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  1. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1928 Pontiac rotor doesn't turn

    1st of all do not panic most likely either the roll pin broke or the camshaft broke the gear on the shaft these are designed to do this to prevent major damage you will have to remove the oil pan to access the oil pump you will have to remove the camshaft and lifters to check for gear teeth damage you have to remove the radiator then remove the harmonic balance unbolt the front cover then remove the the bolts that hold the camshaft in the cam should pull right out check for broken gear teeth if fine prepare for putting back in use prelude on journals and lobes look for the gear in the oil pan or whats left make sure you remove everything if it is destroyed no problem just replace the gear and roll pin for dist. make sure when you reinstall the mushroom liter use prelude on them remember these are direct drive for oil pump not changed in over 50 years of engineering still the same then you have to retime the engine since the timing chain and crank are way out sinc no problem there are timing dots on the cam gear and crank gear line up both dots crank on top camshaft on bottom then put chain on reseat the cover then reinstall then install the harmonic balancer after that reinstall the oil pan reinstall the side covers and the breather tube then to retime the distributor remember the engine timing is on the heads below he distributor the really easy way is start at 0 deg then use a timing light and with ignition on turn the distrutor until the light flashes not sure off hand on 28 what it is have to look in my service book to see just try until it runs good remember do not use modern oil for these engine's ar not designed to run on them they used parifine based motor oil and use some lead additive for fuel unless someone has replace the valve seats with hardened ones or just use some octane booster added to fuel remember regular in 1929 was 100 octane unleaded fuel is not good for these engines because low octane
  2. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1931 Pontiac split six

    the value is determined by the internal workings even if the engine is frozen does not mean it is bad i have seen engine that have not run for 50 years frozen up solid and still good but value is low if it does not turn over freely value is low due to what it takes to free it up kit can take up to 2 weeks to lube all internal parts i found 1 that was in a car left in a field for over forty years it took 2 weeks to free it up and ran really well the easiest way id drain the oil pan to see what coming out if there comes metal parts then full rebuild about 6,000.00 labor and parts but if engine turn over freely usually about 250.00 - 700.00 is the going price unless you know the mileage on engine if stock these are cast iron pistons and last along time
  3. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    Did Pontiac use an artillery wheel in the 30`s?

    yes up through 1932 and were discontinued for 1933 using steel wheel
  4. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1929 Pontiac Coupe Parts

    i am still looking for the doors for 1929 pontiac coupe i had 1 member contact me asking if i was still interested i relayed yes haven't heard back ? when i asked to see photo's and price and asked in what state they were at
  5. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    Marvel carb for 29 Pontiac

    there was one that just came up for sale on ebay for 295.00 looks really all parts move smoothly and nothing frozen and it is still available it is in canada
  6. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1929 pontiac coupe doors wanted

    wanted 1929 pontiac coupe doors wanted complete must see photo's and location of doors as canada has problem with shipping to u.s.and custom reject and return to sender also looking fro complete front bumper with orinemette and the end caps that bolt bumper bar to frame it will have 1929 stamped in it these are cast steel maybe interested in complete body with everything or?
  7. 1929 pontiac coupe man


    do you still have any of these parts
  8. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1929 pontiac coupe doors wanted

    I am looking for 1929 pontiac coupe doors in the portland oregon area of 200 mile radius
  9. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1929 Pontiac Coupe Parts

    the pontiac built in canada are not the same as u.s. built models and are not interchangeable with u.s. builti have no idea where you got your info 1929 pontiac coupe and 2dr sedan and cabriolet doors also fit if your wanting a convertible have the same dimensions and are interchangeable i know i have been restoring 1926 to 1932 for over 53 years and used all 3 doors to do so i am on a new project and am looking for either coupe 2 dr sedan or cabriolet they all fit cabriolet doors if you want convertible simply put they have the same width same height hinges in same location door locks fit and since i have done this work for over 53 years
  10. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1929 Pontiac Damper Repair

    it is non repairable you will have to replace it you might take it to machine shop to have it inspected i agree with the gentlemen about the timing chain have you inspected the chain oiler for constrictions of oil flow to chain and loose chain being stretched out
  11. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1929 Pontiac Coupe Parts

    i am still looking for 1929 pontiac coupe body sheet metal doors 2 door sedan and 2 door cabriolet both fit the coupe
  12. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    2 - 1929 Pontiac Coupes

    i have emailed you 2 times with no reply they are on new ads not on this one still no reply whats up
  13. 1929 pontiac coupe man


    are the parts still available
  14. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    2 - 1929 Pontiac Coupes

    i saw this old ad i also saw your new ad i have emailed you 2 times with no response whats up 1
  15. 1929 pontiac coupe man

    1929 pontiac coupe doors wanted

    1929 pontiac coupe and 1929 pontiac 2 door sedan use the same doors same width same height same latch location the problem is there is no guarantee it will go to u.s. i buy a lot of items from another seller from canada on ebay never have any problems getting them i might suggest contacting him who he uses for shipping