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  1. spark is good. Will have to try the compressor thing. I'm thinking its mainly blown to the crankcase at this point.
  2. Yeah, I think the 100 on the right side may be enough to start, but 45 on the left, I don't know. Outside of the engine looks really good, like its never been apart, but I think its just the sitting. As seafoam noted above, my guess is rings stuck in the grooves. If I could just get it running they may free up, but not sure I have enough compression pop to do that. No backfires, you can hear it fire a little, and smell the combustion, but not enough pop to sustain it.
  3. Mu guess is in open position the weight should be at the bottom, or close to it? Doubt it would freeze open, right?
  4. Yes, normally bypassed but wasn't sure using remote start button and not ignition. I set the timing and dwell by taking out all the plugs , hooking up the timing light to the #1 plug. Cranks pretty fast with no plugs. Set the point gap with a feeler, then when cranking with a dwell meter, was a little low, so adjusted thru the window while cranking. Both should be in the neighborhood enough for starting....
  5. So, I have the '65 that has been sitting in a garage for decades and am going about trying to get it started.... I have replaced battery cables, plugs, wires, points, rebuilt the carb, (came out nice), set the timing, set the dwell, Marvel mystery oiled the cylinders, cranked with no plugs until OP light went out, which it did. I bypassed the heater core because I'm worried if coolant flows thru the core may have a hole and flood the interior (I was surprised though that the afreeze was pretty green when I cut the hose). Also disconnected the fuel pump from the varnish tank. As noted in another post, compression on right side is at about 100 and very even across all cylinders, about 45 on the left and even. I took the left VC off to see if I had some vales sticking open but I didn't, they all actuated nicely when I cranked it. I have a remote start button hooked up to the starter so I can do it from under the hood. So, what does this all get me so far? Slow cranking and hints of combustion but not enough to get her going. My last attempt Tuesday night was I put 12v direct to the coil from the battery. I thought maybe this car had the resistor type coil wire in the harness so I wanted to get a full 12v to the coil. Didn't seem to make a difference. One thing I've been pondering is potential exhaust clog, but I'm not sure that would make it not start, maybe run bad, but not start? Looking at the muffler I can see it had basically collapsed internally and the tailpipes have broken off.....I did notice that the right exhaust manifold has one of those heat risers on it, probably rusted shut, but that's also the side with the higher compression....... It's probably still a few different things. One thing I just don't think it cranks fast enough for an engine that's been sitting to get going, feel like I need it faster. Thought I would hook up another battery and try jumping it. Had one guy tell me to put 24V to the starter....hmmmm. Definitely not something to do on todays cars, but I thought if I just hot wired it like that what would I burn up besides the starter potentially? Anyway, that seems like a last resort.
  6. Well, if I am I', pretty sure I won't be driving a Riviera! Have yet to get the bugger started. Hints if firing, but not started. I should make a separate post of what I've done so far, see if anybody has any ideas I haven't though of.....
  7. I'm not a member, but interested in joining. Is there a link to the membership page? Then, yes, I'd like the bulletin sent to me. Thanks Tom.
  8. Ugh, worst possible scenario. Well, I guess that's not true, it's all there.... I guess my impression of adding the auxiliary relay was too simple. My impression was everything going to the main relay was already in all factory harnesses, and I just had to interrupt them with a second relay and reconfig the wiring. Didn't realize I'd need other wiring. Eventually it'll all make sense I guess. Appreciate the offer of help, I will most likely be in touch when this becomes a more pressing issue.....
  9. So in between trying to get this old Riv started I'm finding myself exploring other systems on the car. The clamshells don't work. Didn't really expect them to though. I did do a few exploratory things. I undid the arms at each end to see if the actual levers on the clams were free, they actually opened up with no force at all. In the process I noted that the two wire plug to the motor harness behind the grill was unplugged. Could I be that lucky? No. Plugged it in, still nothing. Then I just left it plugged in and went about some other stuff. As I was playing with something else I heard random clicking every few seconds, so I unplugged it, no more clicking. Plugged it back in, more clicking, so I unplugged it again. Then I got underneath the car and thought maybe I'll take the motor out and test it. When I touched it it was warm, not hot but a little warmer than the outside temp, so current was going there. I didn't get it out the front, and I'll take this forums word that it can be done even on an air car but I'd already been in the garage for four hours and figured someone would be looking for me soon so I called it a day. I did see a posting by Seafoam about relays, so later I went out to see if I could see them. I did see the main one, but I didn't see the auxiliary one, so I'm wondering if this was an early car without the aux. I'm guessing if that's the case I should add one in? All the wires are there from the factory, just a matter of re-routing? Sorry to beat a dead horse....
  10. Can't wait to get my 65 on the road, but I agree. I have a beautiful 67 GTO and a 65 corvair corsa. Guess which car gets more inquiries?
  11. Yeah would like to get it started and get the juices flowing, maybecompression will come up, was surprised at the left/right disparity. Put more marvel down the left side, will let it soak. No frozen valves though!
  12. Worked a little more on reviving the 65 today. Took a break from the frozen carb issue. Took a compression test. Right side all 95-110 which I took to be good for a motor that hasn't run for who know how many years. Left side 40-70. I didn't see any water in the oil when I changed it, but when I pulled the rocker assy off the left side the bolts looked a little milky....wondering if I have a blown head gasket. And by the way, are nailhead pushrods solid?
  13. Carb Rebuild Woes

    Actually she was, she was giving me tips like "you need to leave it in longer before you put it in the ice water". She's a gran sport.