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  1. Hello every one, My name is Brice, As stated in the Topic title I am a new novice to the AACA forms and reviving an antique car.Little did I know that the 1949 Allis Chalmers "C" Model tractor that he started me on would lead to fishing the Buick but it did. The Allis was not quite a basket case but not far either. My brother said he did not think it would ever run again. Dad said he was testing me to see if I could do the 1922 Buick. So enters the the touring car. What I have is a 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car. A bit of history how I got going on this is that my father started it and at going on 84 years old decided that he did not want to spend the time finishing it so he passed it along to me. He had made good progress on it as you can see from the pictures. But alas life gets in the way and he just feels like there are a few other things that he wants to put his time into. Now my turn, LOL, I seem to have a bit more time than he does so onward with the show. I have been reading the AACA forms for a wile now and finally have managed to get the entire car to my work shop as had to move it from Norther Illinois to Eastern Kansas over a two three week period, hence why I have not jumped on the form until now. Car is project in the works. Seeing as dad started it by striping the paint on body had seats reupholster it will be so to speak a restored type but not 100% original. I am not going to change any thing mechanically as using parts from other engines and drive train of the time. My end goal is for it to look like it was new when someone brought it home for the first time before the wear and tear has been introduced. I plan on driving it regularly to work and about town with wife and two dogs in the back seat weather permitting once done. I am looking for to seeing it take life again and have fun driving it. So you can see here are a couple pictures of where it is at my starting point.
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    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    Well ran into the first OH S#!& moment during the rear end cleaning. The post that holds the brake band on was broken. It appears that it was repaired once and with everything installed everything looked alright. Not until I took the brake bands off to clean and paint did it become obvious as to what had happened. The pictures below shows it better than my typing. It appears to be nice and solid now after the fix but obviously time will tell and I will have to watch it closely to be sure.
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    Modern Fluids for Early 20's Buick's??

    Have another question for anyone. Reading in the reference manual for cleaning out the differential and I would assume the gear box as well it says to use kerosene. Would diesel fuel work as well? Would there be an advantage to kerosene over diesel or visa versa? My thinking is that diesel has some oil in it so would act as a lucubrate as well as cleaner and flushing. I am splitting the differential enough to spray inside housing and gears to get the sludge out then close back up and fill with new SAE 250.
  4. Trying to get a list together for modern fluids to can be used in our old Buick's specifically the 4 cylinder. (Mine is the 1922 Model 35 Touring with a 4 cyl). 1) Engine oil type and weight (synthetic or not). 2) radiator (use of anti freeze or not, if so mix 50/50??). 3) Will antifreeze hurt the Moto-Meters? (shouldn't seeing how it is sealed, but just asking). 4) Rear differential Gear Lube type and weight. 5) Bearing grease for wheel bearings, axial, etc. 6) Transmission gearbox fluid. 7) Any others I might have left out.
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    Modern Fluids for Early 20's Buick's??

    Thank you everyone that helps a lot as to what to use. I tried searching on forms last few days but most of the threds were for 1930’s to early 40’s vehicles running much faster and parts probably having tighter tolerances. Brice
  6. I have sanded the wood spokes on my 1922 Model 35 and now that they are sanded they look very nice and have decided to leave them natural instead of painting. Wondering what would be the best Spar Varnish to use. Rust-Oleum seams to have basically good reviews on their Marine Coatings Clear Gloss Spar Varnish. Just asking to see what others have already gone through. I did seal them with a epoxy based sealer CPES from Rot Doctor. The CEPS looks good and does do a great job sealing and penetrating the wood to seal wood. I am just starting the front wheels but here are some pics of the rear ones before final Spar Varnish after I decide what to use.
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    Best Spar Varnish on wood spokes????

    Thanks for your input Bill.your right it will not be out in the weather like most wartcraft are. I did end up going with the Captain’s varnish. Like Epifanes it has a nice light warm tone to it with clear gloss that does not look plastic.
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    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    I have a small drip at the bottom of the differential. It is not bad but just sitting it is couple drops every couple days on floor. I am think of splitting the differential and replacing gasket. Looking at parts book can not find part number for gasket, is there even a gasket used on these? If not thinking of using Make a gasket to try and stop leak. My concern is once car up and running diff fluid gets warmed up the leak will get worse.
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    Oil leak from Differential of 1926 Std Tourer

    I have a 1922 Buick Model 35 and have a small drip at the bottom of the differential. It is not bad but just sitting it is couple drops every couple days on floor. I am think of splitting the differential and replacing gasket. Looking at parts book can not find part number for gasket, is there even a gasket used on these? If not thinking of using Make a gasket to try and stop leak. My concern is once car up and running diff fluid gets warmed up the leak will get worse.
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    Hey Terry if it is not out of your way on the way home stop by and you can see where I am at on the 22 -35. I assume your going up I35 to 80 then over to Davenport . Going up I35 you will pass about 4 miles south of me. If no time to stop wave as you pass by, LOL. Brice
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    Best Spar Varnish on wood spokes????

