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  1. Barney Eaton

    Why doesn't the Reatta have steel front fenders?

    Good question...........very good link........ it is common to try a "new" technology or process on a limited or low production vehicle.....that way if there is a problem not every car has it also sometime the cost is greater at start up and by going the limited production route, you are not dropping a lot of $$. The "T" type LeSabre was a limited production option, and while the Reatta was not supposed to be that limited, the higher price of the Reatta allowed them to use the plastic part. Guess it was a success as GM went on to use plastic fenders on other production vehicles.
  2. Barney Eaton

    Inside Buick Magazine

    At one time, the Olds Museum in Lansing had a good supply of duplicate issues that have been donated to the museum.
  3. Barney Eaton

    Earliest cars still around

    We update the online database based on input activity........if we are getting little or no new information it might be 6 months between updates. Sometimes only a month. Tom Jenkins that owns the site is in the process of a major upgrade. We will have the original database that was started around 1996 and now contains 7,000 Reattas. it has provisions for top color, sunroof, CD last know owners name and location by state, mileage and asking/selling price. Tom is adding.... 1988 Factory database that contains every 1988..... info is limited to...exterior color, interior (color & w/without 16 way) and in many cases, the dealer that received the car. 1989 Factory database with all 1989's listed..........same info as 1988 1990 Factory database with all 1990's listed..........same info as '88 & 89 1991 database (the Factory database was lost) but all 1991 Reattas are listed. This was extracted from the original database. What I call the Factory database is a 443 page list of every Reatta built. This list was loaned to me by Larry Gustin, GM employee in the Buick sales/marketing group. Larry wrote many of the Reatta early information documents sent to the dealers. Larry is also the co-author of the big book "The Buick Complete History". As Buick was moving headquarters from Flint to Detroit....Larry requested this print-out. There were problems using it as-is, the Reatta were in groups by year but not in any order, so if you wanted info on a car, you sorted thru hundreds of pages to find that vin number. Roy Faries that does most of the BCA National meet registration, works for a company that had the ability to scan the pages...digitize them and then convert to an Excel file so they could be sorted. Roy did the 1988, then the 1990. It was a slow process because there were scan errors that needed to be corrected. Roy finally became too busy to finish the project and sent the masters back to me, but could not find the 1991, so we consider it lost. This all started around forward to 2016 and I took the 1989 file to the FedEx store and ask if they could scan, & convert the files. FedEx did the improved in 8 years and there were few errors with the scan. So that is the story on how we have the 1988, 1989, and 1990 Factory databases. The only changes we made to the factory database were to help the viewer. Example...the exterior color and interior were coded. So we changed to color code to a color you could read, same with the interior. There are some number columns we left unchanged, I believe they are dealer code numbers but have yet to find anyone that can decode them....if you can help let me know.
  4. Barney Eaton

    Sticking Calipers - Brake Pump?

    any updates on this post?????? is the problem fixed?
  5. Barney Eaton

    Headlight jiggle

    Good idea...........most of the time the original adjustment screw is still there so it can be reused but if it is lost, you have given us a solution.
  6. Barney Eaton

    Headlight jiggle

    There has been lots written about the headlight not opening or stuttering when going up. That problem is usually the arm/bellcrank or the 3 plastic rollers inside the motor. There is another condition ..........I first noticed it when following one of those polished aluminum semi headlight were they were bouncing. The problem is the will not find the part in the service manual or parts is like it does not exist. Below I have attached a picture that shows a bad plastic nut and a good one. When the headlight is completely open, there is slop in the linkage....even good linkage. The pivots have a little slop, the link has a little slop, the arm has a little slop and the motor has a little slop........ it all adds up and if your UPSTOP plastic nut is broken, you can move the headlight maybe 1/4 inch. That movement when following someone is almost like you are flashing you light at them. You can replace the UPSTOP nut without removing the hood and they are on the fender side of the headlight assembly. You may find it easier to work on if you remove the painted cover. Once you get the old broken nut out, install the new nut (these are available at auto parts stores and home improvement stores, usually in blister packs or 4-5 in a need them for #8 screws) Then screw in the UPSTOP adjustment screw.... adjust the screw up until there is no slop in the headlight. If you have one of the newer ratcheting box end wrenches it is pretty easy. Now when you headlight are up and on the lights will not be jiggling.
  7. Barney Eaton

    New owner - couple of quick questions...

    You are correct............and the Allante cost twice as much as a Reatta
  8. Barney Eaton

    Car covers

    Be cautious of "waterproof" covers..........if they are truly waterproof, they will not breathe....allowing moisture to be trapped under the cover and causing your car to rust in strange places. If you need a waterproof cover for long storage, make a PVC frame and cover it with a cheap tarp. Don't allow the tarp to touch the car and you have cheap protection.
  9. Barney Eaton

    New owner - couple of quick questions...

    Reattas did not have traction control........not sure any car did during that time period. The Reatta was the only GM car to have ABS standard. The Car is Leveling indicator was in the cluster for the Riviera which had rear self leveling........the Reatta shares many things with the Riviera and the instrument cluster is a shared item. I am not sure why yours lights.
  10. Barney Eaton

    Door Hinge Repair Wood Frame 27'

    The "T" nuts work fine and stay in place, but you may want to counterbore for the threaded part and that might be difficult in tight places. The steel plates take a little more work to make and a little glue or RTV on the back will hold them if you take out all the screws.
  11. Barney Eaton

    Antennae is bent

    There are differences but all 1980 - 200? are very similar antenna. The Reatta antenna is threaded at the top like those in the attached photo. Note the end positioned by the top has no threads and Cadillac used that end. Above I mentioned the difference in the size of the chrome mast. I failed to note the change in fittings for the coax....the top antenna is a 1991 and newer and the coax plugs into the silver fitting near the top.... 1990 and earlier use the coax on the lower antenna, it is about 16" long and plugs into the coax coming from the radio. Bottom line is you can use parts but just picking up a Delco antenna from another GM cars may not be plug n play on your car.
  12. Barney Eaton

    Antennae is bent

    I take the antenna completely apart..........if it is not bent too badly it can be straightned. I did it by hand for a long time and then built a fixture....I can rotate the mast and find the high side and bend it .....try to get it back to within .010 out of round. the other option is to get a unbent one from the salvage yard from another GM car and put it into your antenna. First measure the diameter of the largest section of movable chrome mast....yours should be .300 in 1991 they reduced the size to .250 dia. you cannot put a .250 in a .300 assembly and the old .300 mast are getting harder to find. You might luck out and have a replacement ....if the date code on the mast is 1991 or later it may have a .250 mast which is easier to find.
  13. Barney Eaton

    1990 Vert Trunk Lid Unlocking By Itself

    This is usually caused by water/moisture getting into the switch on the back of the trunk lock.
  14. Barney Eaton

    Wanted...1979 Park Ave mirror

    Just received a note from a BCA member that needs a 1979 Park Ave passanger side mirror and front fender chrome strip......he did not say which front fender. Let me know if you have or know where to find.......we do not have a BCA tech advisor for those years.
  15. Barney Eaton

    Early 1960s GM Turn signal switch and switch circuit

    GM used aluminum light buckets on some of their cars in the '60's and corrosion my cause you to loose ground.