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  1. Hot Rod 1925 bUICK

    Here is what the Buick look like in the mid 70's
  2. Hot Rod 1925 bUICK

    Jim would race the Buick with the top up and down. He later on swap the engine and trans for a 401 Buick nailhead and 400 trans for more of an daily driver use. Blown engine was purchase by Tommy Ivo , this is what I was told. for a long time he ran Buick wire wheels. he also had a set of bufflo wire he would bolt on for the movies .
  3. Looking for dad's Buick Truck

    Thank you for getting that information form Sapulpa . My under standing about the year of the vehicle; I was told back then the year the vehicle was sold is what they put on the reg papers, so vehicle was a 1923 but was sold in 1922 . If the vin# plate is behind left front wheel out side of frame its a 1923 - 1922 and early it was on the back cross menber.
  4. No it's not a chevy El Camino, it's a Buick

    These 2 cars show that did a little custom work to a few Buicks, now these 2 cars are not the Buick that I saw.
  5. Jim Morris own AN 1925 Buick Touring Car he race at lions drag strip and a few other strips in the 60's. He was running an stroke nailhead Buick engine with I be live an CAD trans. I was told it ran in the 10 second 1/4 mile . This Buick was in Hot Rod as well as Car Craft magazine, and they made a model of it to. It was Hot Rod and Car Craft magazine. The Buick is still on the road, but as a driver Jim was great guy and a joker too. If Anybody known Jim or has photos of this Buick I would like to see them or hear from you.
  6. Looking for dad's Buick Truck

    thanks Bob and Larry I don't be live its the same truck, but It is to see another Buick truck.

    The Viking was build by Oldsmobile in 29 and 30. this car had a long wheel base and nice lines. At the time it was sold the car was register in California and a driver Now how many Viking sedans have you seen?
  8. Looking for dad's Buick Truck

    I know some chevy and dodges look the same back than,but this was a Buick . and this Buick was not stock , there was one Buick truck sold about a year a go I tinck at BJ When was the last time you saw an Buick Truck?
  9. No it's not a chevy El Camino, it's a Buick

    Sorry I was to young at that time. this car was painted red at that time and as far as the rest of the car it was stock. sorry I do not have any photos of this car. even know it is been a long time it may be still in the Los Angeles - San Fernando valley area
  10. In the early 70's a saw a 1962-63 Buick car modified to a truck like chevy did with the El Camino . I saw the car-truck in the south Los Angeles area and in the San Fernando valley area in the 70's. He did so good of a job, people said, that Buick build it. Has anybody seen this car-truck .
  11. Looking for dad's Buick Truck

    Thank you, I am just hope that someone has seen this truck in the past few years ,weather it was siting in a garage in down town LA or is in a field in ILL.
  12. In 1972 or 73 in Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley area my dad sold his 1929 Viking 5 window, 4 door sedan." driver'' He restore the car in the mid 60's , when he sold it it was painted black with a silver strip, the engine was late model 390 ford or chevy v8. hyd brakes. I am hoping somebody has seen the car or has some information about it. It may be still in California or out of state. Thanks
  13. Back in 1970 or 71 my dad own a 1922 Buick delivery truck. He sold to a lady , in the Los Angeles - San Fernando Valley area. Now I am sorry to say this truck was not stock, in the 60's a chevy 4 cylinder engine and automatic trans was installed and hyd brakes. A this time I do not know if this truck is still in southern California. If anybody has any information send me a note' Thanks