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  1. New Buyer Questions

    Thanks again, I had forgot about that Wikipedia page lol, I'm really looking forward to owning one of these cars. With all of your help I should be on a better path than I was.
  2. New Buyer Questions

    Thank you that's exactly what I wanted to hear. I'll be back here with any other questions as my search goes on. Again thank you very much
  3. New Buyer Questions

    Thank you Barney, I guess I'll start making a spreadsheet of the cars I see. One last question is there any major changes between the engines of the 90 and the series II of the late 90s? I've had a 97 and 98 Lesabre so I'm very familiar with that engine. I'm assuming there's some small differences but nothing too crazy.
  4. New Buyer Questions

    Thank you guys Any idea for where there's a price guide for these cars. Or is it just what the person asks? I've seen cars in similar condition (from the ad) with prices from 2500-10000. those have been 70k-100k 90 coupes for the most part.
  5. New Buyer Questions

    Hello everybody, I have been interested in buying a Reatta since I've known of them. I'm Trying to find one for the summer. But I have some questions my research hasn't really answered. 1. What is the going rate for a 90 coupe and Convertible? There appears to be no rhyme or reason to what I've seen. 2. Are there any major problem areas Besides the windshield, headlights and computers? 3. How different is the 4T60 from the 4T60E and the LN3 to the L27? For working on purposes 4. are these cars OBD2 or an earlier system for the computer Thanks for any help