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  1. well, these are my Transmission Mounts that are on my 33 Dodge, I plan to take them off and have them REVOLCONIZED, any tips on this before I start taking them off and sending them out?
  2. Sactownog

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    I would like to submit 1957 Dodge convertible in the mix for best 57
  3. Sactownog

    6 volt starter turn over slow or fast?

    OK, SO 1 GA WIRE IS OK????
  4. Sactownog

    6 volt starter turn over slow or fast?

    the wire gauge I got for Positive and Negative on my 33 6volt is (1 Ga) wire. should I go get some larger wires made or will 1ga be large enough?
  5. Sactownog

    6 volt starter turn over slow or fast?

    OK, so let me ask you this, my Ground goes from the top of the battery to the top of the transmission where the sifter is located. There are bolts that hold on the sifter cover to the transmission. that is where my ground was and is currently screwed onto. I have been told this is where the Ground wire belongs on my car. I have also been told that it would be a good idea to run multiple grounds from the frame to the engine up front. PLEASE TELL ME, is the current ground enough, and should I run a ground from engine to frame up front?
  6. Sactownog

    6 volt starter turn over slow or fast?

    I have not changed to negative ground. it is still a positive ground system. now that I read all of the comments, I will add some grounds. my positive (negative or black wire) will go to Starter bolt on top where peddle engages starter, my negative goes to the top of the transmission behind shiffter. the other negative I will run from where the Starter bolts to the Bell housing to the frame somewhere. should I run another ground somewhere else?
  7. Sactownog

    6 volt starter turn over slow or fast?

    OK, So the starter will not crank any quicker or faster than it did before, I have had new cables made, not sure what size they are, but I will check. I am curious where I would hook a negative battery cable to the starter. maybe where the bolts connect to the bell housing? I also have been told that I should add a ground wire from the engine to the frame.
  8. I have my starter being rebuilt by Richer Auto & Truck Electric in Oceanside, ca. I am excited to get my starter and generator back because when I got the car the starter looked to be original and never updated or replaced. the Generator had been rebuilt at one point after seeing it cracked open, some of the wires were new some were old. I have never heard the car turn over with a like new 6V starter, so my question is, will the starter turn over the way it did before which was slow and sluggish with the lazy "row --- row ----- rowwww---------vroom" or will it start like a new style starter "row- row - vroom? "
  9. Sactownog

    help 33 Dodge floor board removal help

    will do when I get it back in, I currently am working on the E-Break with the floor out, when I am putting it all back in, I will make a HOW TO video and take pictures.
  10. Sactownog

    help 33 Dodge floor board removal help

    yup, seems to be that every time this car stumps me, its something so simple that it makes me over think, waste time, then 1-2 days later I talk to you all and get the problem solved with ease. well the peddle was held on with unibal's, 3 to be exact. the dang peddle pulled right off. the carpet in the car seems to be original stock from what I have been told. I am in the process of taking out the bushings on the transmission to have them vulcanized. I am sure I may ask some questions about this later.
  11. Sactownog

    help 33 Dodge floor board removal help

    OK, So I should pull the peddle towards the seat and it will pop off, I will try that. I shouldn't have to take off the metal ball thingy shown above to get off peddle?
  12. hey Dodge Brothers, I got the floor board removed under driver feet location, I am trying to get the gas peddle removed but cant seem to figure out where there would be screws or any kind of pin's to remove it. I am very close to cutting the carpet around it to make it slide over the peddle, but there has got to be a way to get the peddle off so I can remove the carpet then remove the floor board that is slanted towards the fire wall. I have one forum that said some pop on and off using a ball type mount where I should be able to pull and the peddle will pop off. but I am not sure. I will be trying this when I get home. any info on this to help me get the gas peddle off?
  13. Sactownog

    Looking for storage in California

    Good luck up there. I personally would take the car out of the Bay Area and store it in a UHAUL storage unit in a neighboring city. I store my 1940 Chevy Delux in a Uhaul storage unit that I take out each month, then close the storage unit and move it to another storage unit so I get the same price as the last one. its a renew or new rental. if you want to be really cunning, make friends with a guy that works at the UHAUL and maybe find out what beer the guy likes, or spot him a $100 bill, then tell him you want to keep the same price for your unit and store the car for about a year, then see if there is an under the table deal you can make with the guy/girl. worked for me for years until the guy left, now I have to do the rent/cancel/rent thing or the unit would cost me $150 a month. but well worth the secure storage. also check local Wrecking Yards, sometimes they will have containers that are not used and you can store your car in for a price. another idea is sell the car if you do not find a storage, not worth getting teh car ruined by keeping it out in public, they will strip the car up there quick.
  14. Sactownog

    1933 Dodge Rear End Question ( gear ratio)

    I miss Nor Cal, I now live in San Diego and our roads are pretty bad also. The back roads are OK in most cases, I would not like to go over 65 MPH but as you said, when others are merging on the freeway, they tend to be either distracted on there phone or just dont understand that our old rides do not go fast.