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  1. Buick35

    Third Rock Rambler

    I was wondering what year was the Rambler convertable on the t.v.show third rock from the sun? I saw a 66 on Craigslist for $300. Thanks. Greg.
  2. I thought of getting one awhile back until I heard that Oprah had one. Greg.
  3. Buick35


    Elon for president in 2020!
  4. Buick35

    1925 Reo Sedan $3500.00

    Cool car and priced right, My garage is also full unfortunately.Berwyn,isn't that where Svenghoulie's from?
  5. Why don't car manufacturers take surveys and start producing cars with what people do or don't want in vehicles other than taking it on themselves trying to decide what's in our best interests, for example,basic cars with wind up windows,basic radio,ect. All I want is a/c and f/m!
  6. Buick35

    35 Buick side mount fenders

    Hi, My 35 Buick 41 series is apart and awaiting paint and body work. I thought it would be a good time to add side mount fenders with the hardware and covers of anyone had some to sell,reasonably priced. I have the rear mount tire and cover with attachment in good shape and good shape front fenders though they're bare metal now,I could trade.Then I'd probably need a luggage rack too. Greg.Thanks.
  7. Buick35

    Trade mg for Ford ranchero?

    Thanks, I'll sleep on it. Every time I get rid of a car I end up kicking myself and convertible weather is coming soon I hope here in Florida so I'll probably end up keeping it.
  8. Hi a friend of mine has a 63 falcon ranchero, six cylinder three speed manual transmission in about the same condition as my 74 chromed bumper mgb. He might want to trade me even. I could always use a truck. I tried looking up the value for my MG on Hagertys but couldn't find it. I know it's up to me but dose it sound like a fair trade? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Greg.
  9. Not mine but it's pretty complete and the guy says it runs good.Just thought I'd pass it along. The panel below the deck lid dosent look stock to me and are there supposed to be outside trunk hinges? Greg. It's on Miami's craigslist.
  10. Buick35

    35 Buck rear bumper filler panel

    My mistake,I meant to say mine was a hump back sedan,not a trunk back and I have the spare tire mounted to the back. Thanks, Greg.
  11. Buick35

    35 Buck rear bumper filler panel

    Thanks,but I was thinking that there might be a panel that goes on top of the bumper brackets,like a shelf. Greg.
  12. On my 35 Buick 41 series trunk back sedan, is there supposed to be a metal panel between the back of the rear bumper and the rear of the car? Just wondering as my chromed bumpered MGB has a somewhat similar looking bumper and has filler plates on either end. Thanks. Greg.
  13. I wish we could fuel our vehicles with all of the political b/s out there especially coming from the biggest horses ass I've ever heard!
  14. I think horse and buggys should make a come back but then we'd have to put up with the methane gas.
  15. Buick35

    1951 Ford F2, Flathead V8, 4-Speed

    Having second thoughts, it is a nice truck though but If like it better if it was an F-1. It would fit in my garage easier. Greg.