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  1. stvaughn

    Heading to USA

    Since your traveling from Tulsa to Memphis you will pass near the Museum of Automobile in Morrilton, Arkansas. It’s been many years since I’ve been there but it it had a nice collection. It’s in a state park and there’s a CCC lodge there if your looking for an overnight stay off the beaten path. In Memphis there’s Graceland (Elvis’s home), Beal Street, Memphis Music Hall of Fame, Nashville has the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Lane Motor Museum It’s winter here so bring warm clothes. Wind chill this morning in NW Tennessee is 16 degrees F (-8 C). If if you have time to detour come on up to Union City, TN and visit Discovery Park of America Steve
  2. stvaughn

    Heading to USA

    What are you interested in seeing? Cars, museums, historical sites, Elvis, music? Give us some hints.
  3. stvaughn

    Stupid question

    I used the copper nickel line for brakes and fuel on the REO I’m rebuilding. It’s DOT approved, bends easily by hand and flares easily too.
  4. Standard procedure for disconnecting a battery is to remove the ground connection first. My question is do you switch the ground circuit or the hot circuit or does it really matter? Steve
  5. stvaughn

    1948 Dodge Transmission Question

    You might want to consider changing the name of your post to something more descriptive like “automatic transmission for 48 Dodge question “
  6. stvaughn

    Lights that clamp on bumper brace

    Thanks Matt, I don’t spend much time on eBay but as per your suggestion I looked around over there and found some lights. Steve
  7. Looking for a source for a pair of 6 volt lights similar to the ones pictured. These appear to be new manufacture.
  8. stvaughn

    Battery disconnect switch, yes or no?

    Well I don’t have one of those laying around. Looks like I need to make a few yard sales. 😄
  9. stvaughn

    Battery disconnect switch, yes or no?

    Real Steel, where’d you get the recessed plate the switch is mounted in. Steve
  10. stvaughn

    How to convert cut out to diode?

    How do I order? email Steve
  11. stvaughn

    How to convert cut out to diode?

    What’s involved? What size diode do I need?
  12. 1932 REO, 6 volt battery under the floorboard. Do you recommend a battery disconnect switch and if so, which one? I’d prefer to not have to open the hood every time to turn off the switch. I have used a latching relay on a motorhome towable but I don’t know if they are available in 6 volt. Steve
  13. stvaughn

    Best improvement for stop/tail lights

    Thanks Ed, do you have a source?
  14. stvaughn

    Best improvement for stop/tail lights

    Thanks Spinneyhill, I like that better than some of the other options I’ve been considering. Is it weatherproof? I’m thinking of mounting two along the bottom of the trunk rack. Maybe making the two inner half’s running lights and the outer half’s brake and turn lights. Would that be practical?
  15. stvaughn

    Right side taillight for REO

    I would like to duplicate the left side taillight on the right side. 1932 REO Model S. I think 33’s are the same and they had lights on both sides. Need light and stantion. Would consider a matching pair.