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  1. New guy, old car

    thank you Todd! I’ll get a manual and talk to your buddy. I have a parts manual and a carter carb manual. All came with the car. I’m with you 100% on keeping it original. The giant 8 flathead was what sealed the deal. I love flat heads. Just love them!!! I was at a car show explaining my interest and love for old flatheads to a biker buddy of mine who was asking. I told him anyone can throw in a 350 and they do, but to have an actual old flathead or original motor is too cool in my book. Later on as this guy is bragging on his car my buddy says “well it’s got that 350 in there and anyone can do that..” when he looked at me for approval I acted as if he formed that thought on his own and kept walking. I found the box with the carbs only to discover there was another one in pieces. One carb looks ok. The other one looks rough but cleanable. And one more in pieces(3) This is my first time dealing with a carb this old so I need to learn a lot. For example when I was loading all the boxes in the truck I glanced down in the box and saw the carb float. I thought it must be part of the fuel sending unit. That’s the level of ignorance we’re working with here. My plan is to slowly take apart and clean the dirty one, while cleaning and putting together the one in pieces. This way I’ll know what’s good and usable and a can take the best stuff from all three. Does that make sense? Found a lot of pictures from 1979 and 1980 of the body off and frame being restored also found one of the car together! This might be the first car I’ve had where the longer I’ve had it and the deeper I dig the BETTER it gets!!!
  2. New guy, old car

    Haha. I wouldn’t call him “good”. Took him an hour to pull all 8 plugs and shoot em with oil but he did it!!! But I think I was 12 the first time I pulled a spark plug and it was on a Weed eater. I’ve still got to “get to know the car” haven’t even pulled all the spare parts out yet. John, That fire wall looks good! I’m planning on taking the clay bar to mine once the weather gets good. Thanks for all the input. I’ll get some shots of these carbs when I go up to the shed and get the steering column down to be cleaned and installed.
  3. New guy, old car

    I definitely want to at least get the motor running before putting the front clip back on. I havent picked up the second motor yet but I gave it a quick once over. No plugs and rust pouring out where the exhaust mani. Bolts up. It’s in rough shape. I do need advice on how to go about this. I have 2 original carbs and a bunch of new gaskets. I’m thinking stick The best on on. Someone told me it would be easier scratch these and buy a Holley. I would prefer as much stay original as possible. Also the fuel tank has been removed. So in order to fire up this motor I should put that back in and redo my lines or should I wait for some reason? My goal right now is to get the thing moved from under the car port to the basement garage until I get the big garage built in the back. (I’m wrestling with the city about permits currently). My other thought was to just put the carb on, get the ignition hooked up and try to start the car forcing current to the starter. I do know a major priority is to get the steering column back in and brakes working because it really ain’t moving if I have no way of steering or stopping.
  4. New guy, old car

    I carved out some Time Thursday and while the little girl was napping the boy and I pulled plugs and squirted some marvel mystery AND a shot of kroil into all the cylinders. The plugs actually looked ok ,could probably used a good cleaning. I was watching the boy pull the last of the plugs and was kinda leanings on the fan and it turned. So i can go out there and turn the motor just by spinning the fan by hand.... I feel like it spins a little too freely. The belt is on and the crank spins in time with everything else. Is this normal?
  5. New guy, old car

    YES!! Good thoughts bloo. I know i have some marvel. Would something in an aerosol be better? I also think I have something called “freeze off” in aerosol I have an oil squirt can for the marvel. When you say side ways do you mean away from the exhaust manifold. Towards the left side(drivers side)? As i stated before this is my first flat head and i intend to keep it. I think the flat heads look so cool.
  6. New guy, old car

    Great. I guess i could join both huh? I’m still in the process of going through all the parts that were in and around the car. I haven’t tried the motor yet. There are two!!! One in the car, hooked up and another yet to be picked up from the seller. I haven’t looked at any #’s so i don’t know which came with the car and which was acquired later. The one which is installed has relatively new(compared to the car) coil, wires, cap, button. Along with all the parts i found a stack of pictures from 79’ (i think) showing the complete car. The pictures serve as a guide as they are marked showing wire routing and certain things the original owner wanted to remember when putting back together. (Very cool!) i assume the motor turns. Gawd that would really slow things down...i stay at home with two little ones who have been “helping” organize and sort the two and a half truck loads of parts. It’s hard to focus on anything that requires any attention other than the 2 and 4 year old. The cars and bikes get attention after the wife comes home! I’m hoping to drain the oil, pull plugs, drop some oil in the cylinders, check compression and see what kind of noises the motor makes when turning with a socket on Sunday. If it turns......i have high expectations. Any advice? Am i overlooking anything? I need all the help i can get!!!
  7. New guy, old car

    Good info. Thanks!!! It’s an 8 with the hydramatic. I’m still cleaning the parts out of it. I discovered to day the front seat in excellent condition after having two rear bumpers and a front along with boxes of chrome and various parts piled on it for years. Also there is a sticker on the window. Pontiac Oakland club. Is this still a thing? Wonder if the previous owner was an actual member. Maybe someone remembers the car? Either way, the sorting and cleaning have begun. My first goals are to hook up the steering and brakes so that i can move it around easily. Next I’ll look into rebuilding one of the two carbs that also came with fresh gaskets and seals and try and get the motor Going with a spray bottle of gas. I sure could use tips, hints or suggestions on where to start here!
  8. Classic Cars at Salvage Auctions

    No experience in the salvage auction. but I’d say look for all the same red flags as you would a normal car. In Tennessee i think it’s not to hard to title a car that’s 30+ years and less than $3,000. As long as is not stolen! Also be careful what you buy just because it’s “old” doesn’t mean it’s worth anything. Otherwise you’ll end up like me with a bunch of junk that’s cool to you but not to anyone else!
  9. New to the forum. I just got a 54 chieftain. From what i can tell everything is there. The frame has been powder coated and suspension has been repaired. (New bushings control arms etc...) the car is full of spare parts including lots of chrome. Along with the car are two truck loads of spare parts including another flathead motor and two transmissions. Not sure if those trans go with the car but i get them anyway. The front clip is off but also comes with the car. I’ll be starting a build thread and asking LOTS of questions. I’m just a young whipper snapper and this is the oldest car I’ve owned. I currently have a 67 Chevy c30 and the next oldest was a 72 mustang i had briefly. Once i get everything sorted out and identified I’m sure I’ll have spare parts as well. I sure hope there are still Pontiac people in here or else I’ll be forced to the h.a.m.b.