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  1. Take you air cleaner off and take a picture of it apart......I think Dave is correct, you can remove the inner mesh part and replace it with a paper filter of the same would also remove oil and clean out all the oil residue.
  2. This does not directly address the question, but does deal with starting a car that sits for periods of time and you do not want to crank and crank to get fuel to the carb. This is a gas cap that has two holes drilled in the top and two fitting added (my original only had one) One fitting is 1/4 inch copper tubing, the other is made from a discarded tire valve (cut off the rubber and the threaded metal goes inside the rubber) solder both into the gas cap. With a hand tire pump or sports ball hand pump you can pressurize the gas tank....forcing gas to fill the carb and you are ready to start that old car. The second tube is used to quickly vent the tank. Hold you finger on the vent while pumping...when you think it has filled the carb, release your finger and the compressed air is released. It works for me.
  3. Thanks for the sweat and finding an alternate solution. I also feel for you trying to get interest in having the parts made, I have been down that path and it is rugged. Good information on the alternate part and part numbers. I think part of the problem in getting owners interested in a replacement is only owners in the rust belt will ever need a replacement so you might be talking only 10-12 states.
  4. I was impressed with the Hudson museum. You always get a lot more information about a brand when it is in a museum that caters to particular brand. Would hate to see the cars spread around, and when they go into private collections they may never be seen by the general public. Along those lines.......if you are going to Wisconsin in about 10 days, there is the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford. It's main collection is Nash and Kissel Kars. Hartford is about 45 minutes from the hotel (north) I plan on going Wednesday morning before the Buick show gets up to speed. In researching Brookfield, I found there is a shopping center North of the hotel. Among the places to eat is a franchise that I am farmiliar with....Jason's Deli is a great place for lunch. Big selection of sandwitches, a salad bar, soups, and free ice cream......Don't tell your friends, it will get too crowded.
  5. I recently had a call from Southern California...trunk would not unlock when car had been setting in the sun......move the car to a shady spot and after cooling it would work. I don't have the answer but here are the possibilities....not including the spring problem with this post. (1) Solenoid affected by the heat.......jumper 12v directly to the solenoid when it does not work...if it works then the problem is elsewhere. (2) solenoid relay affected by the heat..... switch relays around, if it works replace the relay. (3) Bad ground that is only showing up acting up with heat expansion....test by attaching a good ground directly to the solenoid and the other end to a good body ground....NOT the trunk lid Convertible only....the trunk/boot inter-lock could be bad. This keep the trunk from opening when the boot is open and vise-versa. Any other ideas?
  6. Thanks for the price and pictures........for that price, I am guessing it has 70K miles.
  7. Any chance you want to tell me where it is? What you want for it?
  8. This is one of those things that you don't know who to believe. Of course the tire lobby would love for state or even federal law makers to put in place laws dictating how old a tire can be to pass inspection. Mr Earl in on the right track.....not all tires are created equal. An example of old tire safety....within the last couple of years, one of the national auto magazines did an article on an old Indy race resides in the Speedway museum. The got it out and run it around the Indy speedway doing laps up to 70.......the cars was. I believe a Offy powered car run just after WWII...the tires were at least 50 years old.
  9. Just received 4 new tires for my Reatta from the Tire Rack and their date code is 3116, not sure what "new" means anymore.....more like NOS
  10. By now all BCA members should have their 2017 Roster. April 2015 I sent the BCA office and Pete production number for Buicks built after 2002. Note the 2014 Roster has the year and models listed but no production numbers after 2002. Look at your 2017 Roster and the listing has not changed.........guess they did not like my numbers. Here is the information sent. Print it and put the page in the back of your Roster. Also note the column after the car line is the number from Ward's Yearbook (they get their info from the manufactures) Ward's also list options built, I was interested in the number of Buicks built with V8, supercharged, or other engine options....Ward's list the options as percentage of total production. As an example...2002 Buick Park Ave (31918 made), the number supercharged,Ward's list the number as 12.1%, which = 3862, the info in the last column came from Buick Heritage and they have the number at 4033 That difference of 171 = .0053% so depending on how the percent number was rounded, the two source will seldom exactly match. BUICK PRODUCTION LATE MODEL.xlsx "Buy them books, send them to school, and all they do is chew on the covers"
  11. Got a call from a lady in Northeast Texas looking for a replacement Reatta. She has owned two and apparently worn out both of them. If you have a Reatta or know of one for sale in NE Texas, NW Louisana, SW Arkansas, send me the information....she is not looking for a show car, just a good Reatta with some life left, and no major issues
  12. Glad you are ok....... Hard to imagine from the looks of the car that the repair estimate is almost $30K, None of the glass is broken.......makes you wonder the insurance company business plan. They will sell it to some repair shop, it will be repaired and put back on the road. It seems they are quick to total cars, does that make their job easier? The owner gets a new vehicle, and will have no complaints about the repair. So the insurance company, by writing a check washes their hands of the incident and they have no come-back. Sell the wrecked vehicle and it probably ends us costing them maybe half of the $30K repair estimate...
  13. I just spent some time on Ebay looking at Riviera antenna........the lowest price one was $200 and the ad said it did not go up and down, the top mount is missing and the black plastic insulator is missing. What I am finding is Riviera antenna in poor condition and premium prices
  14. Thanks for the recommendation........ I need 1963-65 mast parts for a Riviera owner in Missouri.....his mast was broken off and so far we have not found a replacement in any condition. He is not looking for NOS just usable parts. If anyone has mast sections send me a PM.......thanks
  15. Before it was 25 years old, my '91 was registered as a normal vehicle and in Texas needs a front plate. When it was 25 and registration was due, I changed it to antique registration and the gave me ONE plate....I ask why not two....they only issue/require one for the antique.......go figure