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    Door Hinge Repair Wood Frame 27'

    Perfectly understandable solutions! Thanks so much! I like the nut plate idea. The only portion that will not work is on the upper hinges of the front, though there are three hinges to work with on those doors. Two should suffice for the extra strength and use wood screws on the upoer.
  2. Hello all -Here is my 1927 Buick that has been in a barn since 1940 when the distributor broke. It was then purchased from the original owner by my friend in 1970 and moved to his shop where it has sat since then. The wood frame of the body is amazingly solid and I cant really see a reason to replace any of the wood. However when my friend bought it he decided to "fix' the holes on the screws for the door hinges. He drilled them out and placed plugs in them. This could certainly work with re-drilling, but I was wondering if anyone has used these brass threaded inserts? The great part is the 1/4 bolt has the exact taper for the door hinge, however I fear that the wood is not very pliable and I don't want to split it when screwing in the insert. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated
  3. 40-Torpedo

    1927 Buick Oil Filter Replacemenbt

    Many thanks for the reply. That's what my suspicions were. I'll have to mull it over this weekend to see what path to take. I really want to just get it puttering around town, but I don't want to go so far that its not it's old glory either.
  4. Just bought a 1927 Buck Standard 6. Trying to get it running and the original oil filter system is on the firewall. I read as many subjects about the oil filter on these here on the forum and I am left with more questions than an answer. I took the three bolts off the top of the port and removed the "filter" - there was a thread here about taking it apart and replacing the element with a WIX 51080. However in trying to dismantle the canister I am left with the thought that the canister is a sealed unit and can not be taken apart? Bob's sells a kit with a replacement filter and form the very simple description it would seem that these can be taken apart and replace the filter element? But I would also like to not spend $225 for a filter. Any knowledge on taking the original canister apart would be appreciated. I do realize that a more modern Summit Racing or Jegs remote kit is an option - though I like the original look.