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  1. Barney Eaton

    Need Car Cover Advice

    I have been selling the Covercraft line since that time there were 2 materials so making a selection was pretty simple. Today there are about 14 material choices from Covercraft with a big price range. (they also have about 70,000 patterns, so we can also provide great covers for other cars) Since we are on the Riviera forum....Covercraft has 8 different patterns covering Rivieras from 1963 to 1999. Your '65 is pattern #C24E, that is for '63-'65 Riviera........the pattern is easy, but then you must select the material. The easiest thing to do is go to and look at the cover information, they have a chart that tell what each material is best for your application. The material you had was an indoor only cover, rain would soak it. There are several new materials both woven and non-woven that are excellent choices. I recommend getting an outdoor cover even if you Riviera spends 99% of its time in the garage....the nice thing about an outdoor cover (repels rain) if you take your car to a show or go on a tour and the car sits out overnight, you can shake the dew off the car cover in the morning. Also they don't absorb the water so you don't have a wet mess to deal with. One small detail....Covercraft does not sell a waterproof cover.....because they do not technology allows materials to repel water and still breathe. Go to Covercraft and you can even go to the shopping cart and get their price.....then call me and I will tell you how much you can save on the same cover thru me. I can also provide actual material samples. I am here to help........and save you some $$ PS...many of the companies that sell car covers, get them from Covercraft....California Car covers does not make their covers, they come from Covercraft. Once you look at the Covercraft web site then others you can identify the Covercraft products because they give you lots of info about the material. Thanks for letting me tell you a little about covers
  2. Barney Eaton

    Oil level sensor intermittent - possible bad wiring

    Try putting a jumper in the connector........if there is a wiring problem you will continue to have the intermittent warning.
  3. Barney Eaton

    1990 Coupe - Trying to raise the dead

    Those lines are going to the emissions canister that is under the air cleaner. One is the vent for the gas tank.....the fumes goes to the canister and there is a control valve in there that is controlled by the ECM that opens the valve at some point and allows the gas fumes to go the intake and be consumed. The one going to the canister sometimes comes off and you will smell gas.......if the other one is off, it could cause the intake mixture to run lean.
  4. Barney Eaton

    headlight replacement

    I just looked at an old catalog from Classic Auto Parts in OKC Here is a link to the present headlight catalog page..... Sorry, this does not take you directly to the lighting page....type 140 in the square between the arrows and it will take you to page 140 which has a LED conversion, page 144 has the original reflectors (for a Ford) The present catalog has halogen conversion kits and original replacement reflectors ...they are probably about the same size as our Buicks...they list a 33-34 as 8 1/2 in diameter but do not give the diameter of 35-39 which they also carry.
  5. During the same time our Reattas were made, I do remember seeing some GM smaller cars have luggage racks. By smaller...the Skylark and the Chevy version. Below are pictures from 1986 brochures the silver blue car is a Cavalier, the black on is a Celeberty
  6. There was no optional rack built for the Reatta. The one you pictured on a Corvette should work and they are available from Corvette parts places.
  7. Barney Eaton

    HVAC Plastic Vacuum Line

    I, like Harry would look at the check valve ( which is a combination valve and "T") one line goes to the HVAC controller the other line goes to the cruise control. I have seen the check valve come apart at the seam where the two halves go together. But check the lines also since we are dealing with vehicles that are 27 + years old. Another possibility is the valve at the brake pedal........some places call it the "dump" valve. It is there so when you hit the brake pedal, it dumps the vacumn and shut off the cruise control.
  8. Barney Eaton

    Help me date these wire wheel covers

    I'll get it started.....GM used that style between 1963 and 1966 The government forced the manufactures to stop using wheel spinners and rigid upright hood ornaments starting in 1967 Each GM division had a variation of the basic parts.......they all used the same chrome center. The spokes were similar but some had smooth outer ends and others had hex ends. Chevrolet used a 3 bar spinner, Olds, Pontiac, and Buick use 2 bar spinners. Most did not have that sharp step in the outer rim where the long and short spokes mount. Last they were made in 13", 14", and 15" I found a picture in a 1963 Riviera brochure that looks just like the one you have.....they may have been options on other Buicks that year.
  9. Barney Eaton

    New Old Stock Air

    Antique stores..........often have old bottles of soda....that air in the neck will be about the right age.
  10. Barney Eaton

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    Just to keep the facts straight on this was made from an early 1988 Reatta coupe and the VIN ends in 900039 I have built a Reatta database that presently contains about 1/4 of the cars built....when I went to see this car, one of the things I did was record the VIN. As soon as I saw the VIN a light bulb went on ......the car had a 1988 VIN number and no Reatta (production) convertibles were made until the 1990 model year. I may have said it earlier but there were other thing that made this car was so early the convertible top had not been designed and engineered, so this car never had a top or even the mounting pads for a top. It was made to resemble the final product, shown at dealer meeting to get reaction and probably was on the new car show circuit. We know of another 1988 that was converted but that car has a convertible top.
  11. Barney Eaton

    Natioonal meet in Colo. host hotel rooms

    Looks like I will be unable to get to Denver.........first meet I have missed since about 1996. Wife cannot make the trip and I need someone to stay with her.......daughter is going to a wedding in NC on 6/24 so it looks like I stay in Texas with the wife and watch the daughter dogs. Isn't retirement great!
  12. Barney Eaton

    Buick Select 60 program

    Todays email brought the message below............. I have feelers out to some other former Buick employees......thanks Brian for the above info. Hi Barney, Thank you for reaching out to us with your research request. I had never hear of the Select Sixty before, so thank you for the information. I did a search through our collection and didn't find any mention of the Select Sixty. We have never really had much information on dealers. If you haven't already, I would suggest that you contact the GM Heritage Center (not sure if that's the GMHA that you mentioned). It is possible that they have more information. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Brittany Phalen Curatorial Assistant Sloan*Longway
  13. Barney Eaton

    Question on Garage Supports

    I added something similar a few years back... it is about 32 ft long and 13 ft from wall to wall. the roof pitch matches the brick building and we used 16 ft metal roofing and did not trim it has almost 2 ft overhang. I went to a local place that sells metal for metal buildings, got the name of a couple guys that built buildings and was happy with the results. I think I have about $2500 in labor and materials (2012 prices) I would really like to get foam insulation sprayed on the underside as it radiates lots of heat in the summer. You will also note I was limited by a tree.
  14. Barney Eaton

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    The reason I posted it here was to get some suggestions..........while the Reatta Division has no say in the matter, we are the Reatta Div and would like the car to be saved. The Reatta Div officers have been working on this and I know it is flustration haven been involved with the original move. I became disenchanted with the San Diego Auto Museum back when they were doing the restoration. They would ask questions that even a backyard restorer would have recorded for reference. I was just happy when it was finished and on they want to dump the car. There are people that believe GM has no claim to the car after the GM bankruptcy, but who is going to challenge them. Common thinking is (1) they wrote off the car, so should ever get titled and on the road, the IRS could challenge the write off (I sure they have better things to do) (2) the other is liability.....if it were to get titled and driven and was involved in a serious accident, if a lawyer discovered that GM owned the car they would surely try to get a judgment. Just a hassle that GM or anyone else does not need.
  15. Barney Eaton

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    The "or what" that GM has over the people that have the cars is they will not receive any cars, engines , etc in the future if they fail to meet the conditions of the agreement. So if they have a GM car like this....., if they just sell it (bill of sale) or donate it to another museum on their own, they run the risk of never getting another GM donation.