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  1. Thanks Scott. I appreciate the info. Disregard my email. Don't look in forum. Gary.
  2. Hi Studeboy. I just found a 1925 Stanard Six tranny, does parts book show internal parts are the same as Special Six clutch and tranny? Thanks.
  3. Would you share what parts book you are using and where it can be purchased. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I just purchased a 1925 Special Six. I'm trying to educate myself and acquire the parts I need for a restoration. Can someone explain the difference in transmissions if any between the Special and the Big Six. It looks like I'm missing most of the clutch mechanism that connects tranny to motor. I found a guy in California with several Big Six trannies but are the parts the same? Any help? If any 1925 Special Six parts out there I need some. Thanks, Gary.