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  1. In need of Buick 263 rod bearings

    I will look in my TRW master book to see what else will fit your application. I had a friend rebuilding an Austin Heally and he broke one piston ring. I found that an Eighteen HP Onan engine used the same rings and piston that the Heally used. Got the ring set for $20.00 from a John Deere dealer. Can you give me the journal size and the length of the bearing needed?
  2. Part needed for 1941 Buick Special

    I guess that silence for two weeks means you got one and you are not interested in using the old one for mold models.
  3. I talked to his wife and she said someone "took" the engine but the rest is all there.
  4. 1936 P 2 Side Mounts

    I remember seeing an add for an old plymouth for sale on this site that had dual side mounts. Dan
  5. merlin engine propeller

    Find an aircraft salvage yard near you. There was an aircraft repair school near an airport in my area that had a lot of cut down props they used for testing their engines after the students rebuilt them. Dan
  6. Buy them a car, Buy them a tool set, Fix their car for them, Done Oh ya, gas money
  7. Part needed for 1941 Buick Special

    A good welding supply store can supply you with a welding rod to gas weld pot metal. Your blacksmith guy should be able to do it. Another possibility is to glue it together and make a mold off of it and cast a new one. A plaster mold will give you a part that is close to finished as cast. You would only have to thread it and cut the slot and such. If you find a good one would you be interested in using the broken one to make patterns to cast new ones?
  8. Does it have to be a running motor? I have a friend that has I think a 1948 Olds in his yard. Been sitting there for the 15 years I've known him. I asked him about it once and he said he was going to restore it. He is in his upper eighties. I doubt he will ever do anything with it. His kids want to scrap it.
  9. Who needs a 1935 RS coupe project?

    If it runs and can be driven maybe worth about $2000? Lot of work to be done on that.
  10. Tail light Stantions

    I have 10 tail light stantions that I cast for a restoration shop. The sample he gave me was said to be off of a 1928 Buick. They look more like 1932 Buick units. He said they were very rare and he wanted these to finish and put in stock. He backed out of the deal. I have $25.00 each invested in them . The dark ones are heat treated and the light ones are as out of the mold. I have one that I started to finish for a biker dude.and he also backed out. Said he found what he needed. I hate to melt them down into ingots. The one that is machined has a 7/16 hole drilled through the center with the fender end having a 9/16 - 18 thread in it . There are also two 5/16-18 tapped holes in the fender end . The tail light end has two 1/4-28 shallow holes tapped in it. I will take the best offer on one or all of them. They are cast out of 6061 Alum.
  11. Speedster Builds.............

    That is a very nice job on that engine.
  12. Speedster Builds.............

    How come you reversed the top covers?
  13. 1947 Dodge title

    That cab was used by Chrysler all the way up to 1969 on the WM (military) model Dodge trucks. I have 1969 Dodge truck parts manuals with all the part numbers in it. The only thing different on the civilian trucks was the front clip.
  14. Vent Window Restoration Questions

    You could try " Miracle Cleaning Eraser" Sold at Wal Mart under their brand Great Value.