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  1. Survey - How do you drive your classic vehicle?

    Took the survey.
  2. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    The problem is not temperature related. With my 2013 Denali I have had the problem in cold and hot temps and warm temps. It does not get that cold here (exception this year). I would get the same messages that you have noted. Each time I would have to take it to the dealer to have it fixed. No matter what they changed it would happen again. Sometimes in a week sometimes a month or two but it would happen again. I was being $2000 to death I felt. I finally took it to a diesel mechanic and had the system modified so that I no longer had to use the DEF fluid and have been trouble free ever since of course. My truck was not just a tow vehicle and was getting 40000 miles per year put on it. The truck was out of warranty and we do not have inspections in Arkansas so it was a no brainer for me to remove it. I have bought a 2016 Chevrolet since then with no issues but only 45K on the odometer to date and I bought the extended warranty to keep the costs down if the problem appears again. In summary I just could not afford to keep having it fixed so I never did figure out or get a good answer, seemed like the dealerships did not have a good grasp on the issue either but were willing to take my money time and time again and send me on my way. Its just a poor design and I'm hoping that they have got it under control in the later models. Good luck.
  3. 1926 Willys Touring Car Value

    Ask and you shall receive. I got a lot of good advice here and I appreciate it. I like you do not keep up with receipts. I am upside down on any car I have restored I’m sure. I do not intend to purchase the car. But someone who may be looking for a car like this has the new lead. And I would be glad to share the owners phone number with anyone who may ask me for it. I also intend to share with the owner all the information that has been brought forward so that he has some new insight on the car and knows what it actually is and what fair value in the real world market is. He paid 8500 for it and is trying to recoup his money. The guy that he bought it from who is passionate about it has suffered some serious health issues and will probably never be able to Do any kind of work like this again.
  4. I was told it is a Buick

    I was compelled to at least know what model of car I was looking at when I called the owner. One of my friends has this car in the building on the back of his rental property. And he told me the owner wanted to sell it. I really enjoyed the lessons that I’ve learned in the last two days about these old cars. I couldn’t seem to find my way back to that thread to check it. So thank you for the heads up on that and I was able to give the Packard crew my appreciation.
  5. I was told it is a Buick

    I agree. I am new to this site but in the short hours I’ve been on it I’m very impressed and I am glad that I found this great wealth of information and good people!
  6. I was told it is a Buick

    It is a 1926 Willys. It is not the touring car. And I just wanted to make sure that was noted here for the record. When I know the exact model, I will post it here.
  7. 1926 Willys Touring Car Value

    Frank Wilkie, That is one beautiful Buick that you have there.
  8. 1926 Willys Touring Car Value

    Thanks for the heads up, I am going off the owners description. Admittedly he bought the car without great knowledge of it or the ability to complete the job.
  9. 1926 Willys Touring Car Value

    No thin skin here. This is what I’m looking for is real world information. Speaking to the owner this morning he said the engine runs beautifully was his words. So I would assume gas tank drivetrain is in order. All other comments by Frank are as said, unknown. So based on those comments and others here I would assume the 8500 is at or near the top value. I’m not looking for a 26 Willis, most cars I have are from the 1960s. I was offered this car simply because people around here no that I appreciate old iron. I still plan to head down there on Monday and give it a good look over and see the condition of these unknown items and take pictures. I do appreciate the input and all other comments are welcome to help me when I do see the car. Thanks again!
  10. 1926 Willys Touring Car Value

    Brought from California to Florida and then to Arkansas. The frame has been blasted and painted, the engine runs perfectly and obviously the car has been painted. The interior is still intact but not restored. The two rear fenders were lost in transport at some point. I do not have any other pictures at this point. I do not know if it is a model 66 or 70 model or if it is a five or seven passenger. I have been offered the car for $8500. I have an appointment to see it on Monday and am looking for an approximate value based on the information I’ve given. I will have much more information once I look at the car. I want to be prepared to buy it on the spot and that is the reason that I’m asking. I’ve looked at the NADA values And they reflect low retail around 20k Mid retail around 30k and High retail around 45k. Any help is appreciated on an approximate value for something like this. Thanks
  11. I was told it is a Buick

    It is a 1926 Willys Touring Car. Thanks for the lead.
  12. I was told it is a Buick

    I’ve been searching and the Minerva looks similar and has a reddish emblem. But the lower top of the radiator frame is not radius like this one, they are straight. Thank you.
  13. I was told it is a Buick

    Is this a Buick, if so what year and model? If not please guide me in the right direction. Thanks.