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  1. A very nice 37 at a reasonable price....
  2. Stunning RHD Series 90....
  3. Another gem, like the color if original...
  4. Now this one really catches my attention... Wonder who the coachbuilder was...
  5. Got this installed in my distributor the other day without a hitch... Not as nice as the Dyna-Flyte 800, but still solid metal...Interestingly enough, the instructions tell you to set the points at .018 instead of the factory .015 It runs very smooth still without the vacuum advance hooked up, which I have not received that yet...
  6. philipj

    Steering Box removal...

    Great information Gary, Thank you very much for sharing it...
  7. Here is another "interesting" Special for sale... Quite the color combination in and out...
  8. philipj

    Are all 6 volt coils created Equal?

    I just found a reference that the 1110801 distributor is for a series 40-50 models and that 1110805 is for a series 60, 70, 80 and 90 model cars; however, they seem identical...
  9. philipj

    Steering Box removal...

    Hello Gary, Are you able to use thin oil without any leaks? Do you have a contact person there? Wrote to them in May and still await a reply... Maybe I should just ask you the cost of the rebuild, if you don't mind sharing that information... Thank you.
  10. philipj

    1947 buick motor

    Do you have the link by any chance? Cannot find it... Thank you.
  11. Maybe there is hope... There are a few out there. I like the fact that the upgrade plate is all metal... Note the name Power-Flyte on the instructions...
  12. philipj

    Body Tag 1938 Buick Century 4 Door Trunkback

    I have found someone now that will make these tags for $145.00 US plus shipping. I will post a sample photo as soon as I have it available. I am told that the cost could go as low as $125 depending on the volume... Thank you.
  13. philipj

    Are all 6 volt coils created Equal?

    True, sometimes I tend to overthink things; on the other hand, if I am dealing with that one issue (distributor) I rather do all I can do now, so I won't have to touch it ever again... It is very annoying to revisit something, hence my perseverance in trying to find the best possible replacement plate (Dyna-Flyte 880). I have had a couple of small hiccups while driving with the vacuum line disconnected, so it thought that original 3 ball design might be the culprit-being well known for causing driveability problems...
  14. Well, it does say Buick all 39-52, so on that alone, I thought it may work... The model 40 appears to be 1953 only. Am I interpreting this correctly?
  15. philipj

    Are all 6 volt coils created Equal?

    I have not purchased it yet, but going by the information found, they seem to be the best/most durable alternative even over the Delco repair kit (1914446) that I was also considering... So, I am sort of stuck with that in mind, but cannot find one anywhere!