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  1. I made my reservation late this year trying to decide if Nancy would be going. She is not so I will be on my own, I also do not have a hotel room. If anyone has a room at the Sheraton and would like to share the room, let me know. I plan on being there Tuesday thru Sunday. If anyone is planning on canceling their room at the Sheraton, let me know.
  2. I just learned that Don Kinas of Plymouth WI passed last July 15 2016. I posted it on the Buick General but failed to put it here. I don't think Don was much with computers so he never posted here. He was one of the BCA technical advisors...for Buick Reattas. Don had worked at several car dealerships and was a Buick man to the core. He was very quiet and you almost had to pry an opinion out of him. I had hoped to see him this summer at Brookfield. Below is a link to an obituary
  3. Why not try a vacuum tank first.....many late vehicles have them, probably to stabilize the operation of cruise control. All 3800 cars also have a vacuum check valve. in the schematic below 1 comes from the engine...the lump between 1 and 2 is the check valve, one leg going to the vacuum reservoir and the other going to the heater controls You could do a test without any hard mounting, when you are satisfied with the operation, the tank would be mounted somewhere it didn't show.
  4. But that Tallahassee collection is worth paying to see. Here is another local collection, only about 15 cars and this guy does own a Buick...BCA member Gordon Logan is the owner of Sport Clips hair cut chain, he has a 1924 touring car because his father had a similar car, it is not in these pictures. Here is a place down by Houston...just off I-10 called Hemi Hideout, he only has 19 cars..Hemi and 440 engines, but the building and signs are the impressive part, you can find it on the internet.
  5. Our local car club visited this car collection today......not a Buick among them, the owner is a Dodge, GMC, Fiat, Alfa dealer. Check out the "club" room on the balcony.....
  6. I just learned that Don Kinas of Plymouth WI passed last July 15 2016. Don had worked at several car dealerships and was a Buick man to the core. He was very quiet and you almost had to pry an opinion out of him. He was also one of the BCA technical advisors...for Buick Reattas. Below is a link to an obituary
  7. There is a place in the Dallas area that recovers original steering wheels. Their work is superior but the price is around $200 Craft customs is the name and here is the link
  8. You should be posting these questions and pictures on the Reatta discussion.....not the Reatta Buy/Sell, not everyone looks at the Buy/Sell
  9. Go to you can put in the original size for your car (215x65r15) Then add the other sizes suggested above. Powerdog will do all the calculations and show you the sizes, and RPM changes. As long as you stay close the original diameter you speedometer will not change greatly, Don't worry too much about the second number of the size. That number is the ratio between the first number and the sidewall height. As the first number gets larger (widest part of the tire) the second number should get smaller, yet the sidewall height should not change greatly The general conceptions is if the second number is small the car rides harder when in fact, the sidewall measurement has not changed.
  10. Here are pictures from the 1939 shop manual showing the operation of the "start" control at the carb. I looked at the 1938 manual and that model is much how many designs did they have?
  11. They will not be stock but that may be a great place for stainless screws....if we get the size, someone could buy 50-100 and sell them.
  12. The front fender "parking" lights were a $4.20 option. The dash does not appear to be wood grain paint.....did Specials have the wood grain paint....or just the upper series? It does have the second design grill. My '39 66S has the oval Fisher body plate on the passanger side.
  13. Buy a left hand drill....about 3/16 inch and if you are lucky, it will bite and unscrew the screw...the screw is bad anyway and will need replacing.
  14. Matt....I was thinking about sending the link to Dennis Kirban to get his input, but I think we all know what is going on.
  15. Anyone ever heard of this "special edition" It showed up on Carguru, here is a link