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  1. Non-Reatta related question for Barney Eaton

    I do not know of a single site or source that can give you that info. Like this site, other clubs have accumulated the information you are looking for. Because of the year of your car, little would have been on personal computers or the internet. All that info would have come from Chevrolet records and probably not all the info in one place. That is were enthusiasts like us come in.....grab little bits of info and add all of that together to get the best information available. Luckily the Camaro has a good following like Mustangs and Corvettes. You should search for various Camaro clubs and internet sites, then ask the question there. Here is a place to start...... It says there were 84,877 Z28 made that year (wow....that is 4 times in one year of the Reattas in 4 years) It also says that 35,516 were white but that includes ALL models, not just the Z28. That site also show all the different options and the number of cars that had that option, but again the numbers are for all models.
  2. Best way to lower 69 Skylark 2” front & rear?

    Most of the dropped spindle available also change you to front disc brakes.......which would be a good improvement for a street driven car.
  3. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    Those look to have much more curve/dome to the cap than the one you need. If the seller would show the back, that often shows the location of the latching tabs and give you an idea if they will fit.
  4. Please welcome your new Moderator

    Great choice for the Reatta moderator and congratulation to you Ronnie
  5. Show us your Vintage tools

    Just did a quick search on oil cans and the changes from metal can to cardboard and plastic was not an overnight event. The vague answer is round plastic started in the '60's, and cardboard continued into the late '80's I don't remember round plastic I guess not all oil companies went to plastic. Did not find anything that gave a date for the start of todays style rectangular plastic quarts.
  6. '50 Special with a single auxiliary light?

    I don't believe that accessories like fog lights were available on the car from the factory. GM dealers had those as genuine GM accessories and the dealer installed them. I worked at a Chevy dealer while in HS in the beginning of 1956. That dealer ordered all the cars without radios, outside mirrors, bumper guards and other accessories and that was filler work for the mechanics. I also agree with the post above that the single light could have been something like a red light for a volunteer fireman.
  7. interior roof insulation ?

    I have replaced several headliners in Reatta.....20+ years newer, and have that foamed backed fabric that likes to come unglued. The Reatta also has a fiberglass shell that the headliner material is glued on. Any way......I have used the bubble insulation that has the aluminum foil on both sides. Available at the home improvement store in rolls about 4 ft wide. I also use silicone sealant as the adhesive. It gives some insulation and sound deadening........the negative.... if it really applies, it does not breathe....and could trap moisture between the inside of the top and insulation, however most of our collector cars are garaged and condensation is seldom a problem. You might consider painting the underside of the roof with a primer regardless of what you end up using.
  8. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    What if.......the 92-93 is wrong and they are Reatta wheels? Probably just another seller that is making wild guesses about what they are selling.
  9. 1995-1999 Riviera Wheel Center Cap

    While looking on Ebay.....these wheels are for sale there. Note the ad says they are chrome and the photo is just a file copy......they will send you a picture of the chrome wheel. I would be interested to see if it is actually a 1991 Reatta wheel that has been chromed or the later Riviera, LeSabre, Park Avenue chrome wheel the real clue is the fake rivets.......if they chromed a Reatta wheel the rivets will be there. otherwise they are the later wheels and probably 16 x 6.5
  10. Anyone have a pewter Reatta coffee cup?

    I have a black coffee cup with gold trim and gold Reatta logo
  11. Best way to lower 69 Skylark 2” front & rear?

    You mentioned improving the handling......with a little research, you will find that within GM, there were a lot of different sway bars, both front and rear, used between Chevy, Olds, Pontiac that were bigger/stiffer than the ones on Buick. sway bars are an easy improvement that do not affect the ride quality but can do wonders for handling. Start by measuring the diameter of the front and rear bars on the car, then look for ones that are larger in diameter....there is a chance that your car may not have a rear bar.
  12. Show us your Vintage tools

    Remember these? Does anyone know when they went from the round cans to plastic? I'm thinking early '70's
  13. Are 225-60-16 tires OK on 1988 Reatta ?

    Do a search on tire size on this forum and you will find lots of discussion and history. To answer your specific question.......the original tire on the 1988 was 215/65r15 and had an approximate diameter of 26 inches. Going to 225/60r16 changes that diameter 26.6 and will change the speedometer 2.4 % Go to and you can enter the original size.....then enter other sizes you are considering and it will tell you the changes in diameter, revs per mile, etc. Example, going to 235/55r16 changes the diameter to 26.2 and only changes the speedometer 0.7% ......clearance is not a problem I ran 245/50 r 16, it affected the speedometer by 2% but there were no clearance problems (that was with stock must consider offset differences if you are changing to aftermarket or wheels from another GM product.)
  14. 1991 Claret and Grey $1800 - must be rare?

    I updated the info on the database to show location, mileage, and date. Looking at Casey's booklet, he says there were 18 with that combination, 14 without sunroof, 4 with sunroof. This one has the 16 way seat and about 50% + had that option so a guess would be half of 14 or 6-8 with 16 way and no sunroof.
  15. Convertible - Final Step to Latch Top

    I have owned 3 convertibles and even on the 1991 with the power pull down, do the back first. On the 1990's fully latch the rear then you can push down on the top front corner and latch those one at a time. On the 1991, I would start the rear, do the front then finish the rear. You might also want to raise the tonneau so you can get to the rear latches, lube them and the cables and work the release a few times. The red handle release is for the back section of the top......... When the top is up and you are going to put it down, you release the rear and raise it by hand and that red handle should latch the back and hold it up so you can raise the tonneau or boot. Then you lower the top into the cavity.........when you are putting the top UP...that back section should still be latched so you can close the boot, then release the red may find it easier to release if you use the other hand and slightly raise the rear (referred to as the 5 bow in the manuals) this takes the load off the red release handle and it should unlatch easily.