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  1. Mgb chrome rear bumper

    I was involved in a parking lot accident two days ago and so now I need a chrome rear bumper,left bumper over rider and left tail light assy. For my 74 mgb. Thanks. Greg in Florida.P.S. I have a new master cylinder for the same car that I can give towards parts.
  2. Wntd: 1900 tubular chassis,axles,like steam car. Leads ?

    Someone on Craigslist,Space coast under rat rod parts has a Anglica frame with motor and drive train for $600. Right hand drive though. Greg.
  3. 17" wheels

    I'd like to get a set of 17" wheels for my 35 Buick to help with the cruising speed. Thanks, Greg
  4. I have a new 6 volt reversible electric fan that I decided not to use if anybody is interested in buying it . 16" round,less the mounting hardware. I paid $60 for it so $45 or best offer. Thanks,Greg.
  5. MGB even trade

    Hi,I live in central Fl. Near the east coast about 20 miles from Cocoa Beach, 10 minutes off of the I-95 exit. I don't have a camera right now but can try to get some pictures. Like I mentioned its white with chrome bumpers with mirrors located on the front fenders. A real nice black interior,no cracks in pillow front type dash, all gauges work weber carb. 69000 miles,great black top and comes with a full toneau cover as well,non wire wheels,no O.D. Thanks,Greg.
  6. Painting a Car

    I have a 35 Buick that was restored the first time in the mid 70 s and repainted a couple of times since that. I had small rust bubbles in various areas and wanted to get it taken care of. A local restoration shop said they'd do it for $30,000 ! But I found a man who's doing it in his garage for $2500. He's also taking it down to bare metal. Its been about a year now and he's working at his own pace mainly just on weekends but hey for the price, I can wait. I've seen some of his work and he is a perfectionist,so maybe this year. So far the fenders, grille shell,trunk lid and hood are off and body are down to bare metal and I've had some parts rechromed. Time is on my side. Greg.
  7. Exterior horns for 35 Buick

    Im looking for a pair of outside horns for my 35 Buick, its a small series but I think they'd still look good. Thanks.
  8. MGB even trade

    I know I've posted this before in another section.I have a nice 74 chromed bumper white MGB that I paid $6000 for about a year ago and would like to do an even trade for something a little bigger same vintage or older,just seeing what's out there. Thanks, Greg.
  9. truckstell overdrive

    Do you still have it for sale and could it fit a 1935 Buick driveshaft? We might be able to pick it up this summer on a trip up north if its still available and if it would work. Thanks, Greg.
  10. Front brakes Locked up on mgb

    I double checked the labor on the master cylinder and it read silicone not synthetic brake fluid and I topped it off with synthetic not silicone. Could that cause a problem? Thanks, Greg.
  11. Front brakes Locked up on mgb

    I'm not sure why but the shop I bought the car from had a label maker sticker on the master cylinder that states use synthetic fluid only so that's what I added. I hope it didn't scrrew things up.
  12. Hi, I couldn't get into the MGB forum so maybe some one on this site can help.I took my 74 mgb out for lunch today and on the way back home I smelled something hot and it turned out that my front disc brakes on both sides locked up. I finally got it home and after it cooled off it now rolls as it should.Last week I noticed that the brake fluid was a little low so I topped it off using synthetic fluid as a sticker on the mc said. I know I didn't overfill it. I did notice a little speck of something that could've blocked the vent hole on the cap and the rubber cap gasket was flat in a couple of areas. I guess I'll just drive it again and see what happens. Any suggestions? Thanks,Greg.
  13. Mounting radio in 1933?

    Hi I have a 35 Buick and bought a RCA transit radio at a car show with the remote head for it. I later gutted it and put a radio shack transistor radio in the box. It worked o.k. but changing batteries was a pain! If you decide you ever want to sell your radio let me know as someone said it was for a 35 Buick. Thanks, Greg.
  14. Hard starting after sitting a few days

    Thanks for all the information. Its a downdraft carb. After running and starting up the same day it starts really well. The fuel pumps on a switch. I removed it for now but I might try to relocate it nearer to the tank. Also I forgot to mention that it turned over very slowly after a run but if I let it sit until its cold, it would turn over fine. I think I solved that with a better ground strap. Greg.
  15. My 35 Buick takes awhile to start after sitting awhile unless I pump the gas repeatedly six or seven times while operating the starter or if I squirt gas down the carbuerater.I tried a six volt electric fuel pump but didn't seem to help much,I probably Had it too far from the tank.I wonder if a squeeze type bulb that some boat motors use would help. Any ideas? Thanks,Greg.