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  1. Keep the suggestion coming....I'm making a list and headed for Harbor Freight
  2. You can go to and read how-to repair your power antenna and do it yourself, but the parts are no longer available from GM and they were not that good to begin with. Today I use a steel cable with a plastic coating that should last for years. I charge $50 to repair your antenna plus $15 return shipping. They are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired as needed and tested. I can straighten bent mast IF they are not kinked or dented...if you need a replacement mast there is a $20 charge. I take checks and Paypal......send me a PM and I will give you shipping instructions and/or answer questions. I can repair most other GM power antenna on your other collector cars.
  3. Has anyone found a source for ceramic front or rear pads for Reattas? I looked a couple years back but could not find a source.......maybe some company is now making them. I have two far as I know, none of my vehicles has ceramic pads and I would like to try them, and I would like to eliminate the dark dust that gets on the rims.
  4. Here is your problem.........see the wire across the latch opening......that is a spring that kick the lid up......yours is out of adjustment or broken.
  5. The rear (trunk) of the Reatta will not pop open even with new was not designed to open, just pop up out of the latch, but when you open it, the struts should keep it open
  6. I know it is not stock but I switched to Optima in my '39 and it cost $114 via the internet. I was using the stock, big, long, heavy battery and they lasted about a year. They were so heavy I had to ask the wife to put them in for me. To attempt to hid the bright red top on the Optima, I found a cheap black plastic trash can and modified it as a cover. The Optima spins the 320 like a champ.
  7. No names but this guy is a Saturday he call 4 time trying to get one thing done. If he was a salesman I would have hung up long ago.......but now I feel sorry for him as he just cannot seem to do anything correct. He lives in Denver.....maybe some of you have talked with him.
  8. Some people are so afraid of computers, they would not use them if the government gave them one....... I think I am getting to the bottom of this story/problem...he had a Buick dealer install new ones.....and they did not work (hood did not shut as it did before) He got some from a auto parts store and same problem. It appears the dealership installed the bracket upside down & the struts upside down. If he calls me back when everything is installed correctly I will post the rest of the story
  9. I had a call from a Reatta owner in Colorado that is having trouble getting hood struts, he has purchased two pairs and they are too long closed.....the #5830 by Arm Strong The parts place he is dealing with claims that is the correct one. I checked Ronnies site and got the Delco part numbers there...... Does anyone else have input on brand and part number of struts that work? I am going to give this guy the Delco numbers but I am not sure he has internet access. I just thought it might be nice to have a list of brands and -part numbers that work. NOTE....#5830 is the number given to me but in a later conversation the Colorado guy said the number was #4830
  10. I have heard that you need to change your flasher if you go to LED bulbs..........what did you do?
  11. I take Reatta information any way I can get it........... Send me the VIN on any and all Reattas you own or see. I need the VIN and as much additional info as possible...exterior color, interior color, 16way seats? is side molding black or color of car? sunroof? ....if you have a picture send that. The VIN was never etched in any of the windows at the factory.....some police departments did that for free and some dealers did it as a customer service promotion.
  12. Great that things are working out for you. When you get settled let us know of the former Craft Centre employee has any good stories to tell.
  13. I was at a car show last weekend and this stunning '57 was there........interior and exterior is stock but it is on a custom frame and has a period Hemi with some sort of exotic intake...they look like 8 carbs but on closer look I think they somehow have injectors built into them. Sorry but I don't have an engine picture.
  14. The first thing that stands out is the location, which means it could have seen salt on the roads and there have been a few Reattas from the rust belt that have had engine sub frame (cradle) failures from rust. At least one person had the lower "A" arm rust away from the subframe......yes it needs a good inspection.
  15. changing the accumulator should not affect the electrical system. Something must have gotten bumper or unplugged.