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  1. 1941Buicknut

    1941 Buick Century (model 61) parts wanted

    Perry, Found the pictures of your car and she looks great. Can't see from the pictures any issues with the passenger door or driver front fender, but I sure you know better than I?? Hope to talk to you soon. Richard-805-6895978
  2. 1941Buicknut

    1941 Buick gauge/instrument panel

    Hello, I have a panel that is an original but should be redone. Do you not have a panel at all? Please call me so i can better understand how i can help. Richard Mann 805-6895978
  3. Hello, I own a classic car auto shop and we restore classic cars and work on our own cars, mainly 1941 Buick Roadmasters, Century's. We have hundreds of parts, please send me a message and I can supply you my phone number or send you a list of current available parts. We have several NOS parts for your restoration or project and plenty of parts. We are located in Santa Barbara, California. 90 miles North of Los Angeles. We can ship freight, USPS & UPS for smaller parts. OR we can ship large parts through GREYHOUND to your closest station. I will update this post with a complete parts list and prices. Feel free to contact, as we have hundreds of parts, and if we do not, we may have access to that one thing (or several items you need). Thank you -Richard aka 1941Buicknut
  4. 1941Buicknut

    1940 Buick 56s parts wanted

    Hello, May have one of those. will try to check before i leave town tomorrow for a vacation. Probably the same for 41 Super?
  5. 1941Buicknut

    wtd: 1941 Buick Special front fender spears

    You should have tomorrow or Monday. Enjoy Richard
  6. 1941Buicknut

    1940 Buick 56s parts wanted

    Hello, if 1941 Super/roadmaster coupe/convertible would work, may have one of those. 1941Buicknu
  7. Hello, I know of a huge collection for sale. Contact me if you want further info. 1941Buicknut
  8. 1941Buicknut

    1941 Buick

    DixieFireball, Just joined so not sure if you were able to find the right side gravel guard for a special or not. I may be able to help you. Let me know if you are still looking? 1941Buicknut
  9. 1941Buicknut

    1941 Buick Super Parts Wanted

    JJ. Sorry I do not know the part number. It was metal with a slight lip at each end to help hold it in the rubber grommet in both the valve cover and the air cleaner. some cars I believe that did not have the tube between the valve cover and the air cleaner had a PVC type device where you describe it. Love to see some pictures of your car if you care to send them to me. Thank you
  10. 1941Buicknut

    1941 Buick Super Parts Wanted

    JJ Carter, I have a lot of parts for your 1941 Super. the ones you are asking for above you might want to try Bob's Automobilia in Atascadero CA. They should have almost everything you need. Tell them Richard Mann sent you for brownie points. The heater hose you ask about can be purchased at any auto store, just rubber hose will do. Have a rear fender, but have someone that has a reserve on it, so check back with me in about a week. Number 9 is very hard to find in original form, but again a piece of rubber hose will do until you find one. There are rubber grommets that are supposed to be used on the valve cover and the air cleaner, but you won't need those till you or I find a METAL tube for you. Let me know if I can be of any more help?
  11. 1941Buicknut

    1941 Limited Limousine

    Good evening Matt, I am totally new to this forum so i don't know if phone numbers are appropriate or not, but my is 805-6895978 Richard CaiforniaPics rubber gravel guard moldingsPics rubber gravel guard moldingsPics rubber gravel guard moldingsPics rubber gravel guard moldingsPics rubber gravel guard moldings. I may have a Fog Light pull for you and I am in the process of reproducing the moldings for the rubber gravel guards that appear to be missing on your wonderful car. I have one set now that is spoken for but it will be used as the model for the re pros if i get the green light that they can be done. I am already reproducing the curved moldings for the rubber gravel guards for Super and Roadmasters and think i will be able to do so for the Special, Century and Limited as well. I believe the limited moldings are a bit longer than and have a extra bend in them?? CPics rubber gravel guard moldingsould please measure the distance between the front edge of the your skirt mold and the back edge of your rocker molding allowing for the curve, I will be much more confident. Thank you
  12. 1941Buicknut

    1941 Buick fender skirt emblems needed

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I do have the spears that you are looking for, but don't know if you have already found them? Just getting the hang of this. Thank you, 1941Buicknut. Don't know if we can put in our phone numbers or not but< 805-689-5978 Richard from California