    Thanks Tom that is what I have decided to go with as well. Just got it the other day and forgot to add the brushing thinner but it is on the way. I hope to start applying this weekend if all goes well or at least mid of next week. I like that you added the info on a test sample you have done that helps in knowing that I am going in the right direction. I used the CPES as there is some nicks and small chunks into couple spokes and wanted to seal up and harden up good. The CPES has done a great job at that and i am very happy with it.
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    Door Hinge Repair Wood Frame 27'

    Welcome to the form glad to see another project getting started. I would agree with Bloo making a plate that would be the size of the three holes square so that the pressure would be distributed across the wood should be safer to prevent cracking or splitting. You could also use large area washers one for each screw nut combo. If you need to grinde the area washers on the side so they all fit nicely in the triangle pattern. If you go the nut combo my opinion would to use a fiber lock nut so it does not potentially loosen as the door is used. Just my two cents.
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    1923 Model 23-4-35 Buick Restoration Australia

    Norm, Welcome to the crowd. Hats off ? to you for getting started. All I can say is I have been here on the form for a short time getting started on my 1922 Model 35 and the help, advise and information is just absolutely great. Everyone helps where they can and will always give you moral support to help keep going. It can be a bit overwhelming at times trying to figure out what direction to go first. Hugh gave me some good advise when I first got going and that was pick one to start with either body or frame and engine and you will see more progress develop fast as time goes. You will then feel as if your making progress. Jumping back and forth from one to the other it feels like your not going anywhere fast. She will look good when your done good luck and I look forward to seeing your progress as time moves forward. Brice
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    Posting photos on forum

    Spinneyhill thanks for the heads up I will check them out as $50 in my pocket is better than theirs, LOL
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    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    Norm, Ya from what I have read on the forms here I am very lucky that the only wood issues so far is the one spot that broken off in the back drivers side that you can see in the third picture on my original post will not be too much to fix and move on. well least lets put it this we will see once I start digging more into the body then it may be a bigger surprise but I hope not. Brice
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    Posting photos on forum

    I am lucky at this point as I do most of the photo stuff at work and use a program called "Snagit" been using it for about 8 years now and love it. The version I use is a 2013 version so I know the updated one should do a great deal more. I just looked it up as I think I am going to buy it for at home so i can do more posting of pictures and photo editing. The cost to download is $49.95 US, LOL ($50.00)US, companies always do that so you don't feel like your spending more than $50, I get a chuckle about that. Any way here is a "Snagit" shot of the 2018 pricing. Oh ya I do not work for TechSmith who are the makers of this program I just wanted to post what I use and hope to help someone else.
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    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    AussieBuick, Here are the pictures I hope this helps a little bit more for you was tried to get more than you needed but if you need me to put a tape measure and photo it let me know it is not a problem.
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    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    Hugh, Looks good that will definitely make sealing and cleaning the wood up a lot easier.
  19. RatFink255

    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    Norm, sorry just got your post I will get couple posted for you tomorrow. I see Hugh posted some on his 25 which gives good view with no body attached. I will get you a few with body panels to see if there is any differences can be seen.
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    Newbie with 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car

    cxvgd, I have thought of that as well and glad you mentioned it just confirms my thoughts. I agree that may be a good idea to have them reclined with something a bit safer. Do you know what the original thickness of the pads should be for each of the bands inner and outer?
  21. Ya that is a lot of time however the out come is worth it at this point on my wheels it has taken me about 4 1/2 hours per wheel to get the wood sanded the another 1 1/2 to get the metal rims and center hubs cleaned up ready to prime and paint. I would guess so far I am at the 7 hour per wheel point. Which is a far cry from what you had to do but you had specific things you were looking for the pinstripes where I did not have an issues like that. Did some searching on the Pettit Varnish and see that there are two types the Captain's that you used the 1015 then also there is the Flagship 2015. Also see that the Captain's version they have a Captain's Ultra Clear 2067. Another quick question what level sand paper did you use between coats or did you use 0000 ultra fine steel wool? Just curious.
  22. Thanks for the heads up I will go with the Pettit 1015 if can find it easy enough. I agree with you I don't like the bleached look to any wood myself. I used to work in a custom cabinet shop making custom stuff back in 1980's and always hated having to do the bleach or painted white oak. Thanks for the info love the looks of your wheels so far look forward to seeing them with tires attached. How many coats did you put on? I assume at least 4 to 6.
  23. Chistech, What type of varnish did you use one your spokes? I am in the process of dong mine on a 1922 Buick Model 35. so far i have the rear wheels sanded and sealed them using a CEPS from Rot Doctor on the spokes and painted rims. I now need to use a Spar Varnish on them and am considering the Rust-Oleum Marine. Here is a link to my post yesterday asking to see what others have used.
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    More dashboard gauges, old parts

    Morgan, I got the parts yesterday and they look great thanks. Brice
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    Master Parts Book

    I came across a listing for a Master Parts Book 1916-1932 from Faxon Auto Literature has anyone else purchased a copy of this book and is it readable and seem to be good as reference for a 1922 Buick Model 35 Touring car.