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  1. Gdeleonpj

    1972 Dodge Dart Wiring

    Thanks for all the constructive help and links provided! Think I know what to do now
  2. Gdeleonpj

    1972 Dodge Dart Wiring

    Nah it's not original. The mess you see is a harness I took from a scrap car. The v8 340 engine came from a fury sport i believe (The harness is half assed because like I said; novice at all this..but it won't work without rigging) I'm probably going to try and go through rhode island
  3. Gdeleonpj

    1972 Dodge Dart Wiring

    1972 dodge dart swinger [Background: im not much of a gear head but I'm slowly learning more and more each day I study and work on cars but I'm trying to figure out the best route for my project car my father passed to me. Been working a lot and haven't been able to touch it but the only thing keeping it from running is the wiring harness inside and out. (It shorted and my father took it out without much though after) I've tried to locate a diagram and rewire it with another harness I pulled from a picking pool.] Essentially the question I'm trying to get an answer from someone more experienced than I; should I continue to mess with the harness I have and Jerry ring it or is there like an aftermarket kit that would work? If so can you provide details. (Obviously I should find oem harness but I haven't came across one yet) (Also I know I should probably leave this to someone who already knows electrical work but that defeats the purpose of me learning)