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  1. Buick35

    Trade advice,comments

    I suppose I could put a sbc in my lbc .
  2. Buick35

    BMW m327 1940

    Could you send a picture with a price?
  3. Buick35

    Trade advice,comments

    Thanks for all the comments. I'll go sit in it anyway but I'm leaning toward keeping my MG. Someday it will be as old as the A bit I don't think I'll see it.
  4. Buick35

    Trade advice,comments

    Yes it was my idea. I'm glad somebody told me about the leg room issue, I was wondering about that since I'm 6'1" .I'll probably keep the MG since I do have the 35 Buick for an old car. Thanks. Greg
  5. Buick35

    Trade advice,comments

    I know they're two completely different types of vehicles but someone might trade his 28 model A pickup for my 74 mgb. I know it's up to me but do you think I'd be happy with the truck after driving the mg? The MG dosent have over drive so I don't go over 65 anyway. I figure the top speed for the model a is what 45? Thanks, Greg.
  6. Buick35

    1934 Horn Mounting

    Thanks so much for the ideas. The fenders are off of the car but I'm still not sure if I want to cut holes in my fenders. Greg.
  7. Buick35

    1947 buick motor

    Not mine but on space coast, florida Craigslist is a rebuilt 320 1947 Buick motor for sale,the price decreases $100 each month,wierd. Just thought I'd pass it along.Greg.
  8. Hi,I'm thinking about buying front horns for my 35 and wondered if some one could send me pictures of theirs and how they mount. Thanks Very much, Greg.
  9. I'm interested in installing chrome exterior horns on my 35 but not sure how to mount them or which ones are correct. I found a pair of chrome 6 volt ones on e-bay, I think they're ac delco. My car is a trunk back sedan,no side mounts. Thanks,Greg.
  10. Buick35

    1939 Raymond Mays

    What is the asking price? Just curious. Thanks.
  11. Buick35

    1947 buick motor

    Not mine but under spacecoast Craigslist florida auto parts 1947 is a rebuilt Buick motor 320 cubic inch for sale. $600 June,$500 July,$400 in August. I wonder if I wait until Christmas? I have a 35 but it has a 233 in it, don't think it will fit. I wonder if I could make a home generator out of it? Greg.
  12. Buick35

    1930 international truck

    Hi,for those of us like myself that don't use Facebook or care to could you please send more pictures? Is the interior all there? Looks like no bed ,tail lights? Price seems right.Thanks, Greg.
  13. Buick35

    Car dreams

    I often dream about old cars sometimes to wake up disappointed that it was only a dream. Like remembering that I have another one stashed away that I had forgotten about or driving and old thirties car without any mechanical issues.Last night I dreamed that I had some large old British car of some kind, also from the thirties, then I had to wake up again.Darn! I'm sure that happens to a lot of us,am I right? Greg.
  14. Buick35

    Pvc valve question

    Thanks, Sorry to call it a carburetor, I just can't break the old school habit. Personally I hate all this computerized crap! If it were my car Is stay with the carburetor and mechanical fuel pump. I got it sounding pretty good now, I just have to get the idle a little lower and drive it more so the computer will learn where I set it.
  15. Buick35

    Pvc valve question

    My son has a 351Windsor that we put in his 66 Mustang and we recently bought a holley efi carburetor. The engines been rebuilt to 30 over with a mild street cam. It smoked quite a bit out of the exhaust and I was wondering if it would help to not run the pvc hose to the carburetor, it also doesn't have a brake booster. I'm also having difficulties trying to program the carb.It's got a touch screen pad and the engine won't idle at a steady rpm,it varies from about 800 to 1400. If anyone could tell me where to set the idle ,fuel air mixture,ect for my application it would be greatly appreciated, it also has a manual transmission. Thanks Very Much, Greg.