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  1. Bimus

    56 Nailhead Generator Stud Cahokia, Illinois

    I have one on a 56 special I can send it your way on Friday
  2. Bimus

    53 chevrolet 210 parts

    1953 model 210 2 door roof bows numbered front to back with mounts $30 seat adjustment knob $ 20 inside mirror not chromed very clean $ 25 carburetor linkage $ 25 rear splash apron $ 40 battery tray $ 25 All parts plus shipping
  3. Bimus

    1956 Buick Special parts wanted

    If none are closer to you $60 plus shipping
  4. I think this is from a 56 road master it was laying in the trunk . it is broken off $20 plus shipping
  5. Bimus

    WTB 235 Chevy Truck head 3836848

    I have one that I bought from Napa when the owner never came back for it all that has been done is checked for cracks around the valves $ 150 plus shipping
  6. Bimus

    1956 Buick Special parts wanted

    56 Buick Special rear bumper brackets $ 50 for the pair plus shipping I have two pair.
  7. Bimus

    Buick wheel covers

    Thank you I will note that on the wheel cover
  8. Bimus

    Wheel covers

    Oldsmobile will covers two the same and one different I don't know what years $10 each plus shipping
  9. Bimus

    Buick wheel covers

    Wheel covers one is 14 inch and one 15 inch I don't know what years or models $10 each plus shipping
  10. Bimus

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    For 200 great buy on a parts car even with rust a car that has not been messed with will let you know how things go together come apart and where things go .
  11. Bimus

    56 Roadmaster body

    Sorry no beer can .
  12. Bimus

    Where do you get your air?

    The Stanly Fat Max power station has done a great job it goes where it needed .
  13. Bimus

    56 Roadmaster body

    Striped body floor and trunk floor are solid the doors look good $ 1000 or make a offer I would trade for a usable older rifle
  14. Bimus

    Where do these dash support rods go?

    one on each side of the steering column the welded nut goes to the dash