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  1. For what it's worth, a number of years ago, I was following similar escapades (albeit an early '60's Pontiac) of a cousin of a friend of a friend, or something like that... apparently a good family man, nice house, lotsa toys, the whole nine yards, one day he simply passed away... never did hear what ever happened to the poncho parts.... While I'm here, when I die, I hope to go out like my grandfather...painlessly in a peaceful and quiet slumber, I hope I don't die in a screaming fit of terror while going over a cliff like his passengers did... Sorry, couldn't resist the oldie...😊) Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ---
  2. MikeJS

    Mice Mice Baby...

    A friend of mine stores his car in the winter in a building out on a farm somewhere, and he swears by using bars of Irish Spring soap to ward of rodents, including two that he custom shaped for the exhaust. A few years ago, he picked up a case at Costco, and he puts a couple bars under the hood, a couple in the trunk, and a few in the interior, then simply re-uses them year over year. He's never had a mouse problem, although other owners that store in the same facility have apparently complained that they were 'attacked'. Although it may not be to everyone's taste, but he likes the fact that when he goes to pull the car out in spring, it smells "Fresh and Clean as a Whistle" Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  3. This is what we recently used, that I believe is the correct green... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  4. Good day... Recently I got a lead on a gentleman that apparently had a few 1st gen Riviera parts and project cars about an hour north of the city. I finally had the opportunity to go check them out. Lots of potential for parts, but access and digging through the interiors and trunks that are mainly stuffed with more parts will be a big challenge. Although it's sad to see these cars in this state, it's nice to know where parts cars exist nearby. Now that I know what's there, I'll go back with chainsaw and a tetanus shot to grab a few more spare parts... Also the owner is in the process of restoring a '65 so he was pretty Riv' knowledgable... All in all it was somewhat sad but still cool to ... Check out these Rivieras...😊 Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  5. I recently did the caps on my '64 spinners, and once you get going they can come out pretty good... What I had on a couple of the caps are probably some form of stress fractures in the 'plastic'.. When you look straight on the emblem looks fine, but when viewed at an angle, the cracks appear. In a way, they kinda look cool, almost a ghost diamond effect, but not all the caps have it, and I doubt there's anything that could be done besides live with it or replace em. Hope the pictures show the effect... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  6. MikeJS

    64 Turbine

    Bob, sorry, I just assumed that the 'option' price would be for the full set, seems odd that they would price things like that per each... Interestingly enough, the prices shown on the ROA site, indicate the wire wheels were cheaper in '63 than in '64.. If indeed the numbers we're talking about are a full set, it almost appears to be an each cost shown for the wire wheel in '63, then a set in '64?? -- 1963 - M7 Wire Wheel Covers - $23.65 : M9 Cast Aluminium Wheel Covers - $66.55 1964 - M7 Wire Wheel Covers - $80.63 : M9 Cast Aluminium Wheel Covers -$66.65 Source: https://rivowners.org/features/Ev_Stats/opts_prices/1964.html -- The cast aluminium is listed at ten cents more expensive in '64. Maybe that's the paint cost added?? Speaking of which, the powder coating is a great idea, should look amazing... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  7. MikeJS

