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  1. First of all, sorry for the delay in getting back with you. And second, according to my November 1940 Parts Numbers book, trim code 739 is not listed. However my book is the preliminary book for the 1941 model year. I would search a Parts Numbers book for that model year. Also, thank you for the tip regarding Chrysler history services. However, ever since Fiat took over D.C.J. that department has been cut way back. They can only provide me with a build date, dealership name and original owner's name. Information I have from the back of the owner's manual. Hope this helps you with your quest.
  2. I just moved into a new house. I will locate the box that the book is in on Monday.
  3. I have an original paint chip book and the light green paint and the paint code match perfectly. Maybe it was sprayed wrong from the factory, wouldn't that be neat? Thanks.
  4. I need some help to finish decoding my body tag. I also discovered that there are three different shades of green paint on my car. The tag states original color is Polo Green, however the entire inside, including the jambs and portions of the outside are a dark green. Would this be a primer? If so, (curve ball) there is a third shade of green (olive drab) under the serial number tag. On top of all of this, the Polo Green paint is found on all of the rubber jamb stops. Can I assume that this is a result from a repair on the right rear panel between the rear door and fender?
  5. Jack, thank you for your response. I am looking for a plunger to fit this kind of solenoid. I am however, interested in this one. What would like to have for it? Never hurts to have spare parts for spare parts.
  6. Looking for an early to mid '50s MoPar starter solenoid plunger for a Chrysler Newport with the flat six. I have a 1941 Chrysler that has lost the starter solenoid and replacements are between non-existent and "here's my first born". I figured out how to adapt the Newport solenoid to the starter, I just need the Newport plunger to make it work.