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  1. Low Mileage Vehicle Value

    How's the wet traction of MXV4s? My friend is selling his used michelin tires and I'm thinking of getting them instead of buying new ones and since there's a good amount of tread left on them.
  2. Nice project. Ames Performance Engineering and Pontiac Heaven are another great places for Pontiac specific bits.
  3. 63 Riviera fresh paint

    Looks great! The engine bay looks clean also.
  4. Looks really great! Even the smallest details look perfect.
  5. Locomobile

    Cool. That's a rare street machine, though expensive.

    You can remove the swirls by hand though it can be a tedious task. I recommend using Meguiars 205 finishing polish.
  7. 1960 MGA Restoration

    Nice work! So nice to see the progress of your project.
  8. Oldsmobile Jetfire pictures

    Nice collections you got there. I dig the pic 8. Very showroom finish.
  9. FOR SALE 1920's/30's CHRYSLER headlights pair

    Still available? And how much?
  10. More eye candy

    Great find. Post a pic once you're done installing it.
  11. Nice Collection of '50's snapshots

    So nice to see those vintage images. Thanks for sharing the link.
  12. Nice project! I like what you did on the hubcaps. Looking forward to seeing more updates and pics.
  13. 62 Lincoln Continental Interior

    I dig the new seats. Nice work!
  14. 1933 Buick Series 90 Model 91

    Awesome project! Can't wait to see more updates and pictures. Good luck.
  15. Wire Wheel Splines - Graphite or Grease?

    I use grease also. Just put a very light coating and you will be good.