did not have the tools and facilities to do the repair themselves. Also about ten years ago, the repair kits from GM became harder to find, the price went up every time I ordered them and I got a batch that had brittle plastic and failed within months. At that point I started experimenting with substitute plastic like "weed-eater" line. It worked fairly well but ideally the line should be around .120 in diameter and the standards for weedeater line are .108 and .130. In addition, not all .108 weedeater line is the same and if it is too flexible it can kink in the antenna. As I did more antenna, I talked to more people and one fellow in Florida suggested using stainless fishing leader.....good idea but it is not available any where close to .120 dia. but while killing time at Home Depot, I noticed they sold steel cable with a plastic coating...I purchased 10 feet and went home to practice. The short version of the story is I have been using the plastic coated steel line for close to 10 years and if you are interested, I will tell you how you can do your own....before going further, you will need some sort of torch and the ability to silver solder. So you can repair/rebuild your own Delco antenna, but if you choose, I do them for $75 including return shipping. I have done several for people on this forum and assisted others in doing their own.
  4. Cannot find water pump lube and anti-rust additive

    I too was having problems finding the water pump lube/antirust, and found it on Ebay and purchased enough for a couple years. I will look into the Pencool. Never heard the statement about antifreeze foaming in a non-pressurized system. My 1939 is the last year of a non-pressurized Buick and running 50-50 I have not seen "foaming"
  5. ABS Pressure switch replacement

    Good update on the pressure the 25530882 switch still available? Like you said, why would they change the connector.
  6. Service manual

    Is it free?
  7. Service manual

    When you look at the above Ebay link.....notice that at least 2 of the 1990 manuals have lettering in RED that says NEW PRODUCT INFORMATION. These are pre-production publications that contain ONLY NEW information for the year of that service manual. At a later date the complete service manual became available and the red words were not on the front. If you were to buy one of the manuals with the red lettering, you would be getting an INCOMPLETE service manual. I will not say they are worthless, but you would need a 1989 complete service manual to go with it to have everything you need. Unfortunately, the 1990 Reatta service manuals are the most expensive because of supply and demand.
  8. Looking for any history of a Buick Reatta

    Welcome to Reatta world.... There are no local Reatta clubs. The national Reatta Division of the Buick Club of America (BCA) meets once a year at the Buick national meet which will be in Denver next June 19-23. This year in Milwaukee, we had about 40 total Reattas and roughly half of those were entered in the show as "Display", Archival or 400 point judged. Phoenix has a BCA chapter and all Reattas are welcome there, they can be contacted at 480-893-8687 that is Tony Tricoci number ....he can give you info on the Buick and other shows in that area. You can visit the Reatta div web site at
  9. Chavis garage

    The end is in have come a long way
  10. Do you take your car(s) to car shows?

    This issue will never be resolved....... There are people that only go to get a trophy.....and I don't think any of them spend any time on discussion like this. I like the parking lot show like "cars and coffee" and in some areas just a get together of cars on Friday or Saturday night. Around here we have had these and without the sponsorship of the mall or business, they are afraid of liability and these show often get shut down just when they are getting good. People will bring almost anything to a "show" that has no fee and no trophy' is understandable ..why would you pay an entry fee knowing your car had no chance of winning. You might if the entry fees are going to charity, church or school, but otherwise why would someone bring their 1950 Studebaker P/U (poor paint, torn seats, maybe a crack in the glass) to a show and compete with all the restored Fords and Chevys? In my case.......this weekend my local club had a show at a Harley dealer. I took the Reatta because it is not going to win anything at most shows, but it has A/C and the drive was about 40 miles.(nothing is close in Texas) I only take the '39 Buick to close shows when the weather is mild, it is more likely to win but it also attracts more attention and questions. At a retirement home show I had the '39 and this older lady and her daughter came over and ask about the year, when I told her it was a 1939 she said "that's the year I graduated from high school" that one lady was worth the trip.
  11. Dash plastic/rubber "sticky" - Solutions?

    I have both Goof Off and Goo Gone. Goo Gone has not harmed anything that I have tried it on. Goof Off......use great care.......test a place first. Goof Off will cloud clear plastic and dull the finish on smooth plastic, it is much more aggressive. If fact if you are going to paint a plastic part, use Goof Off and it will etch the surface and the paint will hold much better.
  12. 1990 electrical issue

    I do not know how they are related, but several owners have had a similar problem and disconnecting the keyless entry module has also solved the problem. Maybe someone with a service manual and a Master degree in electrical engineering can solve the problem
  13. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    I did a little looking on muffler web sites and none are really helpful. I sent a note to Walker and they came back with a little info, including this picture of the inside of their muffler for a Camaro. On the Camaro the "IN" is the top right. The Camaro tailpipes come out on each side. If you used it on a Reatta, the LEFT pipe would be the "IN" and the right pipes would be "OUT" That hump in the center would keep the sound from being straight should work, the unknown is the sound level. Walker part number is 12265
  14. 1988 Select 60 ? 55K Black and Tan

    The link to Craigs list does not work........probably does not have the vin number anyway.
  15. 1988 Select 60

    Disappointing....that is one that is already verified. I was hoping we could add one more to the 9 already known