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  1. Reatta BCM replacement - Help

    I got a BCM from AutoZone for $100.00 exchange. You may want to remove the top dash cover (the part that covers the defrost vents) and the photo cell is in the center. Unplug the connector and on the harness side of the connector join the wires together with a paperclip turn on your lights if they come on, bad photo cell, if not possibly bad BCM .
  2. Did You Ever Own.....

    I had a friend back in the late 50'S who had an English Ford and it had a burnt piston in it. I helped him replace the rod and piston. He thought the old piston and rod was "cute" so he hung it upside down on his rearview mirror. Now every time he would shift into second gear he would smash his knuckles into it taking off skin each time. I told him to remove the piston, but he refused. I said your tearing up your knuckles!!!! He said Ya I know but when people see my hand they think I was in a fight. The only thing I could say was......idiot.
  3. Did You Ever Own.....

    Around the end of the 60's I owned a 1961 Volvo Pv544. It had a 4 cyl. engine with twin carbs and a window shade on the radiator ( for more heat inside the car) Anyway I had a set of Chrysler chrome reverse tires and wheels on it and one day while waiting for the light to change I was challenged to pull a hole-shot. Light changed and I nailed it I looked back and saw the whole intersection engulfed in smoke from the tires, I also saw a flash of a red light and sure enough here he came so I pulled over he got out of his car and said he has never seen such a little car go so fast. When I told him it was a 4cyl. he had to look under the hood. Then he offered to trade me a BMW motorcycle for it ( he wrote me up for reckless driving ) because I turned him down.

    Mr Earl everything sounds and looks great.........I just wonder what might happen if you were in there and got an electrical short in a rainstorm???
  5. Modifying

    ...Ronnie, It's the challenge more then it is the car. I just happen to own a unique car and it's begging me to change it. 89RedDarkGray......I have installed a relay into the fan system to over ride its control so when I turn on the key the fan runs, and with the existing thermostat I get good heat when it gets cold without having to change thermostats I've done this with every car I've owned that didn't have a belt driven fan. I also did this for my customers when I was in business.
  6. Modifying

    I like the looks you gave the Reatta better then the Ferrari, but I'm wanting to go with a bigger grill for two reasons, I like the looks of a bigger grill and, more air for the radiator. Here in South Carolina it can get pretty hot in the summer time. Right now I making some changes to my S-10, 4th time I've done this (trying to keep something new for the car shows) but soon as the weather starts warming up I think I'm going to start on the Reatta ( I'll post pics of progress) Thanks for the input.
  7. 53 Buick Special Questions

    The 700R4 is the replacement for the 200R4 but still has the same concept it too has no case center support and although it incorporates more clutches and stronger shafts it just prolongs the fail rate. Another thing that comes to mind is (if my memory serves me right ) the 53 Buick has an enclosed drive shaft and an X frame making the size of the transmission a problem for access once installed. If you are not a hot rodder I would suggest a "well" built powerglide. Note..... The term 700, 200, 350, 400, are the torque values of the output on the output shaft before it will twist and break. The 700 and 200 have a tendency to buckle between the mating of the two shafts under a heavy load and when changing from reverse to forward motions. I've rebuilt all of the above mentioned transmissions (along with many others) and the 700, and 200's are the worst and most expensive in my opinion.
  8. Modifying

    Ronnie....I like that sinister look the grill gives it. I was outside looking at the car and realized I have to stop the grill addition at the base of the hood other wise I will lose access to the headlight motors. KDirk I plan on (or hoping to) change it to be one of a kind as I did with my S-10. My S-10 draws a lot of people at car shows and I get the opportunity to engage in many conversations. I hope to do the same with the Reatta. The Reatta has notoriety now, but I would like to take it a step further. I always liked custom cars because they show creative concepts and uniqueness. It's like I tell everyone at car shows about my S-10.........I can't rob banks with it.
  9. Modifying

    89RedDarkGray..........Thanks for getting it to appear.... But I can't quit drinking.......It's my last vice.
  10. Modifying

    DRAWINGS OF BUICK_20180114_0001.pdf I down loaded a drawing of what I'm considering doing to my Reatta. I can't seem to preview it before I post it. If it does come through you will have to excuse the drawing I used to be better but that was before my friends made me drink beer.
  11. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    You have to use the right upper pipe for the inlet or one side of the muffler won't flow right because of the v portion between the two outlet pipes
  12. What are some of the stupid things you've seen drivers do?

    I was driving along I-94 in Michigan where it's 70 MPH so naturally everybody is doing 80 and 85 I was on my way to see my son when I came up on a car that was changing lanes about every 3/4 mile or so and as I would try to pass the car would change lanes right in front of me. Finely I got my chance and as I flew pass I saw a woman behind the wheel folding clothes. I no sooner got pass her and I came across a guy doing 75 or 80 reading a news paper.
  13. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    Back when I was a mechanic at a Pontiac Dealership in 1968 we had a rash of oilpan leaks on the GTO. In order to get the pan off the car (without pulling the engine) you had to back off the front body mounts and raise the engine as far as it would go then raise it (along with the body) another 2 inches then remove the pan. One of the mechanics did the procedure and by the time he got the pan off it was quiting time so he left the car in the air with the engine jacked all the way up and went home. Not realizing this the shop foreman shut down the compressors and all the air (over night) drained out of all the hoists . We came in the next morning and that GTO was upside down on top of another car in the next stall. Both cars were totaled.
  14. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    Damn and I thought I knew everything (I wish) That's interesting thanks.
  15. What Do You Use in Your Parts Cleaner?

    Contact a company called Safety Clean for the right solvent. But if you want something that really cleans (don't put it in a parts washer) is lacquer thinner I use it to wash out carburetors, engine blocks and everything else.