    64 Turbine

    Based on the US bureau of Labour Statistics, 2017 prices are 690.71% higher than 1964, so last year a set of these (NOS) would be US$527.01 (CDN$683.71). Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB
  8. Good day... Although custom Riv's are a "dime a dozen", ( tho' guys have done some cool stuff with first gen Riv's,) this one caught me eye. Apparently the roof from a Mercury Cyclone... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ---- From: (and more pics..) https://autowise.com/stunning-1963-buick-riviera-inspired-by-ford/
  9. The mat looks like some form of a texture applied paint finish probably using the mat as the "pressure paint brush" for the board. It would probably take a LOT of trial and error using original mat material to find the right combination of paint and pressure to transfer the 'painted weave' to the board.. and in the large sizes needed, no less... In today's day and age of high resolution imagery and Photo-shop-tom-foolery, I suspect the board could easily be replicated by simply photographing the actual mat and then printing it on an appropriate board medium. Assuming one has a mat in great condition, taking a high resolution image and manipulating it on the computer to match the desired colour is relatively easy (for some, I know...), it's finding a print house than can print on the board material, AND in the sizes needed, that could be a bit more of a challenge, especially if one wants/needs to minimize cost. Personally, I would try the art department of a local college/university/high school to see if they had any interest/capabilities/ideas in the project. They often simply work for cost of materials. I'm sure at worst they wouldn't mind taking a decent 'professional' photograph of the mat if they didn't have the printing capabilities. For what it's worth, I'm also doing the trunk in my '64. I'm just starting to make cardboard templates of all of my original liners and cardboards. Been looking at different material to use, I'm not overly concerned with having it 100% factory correct, (shipping costs and US exchange and duties/taxes are a killer these days) but to the non-Riv lay-person, (and to me...) I want to present a look that, right, wrong, or indifferent, looks like it coulda/shoulda been factory. I'll let youz know how it goes... Anyway, Mike S. great post on your '68's trunk, well done... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----
  10. Wonder if this Riv' would be worth something today if it survived and its lineage could be proven... Apparently there is a story on-line about how Elvis came home one evening in his '63 Riv and his longtime "hired-help" wasn't around to open the main gate, so he backed it up and used the Riv to open the gate himself causing about $800 in auto repairs... (hey, it's the Internet, believe what we will... )
  11. Found on the 'net...
  12. Good day... Man, it's amazing how much information is in this forum's archives... finding and searching isn't always quick and easy, but lots to find nonetheless... While searching I often get way sidetracked on other topics of interest but not necessarily the topic at hand... Anyway, not sure if this is the right thread, but onward... I too am in the process of redoing the engine bay on my '64 and for all intent and purpose, it's near a point I'm very happy with but the colour reference (right, wrong or indifferent) posted in this thread is pretty handy, thanks. A lot of my bay was done as my engine was just rebuilt, and now I am just trying to clean and touch-up the underside of the hood. Although I vacuumed the existing insulation, it was looking a tad shabby so I picked up a set of the new under hood insulation from oldbuickparts.... On my original insulation, there is a cutout in one corner of the passenger's side, (as well as a circle right above the air cleaner.... (image attached) Although a little tough to see, it appears that this cut-out is shown in the '63 noted above in post #18. I recently noticed this in Post #763 of the below noted thread, but didn't really look too close at the time, but it looks like that '65 doesn't have any insulation, but a tell tale mark ion sorts n the same location... http://forums.aaca.org/topic/283876-rivieras-for-sale-on-local-craigslist-ebay-etc/?page=31 My Riv' does not have a/c, so I'm not sure why the cutout as it appears there shouldn't be any interference below. I'll figure out if the new insulation touches the air cleaner, likely put a dab of something (vaseline?) on the top of the air cleaner and see if it touches the insulation when I close the hood. But, were these cutouts part of the original? Also do these panels need any adhesive? I was thinking of a couple small strips of two-faced tape just in case... And maybe final (stupid) question, if anyone has used these new panels, one side has a 'smooth' black side, the other is a bit 'rougher' with a grey swirl type pattern/colour. I'm assuming black side out, but I have seen at least one picture where they installed the greyish side showing. Hope this make sense... any comments would be appreciated.... Thanks. Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----=
  13. Good day... Finally got my '64 out of the shop where we rebuilt the motor, transmission, suspension, brakes, re-cored the radiator, plus a handful of other minor items....interestingly enough the recent discussions related to exhaust (primarily mufflers) and steering box are two issues that I still have to deal with... The body and interior are basically still original, just over 120k miles, I've owned the car since 1980 and was a summer daily driver for nearly 25 years, (stored inside typically November to May) then it was parked in our one car shed for a number of years where I would periodically oil cylinders and crank it over until my son turned 16 and wanted to get er going... Although I considered selling it, after owning the car this long, I decided to put some long overdue money into the mechanicals (and a bit of bling under hood) Valve covers showed up too late to paint with the engine, so I'll probably paint those (polish the ribs and logo) come winter... Although the paint is old, tired and chipped here and there, I do have touch up paint that matches pretty close, and I like the idea of retaining the survivor aspect...Still has the original dealer badge. Although far from a show car, it's still a pretty nice twenty-footer... and maybe someday I'll do the body... But for now, I'm simply going to enjoy driving it... Makes me feel twenty-something again... Later, Mike Swick
  14. Great pics, guys, thanks for sharing, but you're killing me here... I attend a number of different car shows, meets, etc both local and regional, and to be honest, I'm ecstatic to see more than a couple classics Riv's at any one of these events. To have the opportunity, to see a 'gaggle' (??) of Rivieras, and nothing but, under beautiful blues skies, I can't imagine how many packs of "Mens Depends" I would need to attend one of these ROA events...😊 Seriously, I tried to schedule attending this event as I was travelling to eastern Canada on business last week, and if my business had been this week, (or the ROA meet last week) I would've easily (or somehow) puddle jumped flights my way home via Kansas... but no such luck. In lieu, I rented a car from Toronto, ON to drive to London, ON, (2.5hrs+/-) and picked up four ('64) complete spinners for the cast aluminium wheel covers, and two complete headlight housing/chrome grille assemblies that I found on-line, (kijiji dot ca) but the seller wasn't keen on shipping. All in very good condition, all for CDN$300 (US$226.) I then drove to Niagara Falls, for a couple days of touristing, and one business meeting so I could write-off the rental car...😉 All in all, a reasonably good compromise for missing this event... Anyway, thanks again for sharing the pics, guys, great stuff... Later, Mike Swick Edmonton, AB ----