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  1. Transmission linkage came loose

    My granddaughter just had this happen on a 50K Buick Rendezvous......towing, part and repair was $400. Whatya gonna do..........plastic parts break and they don't give you any warning.
  2. Treewax

    As a side note.........get the clear is available in brown tones to cover scratches in wood floors.
  3. Needs Help1990 Reatta Headlight Repair

    I have what many call "Barney" cranks probably because I was the first to have a alternative to the GM part. Also have the plastic rollers and UP-STOP nuts, but have not found a source for the gaskets in bulk........if you are careful when you disassemble the motor, you can save the gasket and the few times I have needed a replacement, I just whittled one out of gasket material. At one time Steve in California and Kingsley Baker were both offering replacement bellcranks......I believe Kingsley has retired but Steve has his on Ebay continually My parts do not look as strong as the other but I have never had a failure and offer a lifetime about 2/3 the price. I sell the KIT which includes the bellcrank, 3 rollers, 1 UP-STOP nut, instruction and shipping for $40 If you just want the bellcrank they are $35.......and rollers are 3 for $5
  4. Needs Help1990 Reatta Headlight Repair

    After rereading your post, the excessive end play is probably because the replacement grey gear is not as thick as the original. Assuming the casting has not slipped on the shaft, you could add a washer on the side with the threaded end and eliminate some most of the movement. The only concern is clearance on the bellcrank end.....I don't know if 2 mm is going to cause the bellcrank to hit anything if it moves in and out. Because of the worm design, the shaft will automatically move in and out when the motor changed directions.
  5. Needs Help1990 Reatta Headlight Repair

    Your headlight parts look quite normal except of the gear.......never seen one like that but since several GM cars use the same gear, there is probably someone making replacement gears. Don't worry about the end play, just make sure you have some...I have seem them with maybe .062 but that is not an issue.....just take the shims you have and divide them equally on each end of the gear. The "O" ring goes in first to keep dirt away from the bronze bearing which goes in next.
  6. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any updates on the mysterious 1991 polo green/white top convertible that had the MSU Spartan embroidered on the headrests I don't recall hearing anything about the embroider on the headrests of any of the reported sightings. Also, what color interior would it have? We could speculate that because all the Polo Green coupes had tan interior, a convertible would have tan also, but then wouldn't it make sense to have a tan top? The embroidered headrest brings another question to the surface, where did they come from? No know factory Reatta has anything embroidered on the headrests. I hope Panama Jake can come up with a good color picture of this car that show the embroidery and interior color, what the heck, if we are "hoping" for something, how about a vin number.
  7. If you are going to change wheels on a "driver" there are more things to consider than just the rim diameter.......not everyone (even at the tire shop) know a lot about aspect ratios, off-set or back spacing and tire size to make an educated decision. Here are a couple of pictures that show some of the changes......... the second picture does not point it out, but first notice the overall diameter is the same, but they changed the rim diameter. Since it doesn't say it could be a jump from 15" to 16" or 17 to 18
  8. Seafoam is right on.........the big rims are cool but if you are going to do anything but show the car, don't go larger than 18"...that will leave you some side wall for ride and protection of the rim. ' Especially if you live in a area that freezes and thaws...that creates bad roads and they can damage even stock rims.
  9. Reatta Bug Strikes Again

    If the phone would stop ringing I might get this correct.......Brenda has a Red 1991 convertible with tan interior and tan top. As Tom Benvie list shows, there were a total of 88 made in Red.........68 of those had tan interior, and 66 of those had a tan top. What I can add.......of the 66 like Brenda's ........ 22 had no CD or 16 way seat option 15 had the CD only 10 had the 16 way option only 19 had both the CD and 16 way seat option.
  10. Reatta Bug Strikes Again

    Sorry....I did not look at your first have a white/tan/tan 1991......... There were 110 White convertibles made. 71 had Flame Red interior, 68 of those had white tops, and 3 had black top 19 had Tan or Saddle interior, 7 had white tops, the remaining 12 had tan tops 8 had Blue interior, all had white tops 8 had Grey interior, 1 had a black top the remaining 7 had white tops. 2 White convertibles had white leather seats with Blue trim and both had white tops 2 White convertibles had white leather seats with Red trim both had white tops A further note on your White/Tan/Tan convertible......of the 12 made, 6 were donated to tech schools and will never be on the road. If you give me the last 3 numbers of your VIN I might have more information.
  11. Reatta Bug Strikes Again

    I don't know of a web site that will tell you the production numbers by color, but Tom Jenkins just updated the Reatta database ( and you can manually do the numbers for 1991 Tom is also including a new list of just 1990 to be followed by the '88 and '89 cars. There were 17 Maui Blue 1991 convertibles with blue interior and white tops........there was one made (900357)with a black top bringing the Blue/blue total to 18. Breaking it down further....... 2 had no CD or 16 way seat, one of them had no pinstripe (900563) 4 had the CD only and one of them had no pinstripe (900352) 5 had the 16 way seat option 6 had both the CD and the 16 way seat and one of them had no pinstripe ((900355)
  12. Spring 2018 Reatta newsletter

    If you are a Reatta Division member, you either have or will be getting the Spring 2018 newsletter. On the front page, lower left is a item "Example Paint Code" is a copy of something I put together several years ago and reading it today, it could be confusing as originally written. So I hope to get it updated on Ronnie's site, and will send the same update to the newsletter to help clarify....You will not see WA-L 8554 19T 40U in a string like that on your cars Service Parts label. The confusion is 8554 (which is white exterior paint) and 40U (which is black exterior paint) would never appear on the a Reatta together. Below is the Service Parts label for a 1991 convertible to use as an example of the actual codes. At the bottom of the label is WA-L8554 this is the paint code for white exterior paint if you are buying it from a paint store (not in a spray can) You see it repeated U5884 (the "U" is upper in GM speak) since Reattas were not available in two tones, the body color will always have the "U" Next on that line is 40T ...40 is white, and "T" = top...if you look on line 3 at the top of the label you will see 40T again followed by 40U 40U is one more code telling you the exterior paint color was white........also if you are buying touch up paint in a bottle or spray can from an auto parts store, your white will be listed as "40"...they seldom use the 8554 number in the touch-up books. While we are looking at the codes, this convertible has tan interior, note the last line has several interior codes....66F is tan interior "F" = floor mats, 66I = tan interior, 664 = tan leather, and 669 = tan seat belts. One other tricky code is B84 on the first line.....that tells you the car had the side molded painted body color.... 40Q on line 3.......40 = white and "Q" is telling you the color of the side molding, if the car had the black side molding that was standard, that code would be 41Q and there would be no B84 code. All the code are listed on Ronnie's Reatta owners site.
  13. Question about salt

    It would have a lot to do about where in St Pete the car owner lived. I don't know exactly how the climate works in that area but salt mist can drift inland. I would look at the sellers address on a map and see how far from the Gulf he was. I would like to see at least a mile, lots of things affect the distance from the coast that things would be affected by the salt air. The Reatta (according to factory documents) was make from double side galvanized steel. Then the entire body was completely submerged in primer after it was welded together. The Reatta body holds up very well in all conditions. The areas that rust belt owners have reported rust problems are the heavier suspension parts. engine cradles rusting out, cradle support bolts, rear suspension support bolts. The top of the rear wheel opening is the place that I have seen rust on Reattas. The sunroof can rust anywhere there is rain and humidity. ....I think someone forgot to add the priming process to the manufacturing instructions.(the sunroof was not installed when the cars were dipped in primer)
  14. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    The trunk hinges appear to be like new.